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How To Become Rich


In this video I discuss the difference between poor and rich mentalities.

Many self-help gurus promise you the world when it comes to financial abundance:

“Do this to become rich!”

“Make money like this!”

“Apply this strategy to become rich!”

Everyone on the planet is constantly looking for different get rich quick schemes in order to hit the jackpot and become financially free!

However did you actually know that, there is a way to think and grow rich!

Yes the famous book “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill is a timeless classic on that very subject.

It emphasises that through the power of the law of attraction you can actually attract wealth into your life.

I applied the very same metrics and can safely say the principles DO work, and can be simply mind-blowing!

For me, a large part of attracting wealth delves down to mentality.

This can be applied pretty much all walks of life, in the sense that if you believe that you are going to achieve something with all your might, it will happen.

Bob Proctor who is a leading speaker on the subject of making money come to you in abundance actually believes the following regarding money:

“Money is only used for two things.

One, it’s to make you comfortable, and the more comfortable you are the more creative you will become.

And the other purpose is it enables you to extend the service you provide far beyond your own presence.”

Believe it or not, you may be doing things without realizing it and that is effecting your wealth and financial success.


The person who sits on their ass expecting money to fall in their lap, may succeed to a degree.

They may get lucky with the lottery, or an inheritance out of nowhere.

But the people who truly think like the wealthy and successful, can and will attract amazing things into their life almost instantly.

Thinking in a poor mentality, and in the place of lack, will attract more negativity and more frequent awful outcomes into your life.

So there are fundamental and vital differences between a poor and a rich way of thinking.

If you truly wish to become rich, I suggest you change your mentality ASAP!

Here are 7 different reasons between poor and rich mentalities:

1. Poor people watch TV – Rich people read books

The old advice “reading broadens your mind,” is so true.

Expanding your knowledge, beyond the niche or subjects you wish to research is how the rich become the top 1% of society.

The poor however, binge on Netflix and hardly expand their thinking.

They are too lazy to pick up a book and improve their brain power.

With more blood pumping and a brain at full capacity, you will have ideas flowing to you from the great beyond to become rich!

Remember all it ever takes to be successful is one really good idea.

2. Poor people get paid based on time – Rich people get paid based on results

When I worked in a boring admin office job, all my co-workers were clocking in and out, waiting for 5pm and praying for the weekend to come ASAP!

They hated their jobs, lacked ambition, and ultimately put in a half arsed job to bring home a mediocre salary.

Whereas the rich get paid on the hard work they do in creating products, selling, providing services, and meeting their own deadlines.

There is no time off for the rich or the entrepreneur.

They work all hours to reach their targets, and goals because the sky is truly the limit.

However the poor, their limit is 5pm, Monday to Friday.

3. Poor people blame others for their misfortunes – Rich people take responsibility for our own failures

It is very easy to blame the government, the weather, the traffic, your boss, your spouse for all the reasons why you didn’t achieve your goals or are not financially free.

This is a very common trait amongst poor unambitious people.

However, the rich take responsibility for everything – especially their losses.

So when it goes south for them, yes they are hurt, but they knew that either it was not meant to be, OR that they didn’t properly do the work.

The rich do not let their setbacks or failures stop them, they pick themselves up and go again.

The poor give up, have a moan, and switch on the TV to watch more Netflix to pass the time.


4. Poor people focus on saving – Rich people focus on investing

How many people do you know live for today? – Almost everybody.

And whilst they are having fancy holidays and driving fast cars now, it will slowly catch up with them.

And on top of that, the poor save and save to no avail.

When a poor person retires with £100,000 in their bank, they are happy.

But also, they don’t take into account inflation and how their savings will barely last them a couple of years after retiring from their boring office job, or getting made redundant.

The rich however, invest early on.

They see the future and spread their risk by investing in real estate, shares, or businesses.

And when it comes for them to retire, they are sitting on far more in the bank, with passive income coming in from all their investments!

5. Poor people think they know it all – Rich people continuously learn

This is relatively similar to number one, where poor people do not expand their learning.

Poor people arrogantly talk as if they are experts, and they know everything regarding a subject, when they actually don’t know nothing.

Whereas rich people act like a sponge, and absorb everything.

They learn from their failures, and other peoples too.

The greatest teacher to a rich person is not success, but actually failure.

6. Poor people believe that money is the root of all evil – Rich people believe that poverty is the root of all evil

Bill Gates said: “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.”

Despite some people being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, poor people have just as much an opportunity to turn their life around and become financially independent.

The problem is they have been brainwashed to believe that making money is evil!

Yet the rich believe not making money, and living in poverty is more evil.

There is nothing evil about money, never has been nor will be.

7. Poor people have a lottery mentality – Rich people have an action mentality

Poor people think the only way they will ever become financially free is by winning the lottery or the jackpot at a casino.

Rich people have the mentality of action.

Rich people know that life is actually a lottery, and they have already won it.

The rich use the time they have to take action and they set out their actions to pay off or reward them financially.

