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Harry & Meghan Axe Staff | Coronavirus Not Slowing Down | The Batman Returns | The SCG Show Ep. #1


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sack all their UK staff as they do not intend to return.

Coronavirus just seems to be getting worse and worse.

The Batman’s Robert Pattinson new Batsuit drops onto the internet!

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Raise Vibration | 528 Hz Positive Energy | Positive Music | Calm & Balanced Meditation Music


Do you want more positivity in your life?

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Law of Attraction

How To Attract Money Now


“You are a money magnet.”

Yes, it is true you are a money magnet.

You can actually make money come and flow to you naturally!

It is a source of energy and you only need to tap into it in order to raise the receptors in your brain to allow the flow to easily come to you!

Don’t believe me, then let me make something very clear.

I am not selling you a product.

I am not selling you a service.

I am not trying to tell you to come to a course.

Let’s get that out of the way, because a whole lot of “gurus” will sell you down a false road, in the hopes that you will spend money to make money!

That is not my aim with this post, or the video above!

Instead my aim here is to show you how I did what I am preaching here.

I was a gambling addict, a loser, lost loads of money, and had no idea where any cash was going to come to me.


Then I started to change, and I applied some simple but powerful changes.

The first thing I did was I started acting like the person I wanted to be, a wealthy abundant person.

I stopped acting and focusing on what I lacked, and instead I focused on what I will do with the money I was going to receive.

I walked taller.

I was more confident.

I was no longer intimidated by money.

I was no longer afraid to spend money.

I managed money better.

And sure enough, in so many different and unexpected ways, money came into my life.

It is ridiculous, and I am so grateful.

By staying in character even to this day as a financially abundant person, I will attract more money into my life effortlessly.

Things just flow so much more naturally this way.

And for the record, I DON’T and NEVER will gamble again!

It is part of the reason I am wealthier too!

By acting rich in your mind, the universe will attract opportunities, ideas and people into your life in order to fulfil your goal.

Make sure you be specific, unlike me.

Ask and focus on an exact figure, say $10,000.

Do not question that you are a money magnet that is like shooting yourself in the foot.

People will ridicule and dislike you, because you will giving off such an abundant lifestyle moving forward.

Don’t listen to them.

Here are 3 techniques you can apply into your life so you can start becoming a money magnet.

Put This Statement In Your Purse or Wallet:

Write down the following on a small card;

“Thank you universe for now blessing me with unexpected immediate financial abundance.”

I learnt this statement from a guy who is a very successful salesman.

No idea where he learnt it from, but what he did was put it in his wallet several years ago, and ever since he has been nothing short of successful.

Money keeps coming in for him, especially for work or services he carried out months before!

I did the same, and sure enough it helped.

What it does is allows you to live in the end – you are thanking the universe/god for money coming to you in such high numbers.

Therefore, you can be grateful.

And the more grateful you are, even if you have hardly anything – the more comes to you.

Simple right?

Feel free to have several of these cards printed out by your bed side, in your car anywhere.

And remember whenever you feel like you are lacking, or don’t have money – take out the card and read it out loud and feel what it would be like having $10,000 for example in your bank account right now!

The next step is to write daily your money statement for 30 days straight ten times in a row.

So grab yourself a notepad, or a journal, have a statement in mind and get a pen and write out your desire like this;

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!


It is better to write this out do not type this.

This activity will rewire your brain to be grateful for the money coming in, raising your receptors and ultimately powering your money magnet to full capacity.

And by doing this, watch as the money starts to flow in!

I did this, and I just used to smile every time I would write it out!

Do not be lazy, it works.

Would you write a statement in total 300 times for $100,000?

Course you would!

My last tip for you is something that NOBODY else talks about, and I strongly recommend it for you to do.

Go window shopping!

So say you want a new car, or expensive watch.

I want you to go out and NOT buy anything.

Instead go out, and play the role of the millionaire.

When a millionaire goes shopping they don’t care what the price is, they buy it.

Act the same, imagine yourself in that Tesla, or wearing that Rolex.

The clerk in the store doesn’t know you may not be able to afford it (yet!) however they can certainly cater to your needs.

But here is the thing, do not start feeling upset that it is too costly, or you can’t afford it.

Act like you can, and do so.

For me I wanted a Swarovski watch.

