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How to Stop Feeling Tired and Lazy All The Time | [ Wake Up Fresh Every Day ]


Waking up is one of the hardest things to do!

No, I am being serious here!

Yes, I had a friend who suffered from chronic fatigue, and he could not ever get up!

Or take my other friend, who suffered clinical depression, he could not get up at all!

Now I know those are extreme examples, but it is important to note that it really is a bit of an achievement waking up and getting out of bed.

Count your blessings there!

Ok motivational talk over here, let us face the facts.

Ever get up feeling so sluggish?


Like you are almost hungover?

It sucks do not get me wrong, but I started applying these tips to my life and it has profoundly changed to stop feeling tired in the morning upon awakening.

And I hope you can apply a few of these to your lives too, and if I have left anything out at all please by all means let me know I would love to hear your tips!

And, FYI most of these tips are natural and I have tried them all, I would never endorse anything that is incorrect or dodgy.

Just covering myself there, ok let me share these tips:

  1. Avoid Caffeine, Wine, or Chocolate before bedtime

These three things despite how delicious they all taste (obviously not together at once but hey whatever floats your boat), can wreak havoc on your digestive system when you are in bed.

Sleep is obviously all about relaxing, switching off, your mind, body and indeed your soul.

So that cup of coffee is going to keep you wired despite being exhausted and even though you are asleep or trying to your stomach will not know the difference.

Coffee, wine, and chocolate are examples of stuff that can disturb your digestive system, so refrain from these items for as long as possible prior to sleep.

Try getting them in by the latest midday, if you have to.

I know I have always felt far worse when consuming wine the next day, there is the obvious dehydration aspect too of course.

  • Do not hit the snooze button

Some of the leading motivational speakers in the world stress how hitting the snooze button psychologically has an enormous impact on your day.

Do not get me wrong, I adore the snooze button, but let me offer you a fresh perspective on this.

You see if you hit the snooze button after waking up, that is the very first action you have taken of the day!

And your first action is basically “I am too tired; I want to sleep.”

Spending an extra 10 or 15 minutes thanks to the beloved snooze button will cause what scientists to have described as “fragmented sleep,” which has major consequences for your ability to function throughout the day.

9 out of 10 people who regularly hit the snooze have reported to be far more tired throughout the day.

Also, it will have a huge impact on your productivity, as I stress again, it is the very first action you are taking of the day!

  • Focus on something positive

During the coronavirus lockdown I was exhausted constantly, sadly I had a lot of family issues and stress during that awful period.

So, I was so tired, I went to bed late, woke up late, and had so much on my mind.

It was traumatic, and I feel sorry for all those who suffered in that time too.

Naturally, I was also hitting the snooze regularly, but as well as that I was feeling just so negative.

I was feeding the stress and anxiety of my life by watching the news, but then I instead started working back on SCG SHOW my channel and blog, I realized I hit 1k subs!

Then, I started focused on trying to get monetized, and I sent off the channel to YouTube to get reviewed!

Then lo and behold, I got an email at 7am saying I was approved!

I jumped right out of bed and started working on monetizing my videos at once!

I was happy, but more so I was focused on the positive!

By focusing on the negative, you are wreaking havoc with your energy levels!

You will be in bed, stressed, down and miserable, sluggish because there is no reason to get out of bed.

Wrong, there is, and if there is not a reason in your life, then make one!

Whatever you choose to focus on, starting the day with a real sense of enthusiasm and excitement will set the precedent for the rest of your experiences.

  • Splash your face with water

I was watching Snow White a few months ago, and the Seven Dwarves have a song about washing up before dinner.

And they sing about splashing their face with water and giving it a good scrub!

How simple, yet so effective.

And whilst cold showers are great, sadly they are not really for me.

By splashing water in your face, it signals a temperature change in your body almost instantly.

And by the way it also works perfectly with warm water.

But if you are finding it even more difficult getting to the bathroom, you can keep a spray bottle by your bedside and truly let yourself have it in the morning!

  • Drink a FULL glass of water

My father was an expert at waking up and not feeling tired.

And this was a hard-working guy who would do a 12-hour shift almost daily!

One tip he did was pour himself a huge glass of water.

He would stand up and drink the entire thing!

We’re talking 500 ml!

Fatigue and dehydration go hand in hand, and even a mild case of dehydration can lead to you feeling awful in the morning.

So by drinking that glass or bottle of water in the morning will in fact really freshen up your entire body before you get moving.

And guys please do drink more water throughout the day!

Avoid the caffeine and red bull etc, and stick to simply good old-fashioned water.

