Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has Coronavirus


As of today, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the coronavirus.

So, what now?

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The SCG Show

British Coronavirus Lockdown | The SCG Show Ep. #23


In these most unique of times I discuss how far away we are from lockdown in Britain.

Euro 2020 is postponed until 2021.

Cinemas are closing nationwide.

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The SCG Show

Coronavirus Narcissists | The SCG Show Ep. #22


Despite Las Vegas and New York shutting down from coronavirus, idiots around the UK have been out partying an clubbing over the weekend.

How stupid can people get?

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The SCG Show

Coronavirus Symptoms and Covid-19 Pandemic | The SCG Show Ep. #21


As coronavirus plagues the world in this show I discuss how to identify symptoms and the measures to take.

Disney parks worldwide are set to close, and you know they’d never close if it wasn’t serious.

And is Harry and William’s relationship beyond repair?

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Prince Harry and Greta Thunberg Full Audio Prank Call | SCG Show


In a bizarre state of affairs, Prince Harry falls victim to Russian pranksters pretending to be activist Greta Thunberg and her father.

When will the Royal Narcissism come to an end?

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The SCG Show

Prince Harry Prank Call | The SCG Show Ep. #19


Prince Harry embarrasses himself by assuming he is talking to Greta Thunberg but instead is being prank called.

BetterHelp gets my honest and sincere opinion on its services.

And the state of modern dating, where we at and where are we going?

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Law of Attraction

3 Things You Agreed To Before You Were Born


“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

There are two things we fear when we are born into this world;

  • Loud noises
  • Fear of falling

That is it!

The rest is all we have developed ourselves, or been passed onto us through experience or other people.

Believe it or not, your life has already been mapped out for you, long before you were supposed to be here.

That is right, irrespective of what you believe in your god, the universe, the divine has everything decided for you.

And your soul/spirit has agreed to it!

Yes, it did, I am not joking.


It is why things fail, it is why you get rejected, and it is why things go wrong.

But it is also why things go right, why you succeed, when thing flow in the right direction.

It is because you are on course with your path, your journey, your goal.

By doing this, you truly become invincible!

#1 Life Purpose

You agreed to a life purpose before you came here into this world.

Anybody who says that life is meaningless is completely wrong.

There is a purpose for you here, and for all of us.

For me I believe my purpose is to constantly prove people wrong and to inspire others.

I am the guy who people doubt, question and put down.

So I rise above it all, to prove the haters wrong, and achieve goals that NOBODY would have ever imagined.

It is why when I see an outrageous goal I go all in for it, because I know that I am doing it to inspire others to reach their full potential.

I 100% agreed to this before birth.

What did you agree to?

Make sure you figure that out, but I can tell you it is NOT to be sat in a cubicle punching numbers in all day every day for an ungrateful boss.

#2 Life Mission

As well as our life purpose, is our mission.

We come into this world to give, not just take.

We give our wisdom, our advice, our money, our love, our knowledge.

We give our worth to the world, and it is repaid to us tenfold especially if it is extremely valuable.

For me in line with my purpose to inspire others is my mission – aka SCG SHOW.


I started this blog to inspire others, to entertain, because that is how for the time being what I will do.

You cannot be a singer if you work in accounting.

You cannot be an artist if you work in admin.

You cannot give your gift to the world if you are not doing anything about it.

Your truly heart sings when you do what is in line with your purpose.

Make the time to do so, right now.

Do not waste another second.

#3 Sacred Ties

The very last thing you agreed to were the sacred agreements aka who your family, friends, spouses, bosses, neighbours will be.

Your soul mate for the record is not the person you get along with the most.

Your TRUE soul mate is the person who pushes your buttons, makes you feel uncomfortable, and therefore improve something in your psyche that needs work.

Regardless if your family or spouses are good or not, they are there for a reason.

You either appreciate them, or resent them.

And if you resent them, it is so you can learn to create boundaries for those who deserve your love and attention, and those who do not.

You agreed to this without realizing it, and make sure you take great pride in that.

Get in tune with the universe, your soul and the great divine.

Enjoy the journey.


Make Him Regret Losing You


In this video I discuss healthy ways to make your ex guy regret losing you.

There is nothing worse than discovering that your fiancé, or hubby, or boyfriend has straight up gone and left your life like you didn’t exist.

