Meghan & Harry Are Sellouts


Meghan and Harry gave their first public paid appearance at a JP Morgan event.

Are they sellouts?

Watch the video above now!

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Meghan Markle's Social Media Battle


“Social media to the narcissist is like honey to a bee.”

Narcissists are so addicted to social media it is actually quite disgusting.

They often choose where to go and who to be with, just to they can get the perfect shot.

I knew once one particularly awful Narcissist who said they had to go out despite being ill and risk getting worse just so he could make his 5000 odd followers feel “jealous.”

Give me a break, and on top of this now Meghan and Harry user their Instagram account to promote the account Global Positive news, a website dedicated to reporting just positive news articles.


Are you serious?

This is what they wrote; “for the month of February we are pleased to follow @globalpositivenews which focuses on the acts of kindness and uplifting stories of community across the globe.”

Ironically the couple have been hit by a wave of negative responses to their post;

“You are being very obvious trying to make money with that title…drop the ROYAL now!”

Another wrote “as a Canadian I am furious you move to Canada and expect Canadians and the UK to pay your security.”

Another person accused them of deleting negative comments on their Instagram account;

“I don’t understand why you keep deleting comments? They taxpayer has paid all your bills your whole life Harry.”

Oh dear, not good.

Here is where I route this back to my original post regarding Meghan being a Narcissist:

What Narcissists love is attention, but a sniff of negativity that comes their way and they won’t like it.

So despite the following;

  • Announcing stepping back from Royal duties
  • Not informing the family of their decision
  • Fleeing to Canada at the drop of a hat
  • Playing the Victim

They believed honestly that no negative press would come their way?

Of course it would, and partnering up with Global Positive News is just another example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Most likely that is a brand partnership, where the news outlet have most likely paid to be part of their social media.

So they are already profiting off of their titles just one month after their announcement to split, AND they are deleting comments questioning their actions.


Because Narcissists do not like criticism.

They do not like to be called out on their actions, and they just want everybody to like them.

I get it, positivity is a great thing, and I am all for it.

But if you do things and take actions that are no doubt going to upset people and just ignore them – how bloody Narcissistic can you get?


Own up to your actions, take responsibility.

This is just the beginning.

How long until Meghan appears in a movie?

How long until they spill the beans and say how awful life was a Royal?

How long until more people are being called racist for questioning their toxic behaviour?


Narcissists can get away with murder, by playing the victim card and manipulating everybody to like them.

The irony of this all is MOST people see through the lies, and the mind games being played.

And this is the start of a very ugly turn towards more negativity than positivity.

Regardless of their sponsorship with Global Positive News.

For the record there is no such thing as good or bad news – just news.

Meanwhile Harry is sitting their twiddling his thumbs as his wife bashes haters and only reads the comments telling her how special she is.

Thus giving an even more inflated ego to a very dangerous source – a Narcissist.

Watch this space.