Chances are whenever you feel tired throughout the day, it is most likely you are just dehydrated!

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The 5 Hour Rule


Discipline is especially important in this time pre, post or during a pandemic.

By discipline I am referring to expanding your knowledge and wisdom to become a better version of yourself.

As a former addict, I realized that the better version of myself.

The only way anybody can improve themselves properly is by learning.

By learning and adapting your brain and soul you can do extraordinary things.

Some of the greatest minds in the world such as a huge influence of mine Warren Buffet, is an enormous reader.

So what exactly is the 5 hour rule?

Let me explain.

From what I understand, the 5 hour rule is about allocating 5 hours a week Monday to Friday to learning.

The top CEO’s and entrepreneurs and experts in their fields NEVER stop expanding their knowledge.

Therefore, there is no real reason you shouldn’t be doing the same either.

So I know what you are thinking “but I don’t have the time I am extremely busy.”

Well look at former President of the United States Barack Obama.

Being a President is a pretty busy job right?

Well Obama STILL dedicated time to learning and expanding his knowledge, and even said “I would not have survived in the White House without reading certain books.”

The president dedicated time to read, so he can lead.

Think about what you can achieve!

Whether it is on your commute home or to the office, that period whether it be 15 mins or 60 mins can be dedicated to reading.

There is something special about reading, here is my take on it.

It relaxes me, it also expands a part of my brain technology, social media and even friends and family cannot.

It forces me when holding the book or kindle in my hand to actually expand my imagination.

It makes me actually picture what is being described to me in the book, whether it be fact or fiction.

And by the way guys, fiction is actually great for your brain.

Because it forces you to imagine places and creatures that are not real.

So don’t think you have got to read self-help books and history books at all.

No way!

Reading itself calms your mind, lowers your heart rate to a relaxed almost meditation like state, and triggers endorphins!

Also you are opening up receptors in your brain that nothing else in your body can!

Think about it, you do the 5 hour rule for an entire year aka 52 weeks that’s 260 hours dedicated to improving your thinking.

So firstly dedicate time every day to reading.

Even if you are not a reader, do not fret you have audiobooks!

Yes if you drive to work you can kill time listening to the audio version of that very book you were set out to read.

That way, you are killing two birds with one stone!

Reading and driving!

Learning while driving!

Discovering audiobooks truly changed my life.

So you have no excuse!

Remember this quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Let me now discuss how you need to be when it comes to reading.

So firstly lets begin with reading itself.

Do not read a book while driving or operating heavy machinery.


But even if its 20 mins, 10 mins, anything read!

Yes, get the book out and read.

Or do what I do, buy a tablet and read on kindle!

I find the kindle a life saver as I read a lot of books, and it is so light I can take it with me on a plane, train, bus wherever!

It is so much more effective and easier to use.

So firstly dedicate the time and try your hardest to find at least 5 hours a week.

By the way spread it out, if you can only do 20 minutes Monday, try for 40 minutes Tuesday!

But make sure come the end of that week you have hit that 5 hour target.

The next thing to do is reflect.

Think about what you have just read, or listened to.

And when I mean think I mean truly put the book down and try to emphasize with the character if a fiction story, or even the person sharing their experiences if the story will be true.

Try to put yourself into the shoes of the author or the person who has shared their story.

Realize that there is a reason why the book was written, to teach a lesson, share an experience, or better yet to entertain you.

Or even to motivate you through a difficult time or a problem you had no idea how to resolve.

Sometimes its easy to go onto YouTube or Google and search the answers.

But when we take the time to truly listen to each other, and reflect, that is where the magic happens.

Which leads me to the most powerful and important tip of all when it comes to the 5 hour rule.

And in fairness I stole this from Dr Jordan Peterson.

Well adapted lets say, and he says “to measure whether you truly listen to somebody is to explain back to that person in as much detail what they just said to you.”

Take this with the book you are reading.

So if you just reading a story about how to start a business and the chapter be about “raising money,” dictate to yourself or to a friend of family member as much as you can.

Go into as much detail as possible what you learnt, or if you want to start this yourself go ahead.

Sometimes we just read or listen, and nothing sinks in.

We want our receptors in our brain to be on, and therefore the way to truly ignite that is to explain after reflecting what you just read.

That way your brain has truly taken it in, and suddenly you’ll awaken things you never thought your mind can achieve.

Try it, and let me know how you get on!

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Coronavirus Anxiety & Stress


“Don’t worry, be happy.”

In times of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic, many of us all around the world are dealing with various forms of stress, anxiety and mental health issues.

