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How to Really Believe in The Law of Attraction

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How to Really Believe in The Law of Attraction

This post is about how to really believe in the law of attraction.

There are 5 things you really MUST know for you to have complete faith and trust in the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is real, regardless of what you have been told, or what you have experienced in life up to this point.

Yes, it may seem hard to come to terms with, unfortunately you really need to.

Why you ask?

Because you can now properly start using it to your advantage.

Some of the most incredibly successful people in the world are using the law of attraction every single day to create an unbelievable life.

Why are you not doing the same?

Here are some things you need to eradicate from your thinking:

It doesn’t matter where you are from.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

It doesn’t matter how educated or uneducated you are.

It doesn’t matter how or what your faith is.

It doesn’t matter the colour of your skin.

It doesn’t matter what gender you are.

The law of attraction does NOT discriminate, therefore if you really wish to tap into its power again for your own benefit and success that is down to you my friend.

Many people go to their beds at night manifesting their dreams and then watching it unfold.

Many people are attracting success effortlessly.

Many people are making miracles occur!

Why can’t you?!

Why SHOULDN’T you?!

That is the point of this post, to eradicate all the doubt, the negativity, the bad press that the law of attraction gets.

To ultimately change your mindset.

I have lived long enough to see this and met so many people and of course applied this to my life too.

Put it this way if you are reading this right now then it is further proof that it works, and now it is time for you to jump on board and start believing too!

Here are 5 powerful ways for you to start believing in the law of attraction:

#1 – Replace Negative with Positive

When people think negatively, they ultimately attract negativity into their lives.

If for example you think your business will fail, it will.

If you believe you are going to be dumped by your partner, they will.

If you believe you are never going to be rich, you will remain poor.

If you believe you are never going to find somebody to love, you will remain single.

This may seem harsh, but I am sorry to say it truly is a matter of fact.

And the law of attraction is about attracting, not subtracting.

The belief is about attracting the things you want and desire into it.

If you are constantly stuck on a loop of what you don’t have, and you never believe that it is going to change, well you will attract the same of what you already have.

Remember that, if you believe in lack of, you will keep attracting lack.

That is why we must replace every single negative thought you have with a positive thought, so you can immediately start believing more in the law of attraction for your benefit.

Here are some ways to replace negative thinking with positive thinking:

Focus on progress over perfection

Try go one day without any negative self-talk and see how you feel

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worse

Read more positive material

Learn from your mistakes

Avoid watching the news

Avoid talking about negative subjects with friends or family

Stop living in the past

Channel your guilt into self-improvement

Channel your regret into living a more fulfilling life

Be grateful for everything you have big or small

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday not someone else today

Smile more


Avoid toxic habits that are damaging your health and esteem

Avoid negative people

Help somebody

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start seeing positive results.

#2 – You Deserve Success

I am here to tell you and insist to you that regardless of where you are from, where you have been, what you have done up until now that you deserve success my friend!

You deserve your dreams to come true.

You deserve all types of success.

You deserve to manifest whatever you want.

Chances are along the way you have lost faith; you tried your hardest and things did not work out for you.

I am sorry that happened, sadly life can be like that, and the universe has a strange way of getting us to our dreams and desires.

However, if you fall in love with the process rather than the end goal, I assure you that you will start to feel more gratitude towards your dreams coming true.

Here are some reasons why you deserve success:

You know your purpose

You know exactly what you want

You work awfully hard

You are deserved a much-needed break in life

You have faith

You believe in yourself

You ignore the naysayers

You are a risk taker

You are creative

You are smart

You are grateful

You are a good person

You want to change the world

You have struggled long enough

You are ready for a positive change

You are self-aware

You have learnt from your mistakes

You did what others could never do

You want to make a difference

The universe rewards those who know you don’t get something for nothing, and if you are any of the above, you deserve success and the world is your oyster!

#3 – Be Specific

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to manifest anything using the law of attraction is, they are never specific on what it is they want.

A good example I always use is the genie from Aladdin telling him the exact same thing.

In the story Aladdin wishes, “make me a prince,” and the genie in return just produces a prince out of thin air for him.

The genie emphasizes “there is a lot of grey area there, you need to be specific and very clear on what it is you want.”

Look at the law of attraction as your genie.

The genie is there waiting for you to hear your wish, but again you MUST be specific and truly clear on your desires.

Here are some examples of non-specific goals:

“I want to be rich”

“I want to be famous”

“I want a mansion”

“I want a girlfriend/boyfriend”

“I want a nice car”

“I want to lose weight”

All these are usual desires and dreams people normally use when they apply the law of attraction, but instead you want to be way more specific.

Here is a better way to be specific:

“I want to be worth $10million in the next 10 years.”