Which mentality do you wish to have to become financially independent?

The answer is down to You!

Dating Relationships

Do This When She Backs Away


“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”

There is nothing more confusing at the beginning stage of a new relationship when you feel that your partner is giving you the cold shoulder.

Or worse, they are giving you mixed signals.

Assuming they are not narcissistic or sociopaths there can be many different reasons that this is happening.

One minute a woman you are dating will be all over you, cannot get enough of you, and constantly always want to be next to you.

They shower you with affection, they praise you, and look at you like you are the king of the world!

Then all of a sudden, she acts moody, cold and the complete opposite.

Whilst not being a lover of pets, I have often seen a quite hilarious yet interesting comparison between women and cats.

Have you ever tried to pet a cat that didn’t want to be petted?

Trust me, ask those and they will show you the claw marks!

The cat will scratch and claw away at you, because it simply just wants to be left alone and not be touched at all!


This very same mind-set can be applied to a woman.

There are many different reasons why a woman you are dating can be acting cold:

  • She is very emotional
  • She is stressed out
  • She is down about something else
  • She is playing hard to get
  • It’s her “time of the month.”

Men because we think largely with logic more so than emotion find all this absolutely baffling.

We play a game of mental gymnastics and ask ourselves all the following questions:

  • Why is she upset?
  • What did I do to upset her?
  • Why is she no longer friendly to me?
  • Why does she no longer like me?

What this all boils down to is two major things – insecurity and lack of knowledge in how women act and feel.

Disney movies and TV have portrayed all relationships to be one big long song and dance with birds chirping and sunshine and rainbows all the time!

But the reality is, as with life is relationships are difficult.

You will fight.

You will disagree.

You will not always be happy.

You will hit speed bumps along the way!

So assuming that somebody albeit your partner is going to be in love with you and happy 100% of the time is ridiculous.

We all have mood swings, we all get angry.

However this is exactly where guys usually get it all wrong.

Like the cat analogy, they keep trying to give more and more attention hoping it will make things better.

They will eve beg and plead, and tell them they would do anything, scratch their back, give them milk, and more!

Unfortunately it is very difficult to tame an angry cat, and the same can be applied to a moody woman.

So usually when she backs away guys are buying her chocolates, flowers, and going completely overboard to show their affection!

They shower them with attention when that is NOT what they want at all.

And what does this do?

It kills attraction and pushes her further away.

A buddy of mine did this to his ex, when she was upset that she didn’t get a promotion at her work, but she didn’t want to tell him about it due to feeling embarrassed.

It was the first time in their relationship that he had seen her back away and be a bit distant.

But without properly talking to her or allowing her space, my friend became incredibly insecure and went all out to try and “bring her back to feeling good!”

He booked a vacation, bought her some expensive gifts, went all out!

She however just wanted to talk and have a bit of space.

He never allowed for that to happen.


It resulted in her becoming more and more distant from him, to the point where the insecurity he was going through drove him crazy.

He texted and called her several times a day, he stalked her social media, he even bombarded her friends with what was wrong.

And when he eventually found out that it was over her work, he had in fact pushed her away even further to the point she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

She blocked him, broke up with him, and moved on.

This has happened so many times to so many different guys its becoming a regular thing.

Space is sexy – trust me on this.

And like I said, assuming your partner is NOT a narcissist or sociopath, whatever the reason why she is backing away is irrelevant.

The solution is to mirror her emotions too, and do the same.

However, do not be cold or rude, do it with a touch of class.

I often use the line, “you’re upset, give me a shout when you feel better.”

And I will not text, call or see a woman when she is backing away.

By doing so and allowing her the space she needs, she will eventually return back to her good place.

So by mirroring her in her backing away you can return to doing what makes you happy away from your relationship and your partner.

You can work on your goals, see your friends more, or even just read a book and reflect.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but working on yourself and living your life rather than chasing her when she backs away will only make you more attractive to her.

She will eventually calm down, and feel good again.

And when she does, I absolutely guarantee she will be more into you than ever before.

Remember the cat analogy, let the cat go do its own thing and it will eventually get over its mood swing.

But if you constantly try to pick it up and touch it against its will, it will claw your face off!

Let your partner heal and get over whatever it is that is bothering them.

Women sometimes are just a range of emotions, and they sometimes experience them all in one go!

We men can’t understand that, so they need time and space in order to find their good place again.

But not allowing them that space will only make them resent you more, and push you even further away, especially in the long run.

This goes against a guy’s natural instinct, because he fears that because she is backing away he will lose her.

If you want to almost guarantee losing her, chase her, bombard her, and beg for attention when she backs away.

Or do the smart move, play it cool, focus on your purpose and your own life.

And watch her come back into your arms even more affectionate to you in no time!


Signs of Male Insecurity That Turn Women Off


It is not a misconception for most men to feel very insecure in modern dating.

With the rise of dating apps, and attractive women bombarded with male attention almost everywhere you look, it is definitely understandable why men may feel they are simply “not good enough,” to keep a woman.