For the record I am not a Doctor, simply a life coach and online broadcaster/commentator.

However, in a previous video where I shared my personal experience of tragedy stress and overwhelming anxiety from the pandemic, I have learnt a lot of lessons how to cope.

Not to brag, but close friends and family have been texting me the following “you are amazing,” and “you are an inspiration.”


All I have done is follow the guidelines and stay home.

Well it was in fact the way I handled the situations thrown at me that was inspirational to these people in my life.

So with that being said, in what is most likely the most difficult and emotional piece of content you will find me producing I am going to show you how you can overcome this crippling sense of anxiety and what I did to help me.

Please understand this MAY not work for you, however they did for me.

#1 Understand and accept what is going on

7 weeks into lockdown and seeing loved ones and friends die from this awful virus still made me numb to what is really going on in the world.

Until I watched a gripping documentary about UK London hospitals dealing with many patients.

This virus is serious, so if you are out sunbathing and breaking rules when there is still not a cure for this awful disease, I am NOT talking to you.

What I mean by understand what is going on basically means THIS IS WAR.

Yes, we are at war with an invisible, faceless, yet deadly enemy.

So therefore, any form of normal life at all will not resume until that enemy is defeated.

How do we defeat that enemy?

Antibody tests and a vaccine.

Let’s compare to the Spanish flu in 1918, a far more deadlier disease that killed around 50 million people.

It lasted 2 years and came in 3 separate waves.

Now war may be scary, and yes the virus is terrifying too.

However, it WILL pass.

For almost 100 years, we never had anything as deadly as the Spanish Flu, but sadly now we do.

So yes history may be repeating itself, however the good news in this dark moment is it will pass.

We WILL get through this.

We WILL beat it.

We WILL see our friends and family again.

Normality WILL resume.

#2 Be prepared to carry on making sacrifices

Despite in the UK People returning to work or having never gone into Lockdown in the first place, sacrifices are key to beating this virus properly.

However, assuming now you understand the true nature of what is going on and you have accepted it, it is important to realize how far you have come also.

I know people who live alone in a one-bedroom apartment, they cannot see or be close to anybody.

Yet they have survived, and they are still with us.

The same goes for you.

Whilst your anxiety and stress may be extremely peaked, it is important to also realize that you have come quite a long way.

All you have got to do is keep going.

By simply doing this, and continuing to sacrifice certain freedoms, rituals and so on, you and all of us come a lot closer to a resolution.

Practice gratitude for the smaller things and that will really help you in your coping with anxiety.

Be grateful for your family, your home, the food you eat, your friends, for technology!

Gradually as this war against the virus ends, we will be getting ever closer to our lives resuming normally in a healthy manner.

#3 Expect the worst and hope for the best

People always seem to worry and then 90% of their worst fears do not transpire.

By adopting this stoic mentality in this difficult time you are more prepared mentally to deal with whatever life throws at us.

Life is no picnic, and this pandemic is a good indication of that.

By expecting the worst, you are mentally preparing yourself for what life is going to show you.

Now I know what you are thinking “but SCG this will make me even more anxious!”

True, but that is your mind playing tricks on you.

Even when my back was against the wall and a loved one was not going to make it in hospital due to Covid-19 tearing his body apart, I still managed to keep myself composed.

I prayed and hoped he would make it and there is NOTHING wrong by doing that.

Having said that I was also mentally preparing myself for the worst outcome, which sadly actually happened.

By doing this you pull yourself together and are capable of being strong when life WANTS you to be weak.

In these times if you are religious, turning to your higher power or whatever you believe in is also a wonderful remedy for anxiety.

#4 Keep a routine and start up hobbies

If you are returning to work, or working from home, or doing nothing at home, it is time to structure a routine.

Here are the following things I did to keep myself busy:

  • Started a podcast
  • Read books
  • Drew and painted
  • Played guitar
  • Spoke on the phone with friends
  • Exercised in my garden
  • Watched 1 episode of my favourite shows a day (never binge)
  • Prayed and meditated

Without a routine of any sort in lockdown or any kind you force yourself to go crazy and overwhelm yourself with thoughts of worry, pain, and suffering.

But if you even in your darkest hour find yourself playing a video game, or even going for a jog alone, I promise you that you are doing wonders for your anxiety.

#5 The Worst Times WILL Pass

Yes, I promise you this, better days are coming!

Everything ALWAYS works out for the better in the end.

These are trying times, and we are all in our own unique ways suffering in many different shape or forms.

However happy times WILL return.

Better days are just around the corner.

Visualize what you loved about normal times, such as seeing friends, vacations or even something like getting a coffee and chilling in the park.

