Dating Relationships

Amazing Psychological Facts on Love


Would it surprise you that being in love has the same biological effects as being addicted to cocaine?!

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Phillip Schofield Comes Out As Gay


After releasing a statement, Phillip Schofield speaks out for the first time about being gay.

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Birds of Prey Movie Review


Fresh from splitting from the Joker, Harley Quinn joins forces with some other badass chicks to take on the latest bad guy in town ‘Black Mask.”

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Prince William to Save Harry From Meghan in Canada?


With growing concerns on the mental wellbeing of his brother Harry, it is widely reported that Prince William has flown to Canada for talks.

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Law of Attraction

How to Manifest a Specific Person


“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I am going to make a very bold statement, it is easier than ever to manifest something than ever before.

The problem is, there are too many people giving different theories and showing different methods that all end up contradicting each other.

Therefore I will show you a way that worked for me.

Not only does this work with people but it can happen with money too!

I was flat out broke, a gambling addict, didn’t see any money or anything coming my way.

However I walked around assuming that the universe was on my side, and despite my situation all WILL end well.

Sure enough, much to my amazement I could NOT believe how money from so many different places was coming to me just a few months later.

This stuff WORKS and the same happens for manifesting a specific person.


For the record, you need to be disciplined, focused and you must completely believe in the law of attraction.

Because any limiting beliefs, any doubts, any concerns will only work against you.

So you must be willing to trust, and by doing that you can accelerate your results.

For me, I have learnt to trust, love and let go.

I am perfectly ok as I am, regardless of who is or who isn’t in my life.

I have an abundant mind-set, I am grateful for what I have, and anything that comes my way is a bonus.

On top of that I keep myself busy, I focus on my goals, and never stop working.

When we normally think about a person, we do the opposite – we chase.

We send them flowers.

We send them texts.

We talk to their friends.

We constantly overthink about them.

What that ends up doing is actually working completely against us.

Ironically I used to do all that with a specific woman I wanted to attract into my life.

However it never happened, because ultimately I saw she was NOT the right match for me.

She smoked, she did drugs, and she was a bad egg.

So the law of attraction actually despite what you think you want, always knows best.

So they will BLOCK it from happening, in order to push somebody better your way.

And for goodness sake, be patient!

I know you want to be married with the white picket fence as of tomorrow, but these things take time.

Lack of patience, and anxiety ruins your manifestations always!

You want it so badly, and you can’t go on, and your overthinking ruins everything.

Instead what I did, was so simple and effective.

I manifested using my imagination for 30 days, and I let it go.

I was just imagining a specific scene with a specific person.

I would go to bed and go to sleep dreaming about said person, and most importantly living in the end.

By doing this, you are trusting the universe that your desire is “done,” and you just have to wait for it to happen.

That does not mean waiting by your bedside table for the phone to ring – that is WRONG.


Instead you need to go about your life, see friends, party, work, and train in the gym.

All of a sudden (I swear to you), when you LEAST expect it you will open your phone or walk down a street and see that specific person!

They will take you by surprise and don’t be alarmed to hear the following;

“Hey the funniest thing I just couldn’t get you out of my head, and wanted to see how you are.”

Do not doubt it that is a CLEAR sign the law of attraction is working primarily in your favour to get your desire to come true and attract that specific person!

Congratulations! – It works trust me!

Another thing to note here is you do NOT want to reveal to them or ANYBODY that you manifested them to come to you.

That is like slapping god or the universe in the face.

Your manifestations, and dreams are private between you and the universe.

That will NOT work in your favour, and make things turn sour immediately.

Keep it silent, keep it quiet, and do not mention it to nobody.

I know it will be hard because you are so excited and overwhelmed from bringing your desire to life, but please do not do this.

Those who follow the manifestation strictly will succeed.

So imagine you are already with this person either married or dating whatever your preference, for 30 days straight right before bed.

Close your eyes and properly imagine the scene and replay it over and over in your head as you doze off.

See it all so clearly as if you are actually living the scene in virtual reality.

It MUST be for 30 days!

And when you wake up, make sure you do not focus on your desire, just let it go and get on with your life.

If you keep focusing on the desire, and worrying about it or being impatient, I am sorry to admit it you will ruin the chances of it manifesting.