There was no way I could afford one!

But I kept going to the shops, trying them on seeing how I felt.

Once I decided which one I liked the most, and along with the other techniques, I now own this beautiful watch.

I get emotional just writing this, because if you had known where I had come from to get to here, you would never believe it.

Think about what you can attract in your life!

Go for it, you are a money magnet!

Dating Relationships

How to Make Any Man Miss You


Has your man just dumped you without warning?

Watch the video above to find out the right way to make him miss you!

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Prince Harry To Partner With Goldman Sachs For Billions!


Following his talk at JP Morgan, Prince Harry is rumoured to be in negotiations for a massive deal with Goldman Sachs!

Watch the video now for more information!

Dating Self Improvement

Stop Chasing People


“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.”

One of my favourite cartoons growing up was the Road Runner and Wile Coyote.

I just really wanted him to finally catch the Road Runner!

He would try everything, spend loads of money buying items that ultimately got him injured or hurt.

And whilst we would all laugh at his failures, we would feel attached to his pursuit!


Because people love a chase.

People love games.

People think chasing is sexy.

Not just in a romantic sense, but in almost everything!

The ones who are hard to get, they just seem so much more beautiful and attractive.

However, like the quote above you should not have to chase true friends or love.

When we have worth as human beings, in a social sense, only the people that want what is best for you will see that.

You will NEVER be enough for the wrong person.

You will NEVER make a miserable person happy.

You will NEVER have a healthy life with an unhealthy person.

And by unhealthy I mean mentally, aka toxic and narcissistic individuals.


How could you possibly have a good life when somebody like that has no empathy, no sympathy, and no understanding of the emotional support you really need?

For over two decades, I have chased everybody in my life.

All my friends, all my relationships, women, casual sex, you name it.

And to what avail?

To what purpose?

To get stabbed in the back, to be lied to, to be cheated on, to be abused and mistreated.

By those who were the closest to me, and those I loved and adored.

So when I walked away from my narcissistic relationship of several years in 2019, I made myself a solid promise that I would always stick to;

“I will NEVER chase anybody ever again.”

This statement sent a massive shockwave to the remaining narcissists and toxic people in my life.

They found it incredible I had the inner strength to walk away from a toxic relationship, and to remain no contact with my ex narcissist.

These silent enemies could not believe how tough I was, and how I was able to set healthy boundaries and stand up for myself.

That is where further abuse unfolded.

People ridiculed me.

People questioned me.

People tried to play games with me.

People tried to embarrass me.

And worst of all my former best friend took it too far.

He decided to act cold and distant, knowing that I had told him I wouldn’t be chasing.

He purposely ignored my calls, my texts to hang out, and speak.

He cancelled plans last minute.

But unlike my former self, I didn’t chase, I just moved on.

I was then greeted with narcissistic rage, and abuse by this former friend.

He insulted me, abused me, to which I walked away and have never spoken to him since, despite him begging me to forgive him, and him insisting I was just “oversensitive.”

Wrong – he is just another toxic person.

Having standards, having boundaries will make you a lone wolf.

You will become VERY aware of peoples toxic behaviour and their ability to manipulate and abuse almost everybody around them.


But not me – and not you.


Because I do not chase.

I might meet the most beautiful woman.

But if she acts entitled, rude or disrespectful.

I won’t chase.

I might meet a nice dude to grab a beer with.

But if he starts acting like a douche, is rude, the usual.

I won’t chase.

If people won’t invite me out, or make an effort with me because they don’t value me.

I won’t chase.

I will instead chase my goals.

I will instead chase my dreams.

I will instead chase the truth – and the truth sets me free.

In the western world, we live in the most narcissistic and toxic woke culture I have ever seen.

I don’t subscribe to it.

I am perfectly fine eating a steak alone on a Saturday night listening to Jazz at peace.

What’s the alternative?

  • A toxic narcissistic relationship?
  • Dishonest friends?
  • Jealous people?

Absolutely not!

However, as I improve my life, and my standards so do the people around me.

I have seen better quality people become attracted to me.

I have seen better results.

I think clearer, and more like a winner.

The doubts, the negativity, the insecurity.

These are being caused by the awful people you have chased and forced yourself to be surrounded by.