By focusing on life being normal this will make you far less anxious AND it will help you mentally relax.

Instead if you worry yourself about the uncertainty, then you will only end up making yourself feel worse.

In Summary

#1 Understand and accept what is going on

#2 Be prepared to carry on making sacrifices

#3 Expect the worst and hope for the best

#4 Keep a routine

#5 The Worst Times WILL Pass

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Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!


Want some amazing facts that will literally blow your mind?

Simply watch the video above now!

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Intelligent People Prefer to be Alone


“I was thinking, too, of Superman and his fortress of solitude.”

As I am a huge fan of comics and graphic novels, I wanted to give the official definition of Superman’s fortress of solitude from Wikipedia:

“The Fortress of Solitude is a fictional fortress appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Superman. A place of solace and occasional headquarters for Superman, the fortress is typically depicted as being in frozen tundra, away from civilization.

Its predecessor, Superman’s “Secret Citadel”, first appeared in Superman #17, where it was said to be built into a mountain on the outskirts of Metropolis. By issue #58 (May–June 1949) it is referred to as the Fortress of Solitude, seems at a glance to be a freestanding castle, and is said to be located in a “polar waste”.

When the Fortress reappears in 1958 and for the first time takes center stage in a story (“The Super-Key to Fort Superman”, Action Comics #241), it is again an underground complex in a mountainous cliffside.

Traditionally, the Fortress of Solitude is located in the Arctic, though more recent versions of the Superman comics have placed the Fortress in other locations, including the Antarctic, the Andes, and the Amazon rainforest.

The general public in Superman’s world is either unaware or at best only vaguely aware of the existence of the Fortress, and its location is kept secret from all but Superman’s closest friends and allies (such as Lois Lane and Batman).

A trademark of the Fortress is that it contains a memorial statue of Jor-El and Lara, Superman’s Kryptonian parents, holding a large globe of Krypton. Although Superman has living quarters at the Fortress, his main residence is still Clark Kent’s apartment in Metropolis. The arctic Fortress of Solitude concept was first created for pulp hero Doc Savage during the 1930s.”


Now this may not mean much to you but there is an interesting underlying concept to this.

Whilst we think of superheroes for their capes and superpowers, we never really die deeper into the mental strains on their responsibility.

Most notably Superman, despite being invincible, holds the entire weight of the world on his shoulders.

Therefore, if something goes wrong, he must go there and sort it out.

Also, he is mostly the only Kryptonian on earth, meaning he is completely alone in his endeavours (ignoring the Justice League), and therefore must figure everything out for himself.

So, the fortress of solitude is a great place for the man of steel to recharge, reconnect with his people, and ultimately come to terms with all he is experiencing.

Whilst he is an alien, at the end of the day he is and has human emotions.

So, whether he had to catch a plane that was crashing or fight off a swarm of monsters or what have you, there is no doubt some trauma or even PTSD to deal with.

My point in this opening is simple, if Superman the most powerful being on earth has a fortress of solitude, then maybe we all should?

Whilst maybe using fiction as an example may not be the best of starts to this discussion of intelligent people preferring to be alone, it is hard not to see logic the argument.

Let’s think of some of the greatest people in history, Sinatra, Elvis, Elon Musk, Ali, Mother Teresa, Gandhi.

These people despite being associated with others all have one thing in common, they are all single individuals – and heroes to most people.

Now I am not at liberty to discuss their personal lives, but they all have one thing in common.

They worked mainly alone.

They strived for their work or dreams alone.

They were individuals who were not part of a team or an organization.

Why did these great people and mainly intelligent people throughout humanity all prefer to be alone?

Well let me put a law of attraction spin on this as it is mainly connected to that and more.

I’ll give you also a personal example.

Many years ago, I came up with an idea for a novel, and I discussed it with personal friends and family to which they all hated it and lambasted me for not being “smart,” enough to write a book.

Fast forward a few years later, and I was getting signs from the universe to write this book, it was appearing everywhere.

The truth was, I didn’t tell a single soul about it.

I got on with it, and a year later it was published:

My point being, I had nobody to tell me not to.

9 out of 10 people are most likely to give up on a project or an important change because somebody has told them not to do so.

OR they see others acting lazy and unproductive and through sheer burn out and exhaustion decide to put things off until they can be bothered to work again.

Whereas an intelligent person, quiets the noise.

They work in their OWN fortress of solitude and get to it.

I’m not telling you to go to the arctic and build an ice chamber, but I am suggesting that it is indeed possible to get more done by blocking out the naysayers.

A good rule of thumb is to not tell people what you are doing.


