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How Narcissists Behave in a Pandemic


“Keep your friends close, and enemies closer, however keep a Narcissist as far away as humanely possible.”

Let me be brutally honest, Narcissists are a pain in the ass all year round.

But in a crisis how do they fair?

Especially a pandemic?

Unfortunately, I have had many encounters with these awful people, and chosen still to have kept my distance, irrespective of what has happened.

I hope you are doing the same, and if not, perhaps this post MAY help you.

What I have done is taken the most obvious traits of a Narcissist and compared it to the current coronavirus pandemic.

It will shock you how low these individuals will go for supply.

Let us begin:

Grandiose sense of self-importance

All over the world people have defied the lockdown rules and regulations.

People have seen friends, had sexual encounters, parties, and even dealt drugs.


Because their self-importance trumps all.

Yes, the Narcissist irrespective of what is happening in the world always does what they want, because of an overwhelming feel of self-importance.

Narcissists also believe that they are better than everyone else and expect recognition as such—even when they have done nothing to earn it.

So, they believe that how they are coping, or what they think is right regards to the disease, rules, the lockdown what have you been the only thing that matters.

They will lecture you, question your decision making, tell you how you are going wrong, or that you are being “too cautious.”

Yet you will find Narcissists not even following their own advice because it does not suit them.

Oh yeah, did I mention these people are hypocritical.

Lives in a fantasy world

The real world does not suit the Narcissist, because there are rules, restrictions and most likely the average person thinks they are awful.

So why live in a world where you are seen for your true colours and instead create a fake fantasy world where you are the king or queen of the universe?

Where everybody loves you, and you are the greatest?

This especially applies to a pandemic.

Due to their lack of empathy, the Narcissist genuinely believes they are being starved of attention, supply, and so much more trivial and simple things.

For example, even just getting drunk with their friends, it is an insult to the Narcissist that they cannot do that.

Or say you are going through absolute turmoil or hell due to this dreadful virus, the Narcissist genuinely believes they have it worse than you in their world as they cannot see their hairdresser.

Anything that threatens to burst the fantasy bubble is met with extreme defensiveness and even rage, so those around the narcissist learn to tread carefully around their denial of reality.

Needing constant praise

Narcissist’s love attention good or bad, irrespective of a pandemic, and this is commonly referred to as “supply.”

But if they are praised for even the most basic of tasks, they will soak that up.

I am not joking they will ADORE YOU for it if you are foolish enough to give it to them.

So, in the pandemic, even them going to the shops, wearing a mask, or sitting on their backsides taking endless selfies of themselves for their social media, they are addicted to the praise.

How sad, do not give it to them, cut them off, eliminate the supply.

Key workers such as Doctors, Nurses and supermarket staff are the ones who deserve the praise and admiration, not the Narcs!

Not some jackass or silly woman who loves themselves for no good reason.

Sense of entitlement

It is disgraceful how entitled Narcissists are in normal times let alone a pandemic.

However, look at the following things Narcissists have been doing just from personal experience:

  • Protesting
  • Stockpiling food and toilet paper
  • Hosting parties
  • Sunbathing
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Stocking up on masks and PPE over keyworkers

Yes, they could not care less about others at all, as they lack even the basics of empathy.

They genuinely believe they are like royalty, so therefore whatever they say GOES.

Do not expect any support, love, or praise from these selfish people.

Exploits others without guilt or shame

Narcissists will name or shame or abuse others for their own benefit.

In a pandemic they will exploit others, fake illness and conditions just so others risk their lives to go out and buy them groceries.

Even Narcissists will abuse the system to get sick pay, and their employers when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

And because they have no empathy for anybody or anything they will not care and sink as low as possible in their pursuit to get their own way.

So do not think they will feel bad if they gaslight you into doing something for them in a time of emergency or crisis.

They won’t.

Frequently intimidates you

Narcissists are as supportive as a plastic bag in the wind.

Meaning they are NOT your rock or shoulder to cry on.

They are also NOT reliable, and they WILL stab you in the back.

And if you haven’t been personally burnt by a narcissist then please do count your blessings.

They will humiliate, embarrass, and intimidate you especially if you call them out on their behaviour.

Even in a pandemic a Narcissist will stoop as low as to frame you and play the victim to authorities to make you feel awful.

Remember the line that nobody would cross?

Well they will hopscotch all over it and leave you without a trace, ESPECIALLY in a pandemic.

What you should do with Narcissists in a pandemic

  • Remain no contact or go no contact
  • Do not give them any of your time, energy, or attention
  • Do not trust what they say
  • Do not rely on them in any sort of emergency
  • Stand up for yourself by walking away from their intimidation
  • Understand and put them into the category of Narcissists
  • Call the authorities if you feel unsafe at all

Pandemics and emergencies really differentiate the weak from the strong.

And frankly Narcissists are cowards and always lose in the end, and hopefully you know who the people are who truly love you and want what is best for you.

Stay safe.


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Self Improvement

Coronavirus Anxiety & Stress


“Don’t worry, be happy.”

