Law of Attraction

How Manifesting Really Works

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How Manifesting Really Works

This post is about how manifesting really works.

There are 7 secrets I will share to make manifesting work for you in an enormously powerful way.

Let me first define, what is manifesting?

Manifesting is aligning your thoughts and your energy to create your reality.

Simply put, manifesting is making your desires and dreams come true.

Pretty cool huh!

So, what is the law of attraction then?

The law of attraction is pretty much the same as manifestation, only saying you attract what you think about into your reality.

Basically, you are like a magnet, and if you think abundance you attract abundance, however if you think lack, you will only attract more lack into your life.

Does that make sense to you now?

Manifestation is real no matter what anybody says, and it unfortunately gets a lot of criticism.

Regardless of your beliefs, I think everybody can agree that we genuinely do become what we think about.

If you think success, you WILL be successful.

If you think failure, you WILL fail.

It really is as simple as that, there is no reason for me dissecting it for you anymore.

And it goes beyond positive and negative thinking too and adjusting and living your life around your reality.

When I wanted to write my novel back in 2017, I visualized holding a physical copy of the book in my hand every night before I went to bed.

I had never written a book before in my life, and FYI I am a college dropout too.

And now my novel stands on my shelf staring back at me as the inspiration that I can really bring anything to life.

I am still absolutely amazed by how I managed to do it!

The same goes for money.

I started believing I was going to be rich when I had only $100 in my bank account.

However, over the course of two years I made that into over six figures through hard work, determination, and of course successful manifesting!

Unfortunately using your imagination and belief is only the beginning, you will have to act, seize opportunities to manifest your desires into reality.

And if that sounds like something you want to do, here are the 7 secrets of manifesting:

#1 – Set Your Specific Desire

What is it you genuinely want?

What is it you wish to have?

What is it that your heart desires more than anything?

Is it more money and wealth?

Is it love and relationships?

Is it a bigger house?

Is it a better car?

I would suggest sitting down and having a good long hard think about what it is you really want to manifest into your life.

And this is particularly important, make it as specific as you possibly can too!

The more specific your desire, the more likely you are to manifest it into your reality!

Take some time to really think about what your desire is, and once you have come up with it write out the following sentence:

For example, = “I have $100,000 in my bank account!”

#2 – You Deserve Success

Have you ever looked at somebody who is not the best person in the world, and wondered “how do they have such good luck?”

Or somebody who does no effort at all and opportunities land on their lap all the time?

Well I will tell you an immensely powerful secret:

They believe they deserve success!

Yes, they genuinely believe they are almost entitled to good fortune, more wealth, love, and endless great opportunities.

And here is another immensely powerful secret:

You deserve success too!

This is an important step because sadly, most people think and decide on a specific desire, and find either their heads turned, negative people convince them otherwise, and ultimately give up at the first sign of difficulty.

This is important to shift your mind into one of deserving, you deserve to be rich, healthy, have love, and have more abundance into your life.

I was constantly told by toxic friends and family members that “you will never be in business for yourself, you are just not smart enough to do that.”

I walked away from such people and proved them all wrong.

Keep your desires close to your chest, do not share them with anybody.

And understand that you are deserving of success as much as anybody else!

#3 – The Universe Wants You to Succeed

Regardless of what you believe in, the law of attraction, universe, God, Life etc, understand that the higher power wants you to succeed.

So many people get this horribly wrong.

But if I have more money isn’t that wrong?

But if I have love and someone else doesn’t isn’t that selfish of me?

But if I have a job and someone else is unemployed what is good on that?

You need to eliminate all limiting beliefs about yourself and especially about your desires and instead replace it with the understanding that the universe wants you to win.

Regardless of your start in life, or what you have done, or how you or others perceive you, the universe is banking on your success.

But bad things keep happening to me!

They are hurdles, challenges.

Believe it or not sometimes you are two inches away from success!

But if you give up and believe the world is against you, you will attract more misfortune and bad luck into your life.

Start thinking like a winner, as that is what the universe wants for you more than anything!

#4 – Become Aligned with the Energy of your Desire

The next step is for you to become energetically aligned with your desire, aka what you want to manifest into your reality.