This is NOT healthy behaviour and most likely the doing of the following personality traits;

A Cheater – cheaters are my pet hate. I loathe these types with a passion. These dishonest and disgraceful human beings have no remorse. Why would they? They’ve been sleeping with other women behind your back and lying to your face saying how much they loved you! So why else would they care about leaving you like you mean nothing to them? Sad reality is, you never were!

Narcissists – urgh, the dreaded Narc is the king of entitlement. Everything is his way, and that goes for people. You were his toy. His object. His supply. And for whatever reason (sometimes NO reason) he’s got shiny object syndrome and is straight onto his new toy, aka his new squeeze. These types have no remorse, no regrets, no empathy, nothing. You never mattered to them to begin with. I know that’s hard to understand, but the truth hurts.

Psychopaths/borderlines – ouch. I’m no Dr, but these guys straight up don’t know anything normal and healthy. So if you’ve been dumped unharmed by one of these dudes, count your lucky stars it was just a dumping. There is a deeper and much darker sides to people like this, so thank god they’ve left.

At the end of the day, no woman wants to be Carrie from Sex and the City, who got dumped on a post it note on her fridge.


But in modern times that could be a whatsapp, a snapchat, a facebook, a direct message.

“Its over, sorry.”

Ok fine, its over. No explanation, or even if you got one it’s probably lame. He’s packed his bags, or you have packed yours you have gone.

What you going to do about it?


You MAY or MAY NOT receive closure from such an individual, but that doesn’t mean you cannot create your own closure for yourself.

We must go back to centre, and heal ourselves from trauma and emotional wounds.

Not doing so will set you up for the most almighty of crashes emotionally. You can be shopping in Walmart and BOOM!

PTSD knocks you to your knees and you are crying, and have no idea why.

Remember we want to make the ex-boyfriend REGRET losing you.

Not feel good about it.

Every circumstance is different but let’s assume you were the perfect partner.


You did the following;

  • You were loyal
  • You were loving
  • You were kind
  • You cooked for him
  • You helped him in times of need
  • You were easy going
  • You were sympathetic

I’m going to assume you were not a cheater, and so on but a good person. That’s very important of course.

So what do you do?

Well assuming you’ve gone from the stage of grief, and remorse of the relationship ending, now it is time to heal but also make them regret.

Your friends will advise you poorly;

“Have a rebound, have fun!”

“Show off your new jewellery!”

“Forget men, its girls all you need!”

Wrong, my methods are healthy and will work in your favour.

Stop stalking him.

I know its hard, but trust me, you gotta do it!

That’s everything, all his social media, his whatsapp picture the whole lot. You got to stop doing it right now!

And for the love of god, please stop going by his house. What are you hoping to see?

You are acting crazy, and you are not crazy! They are for leaving you?

If he catches you stalking him in anyway, you will look like a fool, and we don’t want that.

Do not block him, unless he has been abusive or aggressive towards you in any shape or form. Let him see you which leads onto my next point.


No facebook, no email, no text. Go no contact and even if he does reach out, stay no contact.

Do not reply, nothing!

This person felt so little of you to leave, so he should and will regret you giving him the cold shoulder.

Keep any social media posts you make classy.

Again do not listen to friends “I don’t need a man.”

Just post about things you love, nature, makeup, fashion whatever!


Don’t upload a video of yourself in a nightclub getting drunk.


Take this opportunity to explore your options and date around.


Go out and meet new people.

This will eat your ex up inside if you do so. And especially if they find out through the grapevine you are dating again.

Lastly this is a key thing here and this may be difficult to understand:

Don’t play the victim.

It is extremely easy to sit there and feel sorry for yourself, and it will also make you feel better when others feel sympathetic toward your situation.

I get that, and that’s fine initially.

But if you dwell on it, for months or even years, well there is only going to be one guest at the pity party and that is you.

There is nothing more attractive than a person who goes through a hardship and comes out stronger, better and wiser.

Nobody likes the person who sits around moaning, feeling negative and living in the past full of regret and remorse.

Remember you WANT him to REGRET losing you.

If he hears you are so sad all the time and nothing without him, your ex will find that amusing and it will make him feel GOOD about himself.

We don’t want that we want to make you feel good and you will if you trust my methods.

Nothing I have suggested is spiteful, revengeful, and rude or hurts anybody.

They are simple psychological tricks to come out better in a very difficult situation.