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Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money Quickly

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45 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money Quickly

This post is about the best side hustle ideas to make money quickly!

With job security a thing of the past having some side hustles are probably the best way to earn more money and quickly too!

Here is a list of the 45 best side hustle ideas you can start asap to make more money fast!

#1 – Sell on eBay

Look around your home and you will see money everywhere you look. I am dead serious because your trash/junk could be somebody else’s treasure. Start selling things you no longer need on eBay today, and you will be amazed how much people will pay for your unwanted items!

#2 – Delivery Services

If you like driving why not consider being a delivery person? You can deliver for Amazon, or a local business or whoever is seeking drivers! It does not have to be just packages, you can deliver food, flowers, furniture whatever people are ordering!

#3 – Teach People How to Use Smart Phones

Unlike yourself sadly most people have not got the slightest idea how to use their smart phones properly and effectively. That is where you can come in and show them how to use their phones the right way, and if you are really tech savvy you can show them how to use a tablet or their computers too!

#4 – Web Design

As you may be aware everything is online these days, and most brands and businesses need to have some form of web presence in terms of a website. If you are good with WordPress or Wix you can earn a lot of money being a web designer. And if you are good, people will start recommending you and you will have regular gigs to design websites!

#5 – Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you have a car just sitting there on your days off, why not use it to your advantage and earn money by driving for Uber or Lyft. I remember one driver I had in an Uber was a college student paying off his debt by doing the gig on the side. Don’t waste your car, and start driving and earning money today!

#6 – Blogging

Is there a subject or topic you find a lot of passion in? It has never been a better time to start a blog! Look at as an example, I built it up from scratch and now I am getting organic visitors every day. You can make money from your blog by putting adverts on there or placing affiliate links or even your own products to sell! Start blogging today and you will see the benefit in 6-12 months of that hard work really pay off passively!

#7 – Photography

Are you handy with a camera? People will pay surprisingly good money for photographers for all sorts of events from weddings, ceremonies, personal reasons and more. Take your passion for photography and start earning good money offering your services today!

#8 – Virtual Assistant

If you do not fancy leaving your home to go out to work, you can always work remotely and being a virtual assistant is a fantastic way of doing so. A virtual assistant normally handles all the administrative work a company or individual just has not got the time to do. So, you can log on and do a few hours a day answering emails, doing spreadsheets for some rather good money!

#9 – Rent Your Space on AirBnB

People are earning great passive income renting out any space they can on AirBnB! You can rent out an entire flat or house to even just a private spare room in your property. This phenomenon has gone global, and people are earning a fortune even just renting out their pool houses alone.

#10 – Chauffeuring

Unlike Uber, being a chauffeur or a personal driver is a bit more of a luxury and private service. I know a guy who earns a cool $50 a day driving a very wealthy old lady to and from her friends’ home because she has grown to trust the driver. That is $1000 a month extra from just one customer! Make sure your car is nice and clean though and remember to be professional!

#11 – Tutor

If you are a teacher or a lecturer, you can make terrific money by tutoring students outside of work hours. I know a woman who earnt more money from her private students than she did teaching! You do not have to be a teacher, and if you are an expert in a subject start tutoring today!

#12 – Walk Dogs

One of the most difficult things about owning a dog is finding the time to walk the poor thing, especially if you are a busy person. But a dog walker I know earns a good side income by walking several at a time for some very wealthy people. If you love dogs offer your time to walk them and you will be amazed how many people will need your services!

#13 – Personal Chefs

If you love cooking being a personal chef is a great side hustle! I know a guy personally who does BBQs for some wealthy people on a regular weekly basis and charges them $30 a head! Once you are in with these people, they will recommend you to all their friends and family. Therefore, if you fancy yourself at cooking, become a personal chef today!

#14 – Manage Social Media for Businesses

Most local businesses do not know how to log onto their social media let alone manage it! Social media can have an enormous impact on building more exposure for businesses, and they will often pay handsome fees to people to manage their social media on their behalf. So, if you are good at social media and use it often, then you really need to sell your services to businesses!