Unfortunately, many people are addicted to their phones, and constantly want to share announcements about almost every single aspect of their lives, their goals.

What happens is, they put themselves under an immense amount of pressure by doing so, because friends and family (particularly jealous ones), will harp on to them about how they are getting on with their goals.

Being in solitude for intelligent people allows more peace.

Sadly, there is a sharp rise in narcissistic and toxic people all over the globe.

Therefore, what we must understand is that tranquillity is important for healing.

I know many intelligent people who have been burdened with toxic and poor relationships as a result of being too empathetic.

As a result, these people often have toxic flu, which is a result of being around the wrong type of people for too long.

They almost don’t recognize or remember who they were and become completely disorientated.

Therefore, isolation and solitude allow them to rediscover their worth, and in particularly their personality what made them great in the first place.

If you noticed, they may be successful and rich, but intelligent people value peace over everything.

For you see when you are at peace, you can focus, and you can solve life’s many problems far more effectively.

Speaking of which, intelligent people are also great problem solvers.

My father is a very smart man, and just last year we were dealing with a crisis involving a business we are partners in.

It was awful, and to this day we both have stress just remembering what we experienced.

When he got home, he asked to be excused, and sat in silence for 3 hours, just thinking with a notepad.

I knew not to disturb him, and surely enough a few hours later, he came up with a genius idea to solve our very difficult problem.

It took a few weeks, but fortunately we solved it.

He admitted to me he had to find space to process everything and have no distractions.

By quieting the noise, you can achieve anything.

You can solve problems because you are not being directly influenced by the world and so on.

A woman once lifted a car 5x her weight to rescue her child who was stuck underneath it.

It was physically impossible.

How you ask?

Because nobody told her otherwise.

Intelligent people can find peace, can focus, solve problems, and live better lives by being more alone than with everybody.

And with a large pandemic of narcissists and toxic people spreading all over the world can you really blame them?

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The Power of Walking Away


The greatest superpower you will ever possess is the ability to walk away.

Watch the video above now!

Dating Self Improvement

Why Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last


“Nice guys finish last.”

In the age of social media and widespread entitlement, does it pay to be a nice person?

Or how about paying to be a nice guy in general?

Absolutely not.

I knew a guy who was an over the top nice guy, in particular towards women.

We often compared him to Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men, the loser brother of Charlie Harper (played by Charlie Sheen).

The genius of the sitcom was the stark contrast in how the two lived their lives.

Alan Harper always tried to do the “right thing,” so to speak.

Whereas Charlie was selfish, egotistical, yet rich, successful and irresistible to women.

But to what type of women?

And is that not a form of narcissism?

Well the argument extends beyond Charlie into Alan.


Alan’s character comes off as rather nice, sweet, and a little bit pathetic.

Whereas the laid back and suave Charlie is the complete opposite.

But what people do not realize is Alan is a traditional “nice guy,” in today’s terms, however with alternative motives.

The modern day nice guy goes above and beyond for the approval of a woman they find attractive.

They would do chores, lend them money, and be that shoulder to cry on for the inevitable down period of when she feels “upset.”

However, that is usually when the nice guy shows his true colours which he has masked for quite a considerable period and immediately swoops in to “make a move.”

This is counterintuitive because the woman in question is stunned, “what the hell are you doing?” is how they usually respond.

To which the nice guy in a motion similar to word vomit spits out some undesirable truths, “I have loved you the moment I saw you, that is why I did everything you ask, kiss me please!”

What follows usually?

  • Rejection.
  • Humiliation.

And suddenly Mr Nice guy goes back to his friends with tears in his eyes and tells them how she turned him down, and it didn’t work out.

But what was there to work out in the first place?

He had been devalued and been nothing short of a slave for this user and woman who was none the wiser to what was really going on.

When a woman relegates a man to the friend zone, there is no way out of it.

Most GOOD men do not waste their time with such a woman, and they go out into the world looking for a partner that values them in the same way.

The Nice guy who is a covert narcissist to some degree cannot handle the rejection, and his ego encourages to “convince her slowly but surely.”

Once upon a time I was in an Uber pool with a blind drunk woman who was trying to convince me to give me her number.

I was not interested and when I saw her hand I noticed her wearing a wedding ring.

“Are you married?!” I shouted.

“Engaged actually, to a REALLY NICE GUY….”

I couldn’t believe it, and I said to her “please for the love of god tell me you haven’t cheated….”

And in her drunk state she laughed and admitted to cheating on her fiancée regularly without him even knowing.

Disgusted by what I heard I asked her “so why are you with him, just break it off?”