But there are certain less common signs of insecurity that may lead to you ultimately getting rejected, or eventually dumped.

Let me make one thing clear:

Relationships are bloody tough, and are no picnic.

So choose your partner wisely.

Also people have very unrealistic expectations of their partners.

As much as I love Disney, they certainly has painted a very far-fetched perception on what love truly is, and how it’s not going to always be a song and dance every day!

You will fight.

You will disagree.

You will come across problems.

That is called life.

However, having said all this, there may be things that you are doing as a guy that is inadvertedly turning your partner off.

This is also assuming she is not a Narcissist or a sociopath, but essentially a good person who you care for deeply.

Narcissists and other toxic individuals WILL provoke you, and drive your insecurity up to do so!

I have an article about that all here.


But let’s assume she is great, or there is someone you like, yet you have a history of messing it up by “being too insecure.”

Here are some pretty obvious signs of male insecurities that usually turn a woman off massively:

  • Avoiding eye contact

This is a pretty obvious one, I mean if you are not even confident enough to look a woman in the eyes, how on earth is she going to have any form of lasting attraction to you?

This needs to be addressed pretty pronto my friend, there is nothing sexier to a woman than a man who can gaze into her eyes and talk with his eye contact.

But don’t stare for too long, or just constantly look at her, there is an art to it.

Research it, and go from there!

  • Being very jealous

Jealousy/envy is quite a narcissistic trait.

And while that can be sexy to a degree when it comes to showing how much you care, being overbearing or controlling can be utterly intoxicating to a woman.

An attractive high value woman will always get attention, she will have a good circle of friends, and she will be going out regularly to bars without you.

My advice here is be high value too!

Have a busy life as well, don’t be jealous of what she has and what you don’t.

Because if you don’t, she will realize that instantly and she will lose interest very fast!

  • Falling in love easily

This one is a double edged sword, because as a guy I understand where they are coming from.

A man of standards and taste has to go on a lot of dates with all sorts until he finds the partner of his dreams – or so he thinks.

And when he has met her, he is all in.

He buys her flowers, chocolates, and is often the first to tell her how much he loves her.

The problem with this is, you don’t really know the woman well enough to do so.

She may be perfect at the beginning, but it’s the honeymoon period, it’s all fresh new exciting and fun!

But that woman may be narcissistic, a liar, she may have a secret drug addiction or some serious baggage.

Love for a woman is a slow gradual process, but for men we are all in from the moment we say hello.

Take your time, no rush, go with the flow.

Time is the best indication for all truth, especially with relationships.

  • Desperate for validation

I’ve been there, and I am sure you have too, the same old questions:

“Do you still like me?”

“Do you fancy me still?”

“Do you think I’m not good enough for you?”

Being desperate for a woman’s validation all the freaking time is a massive attraction killer.

In fact you can almost guarantee she will be no longer into you if you keep doing it for a certain amount of time.

Women blow hot and cold, for reasons no man will ever truly understand.

And whilst she may not be overly friendly with you on a specific day or time does NOT mean she has lost attraction to you.

Role with the punches, ride the wave, hopefully it is only temporary.

Doing the opposite and seeking validation constantly will only make things worse, trust me.

  • Mood Depends on Girlfriend

This is the classic sign of an empathetic person, whose entire being and life depends on how their partner is feeling.

If she is happy, he is happy.

If she is sad, he is sad too.

And why this is unattractive to a woman is because a woman likes a man who thinks and feels his own way.

Don’t get me wrong if god forbid there is a tragedy or loss then by all means show some sympathy!

But a woman loves a man who is her rock, her pillar, her shoulder to cry on.

Not someone who bases his entire life’s being or choices on her, especially at the early stages of a relationship.

  • Obsessed with her social media

Social media has had a huge impact on modern dating, and it certainly plays a big part in how men can act even more insecure than normal.

Stalking her Instagram for example, and seeing where she is or what she is up to is not good, as she will inevitably catch onto this.

It is also not healthy too.

Social media sadly for old school men like me, is just a part of life, but instead of constantly looking at her photos you could be reading, learning a new skill, or working on a business.

Those are far more attractive than knowing what time she clocked into the gym, or what cocktail she is drinking after work.

  • Afraid to give space

As a former empath myself, I was utterly under the impression that “the more space you give somebody, the more you push them away.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Space is sexy, that’s my new motto.

Think about it yourself, have you ever had that overbearing friend who would just pester you constantly when all you wanted to do was sit down after a long day and just chill?

Or perhaps you are trying to catch up on a series on Netflix.

Yes, that is how you come across when you are pestering a woman for attention.

Give the woman space, and at the same time fall in love with space yourself.

By doing so, she will find you so attractive, because 99% of other men are doing the opposite and constantly chasing after her.

Back away, and in that mean time it will only bring you closer together.

  • Lacks trust

Now if the woman you are dating or seeing is a narcissist or sociopath, they will play manipulative mind games to make you question trusting them.

Newsflash – they are untrustworthy people, do not bother.

