Spoken Word

Valentines Day Spoken Word Poem


“Why is love shown only one day a year?

To that special someone you hold so dear?

Why do chocolates and cards say how we feel?

We pay through cheap gifts, for something that’s real

If you don’t do this on valentines, you’re basically a fool!

Some expect diamonds, bracelets and jewels!

Some want to feel worthy, on this special day

When everybody else is treated the same.

And if you are single, it’s the end of the world.

You’re alone without a boy, or a lovely girl.

To exchange these presents, and make you feel whole!

Not to feel empty, like a wondering soul

But why is valentines just on one day?

If you think about it, its completely insane

That this is the day, to show that you care,

And if you do not, then you’re not acting fair

A showcase of love, is not once a year.

It’s every single day, abundantly clear

It’s love for your partner, your mother, your friend,

It’s promising you’ll be there, right till the end

So after that day, surprise them once more,

Buy a bouquet of flowers, arrive at their door.

Say “I love you every day of my life.”

And if she’s your girlfriend, make her your wife.

Or if it’s your mother, tell her thank you so kindly,

And apologise refuseley for acting so blindly

Valentine’s Day is every day,

For as long as you continue to live,

So Love everybody around Us,

Just be kind and continue to give.”