Prince William Coronavirus Speech


The first member of the Royal Family gives an emotional speech on the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Prince Harry and Greta Thunberg Full Audio Prank Call | SCG Show


In a bizarre state of affairs, Prince Harry falls victim to Russian pranksters pretending to be activist Greta Thunberg and her father.

When will the Royal Narcissism come to an end?

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The SCG Show

Prince Harry Prank Call | The SCG Show Ep. #19


Prince Harry embarrasses himself by assuming he is talking to Greta Thunberg but instead is being prank called.

BetterHelp gets my honest and sincere opinion on its services.

And the state of modern dating, where we at and where are we going?

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The SCG Show

Meghan Markle and Harry Removed from Official Royal Website | The SCG Show Ep. #17


With a flurry of more public appearances, Harry and Meghan have been removed from the official royal website.

I also address the abuse people receive for questioning their behaviour.

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The SCG Show Trending

The Sussex Royal Rift | Footballers Boycott Social Media | Virgin Voyages Ahoy | The SCG Show Ep. #6


The Sussex Royal rift regarding branding lingers on and on.

Footballers all over the world are going to boycott social media.

And Virgin Voyages sets sail into the luxury cruise market.

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Business & Finance Trending

Prince Harry To Partner With Goldman Sachs For Billions!


Following his talk at JP Morgan, Prince Harry is rumoured to be in negotiations for a massive deal with Goldman Sachs!

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Meghan & Harry Are Sellouts


Meghan and Harry gave their first public paid appearance at a JP Morgan event.

Are they sellouts?

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Narcissism Trending

Meghan Markle’s Social Media Battle


“Social media to the narcissist is like honey to a bee.”

Narcissists are so addicted to social media it is actually quite disgusting.

They often choose where to go and who to be with, just to they can get the perfect shot.

I knew once one particularly awful Narcissist who said they had to go out despite being ill and risk getting worse just so he could make his 5000 odd followers feel “jealous.”

Give me a break, and on top of this now Meghan and Harry user their Instagram account to promote the account Global Positive news, a website dedicated to reporting just positive news articles.


Are you serious?

This is what they wrote; “for the month of February we are pleased to follow @globalpositivenews which focuses on the acts of kindness and uplifting stories of community across the globe.”

Ironically the couple have been hit by a wave of negative responses to their post;

“You are being very obvious trying to make money with that title…drop the ROYAL now!”

Another wrote “as a Canadian I am furious you move to Canada and expect Canadians and the UK to pay your security.”

Another person accused them of deleting negative comments on their Instagram account;

“I don’t understand why you keep deleting comments? They taxpayer has paid all your bills your whole life Harry.”

Oh dear, not good.

Here is where I route this back to my original post regarding Meghan being a Narcissist:

What Narcissists love is attention, but a sniff of negativity that comes their way and they won’t like it.

So despite the following;

  • Announcing stepping back from Royal duties
  • Not informing the family of their decision
  • Fleeing to Canada at the drop of a hat
  • Playing the Victim

They believed honestly that no negative press would come their way?

Of course it would, and partnering up with Global Positive News is just another example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Most likely that is a brand partnership, where the news outlet have most likely paid to be part of their social media.

So they are already profiting off of their titles just one month after their announcement to split, AND they are deleting comments questioning their actions.


Because Narcissists do not like criticism.

They do not like to be called out on their actions, and they just want everybody to like them.

I get it, positivity is a great thing, and I am all for it.

But if you do things and take actions that are no doubt going to upset people and just ignore them – how bloody Narcissistic can you get?


Own up to your actions, take responsibility.

This is just the beginning.

How long until Meghan appears in a movie?

How long until they spill the beans and say how awful life was a Royal?

How long until more people are being called racist for questioning their toxic behaviour?


Narcissists can get away with murder, by playing the victim card and manipulating everybody to like them.

The irony of this all is MOST people see through the lies, and the mind games being played.

And this is the start of a very ugly turn towards more negativity than positivity.

Regardless of their sponsorship with Global Positive News.

For the record there is no such thing as good or bad news – just news.

Meanwhile Harry is sitting their twiddling his thumbs as his wife bashes haters and only reads the comments telling her how special she is.

Thus giving an even more inflated ego to a very dangerous source – a Narcissist.

Watch this space.

Narcissism Trending

Has The Queen Been Bullied?

In this video I discuss whether The Queen has been bullied by Narcissists.


In my previous post regarding Meghan Markle being a Narcissist, I question whether the Queen has been bullied into agreeing with her and Prince Harry’s demands.

According to BBC News:

The Queen has agreed a “period of transition” in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will spend time in Canada and the UK.