In times of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic, many of us all around the world are dealing with various forms of stress, anxiety and mental health issues.

For the record I am not a Doctor, simply a life coach and online broadcaster/commentator.

However, in a previous video where I shared my personal experience of tragedy stress and overwhelming anxiety from the pandemic, I have learnt a lot of lessons how to cope.

Not to brag, but close friends and family have been texting me the following “you are amazing,” and “you are an inspiration.”


All I have done is follow the guidelines and stay home.

Well it was in fact the way I handled the situations thrown at me that was inspirational to these people in my life.

So with that being said, in what is most likely the most difficult and emotional piece of content you will find me producing I am going to show you how you can overcome this crippling sense of anxiety and what I did to help me.

Please understand this MAY not work for you, however they did for me.

#1 Understand and accept what is going on

7 weeks into lockdown and seeing loved ones and friends die from this awful virus still made me numb to what is really going on in the world.

Until I watched a gripping documentary about UK London hospitals dealing with many patients.

This virus is serious, so if you are out sunbathing and breaking rules when there is still not a cure for this awful disease, I am NOT talking to you.

What I mean by understand what is going on basically means THIS IS WAR.

Yes, we are at war with an invisible, faceless, yet deadly enemy.

So therefore, any form of normal life at all will not resume until that enemy is defeated.

How do we defeat that enemy?

Antibody tests and a vaccine.

Let’s compare to the Spanish flu in 1918, a far more deadlier disease that killed around 50 million people.

It lasted 2 years and came in 3 separate waves.

Now war may be scary, and yes the virus is terrifying too.

However, it WILL pass.

For almost 100 years, we never had anything as deadly as the Spanish Flu, but sadly now we do.

So yes history may be repeating itself, however the good news in this dark moment is it will pass.

We WILL get through this.

We WILL beat it.

We WILL see our friends and family again.

Normality WILL resume.

#2 Be prepared to carry on making sacrifices

Despite in the UK People returning to work or having never gone into Lockdown in the first place, sacrifices are key to beating this virus properly.

However, assuming now you understand the true nature of what is going on and you have accepted it, it is important to realize how far you have come also.

I know people who live alone in a one-bedroom apartment, they cannot see or be close to anybody.

Yet they have survived, and they are still with us.

The same goes for you.

Whilst your anxiety and stress may be extremely peaked, it is important to also realize that you have come quite a long way.

All you have got to do is keep going.

By simply doing this, and continuing to sacrifice certain freedoms, rituals and so on, you and all of us come a lot closer to a resolution.

Practice gratitude for the smaller things and that will really help you in your coping with anxiety.

Be grateful for your family, your home, the food you eat, your friends, for technology!

Gradually as this war against the virus ends, we will be getting ever closer to our lives resuming normally in a healthy manner.

#3 Expect the worst and hope for the best

People always seem to worry and then 90% of their worst fears do not transpire.

By adopting this stoic mentality in this difficult time you are more prepared mentally to deal with whatever life throws at us.

Life is no picnic, and this pandemic is a good indication of that.

By expecting the worst, you are mentally preparing yourself for what life is going to show you.

Now I know what you are thinking “but SCG this will make me even more anxious!”

True, but that is your mind playing tricks on you.

Even when my back was against the wall and a loved one was not going to make it in hospital due to Covid-19 tearing his body apart, I still managed to keep myself composed.

I prayed and hoped he would make it and there is NOTHING wrong by doing that.

Having said that I was also mentally preparing myself for the worst outcome, which sadly actually happened.

By doing this you pull yourself together and are capable of being strong when life WANTS you to be weak.

In these times if you are religious, turning to your higher power or whatever you believe in is also a wonderful remedy for anxiety.

#4 Keep a routine and start up hobbies

If you are returning to work, or working from home, or doing nothing at home, it is time to structure a routine.

Here are the following things I did to keep myself busy:

  • Started a podcast
  • Read books
  • Drew and painted
  • Played guitar
  • Spoke on the phone with friends
  • Exercised in my garden
  • Watched 1 episode of my favourite shows a day (never binge)
  • Prayed and meditated

Without a routine of any sort in lockdown or any kind you force yourself to go crazy and overwhelm yourself with thoughts of worry, pain, and suffering.

But if you even in your darkest hour find yourself playing a video game, or even going for a jog alone, I promise you that you are doing wonders for your anxiety.

#5 The Worst Times WILL Pass

Yes, I promise you this, better days are coming!

Everything ALWAYS works out for the better in the end.

These are trying times, and we are all in our own unique ways suffering in many different shape or forms.

However happy times WILL return.

Better days are just around the corner.

Visualize what you loved about normal times, such as seeing friends, vacations or even something like getting a coffee and chilling in the park.

By focusing on life being normal this will make you far less anxious AND it will help you mentally relax.

Instead if you worry yourself about the uncertainty, then you will only end up making yourself feel worse.

In Summary

#1 Understand and accept what is going on

#2 Be prepared to carry on making sacrifices

#3 Expect the worst and hope for the best

#4 Keep a routine

#5 The Worst Times WILL Pass