How can you do this properly?

This part is fun, it is almost like living in the end.

What I mean by this is acting as if your desire has come to reality!

Say for example that your desire is that you want to be wealthy?

Then you walk around and act as if you are wealthy.

WARNING – I am not saying spend beyond your means, and act like a millionaire.

But instead pose like one, stand taller, go into shops, and look at items that are expensive.

Align yourself with the energy of a rich person.

What is the energy of a rich and abundant person?

They are confident, calm, and have less stress.

I did exactly this, I started going to look at sports cars, going to fancy restaurants occasionally and acting like a wealthy person without spending beyond my means.

You can apply this to almost ANY desire!

Let us say you are single and want to be in a relationship, do the same and act abundant and confident that you have a special somebody in your life already!

#5 – Focus Constantly On your Desire

There is an especially important thing you must do and that is for you to become healthily obsessed with your desire.

So that means you need to always be thinking about your desire.

Dissect enough information on it, imagine it, design your life in it, whatever you can.

You can do any of the following that will help you:

You can create a vision statement and post it on your bathroom mirror.

You can create a dream board of all images associated with your desire.

You can start being inspired by others who have a similar desire.

Constantly visualize yourself that your desire has come true.

For example, when I had the desire to become wealthy, I had a statement posted above my bed, so that every day I would wake up or go to sleep I would see the desire.

It was planted in my mind for the day ahead and especially before I would go off to sleep.

Planting the seed into your mind is terrific for making the desire start appearing into your life with little to no effort.

Think about it constantly, become obsessed with it, and start noticing the opportunities and people that will present themselves to you because of this too!

#6 – Plan Your Future with your Desire

Another terrific step you can take is to start redesigning your life to allow your desire into it.

Now what do I mean by this exactly?

Say you have the desire to get married in the next few years, yet you are single and have not even met anybody yet!

Well that does not stop you planning your life with your desire in it!

You can start looking at saving money for a potential wedding.

You can look at houses or real estate that you would like to live in.

You can look up dream vacation destinations for you and your potential spouse.

Start planning your life and adjusting your life as if your desire has already come true.

This is an extremely powerful AND effective way to making a manifestation really work.

Whilst it is remarkably like living in the end it is slightly different because you are almost redesigning your life to accommodate your desire!

Most people do the opposite, and do not bother to think differently.

They carry on as normal just desperately hoping for something to improve for the better.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!

Plan your future with your desire already come true!

#7 – Be and Feel Grateful

Gratitude is not only essential for manifesting your desires into reality but also for living a better life in general.

I know what you are thinking:


I am deeply sorry you feel that way, but if there is one takeaway from this it is that you need to realize that gratitude will bring your desire to life.

Most people who are successful manifesters are incredibly good at doing so because they can channel their gratitude to their benefit.

And the universe rewards those who are grateful.

Do not ask me why, that is just the law of attraction!

So, start feeling way more grateful and expressing gratitude for anything.

I remember when I did this, I was so grateful for having even a small amount of money that it just kept multiplying.

I was finding money on the floor, people paid me money for no reason as gifts, and I came up with ideas to make more money too.

You will become a magnet for what you are grateful for.

If you are grateful for love, you will attract more love into your life.

If you are grateful for wealth, you will attract more wealth into your life.

If you are grateful for happiness, you will attract more happiness into your life.

If you are grateful for health, you will attract more health into your life.

If you are grateful for friends, you will attract more friendships into your life.

Therefore, this is how you need to think to become a successful manifester!

In my opinion, the feeling of gratitude is the most powerful of Law of Attraction exercises.

It successfully raises your vibration and brings you into harmony with the positive and powerful energy of the Universe.

Also, feeling grateful will immediately improve and transform almost all of the areas of your life!

In summary:

#1 – Set Your Specific Desire

#2 – You Deserve Success

#3 – The Universe Wants You to Succeed

#4 – Become Aligned with Energy of Desire

#5 – Focus Constantly On your Desire

#6 – Plan Your Future with your Desire

#7 – Be and Feel Grateful