She said she was “entirely supportive” of their desire for a new role but “would have preferred” them to remain full-time working royals.

She expected final decisions to be made in the coming days, she said.

Senior royals have been in talks about Prince Harry and Meghan’s role after they said they wanted to “step back”.

In a statement, the Queen said the talks at Sandringham, which also involved the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, had been “very constructive”.

“My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family,” she said.

“Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family.”

Those with experience on a personal or professional level know just how difficult it is to say NO to a Narcissist.


As I have said countless times, I see all Narcissist’s as spoiled kids who throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want or their way.

The worst is when they are also greeted with having to share attention, or in fact share anything.

It’s no coincidence their mutual statement to step back from Royal duties almost a week ago just so happened to be on Kate Middleton’s birthday.

Thus once again, emphasising my point: Narcissist’s are all about themselves.

That is why they do not care about other people’s feelings – No empathy.

That is why they are incredibly selfish and entitled – Ego.

That is why they do not care about the outcome of the actions.

I still believe Prince Harry is just being manipulated in all of this crazy behaviour.

Unless they have done a “Prince Andrew,” and disgraced themselves in some manner, I understand why stepping away from Royal duties makes sense.

But I ask this question again, would Prince Harry be stepping away from his duties and his family if he were say married to Pippa Middleton?

I am repeating myself again, but almost anybody would give up everything just to be a Royal even for 24 hours.

It is not exactly like he is living a bad life is he?

For the record, I do not condone any form of Racism nor abuse, but I believe that is being used as very tactical PR to justify the reasoning behind their impending exit from the Royal family.

Narcissists play the victim extremely well, and Prince Harry has fallen for it oh so badly.

A video leaked recently of Prince Harry actually speaking to Disney CEO about getting Meghan a Job at the house of mouse.

Take a look here:

As you can see in the video above, Bob Iger Disney’s CEO is a bit stunned.

He is probably thinking, “You are Royals. Why on earth would you want to be in a recording booth pretending to be a Princess when you actually are one?!”

That is how ridiculous the situation is, but hell I have been there.

I have had Narcissistic partners and friends who I have essentially “pimped out,” for work, events and so on.


Because they feel so insecure in their own abilities etc, Narcissists are clever at making you have to clean up their own life’s mess for them.

I am not surprised seeing Prince Harry do such a thing, I’ve been there with my ex Narcissists in my life.

I’ve stood at events, having to tell people how great the Narcissist in my life was, and having to convince other people to give them a chance for work or earning money.

I didn’t do that!

I grinded, I networked, I put myself out there!

Narcissists want everything handed to them on a plate, remember they are entitled spoiled brats, every single one of them.

So the Queen, who in her 90’s despite being disrespected, undermined and not informed of the Sussex’s decision to split had no choice but to give them what they want.

At her age, what really is the point getting aggravated or stressed out about the situation.

It’s like the rebel child who wants to date the bad boy, the more you say no, the harder they will push for them!

She is a very classy, elegant and intelligent individual.

I am not a Royalist myself, but I have found the way everything has panned out nothing short of fascinating!

The Queen has most likely seen the bigger picture, just how I predicted in the previous video.

If being a Royal is not good enough for Meghan Markle, then I am afraid nothing will.

No amount of money in the USA or wherever they decide to be will ever satisfy her.

Narcissists are never satisfied and ungrateful individuals.

I would not be surprised when Prince Harry is isolated completely from his family, that he really pinches himself and realizes no amount of money will ever replace the fact he was a Royal.

So the Queen knows that in its due course, the relationship will turn sour, as do all relationships with Narcissists.

They either cheat, break up with their victim, or in Harry’s case will go absolutely stir crazy and go back to the palace with his tail between his legs.

I am so confident that will happen, and it is a bloody shame but he has got himself to blame.

Ultimately Narcissistic victims are to blame for falling for such toxic individuals.

The world is a dangerous place, and it is not all sunshine and roses.

It is mean, it is nasty and no matter how tough you are, it can beat you to your knees if you let it.

So it is up to us to educate ourselves on the malevolent individuals who are there to bring us down into their toxicity and drama.

Luckily for Harry he is a bloody royal, unlike us common folk.

He can always return to the palace, where as the rest of us have to learn the lessons of narcissistic abuse in a much harder manner.

Narcissism Trending

Meghan Markle is a Narcissist


In this video I explain how Meghan Markle is a Narcissist.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced as of 8th January 2020 that they will be stepping back as royals.

In their statement on Wednesday 9th January 2020, Harry and Meghan said they made the decision “after many months of reflection and internal discussions”.