You must trust the universe, and yourself.

Think of a movie you already know the ending to, would you be anxious and concerned about how it ends?

No you’d be relaxed and just sit back enjoying to see how it pans out again.

That is the exact steps you MUST take in this specific manifestation, otherwise you will ruin it.

If you want to hear more details about this process I strongly recommend you watch the video above as I go into much more depth on the entire subject.

Understand the law of attraction is always working, whether you like it or not.

And once you accept that, and tap into it, you become a creator of your own life.

It is a very powerful realization all at your disposal.

Be warned though, the law of attraction only works for the good in people and life, so no funny business!

Narcissism Relationships

How to Go No Contact With Toxic People


“Silence is golden.”

The easiest and most effective manner to deal with any toxic individual is to go no contact.

Speaking from many years of personal experiences mostly bad with toxic people and narcissists you need to understand one fundamental thing;


That’s it, you won’t beat them at their own game.

You won’t win an argument.

You won’t win them over with logic.

You won’t ever convince them to be good.

You are fighting a losing battle, and because of that why even take part?

Never argue with a fool, because from a distance you cannot tell who is who.

This is the same with these people, and you must do what their parents never did;

Instil discipline and proper boundaries.

Toxic people do not care about you, they do not really love you, and they always inevitably bring a wave of destruction and chaos into your life.

If you are not careful and you allow the mind games to begin, the toxicity and poison will spread.

There are so many things they bring into your life without you knowing;

  • Manipulation
  • Jealousy
  • Arguments
  • Insecurity
  • Controversy
  • Drama

Think back to a spoilt brat that was never told no.

They have it in their minds as they become adults that they can literally get away with murder.

So what happens?

They become entitled, rude and toxic individuals.

All because mom and dad bought them whatever they wanted the second they started to throw a tantrum.

So they honestly believe for some weird reason the world owes them something.

Hence why they are entitled.

If you happen to unfortunately be in a romantic relationship with a toxic or narcissistic person it is the same story.

You tread on eggshells, most likely get cheated on, abused, manipulated and so much more.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely not!

What can you do about it?

Well, let me try go into more detail here.

You may be the smartest, wisest and calmest individual person in the world.

But if you allow a toxic person to be in your personal life, what is going to happen?

You are drinking from the poison chalice, and suddenly you will crack.

Bad luck will occur, your focus will dither, and you will start seeing more drama than ever before.

But arrogantly even if you KNOW what they like and you KNOW what is going on, you think you are qualified to deal with such people.

Let me make one thing clear – not even trained therapists can handle narcissists or toxic people well.

So what makes you think you can?

Do you think having endless conversations on how their bad behaviour should not be tolerated will change anything?

Do you think getting others involved in a group therapy will let them see the light?

I remember doing a bloody PowerPoint presentation to a narcissist ex on everything she was doing wrong, it took me hours to write and present.

Did she change?


I get it, people rarely change after the age of 18, and why should they?

If they have convinced themselves they are perfect and if those around them (flying monkeys and their awful parents), keep reinforcing their bad behaviour then who are you to tell them otherwise?

They point behind everything I am trying to tell you here is YOU CAN’T WIN.

They will never emphasize with how you feel, or what you are trying to say.

Nothing is ever good enough for these people, and your naivety and lack of real world knowledge gave them the benefit of the doubt to where you are now desperately searching on the internet for the answer.

The answer is simple, yet hard to implement for most people;


I understand that is hard to read, but you have no other option.

I would not advice talking it out, they are not listening.

I would advise against therapy, as they will make YOU out to be the bad guy.

The only solution with any toxic or narcissistic person is no contact, and the reason why it works is because you are cutting off the supply.

Picture yourself as the parent, they are the child.

They run around causing havoc on you and all around you, and there you are cleaning up after their mess.

But their parents most likely stuck around, and threw more money and attention at the problem.

One ex I had told me to my face “I was spoilt as a kid, my parents were soft.”

What a fool I was thinking being disciplined and hard moral that I could actually change this person into thinking like a good healthy person.

I got badly burnt, so many times.

They see you as supply, attention, they thrive off it.

Long as you cry, shout, scream, react in any manner even in a calm way they will carry on bringing more drama and chaos into your life.