No!” she replied “he is paying for the wedding, and we have a lot of mutual friends, so no I won’t.”


The nice guy allows bad behaviour, encourages abuse, and tolerates being walked all over.

There is nothing good about the nice guy.

Good and nice are very different things.

Those who are good people do the right things.

Those who are usually nice have hidden agendas.

The nice guy wants the woman to fall for him, he would even befriend a woman who has a boyfriend in the hope they break up.

The nice guy manipulates people to feel sorry for him, and play the victim, a classic narcissistic trait.

The slyness and meek persona is entirely false, he has the agenda to screw people over.

However, what holds the nice guy back is he is a coward.

He is walked over by his friends, his boss, his parents, and most likely the woman he is pursuing.

It never ends, because the nice guy essentially is allowing the woman in his life to hold all the power.

Much to the bemusement of modern day feminists, most healthy and normal women seek a man who a natural is born leader.

They want him to be vulnerable in his emotions, but ultimately be the decision maker.

I have yet to personally meet a woman who disagrees.

And if I ever did, it would be one who was in a seriously unhappy relationship.

And by giving the woman who is treating the nice guy like a pushover everything they want, it reaches a stage of trying to please the unpleasable.

If the nice guy was upfront with his intentions, and feelings rather than playing a very dirty and foolish game, perhaps his life would be far better than it actually is.

Believe it or not divorce looms more so for the nice guy, than perhaps a man who is abusive.

Not that I am condoning any violence or manipulation of any sort, but what usually happens is when respect is never there in a relationship or attraction, the romance dies.

It is usually why the nice guy plays his hand too early in the fear that the woman he is not pursuing but instead begging to be with may pack up and leave him for someone else.

It is why they then, propose, have kids, buy a house only for them to divorce within the first few years of marriage.

Even in his career the nice guy is regularly finding himself at loggerheads with his boss, because he is too damn agreeable.

By being this way, he finds himself in a nasty predicament where he is “damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”

He cannot stand up to his boss due to his fear of being fired, and yet he doesn’t like taking any abuse but still continues to do so.

The nice guy runs on a basis of fear due to lack of self-improvement, narcissism and lack of confidence.

He has convinced himself that he is of a certain ilk, and must stick to this image and attempt to stab a few people in the back to try get what he wants.

However when the nice guy does get what he wants, he usually messes it up.

So what is the solution?

Why do nice guys finish last?

Nice guys finish last because they do not tell the truth nor take responsibility.

Instead they waste their entire lives trying to convince and manipulate others and situations into their favour.

But at the same time without having any self-reflection, they are completely dumbfounded how they have ended up paying alimony or child support for the kids they no longer see.

The solution is simple;

A woman, boss, your goals, whatever external to you does NOT respect a nice man.

They respect a good man.

I am not encouraging men to be arseholes.

I am encouraging them to do the right thing.

Tell the truth.

Ask the girl out, if you get rejected move on.

Ask for a promotion, if you don’t get it move to a different job.

Take responsibility and do not be afraid to take that risk.

Get in the gym, invest in your wardrobe.

But do good things, donate to charity, help people that deserve help.

Identify red flags of narcissists, and do not allow or tolerate any bad behaviour in the help that you will develop standards.

And by raising your standards you raise the quality of your life.

Remember those who do what is easy like the nice guys end up having hard lives.

However those who do what is hard end up having easy lives.

Nice guys finish last and are their own worst enemies.

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living | [ Dale Carnegie ]


“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

One of the greatest books I had ever read on the subject of worry was How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

In this blog post and video I will dissect the main core elements when it comes to truly thriving rather than surviving, and also combating worry before it does it to you!

Here are some fundamental facts about worry:

If you truly want to avoid worry in your life, “Live in day-tight compartments.”

What that means is live day by day, and you realize that what is truly in your control is in the present, and in the now.

Don’t stew about the futures, just live each day until bedtime.

Every day is a new life to a wise man.

When trouble or a problem faces you in full force ask yourself the following question;

What is the worst that can happen if I cannot solve my problem?

When one of my main businesses went bust, I had a very stressful period indeed.

Then I asked myself, “What is the worst that can happen if it goes?”

Well I could start a new business, transition into something else, try saving it.

By approaching it like this, I mentally accepted my fate.

Despite my disappointment, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

What I then did as advised in the books I calmly tried to improve upon the worst.

So I came up with new ideas and a few years later, after a lot of work SCG SHOW was born!

I have friends and family who are nothing but chronic stressaholics.

They love to moan, whine and they like stressing themselves out over everything.