#15 – Write and Sell Your eBook on Amazon

I earn a passive income from books I had published ages ago on Amazon. The best thing is it is free to do! So, if you fancy yourself a bit of a writer, start writing your book and get it published on Kindle for free! Then every time somebody purchases your book you will receive a royalty for all the hard work you had done previously! Also, your book does not need to be fiction, it can be a how to book, but make sure you write about what you are passionate and interested in!

#16 – Start a YouTube Channel

I started SCG SHOW on YouTube in late 2019 and in 6 months I got over 1000 subscribers and approved on the YouTube partnership programme! Meaning I earn money from advertisers for all my videos! So if you are passionate about a certain topic, pick your niche and start creating content today, and when you hit the threshold of 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours you may get approved to earn money from your videos!

#17 – Graphic Design

Are you good with photoshop? Do you fancy yourself a bit of an artist? Well people will pay you exceptionally good money for you to design their logos, their signs, their invitations you name it! Also, pro tip here = if you do not fancy using photoshop check out as they are fantastic and are free to use!

#18 – Baking

Thanks to Instagram baking has become more popular than ever before! So, if you love baking, you can start catering for people’s parties, birthdays, and weddings! Simply start a social media page with pictures of your wonderful cake creations and if people like what you do, they will pay you incredibly good money for personalized desserts! A girl I know who is an amazing baker is and has now signed a TV deal just from being so popular with her cakes!

#19 – Print on Demand

I earn particularly good money from selling my merchandise on which is a print on demand service. Basically, when somebody buys a t-shirt with my logo on it, I earn a commission and Teespring print it and ship it to the customer! No stock, no expenses, just pure profits! Please be advised however that any designs must be original and not copywritten so do not get any funny ideas of ripping people off!

#20 – Babysitting

The average babysitter earns $16 per hour! And all they do is sit in a house with some kids and watch Netflix. I could not think of an easier gig! Plus, if the parents really trust you, they will start recommending you to other people! I know a babysitter who earns $100s a week watching multiple kids and she loves it!

#21 – Wash Cars

A friend of mine started a huge side business cleaning footballer’s luxury cars! What he would do is go to the training ground and offer to clean one car, and in a couple of weeks he became the exclusive cleaner of all their cars! People are lazy and hardly clean their cars, that is where you come in to soak their motors and if they like you, they will ask you to do it regularly! All you need is a bucket, soap, a sponge, and a hose, and you are good to go!

#22 – Flip Products

When people are selling products, they are usually doing no research on what the actual value is. That is why if you do a little research you can flip things for big profits online. A great idea is to go to a store that is having a huge clearance sale or is closing and pick up items for a massive discount and flip it online at a higher premium. People do this full time and earn six figures annually, by storing loads of products in their garages ready to flip!

#23 – Create on Online Course

Are you an expert in a specific field? Create an online course or a digital product that people can buy so they can learn whatever it is you have to offer. This in fact is how some of the top internet marketers all around the world are earning a fortune! Make sure your course is genuine and offers good value however!

#24 – Bookkeeping

A woman I know who does bookkeeping and earns $300 a week just by doing one days’ worth of bookkeeping. Most people need a bookkeeper to help them with their accounts, so if you have a keen interest in balance sheets and breakeven analysis, offer your bookkeeping services today! If you are trustworthy and reliable this could be regular work for you too!

#25 – Tour Guide

Do you know your local area well? Are you a bit of a historian? Start offering tour guides to people and you can earn a regular income from this if you start getting good reviews. A guy I know retired to Greece and offered tours in a remote yet historic part of the country and earns thousands a year off the tourists!

#26 – Pet Grooming

People take better care of their pets than themselves, and if you love animals you should consider offering grooming for them! You can also charge whatever you like as most pet owners are willing to pay for the convenience of a local groomer too! And if you set up at home, you eliminate most of your expenses already!

#27 – Home Maintenance

Sadly, I am not a handyman, but the guy I use regularly is. He has earnt hundreds off me from doing odd jobs such as fitting in light fixtures, repairing tiles, fixing leaks and so on. So, if you are good with your hands and like using tools once you start doing work like this most people will be using you on a regular basis.

#28 – Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopper is a paid consumer who is hired to shop in stores and collect important information. Think of mystery shoppers as “undercover customers” sent in to observe, interact, and report on other customers and store employees. Mystery shoppers are typically employed by a third-party rather than the store or company itself. If you love to shop this side hustle is for you!