But if a normal high value woman has given you no reason to, then do not try to convince yourself otherwise.

Trust those who deserve to be trusted, and those are the people who give you no reason to.

They give you their word, and keep to their promises, and make sure to do the same.

  • Overthinking

I’ve certainly been there, the person that reads too much into everything.

Every text, every message, every tiny little detail.

This embarrassing trait is not only unattractive to a woman, but it causes unnecessary stress and anxiety.

And the underlying factor clearly is you feel like you are “not good enough” for this particular woman.

By unconsciously thinking like this, you will act in a way where you are looking for an excuse or a reason as to why the relationship will inevitably fail.

All that time wasted on overthinking that you lack the qualities to attract this particular woman you could instead spend on getting fit, reading, and improving yourself.

Again a far more attractive thing to be doing with your time.

  • Oversensitive to criticism

Another major sign is when a woman criticises you or takes the piss out of you in a banter sort of way, and you sulk and get into a mood.

Playful banter is something I never had with a Narcissistic ex-partners, and I would love to in the future, because I would like to assume I am quick witted.

So when the woman you are dating makes a little sly comment that is really not that harsh, let it go.

Having said that, use the rule of three, if they are constantly nagging over a particular flaw you may not know you have and you have tried to fix it, call them out on it in a healthy discussion.

The key to keeping attraction alive is to always keep improving yourself.

Becoming stale or stagnant is a romance killer for sure.


How to Unmask A Narcissist

In this video I discuss the safest possible way to unmask the narcissist in your life.


“Everyone’s true colours show eventually.”

Narcissists are the world’s biggest and greatest liars.

They have often been compared to actors, who wear a mask to try and manipulate their victim to make out they are sweet loving and innocent.

But when the mask slips, you see them for what they truly are.

And let me tell you – it is not pretty.

I was having coffee with a close friend of mine, and we were looking back reflecting at the past decade 2010-2020.

It felt almost insane just how quickly life was moving along, but also just how many things had changed.

For me before I started researching heavily into Narcissism, I just assumed all the former toxic friends, employers and relationships I had were just lessons and a part of life.

I thought that “sometimes you just get crappy people, and you trust them only to be greeted with abuse and mistreatment.”

Then towards the end of the past decade, I started reading more about Narcissism, and it had quite a huge impact on my social life.

Two of the most intimate and closest relationships I had in my life in the last year of me writing this post, were with two covert Narcissists – who I have gone no contact with since.

So when I realised it was time to do something I did so – which was walking away.


Before I did my research on the subject, I realized just how little I actually knew about how there were some malevolent people in the world.

Whilst a positive outlook on life and society is admirable, a more realistic one will help you survive more.

You cannot simply trust all who you meet.

Narcissists can lead people to stop wanting to date, work, or have any type of relationship ever again.

They can and will leave a bitter taste in your mouth, and often scar people physically and mentally through the abuse they give out.

That is why when you unmask a Narcissist, you must do so very carefully.

These individuals are fully aware of what they are doing, and it most likely points back to their childhood.

I have often compared Narcissists to spoiled kids.

They used to cry and scream or throw the ugliest tantrums and their parents or guardians just always caved in to giving them what they wanted.

This false validation leads to an uglier adulthood, where they believe everybody in the world owes them something, and that everyone should bow down to their every wish.

I know, it sucks but that’s truly how they feel.

A Narcissist will constantly feel unsatisfied and be unappreciative of everything they receive from others.

They use people to elevate their ego and own version of self-worth, and will destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.

The easiest, and most effective way to unmask a Narcissist, particularly if you are unsure is to do exactly what I have done on many occasions:

Just Say No.

I know what you are thinking – it can’t be that simple?

Yes, it truly is.

AS a child, when the Narcissist wanted that shiny new toy, their parents never said no.

They always gave them what they wanted, and a toy became a car, a home, a new pair of jewellery.


The shiny new toy is just an example, but it essentially transpires into them getting whatever they want to make them “happy.”

I’ll give an example;

I was dating a woman once, and I picked her up on a date to take her out for a meal as it was my treat.

She was attractive, we had a great connection – Narcissists are experts at this.

And with that, I was driving her in my car on our way to the restaurant.

As I drove along with her she asked me what the area was where we were going to eat.

I told her, and all of a sudden she screamed at the top of her voice:


I said no, and I was greeted with more rage;


Sadly, this was our second date only – and the area for the record was St John’s Wood (google it).

I refused to comply, to which I was greeted with more Narcissistic rage.

Because I was driving I didn’t know how to get out of the situation safely, but sticking to my guns I pulled over at a safe place and asked her to leave my car.

Again I was greeted with further Narcissistic rage:


The commotion and scene she caused was alerting the attention of people in the high street, to which I calmly said to her, “if you do not leave this car now, I will contact the police.”

With that, this Narcissist woman stormed out of my car and left the door open screaming and shouting down the street how much of a bastard I was etc.

In this circumstance it hit me out of the blue, I had no idea this woman was like that, and of course I never saw or spoke to her again.