It was after I read in the book that there is an exorbitant price you can pay for worry in terms of your health.

“Those who do not know how to fight worry die young.”


Basic techniques in analysing worry:

Always remember to get the facts!

Sadly there is a load of misinterpreted and misinformed individuals out there spouting things that are just NOT true!

Half the worry in the world is caused by people trying to make decisions before they have any sufficient knowledge on which to base a decision!

After you have very carefully taken on the facts, you must come to a decision.

And once you have that decision – act on it!

Indecisive people live the most indecisive lives.

As a man who always knows what he wants and goes after it, flaky and indecisive people drive me absolutely bonkers!

Get to work on carrying out your decision ASAP, and dismiss all the anxiety over the potential outcome of your action.

Here are some questions that will help you when you are presented with a problem that you are worried about;

  • What is the problem?
  • What is the cause of the problem?
  • What are all the possible solutions?
  • What is the best solution?

I would strongly advise you remember these four questions, and put them into practice the next time you are worried over a situation.

How to break the worry habit before it breaks you:

As a former addict, I know personally how habits can make or break you.

People can become addicted to worrying, and it can consume their very soul.

I remember being in the cinema concerned over things I had no control over when watching a movie – not pretty.

A good idea is keeping busy!

Yes despite hearing this old piece of advice especially when you are going through a break up, plenty of action is one of the best therapies ever devised for this.

However, it will NOT heal your issues.

I advise doing the healing as well as keeping active.

Don’t fuss over trifles – a very wise statement.

What that means is do not sweat the small stuff – seriously.

These small, minute, insignificant things are just the mere termites of life – why let it ruin your happiness?

A good question to ask yourself is “what are the odds of this thing happening at all?”

A wonderful statistic that works in your favour that over 80% of what we worry about in our heads never actually happen!

However, in the case that what we are worried about actually happens, it is important to co-operate with the inevitable.

By doing so, and accepting it as the way it is, can be a very healing and therapeutic approach to life.

Another great way to break the habit of worry is to put a stop loss order on problems.

What that means is to decide just how much time and energy something deserves – and refuse to give it anymore.

This is a fantastic way to cope with situations.

Vent, get it out of your system, cry about it – BUT THEN LET IT GO.

It is important to let our emotions out at times, we are human at the end of the day.

Here are seven ways to have a positive mental attitude that will bring you peace of mind:

  • Fill your mind with thoughts of peace over thoughts of worry – what you think about is what you attract!
  • Do not try to get even with enemies – the best revenge is massive success.
  • Do not worry about ingratitude instead expect it – when Jesus healed ten lepers only one of them thanked him!
  • Count your blessings over your troubles – by doing this you will see how lucky you actually are.
  • Try not to imitate others – this will encourage envy which is toxic, so instead compare yourself to who you were yesterday.
  • When fate hands us a lemon make a lemonade – when I lost my business, I never would have dreamed to be doing SCG Show!
  • Be good to others, and try to create a little happiness for those around us that deserve it.

Praying can help with worry:

Even if you are an atheist, praying to the divine, the universe whoever or whatever can certainly alleviate some stress or concerns in your life.

Trust that life and the universe always wants what is best for you – because it is true.

How to keep worrying about criticism:

We live in an era of trolls, and unjust criticism.

But remember unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment.

When I got criticised by a former narcissistic friend over my appearance, it was because he was jealous of how I carried myself compared to him.

Remember that NOBODY kicks a dead dog.


You are human, you will make mistakes you are far from perfect.

But that is ok, because who is?

Whoever claims they are is narcissistic and insecure.

Be humble, know your limits, but realize with hard work and dedication you can achieve anything.

Finally here are six ways to prevent fatigue and worry to keep your energy high:

Full disclosure if you are with a toxic person, or in a toxic environment you must remember that you will only have more stress and fatigue in your life.

You cannot please the unpleasable.

But assuming that is not the case here are some further tips:

  • Rest before you get tired
  • Learn to relax at work – you do not need to burn yourself out!
  • Learn to relax at home – you need to recharge, and recover!
  • At work or home always deal with the urgent thing that must be taken care of, and through process of elimination work to get rid of all that needs to be done.
  • Make your job like a game – this will put enthusiasm into your work.
  • Do not stress about insomnia – nobody ever died from insomnia, just the damage that worrying does instead!
Self Improvement

How To Go With The Flow of Life | What Is Taoism | The Art of Flow


It is important to have a philosophy, and perhaps Taoism is the right one for you.

Watch the video above now!