#29 – Proofreading

Are you an avid reader? Are you a bit of a Grammar Nazi? Well proofreading is the perfect side hustle for you! You can read legal documents, books, transcripts, and charge either per word or per hour!

#30 – Translating

If you are bilingual, you can translate important information for people on the side. My friends’ mother was so good and successful at this that she ended up doing this as a full-time business. All because she could speak two languages = Spanish and English. You can charge by the hour or per document you need to translate.

#31 – Clean Houses

You will be amazed how much money cleaners can make. In fact, my friend started a cleaning company and became so busy that they outsourced all the cleaners for all their clients. Homeowners only trust certain people to clean their homes, so once you build a rapport you will have a regular gig with them for sure!

#32 – Pick up Trash

I know a guy who does this full time! He clears driveways, and peoples yards and then takes them to the local dumps. He literally bought a truck for cheap and just drives about offering his services as well as people calling him up. He earns $500 a day, and on a good day $1000!

#33 – Iron and Dry Clean Clothes

Most people are lazy and do not like to wash their clothes. Therefore, if you are good or interested in that build relationships with people and you can charge good money to regularly clean, iron and wash their clothing!

#34 – Ghost-writing

Most novelist and writers do not write their own books. They hire ghost-writers to do all the hard work for them and take all the credit. However, in return they can get paid well for doing so! Therefore, if you are good at writing, reach out to authors and such offering your services to them!

#35 – Teach a Language

If you are bilingual, you can earn excellent money teaching a language to somebody. Like tutoring you can charge by the hour, or better yet get people to sign up for a couple of weeks and pay you up front!

#36 – Personal Training

Are you a fan of fitness? People are more likely to spend money on a personal trainer they like than a gym membership. So, design a fitness programme on what your client’s goals and desires are and go from there! I know a guy who does personal training on the side and earns $80,000 a year!

#37 – IT Support

I am useless with my computer, but I got a guy who is based remotely always helps me with my computer problems. If you are good with IT you can earn good money putting computers together, removing viruses, or just setting up people’s office or home computer systems!

#38 – Music Lessons

I was taught guitar by a great guy who did it as a side hustle for 20 years! He was such a good teacher and so likeable I recommended him to all my friends who wanted to learn to play as well. If you are good at an instrument and love music start offering lessons and charge by the hour!

#39 – DJ

Do you love to DJ? Let me blow your mind, you can DJ for parties, weddings, functions, BBQ’s, graduations, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, festivals and so much more! One of my best friends does this as his full-time job and earns a staggering $100,000 a year! Also that does not even count the tips he makes on his gigs too! Love music? Start DJing today!

#40 – Car Repairs

Near my house is a guy who absolutely loves cars, so much so whenever something goes wrong, we always pay him for his services with our cars. If you are good with cars, you can be the handyman for people’s cars. Most mechanics are scam artists and charge too much, therefore people will be more inclined to pay someone they trust for minor repair jobs than be ripped off!

#41 – Extra in Movies

Want to star in a movie? Well you can by becoming an extra! In terms of how much do extras get paid; it will depend on the project. Obviously, bigger productions pay more, and low-budget films will pay less if anything. The standard pay is usually about 100-150 per day!

#42 – Modelling

Are you good in front of a camera? Consider offering your services as a model! Depending on how big the gig is, you can earn a fortune from this on the side! By the way models are needed for almost everything. I know a hand model who just takes photos for watch companies who earns $50,000 a year!

#43 – Consulting

I offer consulting services for businesses, brands and individuals looking to grow their social media and make more of an impact online. If you are an expert in any field, you can become a consultant. Just as an example, I once got paid $500 for half a day’s work discussing SEO with a client!

#44 – Personal Shopping

Love shopping? Become a personal shopper today! Believe it or not some personal shopper services charge a percentage of what the merchandise costs, or they may charge by the hour. If you become good at it, you can earn a total yearly pay ranging from $23,000 to $76,000!

#45 – Pet Sitting

Do you love pets? People who travel a lot need someone to look after their dogs and cats all the time. So, like a babysitter you can pet sit and earn a really good income! You can charge by the hour, by the day or however you like! People will more likely leave their pets with people they trust over kennels etc.