But just by saying NO, and her NOT getting her way made the mask slip.

And as a result of it, exposed them for what she really was;

Adult spoiled kid who throw temper tantrums.

I suggest if you are looking to unmask a Narcissist safely, do so in a way where you know you can walk away.

Think back to the parent who has to deal with the spoiled kid shouting and screaming because they are not going to get a new toy.

It is ugly, it is embarrassing and totally unacceptable.

But for goodness sake stand up for yourself, because NOBODY deserves to be treated or abused in that way whatsoever.

Saying NO does not compute well with the Narcissist, because they are so used to everybody and anybody bowing down to their every wish.

It’s like a foreign language to them.

But that does not mean no matter how compassionate you are should you have to tolerate that behaviour.

Say no to their crazy demands, but be prepared to walk away or go no contact to diffuse the unacceptable behaviour you will likely be subject to.

If you fear your safety, call the authorities.


How To Sleep After a Nightmare Meditation

There is nothing worse awakening from a nightmare! In this guided meditation I will help you get right back to sleep!



Chris Collins:

Law of Attraction

Proof The Law Of Attraction Works!


The law of attraction changed my life, – no seriously it did!” – SCG SHOW

Ever since the release of the hit movie “The Secret,” the law of attraction has grown in such popularity worldwide.

Almost everybody has jumped on the bandwagon and shown off their special “skills,” in order to teach normal people how to make their dreams come true.

Unfortunately, a lot of these people may not be able to be trusted, because they hardly show proof of their desires coming true.

Thinking positively and just happy thoughts while essential to a better life for sure, are not the key elements to exactly how the law of attraction really works.

For me, I was always a person who questioned everything.

When somebody told me “you can never do that,” or “it’s impossible,” it would always light a huge fire in my belly to prove these people wrong.

So that is why I would always be the one with the last laugh in the long run.

Having said all that, a lot of law of attraction coaches never really go into detail or share proof of what they managed to manifest.

All they ever do is say “I am living my best life!” pr something similar along those lines.


Now don’t get me wrong I am not HATING on these people, but the coaches who stress financial abundance are usually pushing a coaching product or service which kind of goes against the whole point they are trying to make?

If what you lack is money, why are you going to pay thousands for a course that is only going to get you further into debt?

Luckily for me, I was properly introduced to the law of attraction in 2016, and I spent around a year properly reading and researching the essential details of it all.

Without a doubt, the law of attraction DOES exist and I have proof in my life that it does, and what I was able to achieve too.

However, for the record us humans, were bloody impatient.

We want everything handed on a plate to us NOW, NOW, NOW.

I know somebody who is an incredibly lazy guy.

He works part time in a grocery store, and has zero drive or ambition in life to achieve anything noteworthy.

This particular guy loves the idea of the law of attraction and has been manifesting everything he ever wanted, especially a brand new sports car.

But when I saw him recently he cursed his luck and told me how he had been doing the meditations daily for a week and nothing happened!

Based on personal experience let me clear two things up.

Firstly, the law of attraction only works when you put things into practice.

The universe is not going to feed, bathe or wash you, there are things you have to do yourself.

You need to take responsibility, so sitting on your ass waiting for a Maserati to be outside your house ready for you is not the right approach.

Secondly, there is no specific timeframe on the law of attraction and manifesting.

Yes we all would love to be rich in the next 5 minutes, but being patient and acting or feeling like what it is you desire has already happened is the secret to this actually working.

The lazy impatient person will manifest SOME fortune into their life, but they are only working at 10% of their capacity.

The successful law of attraction user is the person that has inspiration from the universe or opportunity presented to them by taking action to reach their goals and desires.

When I started an old business of mine, and this was before I knew how the law of attraction actually worked, I always imagined going into the Bank and seeing on the ATM Six figures in my account.

I was making if lucky 200-300 a month, there was no room for growth, no contacts NOTHING.

Fast forward two years later, and through hard work, determination and belief I was then looking at a statement with exactly six figures in the account.

Here is another story.

I never had a serious girlfriend for most of my mid-twenties, I just wanted to have fun and nothing serious.

Then I said to myself “I would love to have a serious girlfriend and go away to Disneyland and watch the fireworks there at night!”

It was a specific and random dream, and yet a year later I did all that, and experienced that very moment in real life.

I tested the law of attraction just last year, on somebody to see if it was real.


I was single at the time, and I had met somebody and we started talking, she was a beautiful girl I had met at a friend’s party.

So I imagined what it be like if we were dating, and I had a dream that we were on a Celebrity Cruise ship and she had said to me the phrase “happy wife, happy life.”

I have NO IDEA where this had come from, but it was a sign from the universe.

Sure enough, a week later she added me on Facebook, and I had a snoop around her profile.

Then on her photos were of a vacation she had last year on yes A Celebrity Cruise!

She had not mentioned it to me!

But what was even weirder was in one of her photos she stood outside a store on that trip.