It is inevitable, you must understand there are horrible people in this world, and you are more than likely dealing with one right now.

So you must cut off the supply.

This means of course if it a relationship, friendship, family member you are now going no contact.

And no contact MEANS no contact.

This is the end, have a funeral for it, bury it and move on.

You will NOT receive any change, despite doing this and you must be strong.

Everything must go, social media, their telephone numbers, all reminders everything.

You have been poisoned by their toxicity and it is time to become a healthy individual again.

Do not use will power to fight your urge to talk to them, but instead re-read everything I have written to reinforce WHY this is happening.

There are toxic and narcissistic people in this world, and unfortunately you have met one or just realized somebody is not right for you.

You are better making friends with people that want the best for you.

Stick to it, and in time you will attract with the right healing and knowledge of what has happened to you better people.

I went no contact with THREE Narcissists in one year, and as a result my life has completely changed for the better.

You will be better off, and use me as your example.

I swear to you, it is the only way to see some change for the better in your life, especially if you feel exhausted because you’ve tried everything else OR are considering doing so.

Life is too damn short for drama and toxic people.

Start thriving, not just surviving.


5 Moments From State of the Union 2020


It has been a massive week in US politics, from Donald Trump no longer facing impeachment to the much talked about State of the Union 2020.

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Meghan and Harry to Move Back to UK?!


Much to many people’s shock and surprise, Meghan and Harry are possibly set of a Royal U-TURN to stop their move to Canada!

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What To Do When A Girl Looks At You


“And what about the lovers who spend hours staring into each other’s eyes?”

When you catch a pretty girl looking at you, do you do any of the following?

  • Do you act awkward?
  • Do you act uncomfortable?
  • Do you not know where to look?
  • Do you act aloof and stop caring?
  • Do you expect women to come and chat you up?
  • Do you ask the bartender to send her a drink from you?

Don’t worry you are not alone, I was like you and the above mentioned was everything I would do in that situation.

I guess I was never really properly educated into how to act in situations like that, so I just did what I felt was right.

Unfortunately whatever I felt was “right” was oh so wrong.

Here is the truth, if you see a cute girl looking over at you, chances are she is into you.

Yes you read that correctly, she finds you attractive and she wants to get to know you.


9 times out of 10, if she is glancing at you, playing with her hair, or smirking a little at you, it is because she wants you to notice her.

Yes there are times where girls may be playing with you, but most of the time she likes what she sees.

And that’s YOU buddy!

So the first thing you need to do is bloody look back!

Do NOT hesitate, or overcomplicate it at all, LOOK BACK.

By doing this, it shows you are confident, and you are willing to let her know the following with your eyes;

“Yes I see you looking at me….and you caught my attention…now here I am…”

Do not underestimate the importance of body language – EVER!

And as well as looking back, you of course need to smile too.

But do not smirk, frown, give a creepy smile back at all.

Be relaxed, be chill and just let her know you are welcoming, safe and cool.

By going over the top with your smiling can actually ruin the attraction, so just keep it chilled.

Then as you are looking at each other make sure you maintain eye contact for as long as possible.

So if you are with your friends at a bar, make sure you still talk to them and then occasionally glance over to see if the girl is looking at you still.

Do NOT just outright stare at her!

This is creepy territory, and we don’t need to go there ok?

So for a couple of minutes (don’t time it), smile back in her direction from time to time and then next do probably most important step where most guys don’t;



Women will always fall head over heels for a dude that goes after what he wants.

Forget those who tell you otherwise – they know nothing.

A woman loves an ambitious and fearless man.

And walking up to her after eye contact makes you stand out above the rest of the chasing pack.

Men who make moves, men who go for it, men who do not fear rejection are more attractive – always.

And as you approach her with confidence you reach your hand out and shake hers;

“Hey, I’m SCG by the way….”

It is the easiest opener, because she knows who you are already by looking at you.

She just didn’t know your name, and it from then onwards it is down to you to close.

Do not listen to any other advice on this, I’ve tried them all and none of it worked.

Try it next time you see a pretty girl looking at you.

Law of Attraction Self Improvement

How to Stop Obsessively Thinking of Someone


“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”

It is normal to think about something, were humans, we have brains it is perfectly understandable.