Self Improvement

How to Quickly Get Out of a Rut | [ Stop Being Depressed ]


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

When I was a gambling addict, all I can say is it drove me to a depression I had never experienced before.

I had gambled so much in one particular week that I couldn’t even get out of bed for like 24 hours.

I was just so distraught, humiliated, and disgusted with myself.

I wanted so badly to be rid of this addiction, I hated it.

How could such a usually level headed and sensible person like myself be a bloody gambling addict?

I could ask a similar question to those who are reading this;

How did I get myself into this rut?


How the hell do I get out of this rut?

What we must understand is life always has ups and downs.

We are entitled to believe that we are always welcome of good times, happiness, and joy all the time.


A very naïve, and wrong way to think.

Using the law of attraction, and trusting and believing in the universe or god can also only get you so far.

It is better to understand like everything in life, there is a balance, a yin and a yang.

A good and an evil.

An up and a down.

And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, ALL human beings unless they are bloody narcissists go through rut periods.

What would you define a rut to be?

A difficult, uninspiring, lazy and toxic period of time.

Where you are stagnant, doing things that do not benefit you, especially if it is “out of character.”

Having said that we must be careful as to who is accusing us of being in a rut.

I would not say somebody who is taking time turning their life around after narcissistic abuse by not rushing into a relationship, or many social events as a rut.

There is a big difference between being in a rut, and healing.

If like me you have been subject to narcissistic abuse, it is absolutely taxing and draining on our body mind and souls.

So it can take time to heal and recover, especially since there is no closure at the end of these awful types of relationships.

Our trust is in the gutter, along with our confidence.

The same cannot be said if for example you are god forbid going through a lazy period.

That is on you, you have chosen comfort.

You have decided not to start eating healthy.

You have chosen to indulge in pleasures that are toxic and no real good for your wellbeing.

What I am trying to say is, beyond healing/recovery vs being in a rut is very different.

If you are healing, my advice to you is ignore what idiots say to you about being “in a rut.


They do not understand the trauma and toxicity you are processing.

For me, I searched for peace after narcissistic abuse, and I now spend my free time reading, listening to my music and relaxing.

To go from arguing, manipulation, abuse and plenty more every day to peace and quiet, is heaven to me.

I know it is not my future, but I am enjoying the recovery, and you should do the same.

But let us assume you are in a rut, you have found yourself off balance, and you are procrastinating, and so on.

What I did when I was addicted to gambling, or engaging in toxic behaviour that kept me in a rut, was educate myself as to how I got into this position.

So I read books, watched seminars, of addicts particularly gamblers.

I realized that I was manipulated into thinking gambling was “fun,” and that I SHOULD be doing it because it is cool.

I know that may seem silly to read, but it is the truth.

I then spoke to a former casino owner who told me “gambling is a lie, walk away do not pursue it do not ruin your life!”

It is no surprise that since I have been completely utterly clean of gambling my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better.

The same way can be applied to your life to get out of a rut.

Also there is most likely certain activities you are engaging in that are keeping you in a rut.

You could be sleeping too much – set your alarm earlier and wake the hell up.

You could be smoking or drinking too much – do your research and come clean.

You could be eating too much.

You could be hanging out with the wrong people.

Sometimes we are on an upward trajectory, and as a result those closest to us sometimes are the most dangerous to our self-improvement.

Because you are getting your act together, and they are not, they will criticise your life choices.

And as a result you take on their way of thinking, and instead of going to the gym you sit on your couch playing video games.

My advice here is only listen to this advice.

You know what you are doing that is holding you back, and you can stop it right now.

Imagine if you exercised every day for a year?

I don’t know exactly WHEN you will get into shape, but I guarantee you that your future self will pay off for it.

When I wrote my novel, I decided to write a page a day – easy right?

So a year later I had 365 pages of a book!

If you make the sacrifice today, your future self will benefit from it!

Doesn’t that excite you?

So you could be playing video games in the future AFTER reaching your goals.

Do the work NOW – because it pays off later.

Figure out “how did I get into this mess?”

9 times out of 10 you know exactly what you are doing that is holding you back, so very simply stop doing them.

And if you do not know why reach out to those who have been for advice.

You will be amazed what you can learn from other people – trust me.

Ultimately Frank Sinatra said it best;

“That’s life – that’s what all the people say – you’re riding high in April – shot down in May.

But I know I’m going to change that tune.

When I’m back on top, back on top in June!”

That is the fantastic thing ruts can be temporary if you understand it is a transitional period and YOU have the power to pull yourself out of it.

Only you can do it, nobody else.

Pull your socks up.

Put a smile on your face.

Get to work.

You got this.