And above her was a sign saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Sometimes the law of attraction works to show us to have faith it in.

In other words that it ACTUALLY works, and sometimes in ways we would never believe in our wildest dreams.

When you learn to trust and have faith that what you think about expands, and the universe knows what’s best for you, your life truly changes.

You begin to not worry as much, and have this quiet confidence that you can create your own reality.

I managed to manifest love, money, and success into my life!

Just recently our YouTube grew by 47+ subscribers in 2 weeks from 32.

As of you reading it who knows where we will be at, but it will only be further proof that the law of attraction actually works!


Self Improvement

How To Become A Lone Wolf


“Nobody enjoys the company of others as intensely as someone who usually avoids the company of others.”

It is really easy to nowadays be a sheep, and to follow all the trends, like what everybody else likes.

Ever noticed that mostly everybody shares the same type of opinions?

Especially on social media, there is a massive divide.

In the UK alone for example it’s like half the population wanted Brexit and the other 50% are dead against it.

People rarely share their opinions, or do their own thing.

I remember talking to a close family friend, who has always walked his own path.

He told me the following:

“My best friend is my wallet. It allows me to pay for things people necessarily cannot give me. I can do what I want with my money. I don’t need to do what others say. I do whatever I believe to be right and I follow through with it.”

I found that to be a strange philosophy but then I looked at everything this guy has:

  • He retired early
  • He is his own boss
  • He is a multi-millionaire
  • He has a loving family
  • He travels the world

On the flip side here is someone who is the same age as this other family friend, and he has this very different philosophy:


“You have got to have lots of friends, and always be around people. The company of people and socializing is a huge part of my life!”

Let’s look at their life in comparison and that they happen to be the same age:

  • They are in debt
  • They are always dating somebody new
  • They struggle to make decisions
  • They are always stressed
  • They live for the day, but are struggling financially

I need to make one thing very clear, being a lone wolf won’t necessarily make you a millionaire.

But it will allow you to keep one of the richest commodities you can have besides money, and that is your tranquillity.

In all my content I have always prioritized tranquillity as one of the main goals of life, because with a peaceful mind, you can think clearly and achieve some unbelievable things.

If your mind is cluttered by the B.S. and drama of everybody else around you, how can you have tranquillity?

Over the past decade 2010-2020, I have walked away from the following:

  • Narcissistic friends
  • Narcissistic girlfriends
  • Narcissistic family members
  • Narcissistic bosses
  • Toxic people in general
  • Toxic habits and addiction
  • Business partners who were not on the same page

I am not telling this to show off, but the most powerful thing one can do in order to become a lone wolf is to have the ability to walk away from what is NOT good for them.

People are like wolves and sheep.

There is always a wolf leading the pack, and the sheep that follow.

However the lone wolf is the one who is always asking the question “is this the right way?”

Asking and questioning what the masses do will set you apart from the sheep, the followers and the zombies who are just living their life on autopilot.

This is one of the worst things to do in your life.

I see it constantly, they wake up, take the bus or train to work, pretend they are doing something meaningful in their 9-5, come home miserable and tired, then binge on Netflix and go to bed exhausted only to do it all again.

They apply the same tedious nature to their social lives too.


They go to the same type of places or venues (usually one picked by somebody else because they have no voice of their own), and they drink or eat as much as they can on the weekends knowing that Monday is just around the corner.

It is no wonder people who are sheep often complain that they had a “bad year, and they can’t wait for it to be over,” come December.

They often moan about their social circles, their jobs, the usual things, whilst not realizing that they are fully in control of changing their circumstances.

But that would mean they would have to be brave, stand up for themselves, and be willing to walk the path alone for truth.

The lone wolf relies on nobody but themselves.

The lone wolf knows that people are unreliable, and on a much deeper life is.

They know there is absolutely no guarantees in anything, and life is just absolutely precious, and every single second that goes by is an opportunity potentially missed.

The lone wolf works for themselves usually, because they are confident in their ability, and know that they have exactly the same set of skills or more than their boss.

The lone wolf can recognize a toxic individual and will sacrifice their entire social life to be alone, because they value their tranquillity over the company of bad friends.

The lone wolf does not settle for anything, they are constantly pushing the boundaries, asking the bigger questions, and realizing the sky is the limit.

To become a lone wolf is very simple but difficult – you must be willing to walk your own way.

This is very hard at first, because like most humans we have been programmed to follow the system.

Go to school – go to college – get a job – get married – have kids – retire – die.

The lone wolf questions everything post school, and does not follow the trends.

College is a downright expensive investment, and in most cases is not worth taking on the potential debt.

Getting a job whilst essential in the short term makes sense, but the lone wolf wants to be their own boss, and works hard to build a business as they work.

In regards to friends, the lone wolf is very selective of who they surround themselves with.

Remember this quote; “you become who you surround yourself with on a regular basis.”

So if your friends are losers, addicts, or toxic people, do not be surprised to be picking up these traits.

When you decide to walk your own path, you WILL be greeted with abuse, ridicule and drama by all those around you.