But Obsessively Thinking, well that is truly another story.

OCD aka Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is never a pretty sight regardless.

It is completely different to sparing a moment to think about a person who has not crossed your mind in a while.

But if you are sat thinking constantly about said person over and over again, you run the risk of causing yourself great harm.

When I used to Obsessively Think about somebody, I found myself unable to enjoy my life, very agitated, very stressed and miserable.

Why does this happen?

Why do we still Obsessively Think about our ex?

Or why do we Obsessively Think about somebody we find attractive?

What is actually going on here in our brains, and more importantly how can we put a stop to it?!

The deep route of your Obsessive Thinking is very simple and that is you have an unresolved goal attached to somebody else.

So let us dive into the example of a romantic partner, either new or old.

If you are thinking of somebody you find attractive or a crush, it is because you have the unresolved goal of wanting to have them in your life in an intimate setting.


If you are thinking about an ex, it is most likely the unresolved goal of not getting over them after your break up and therefore you wish to re-attract them back into your life as your partner.


At the end of the day, all we have is our thoughts, nothing more nothing less.

Whilst we CAN use that to our advantage there is literally no good in Obsessively Thinking over somebody.

I have noticed that it actually can mess your life up and cause you nothing but problems and more stress down the line.

It is better to use the precious time we have on this earth and in our lives to more effective means.

And as a result of doing this, we can actually use the power of the law of attraction to our advantage too.

We are very impatient as humans, we want it all and we want it now!

In the past I was just like this, I would meet a pretty girl and constantly think about her.

I would read into her every action, and whatever she said to me in way too much detail.

Without realizing it, doing that actually worked against me.

I would constantly text her, chase her, and push to see her.

Ultimately you can imagine how well that worked out over the years – it didn’t.

If I was patient, and realized that romance, love cannot be rushed, chased or forced, then maybe things would have worked out a little more in my favour.

When it comes to somebody we like there is a more powerful and effective approach to take.

What I learnt about Obsessively Thinking, was it was a habit.

I’ve had so many awful habits over the years, and they have led to such destructive addictions in my life – the worst being gambling.

Luckily like all habits and addictions – we are stronger and better than them all.

For me when I beat gambling I learnt about how I initially became addicted, and educated myself in the effective measures to get out.

It isn’t about will power – it is about learning that you have been tricked to believe gambling gives you pleasure.

Obsessively Thinking is no different.

We view Obsessively Thinking as the only measure to deal with our unresolved goals and it in a strange and ironic way it ends up giving us peace of mind.

By thinking of this person, and worrying about them obsessively, it means that somehow someway it is actually helping us.

We believe if we end up getting rejected – it is ok because we replayed it over and over in our minds expecting it to happen.

On the contrary if we end up in a relationship with them or bringing back an ex – it is ok and we know what to expect as we have over and over replayed it in our minds.

It is like playing God, but in the meantime what if nothing happens with this person?

Then we simply are out there looking for the NEXT person to fill the void of loneliness or co-dependency.


If it works out then we then start Obsessively Thinking of how we don’t want to mess it up.

Ultimately working on your confidence and self-belief is key here.

Nobody is better than you, and vice versa.

But being insecure and worrying or Obsessively Thinking is doing no good to you.

It is better to use the law of attraction and imagine either of the following;

You ending up with this person happy.

You NOT ending up with this person.

You have no control over the situation, but either the positive or negative visualization has shown you what to expect.

And the moment you have done that it is TIME TO LET IT GO.

Once you do so, throw yourself head first into a passion project;

  • New business
  • Fitness programme
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Painting
  • Gaming
  • Socializing
  • Running
  • Pet Grooming

It really doesn’t matter what you do, but something magical will happen.

The more focused you are on something that makes your heart sing, or gives you joy and fulfilment, things fall into place in your life.

I went all in on SCG SHOW, and as a result a great thing happened for me.

A beautiful woman who I was once thinking about a great deal and had completely forgotten about reappeared into my life.

I wasn’t expecting it at all, but that is how the universe works.

When you work hard on improvement and being grateful for what you have and you channel that energy to something exciting and new – things for the better start happening to you.

And even if they don’t who cares, your life is already 10x better because you have a brand new project you are working on and no longer obsessing over somebody.

Good luck!