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Signs You Are a Spiritual Person | [Signs of a Spiritually Gifted Person]

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Signs You Are A Spiritual Person

This post is about the signs you are a spiritual person.

Yes there are clear signs you are a spiritually gifted person!

Everybody and their dog believes they are special, however there are some very clear signs you are a very spiritual person.

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“The next message you need is always right where you are.”

I’ve heard the phrase being thrown about by so many people, aka “I’m spiritually gifted.”

Or even “I am in touch with my spiritual side.”

Or the most popular phrase “I am a very spiritual person.”

Whilst these phrases are, indeed, very common are they true?

Well it depends.

In theory, these spiritual people have strong intuition and can feel something that others can’t.

They are said to possess spiritual “gifts” that make them different from others.

Spiritual people, they are a funny bunch in general.

In all honesty I would say I am a spiritual person for sure.

I am a religious one too, and a big fan of the law of attraction.

However, with great power – albeit spiritually intuition, comes great responsibility.

Therefore, these types of people are affected by strange things.

I will go into detail on each of the seven things.

Bear in mind, these are my own findings and research, I could be completely wrong.

However, if you agree with any of the below, please leave a comment.

#1 – Spiritual People Are Affected by Too Much Empathy

Spiritual People feel a need to change the world.

And normally, they feel a need to do so for the better, not in a toxic or narcissistic manner.

They believe that they are sent to this earth and to live this life – for a reason.

Again, not for selfish needs, but more so to help others and inspire people.

I believe my personal journey is to inspire the world – aka SCG SHOW.

This blog and my YouTube are platforms to share my views and insight to ideally make your day and life just a little bit better.

But the downside is, they want to help too many people, it can become overwhelming.

They also can be susceptible to narcissists or toxic individuals too.

Because they fall for the façade, and don’t realize that unfortunately there are just some malicious people in the world.

They are usually described as “empaths,” for their constant need to please others.

#2 – They Can Sense Negativity Anywhere

Spiritual People have a sixth sense when they do not like a person, place or an event.

It is amazing, as their body goes into fight or flight mode.

They can tell almost instantly that something bad is happening, or somebody toxic is present.

I would often go to a house and immediately be put off by the energy.

That is because you are in the presence of true negative energy.

Toxic people, especially narcissists carry this aura around them.

That is why they can sometimes be referred to as energy vampires.

And as a result, Spiritual People become uncomfortable in these environments.

The only solution for them is to cut contact or walk away from the negative influences in their lives.

#3 – Attract Weird or Odd People

How many times have you been out with friends or what have you, and you keep getting the weirdos coming up to you?

Or perhaps someone who is a bit wacky or kooky.

Sorry to say this, but these people are attracted to Spiritual People for one reason alone.

That they believe they are almost like guardian angels or saviours.

But be careful, do not let your empathetic side get the worst of you.

There are a lot of crazy and dangerous people out there, it is not YOUR job to fix their lives out.

You have enough on your plate as it is.

The correct process is be polite, smile, and just laugh about the interaction.

They were naturally drawn to you because they can sense even just by your presence that you are in touch with your spiritual side.

#4 – In Tune with the Weather

When I broke up with my narcissistic ex-girlfriend of 4 years, in the height of summer, I knew that something was going to happen before it did.

And I was right, there was a huge thunderstorm, rain, wind, it was dreadful.

This all happened in August!

It was a scorcher that day too!

Spiritual People can not effectively predict the weather, but they are more in tune with it.

These people can be sat with you on a warm hot day and look up to the sky with not a cloud knowing that it is going to rain later.

And they are usually right.

Don’t ask me how or why that is the case, it just is.

Mother nature and these people have a connection like no other.

Spiritual People can feel everything in nature, especially trees, and are truly at one with what they feel as they are empathetic.

#5 – Bonding with Animals

There are more pet lovers than ever before in the history of mankind.

But you will especially have a greater bond with an animal if you are a Spiritual People.

This can be a problem, as your empathetic nature can get you out of hand, and your apartment could end up becoming a local zoo.

Spiritual People are often drawn more so to stray and wounded animals, over just popping to the pet stores.

You will find plenty of Spiritual People frequenting rescue centres to save poor animals who have not had the easiest of lives at all.

Spiritual People are not knight’s in shining armours, but believe that they are here to help, and are convinced animals are no different to people at all, and rightly so.

Animals also allow Spiritual People to go back to the core of life, and existence.

They feel animals can get them back in touch with nature too, ultimately where we all came from and belong.

#6 – Deja Vu

Have you ever thought you’ve been somewhere previously, but it was all in your head?

Welcome to Deja Vu, and that is just the beginning.

Spiritual People are in fact time travelling in their minds and imagination – to the future!

It sounds bonkers but it is true.


Nobody knows!

These people are in tune with spirits and the great beyond so much so, they can see ahead and live it in advance.

It can be a burden to them too, because everything will always seem so familiar when in fact it isn’t at all!

#7 – Waking Up Between 3am and 4am

Do you wake up between 3am and 4am frequently but not pee related or for any other reason?

Turns out something is on your mind and needs healing.

And for you to truly be a at peace, it needs work for you to fix.

This insomnia routes to your very soul and being, that it is in discomfort.

It could be something simple as patching things up with a friend.

Or perhaps truly letting go of a painful memory.

Either way you must take responsibility for it and do something about it, especially if you value your sleep!