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Prince Charles has the Coronavirus | The SCG Show Ep. #28


Prince Charles is the most famous face in the world to have the coronavirus.

Is the Queen in danger?

Also I discuss what happens if you want to volunteer to help the NHS.

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Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Get Divorced?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage is predicted to end in divorce within the next five years.

Bookmakers revealed that the odds for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to be a divorce by  2025 are at 3/1.

Since my post about Meghan Markle being a Narcissist really took off some interesting things have occurred.

Let’s look at them in order since their announcement to step back from Royal duties:

  • 8th January 2020 – they announce on social media to step back from royal duties
  • 9th January 2020 – Meghan flees the UK to return to Canada alone
  • 13th January 2020 – Showdown talks with the Queen, No Meghan
  • 16th January 2020 – Prince Harry’s first public appearance since announcement, No Meghan

Here is the most interesting part of all the above, and irrespective of what may occur in the future.

Since the announcement, Meghan has not been anywhere near her husband.

It only raises more questions to me;

Just HOW big of a Narcissist is Meghan Markle?

From my own personal experiences in my life Narcissists just naturally create drama, and introduce toxicity into their social circles and their work.

Ultimately they are entitled attention seekers who strive always to make everything about them.

Leading up to their surprise announcement, the couple had spent several weeks in private away from the press with their baby boy.

It was also announced in the press that Meghan’s ex-husband has released a statement as to why they originally got divorced:

The Daily Express reports:

‘Meghan, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry may have just announced they want to step back from the Royal Family, but not too long ago Meghan had a life completely separate from ’The Firm’.

While she and Harry have clearly been smitten since they met in 2016, Meghan did actually marry another man, the producer Mr Engelson, several years before.

They met in 2004 when she was just stepping into the acting world and married in a laid-back ceremony in a relaxed beach setting in Jamaica in 2011.

According to royal correspondent Ashley Pierson, it was the pull of Meghan’s demanding acting career which put her marriage under strain, particularly when she secured a starring role in the hit US series Suits.

Featured in the Channel 5 documentary, Ms Pierson said: “When she landed the role in Suits, Meghan became a legitimate bonafide celebrity.

“This was the first time she would have had her name called out on a red carpet.

This was the first time she would have been popped. So this was a big adjustment for her and it all happened away from home.”

Suits may have been set in New York but it was filmed in Toronto, meaning Meghan had to relocate just months after marrying Mr Engelson.

Ms Pierson said: “Meghan’s move to Toronto was a big deal.

“She was very close with her mother Doria and she moved away from home and her friends in LA to go start a new life in Canada.”

Ms Pierson claimed “the problem with the marriage was the distance” and added “the relationship just didn’t last”.’


Let us ask the question will Harry and Meghan be getting a divorce?

From personal experience, and seeing those who have been in Narcissistic relationships, it rarely is a happy ending.

What is so interesting is Meghan has this affiliation with Toronto, a place she happily got up and left in the past with ease, but now is desperate to return to.

Narcissists love to have like their own fortress of solitude, to recharge their entitlement, their ego and their tactics.

So having to conform to the ways of the Royal family would have come as a massive shock to her, NOT BECAUSE OF HER RACE, but because of her personality.


They have zero respect for authorities, traditions, and the law.

They are entitled adult spoiled brats who think the world should bow down to them and their demands.

And foolishly, Meghan just assumed because she was a “celebrity,” that being a Royal would just be the same.

No, there are duties to be carried out, responsibilities to have.

Narcissists do not like to hold any responsibility.

It is why the announcement was made, and within 24 hours or so she fled out of the country.

So she manipulated him to essentially disrespect his family, and the monarchy only to run away to Canada neither seen nor heard, and with their son too.

I don’t care if he is a Royal or not, but Harry is currently without his son who is thousands of miles away.

That must be hurting him as a brand new father, as he puts on a brave face and essentially takes the blunt of the decision he has been influenced by his wife to make.

And in regards to the Sandringham showdown talks was she there?

Of course not, but a healthy marriage and partnership means you are in this together.

When a couple make a decision that will impact their lives and the love ones around them, they stand side by side “through sickness and through health.”

Meghan and Harry came off of no attention from the media, and to immediately send shockwaves and grab the headlines when they announced their statement which was coincidentally on Kate Middleton’s birthday.

So much for “not wanting the attention of the press.”

Of course they do.

To a Narcissist like Meghan, spending that Christmas with no attention (Narcissistic supply) from the media at all be it good or bad would have driven her absolutely insane!

Because the Narcissist like a drug addict feeds of the attention of others.


They need that supply as it is the juice that keeps them going.

It is why social media has given birth to more Narcissists than ever before, particularly attractive people who only flaunt their looks.

The false validation from a digital social media like or thumbs up, gives these Narcissists a sense of love and affection that is NOT REAL.

And like the crack addict, they become utterly addicted to it!

Now take that from just a normal average person on Instagram and multiply it to 1000x with Meghan.

Any press, any story, anything negative or positive comes as supply to her.

She literally came into this New Year and decade off the back of solitude, peace and quiet from the media.

Only to make a statement that shocked the world, and then run away back to her fortress.


Because it has to always be about them!

Narcissists cannot share the limelight, they cannot share attention of any kind.

Watch what people do, not what they say.

They admit to wanting to leave because of the press, only the give the press some negative information.

But leading to my main thought on divorce, luckily MOST Narcissistic relationships always come to an end, some sooner rather than later for many reasons.

Sometimes the victims of the abuse finally can’t take the toxicity of the Narcissist any longer, and they stand up for themselves and fight back by doing the right thing – walking away from the relationship.

Sadly for Harry, this will be when they are in isolation living in either Canada or the USA.

  • Throughout her life nothing has been good enough for Meghan:
  • Her family
  • Her job
  • Her friends
  • Her ex husband

If that is not an absolutely HUMONGOUS sign that somebody is a Narcissist I don’t even know what is anymore.

The ironic thing with female Narcissists usually is they see themselves as entitled spoiled “princesses.”

And this woman much to many peoples surprise ACTUALLY BECAME A PRINCESS!

And now she wants to step back from it, but of course not bear the responsibility of it, so Harry has to deal with it all.

My ex Narcissists in my life always did the same, they would come and make a huge mess, cause a fight, create drama, and guess who would have to be the bigger person and clean up everything after them – me!

That is what Harry is doing, without his wife by his side OR his little boy, he carries on with the negotiations with the Queen, and the Royal duties he will have to attend still.

Whilst Meghan is nowhere to be seen, and possibly in talks with Disney or another media outlet plotting her next move, irrespective of her husband, and what that may cause.

Because Narcissists do not care about anyone besides themselves, nor what they say, do or what effect it will have on those around them.

This is how I believe this will end.

She will divorce him:

I mean someone I know said, “If he wasn’t a prince would she had married him?”No.

And basically she is doing everything she can to take that power away from him.

So when she succeeds the miniscule amount of respect she has for him will be long gone, not that Narcissists have any to begin with.

He will divorce her:

Luckily for him he has his family on his side, and the right advisors for this type of situation.

Despite being bullied the Queen gave into his demands, because she has seen the bigger picture.

He will never stop being a Royal, and when the isolation and the devaluation phase is in full swing, you would hope he comes to his senses and makes a run for it.

I can’t see it being mutual, because Narcissists either discard you, or you walk away from them.

The stress and toxicity of the entire “relationship,” with any Narcissist takes its toll, and like I said Karma and life has a funny way of finally letting them eventually come to an abrupt end.