They said they intend “to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family, and work to become financially independent”.

They plan to split their time between the UK and North America, while “continuing to honour our duty to the Queen, the Commonwealth, and our patronages”.

“This geographic balance will enable us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born, while also providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter,” the couple said.

Despite the couple’s decision, Harry will still remain sixth-in-line to the throne.

The most surprising and shocking information of the announcement is the Queen and his brother Prince William had never been informed.

To me as someone who has had extensive exposure to all different types of Narcissistic abuse and personalities throughout my life, this comes as no surprise in the slightest.

Now I am no expert on the Royals, and to be honest I have had no interest in them for most of my life.

However, after my most recent Narcissistic romantic relationships, I started to pay more attention to the manner in which Meghan and Harry conducted themselves.

If you look back into where she came from and who she was, nobody had heard of her, especially in the UK.

Meghan Markle is a VERY attractive and classy woman, and let me be clear I do not condone any sort of racist remarks in the slightest.

And to think that their decision is down to that is not true, but frankly it all comes down to two fundamental issues:

Narcissism and Control.


While the two go hand in hand let’s look at Narcissism in a bit more detail.

Narcissist’s have no empathy, are selfish, manipulative, and can be extremely toxic individuals.

Meghan Markle swooped into Prince Harry’s life to make herself a Royal, and she succeeded.

How is the classic old Narcissist story, well it starts with the honeymoon period.

Here comes this gorgeous woman out of the left field (literally), a bit different to the usual types I’m sure the Royal’s were usually encouraging Harry to date.

With being the sixth in line for the throne, Harry probably felt a little bit left out, underappreciated and certainly in the shadow of his brother William.

Meghan knew this, and as a result came in to make inform poor little wounded child to tell him “how great you are, and you don’t anyone but me.”

Harry is most likely dealing with awful trauma from the tragedy of his mother’s passing, to the immense media pressure of being a Royal.

Meghan however loves the limelight, after all she is a professional actress remember.

And don’t forget Narcissist’s are always actors!

They have a mask on pretending to be somebody else until of course it slips and they become exposed to the world for what they really are!

“People say I’m too critical of Meghan Markle – but she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry from William & has now split him from the Royal Family.

I rest my case.”

This is what Piers Morgan had to say on Twitter on the subject, and he is not wrong.

Based on my own personal experience, Narcissist’s are spoiled brats who believe they are entitled to whatever they think they want or deserve.

The Royals were obviously incredibly powerful and influential on Harry, which leads to my next point; Control.

How can Meghan possibly manipulate Harry being in the Queens palace?

Answer, she can’t.

So what does she do instead?

Encourage them to step back as far away as possible.


Narcissist’s want you all to themselves, they will turn you against your family, your friends, your loved ones, everybody!

Because they want to control you, to be at their beck and call.

If Meghan wasn’t happy AS A ROYAL how is Harry going to make her happy moving forward?

NEWSFLASH – Narcissist’s are NEVER happy.

They are self-entitled spoiled babies who only want one thing, supply.

By supply I mean attention and drama.

Since Kate Middleton married William how much drama or issues have been reported? – Zero.

Since Meghan just started dating Harry how much drama or issues have been reported? – Endless.

This is nothing to do with racism, or the press hounding them it’s to do with her baggage.

Narcissist’s carry drama, baggage and are all round toxic individuals.

If you are dating one, or have married one you know exactly what I mean.

They will triangulate people against you, make out everybody else is the issue, when they really are the puppet master pulling the strings.

Would Harry be stepping back as a Royal had he married let’s say Pippa Middleton?

I highly doubt it.

Who wants to stop being a bloody Royal?!

People would give up their bloody limbs just to be a Royal for a day!

And you are telling me a prince would choose to do this with great pleasure?

And not inform his Grandmother who just so happens to be Her Royal Majesty The Queen?

Or not even discuss it with your best friend, your confident, your blood brother Prince William?

Narcissist’s cause drama to get their way, no matter what.

She didn’t like her lack of power, but she has well and truly got it now, and as a result all but ruined her future with the Royal Family.

Because give it time, Narcissist’s crack their victims eventually, and Harry WILL return to the palace.

He will return with his tail between his legs, possibly on his knees begging for forgiveness.

I just hope god willing Her Majesty is still alive to give him a nice clip around the ear and tell him “Ok Harold we’ve had our fun now? Time to do things MY way!”

All in all Narcissist’s are never satisfied and always want to be in control.

So if being A BLOODY ROYAL was NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Meghan Markle, what on earth will?

I’ll tell you, absolutely nothing.