At 21 I would feel insecure by not being allowed or invited to the hottest parties in town!

Or that my friends would get girls and I would fail.

Now with my experience, my gratitude I radiate abundance.

I know exactly what I enjoy, and exactly what I don’t.

I will no longer force myself into situations or with people who I just do not have a connection with.

I am the prize, I am the wise, and I am the winner.

Winners win – losers lose.

Winners don’t chase anybody, they pursue their purpose in life.

And with that, they attract people and situations that will compliment them along their journey.

I believe I will find the right partner who will improve my life.

I believe better friends will come my way, and so on.

Time makes all toxic and narcissistic friends lose in the end.

I am patient, I am knowing how life pans out.

I don’t give up, I still work hard, and I train and do not cry in my basement.

I still pursue women, I ask them out and if I get rejected I know it’s all a journey.

And if I see red flags, I block and delete.

I do not chase the wrong people.

I do not chase the wrong things.

I do not chase toxicity.

If you want to truly change your life, especially if you are suffering from the anxiety of being ghosted, feeling left out, being disrespected.

Stop chasing people, it is NOT worth it.

What is more, do not be surprised for these people to come BACK into your life chasing you.

Do not accept their requests.

Those who know your worth, don’t play games.

That is why I am ruthless with dating.

Because I know what it is like dating the wrong type of person – not pretty?

Chase a better life – not a person.

Law of Attraction

3 Things You Agreed To Before You Were Born


“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

There are two things we fear when we are born into this world;

  • Loud noises
  • Fear of falling

That is it!

The rest is all we have developed ourselves, or been passed onto us through experience or other people.

Believe it or not, your life has already been mapped out for you, long before you were supposed to be here.

That is right, irrespective of what you believe in your god, the universe, the divine has everything decided for you.

And your soul/spirit has agreed to it!

Yes, it did, I am not joking.


It is why things fail, it is why you get rejected, and it is why things go wrong.

But it is also why things go right, why you succeed, when thing flow in the right direction.

It is because you are on course with your path, your journey, your goal.

By doing this, you truly become invincible!

#1 Life Purpose

You agreed to a life purpose before you came here into this world.

Anybody who says that life is meaningless is completely wrong.

There is a purpose for you here, and for all of us.

For me I believe my purpose is to constantly prove people wrong and to inspire others.

I am the guy who people doubt, question and put down.

So I rise above it all, to prove the haters wrong, and achieve goals that NOBODY would have ever imagined.

It is why when I see an outrageous goal I go all in for it, because I know that I am doing it to inspire others to reach their full potential.

I 100% agreed to this before birth.

What did you agree to?

Make sure you figure that out, but I can tell you it is NOT to be sat in a cubicle punching numbers in all day every day for an ungrateful boss.

#2 Life Mission

As well as our life purpose, is our mission.

We come into this world to give, not just take.

We give our wisdom, our advice, our money, our love, our knowledge.

We give our worth to the world, and it is repaid to us tenfold especially if it is extremely valuable.

For me in line with my purpose to inspire others is my mission – aka SCG SHOW.


I started this blog to inspire others, to entertain, because that is how for the time being what I will do.

You cannot be a singer if you work in accounting.

You cannot be an artist if you work in admin.

You cannot give your gift to the world if you are not doing anything about it.

Your truly heart sings when you do what is in line with your purpose.

Make the time to do so, right now.

Do not waste another second.

#3 Sacred Ties

The very last thing you agreed to were the sacred agreements aka who your family, friends, spouses, bosses, neighbours will be.

Your soul mate for the record is not the person you get along with the most.

Your TRUE soul mate is the person who pushes your buttons, makes you feel uncomfortable, and therefore improve something in your psyche that needs work.

Regardless if your family or spouses are good or not, they are there for a reason.

You either appreciate them, or resent them.

And if you resent them, it is so you can learn to create boundaries for those who deserve your love and attention, and those who do not.

You agreed to this without realizing it, and make sure you take great pride in that.

Get in tune with the universe, your soul and the great divine.

Enjoy the journey.


Meghan & Harry Are Sellouts


Meghan and Harry gave their first public paid appearance at a JP Morgan event.

Are they sellouts?

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Joaquin Phoenix Wins Best Actor Oscar for Joker.

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Was his speech wacky and too woke?

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