Drown it out, do not listen because the sheep are afraid of the one who is brave enough to walk away from them.

It is just insecurity, and they are jealous that they will never display the confidence to go on their own path, do their own thing, and be comfortable in their own skin.

Good luck to you lone wolf, not that you are going to need it.  

Self Improvement

Do This Everyday To Change Your Life

In this video I explain what you need to do to live an extraordinary life.



Self Improvement

How To Stop Procrastinating


In this video I will teach you just exactly how to stop procrastinating.

Has it ever crossed your mind that god forbid when you die so do all your dreams and aspirations?

Yep, you read that correctly, every single goal, dream, desire, project that you have ever wanted to achieve goes with you if you do not achieve it.

Who is going to carry on your dream that YOU never decided to make a reality?

The wealthiest place in the world is actually the cemetery.

Take a look around the next time you are at one, and you will see all the hopes, dreams and ambitions people have taken with them to the grave.

I also hope what I am telling you has touched a nerve, because there is nothing worse than procrastination.

Yep, it’s a killer of dreams.

It also gets us to fail in our education, amongst other things.

Procrastination like stress is a silent killer.

We run our mouths and show off to our friends and family all the time:

“I’m writing a book!”

“I’ve started a fitness programme!”

“I’m going to become an artist!”

Then what happens, after the initial rush and motivation from the “shiny object syndrome,” all the familiar phrases seem to resurface over time:

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I’m exhausted.”

“I can’t be bothered right now.”

It is quite alarming just how contagious laziness can be, but also just how dangerous it is.

I couldn’t thank my mother more for her encouraging me and my brother from a very young age to prioritize work over fun.

Most people like to play hard over work hard.


From experience let me tell you something, these people mostly amount to nothing.

They either are funded by the bank of Mom and Dad, or they got lucky in some financial endeavour which I don’t even want to know about.

I am not hating on these people, but I am saying they are a bad influence on those who are vulnerable and naïve.

The average millennial looks at their social media countless times a day, and sees a person of a similar age on a yacht or vacation in an expensive resort whilst they themselves are riding the bus in the rain feeling miserable about themselves.

What these kids do not realize is instead of actually doing work to improve their situation, they mope around and act impatient hoping for everything to fall on their lap!

I once did this as an experiment on an old personal social media account I had with a big following.

I stood next to a random Lamborghini that I saw on the street and posted a photo captioned “my new ride, living the dream!”

Much to my surprise, most of my followers were wishing me congratulations, and telling me how lucky I was!

When all I did was take a photo next to a car!

Jesus, that is worrying.

People do not have their priorities straight, they chase the fast results and the quick money.

I was like that too, it’s why I suffered from gambling addiction.

However, my best quality was I always got the work done.

Take my novel for example

I dedicated a year of my life, editing, writing, rewriting, designing and finally publishing it onto Amazon for Kindle and paperback!

Just how many people say they are going to write a novel, yet never even get past the first page.

It is because again, they are distracted and not putting the work in.

I practically killed myself to write my book, and regardless of all life’s setbacks I am proud to call myself an author.

I sometimes look at my book for inspiration, and say to myself “if I can do that, I can do anything.”

The key to conquering procrastination is so bloody simple:

Do the work NOW.

That’s it!

When I was a kid I was always coming home with a tonne of homework or projects to complete for school the next day.

However my mother being so wise drummed this into my head:

“If you finish your work straight away, you can have the rest of the evening to do whatever you want!”

My god, so simple yet so brilliant!

That is exactly what I did, I would come home and do my work, then maybe eat in between, then go back to finishing it thus freeing me up for the rest of the evening to do whatever else I wanted!

  • I could play video games
  • Watch TV
  • See my friends
  • Play football
  • Anything!

And it is all because I finished the work and it felt so much better enjoying my free time!

Sadly my classmates were not as productive.

They would come home, watch television, play video games and come 10pm they would be too tired to do their work.

So they would go into school the next day exhausted having doing a half ass job or completely forgetting to do their work.

I have applied the same ethos to my professional life.

I decided to start SCG SHOW in late 2019 and have decided to dedicate 2020 to building it up.

That means I am constantly creating content, blog posts, video, social media posts to build up the momentum.

On my YouTube channel and blog I plan to have at least 1 post or video daily.

That is 365 pieces of content – a lot I know!

But like my book, I wrote a page or 2 a day!

I made it manageable and still fulfilled my target!

It is so simple to beat procrastination because I still get to enjoy my life.

But I only enjoy myself AFTER I have done the work.

There is nothing worse than going out with friends knowing you have slacked on your important project.

You can try have a good time but it will constantly be on your mind, digging away at you that “you have work to do.”

Instead I relax, kick back and smile knowing to myself “I’ve done the work I have set out to, I can enjoy this movie, or drink or whatever!”

It’s so simple yet so misinterpreted:


You heard me, just get it done, set yourself a realistic target (not too big), and bloody stick to it!

You will live a new life if doing so, and if you want that extra motivation buy my book and put it on your desk to remind you that you can do anything!



What Happens To The Narcissist When You Move On


Leaving a Narcissist in any capacity, be it cutting ties with a family member, or divorcing a spouse is one of the hardest and most difficult challenges anyone can face.

And the reason why is it is like breaking free of an addiction.

I have first-hand experience in both, that is becoming clean of a dreadful addiction, and also leaving a Narcissistic relationship.

Break ups are tough in general, but there is something even more difficult in a Narcissistic one.

And that is because you have most likely been devalued, especially leading up to the break up.

It really does not matter who left who either, as the results are the same.

In the break up stage you are in a pure feeling of dread, shame, regret and utter humiliation.

You are also most likely suffering from quite a mild case of PTSD as you relive the drama and craziness you have had to endure with such an individual.

Narcissists are not normal, so therefore any type of interaction or relationship is usually not normal either.

So you can be sat there, scratching your head pondering the following questions:

How could I be so foolish?

What on earth was I thinking?

How and why do I still love them?

Why the hell do I miss them?

These are all normal questions one will go through, particularly in any form of break up or separation.

But let us review the question at hand:

What happens to the Narcissist when you move on?


Fast forward a considerable amount of time, and let’s say now you are either you are in a happy and hopefully healthier relationship, or perhaps you are just better alone.

Remember, moving on doesn’t just mean you have a brand new partner, it could certainly mean just you are living your best life without this toxic person.

My mantra to decide whether you are truly over a person goes like so:

If you are planning your life and future, and that person is no longer in your plans at all.

It is a wonderful mantra, because before especially with a Narcissistic spouse, you are constantly taking their thoughts into consideration.

A friend of mine was dating a very narcissistic spouse who controlled everything about him, including his career decisions.

Unfortunately for him, he had to turn down 6 figure job offers in his industry abroad many times just because his ex-spouse was controlling him.

No surprise their relationship ended horribly, and he truly regrets being held back and ultimately cheated on too.

Narcissists can hold people back because they are jealous, spiteful and insecure people.

Due to their own personality flaws, they cannot handle other people succeeding, or doing what they do not possess the strength or confidence to do themselves.

So bringing it back to the central topic at hand, moving on from them is something they truly cannot fathom.

And that even goes if they were the ones who broke up with you.

Let me get you into the very simplistic thought process of a Narcissist.

They will believe to themselves about you, “they are nothing without me, I am better than them.”

So if you decide to be happy, go no contact and ultimately move on financially it crushes their most precious commodity: their ego.

“How dare they move on?! Who do they think they are?”

Assuming you are no contact, and you have blocked this person, sadly if you have mutual friends the word will get out to the Narcissist how well you are doing, especially if you have social media.

Unless you are like Daniel Day Lewis and live life as a complete recluse, it is very hard to live a relatively private life.

So with their ego now crushed with the news you are actually doing BETTER without them, the Narcissist will do what they always do.

They will hoover you.

They will send texts, voicemails, or if blocked (hopefully) they will email you or send flying monkeys to do their dirty work.

You will most likely (assuming you bother to actually read or listen to them), suffer further abuse from them.

“I cannot believe you couldn’t or didn’t want to fight for our love. I am SO over you, I hate you, you lead me on. You made me feel that I was the one, and now you are with a new person. You are the worst person on earth!”

I decide to refrain from obscenities, just to give you an idea of what they will do.

Of course the flying monkeys will be in touch to talk along a similar line:

“Your ex is feeling so upset. They just want to talk, and see you. Please they are a wreck without you, I have never seen them like this, give them a chance?”

If you are a decent human being, you would remember just HOW MANY chances these Narcissists got in dating you or marrying you.

Narcissists are like spoiled kids, and I have said this many times in many posts.

They just want to get you to do what they want, and in this case they just want to get your attention.

But they will play the dirtiest tricks to do so.

They will fake love.

They will fake admiration.

They will fake wanting to end their lives.

It’s all an act, it’s all a joke.


You are being played by a world class actor, because do you honestly believe this individual will respect you more for going back?

Or even going back after meeting someone else who is hopefully a better and healthier match for you?

No, it will be worse.

You will be far more abused.

And if they left you or cheated on you before, you can absolutely guarantee they will do so again.

Once a cheat, always a cheat – that’s my philosophy.

What you must do is hopefully be completely no contact, and not even have them on social media.

Your life is better without this person, and will always continue to be.

We are all in search of happiness, but a better goal to have is tranquillity.

My friends and family are surprised that I just enjoy a quiet night in with a glass of wine, or a good book to have on a weekend completely alone.


Because believe it or not I am still recovering from the craziness, the drama, the stress and anxiety all caused by my Narcissistic ex-partner.

So sitting down and even listening to classical music in my dressing gown, is pure bliss.

Remain no contact, ignore the hoover and the flying monkeys, and remind yourself what this person did to you constantly.

Make a list and read it every time you have any doubts.

I guarantee your life will improve if you follow my instructions, and please stick to them!