“I want to be a famous RnB singer touring all over the world.

“I want a 5-bedroom luxury home in the heart of Los Angeles.”

“I want to be in a healthy and happy relationship with a likeminded kind person.”

“I want a Lamborghini Gallardo in black.”

“I want to lose 10 kg over the next few months.”

There is an enormous difference between a truly clear and specific desire and a very lazily thought out one.

If you really want the law of attraction to work for you be as clear as you possibly can.

I would recommend sitting down and taking some serious thought about this.

What is it you genuinely want?

What is it that you don’t have now that you feel you need?

What is the motivation behind these desires too?

#4 – My Success Story

Nothing seals the deal without some good old testimonials when it comes to trying or believing in something.

Here is a law of attraction success story for you:

I will give you a personal example of how I achieved one of my goals using the law of attraction recently.

When I first started the SCG SHOW YouTube Channel I in fact used the law of attraction to help me with my growth!

So, what I did was I really started taking it seriously early January 2020, and I worked my butt off on creating content.

I went all in on this project because I believed in it so much!

I wrote down a date in a diary 21st June 2020 that I would hit 1000 subscribers back in January 2020.

That is ONLY 6 months from starting from scratch, zero subscribers, zero videos too.

To my amazement I hit that amazing milestone just a few days afterward, but you could not ask to be any closer!

And I swear to you, it was all organic growth, all-natural no cheating!

Full disclosure six months from zero to 1000 subs for new channels is exceedingly rare to see, and do not get me wrong I worked hard on getting to that target.

However, when there were days when there was no growth, no views, no impressions, and I in fact sometimes LOST subscribers was where the law of attraction really worked its magic.

What I would do is close my eyes and imagine the good feelings I would by having 1000 subscribers.

I trained my mind despite me seeing little to no progress that I would feel as good and positive as I can.

I was acting as if my goal had already been achieved.

The law of attraction rewards those who are grateful and truly in touch with their positive emotions and feelings.


So even if I had zero growth happening or no progress at all, I would imagine how happy, excited, and proud I would be having hit my goal.

Just look around you at the successful people you know in your life:

Have they been very lucky?

Have they manifested success?

Were they hopeless but now living a better life?

They too perhaps without even knowing it have used the law of attraction to attract a dream life as well.

#5 – Live in the End

One of the most powerful and useful ways anybody can use to really believe in the law of attraction is by just simply living in the end.

What do I mean by living in the end?

By living out your life like how you are now but acting and genuinely believing that you have manifested your desire.

I know this may sound strange, but I assure you it is incredibly powerful.

Let me use a personal example:

Years ago, I remember when I was utterly broke without a cent to my name.

However, whenever I would go to the bank to see that awful balance, I would imagine I would have over six figures in there.

I would go about my day with my head held high and regardless of my situation I would go to that bank and see six figures in my account.

Gradually over time I started working on my business and it started doing well.

But even so I kept living like I had six figures in my bank balance.

And slowly but surely over time without even realizing it I went there and saw on the ATM just over six figures.

I started out with nothing.

That is the point of living in the end regardless of your circumstance.

If you are overweight live in the end like you are already fit and healthy.

If you are broke live in the end like you are wealthy.

If you are single live in the end like you are in a loving relationship.

That means live your life with the good feelings and the gratitude and confidence for your dream coming true.

And I swear to you that is when the magic really does unfold for you.

I hope now after all these tips you truly will believe in the law of attraction.

Remember whatever you believe, you will receive.

Law of Attraction

How to Achieve Your Goals Using the Law of Attraction

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How to Achieve Your Goals Using the Law of Attraction

This post is about how to achieve your goals using the law of attraction.

There are 3 things you MUST understand for you to fulfil your dreams and achieve your goals whilst using the law of attraction!

Firstly, what are goals?

A personal goal can be almost anything:

To be financially independent

To be married

To have more energy

To become fitter and healthier

To travel more

To read more books

To write a book

To be a better person

To get in touch with our spiritual side

These are just SOME of hundreds of different personal goals, and dreams that people are so desperate to achieve.

Of course, nothing can replace hard work and discipline, however what if I were to tell you there is something else you can add to speed things up and almost guarantee success?

And that is to use the law of attraction properly.

The three powerful methods I will teach you are so effective you will be amazed you had never tried something like this before.

Some of the most powerful and successful people who are entirely self-made have been using the law of attraction to manifest their dream lives and fulfil their goals.

You can do the same, and you deserve it too.

I will use a personal example on how the law of attraction improved my life dramatically and helped me to achieve my goal.

All I ask of you is the following please:

To be open minded, and to take this seriously

To try it for at least 30 days

I am NOT trying to sell you a course, or my coaching services or any cheesy product that is never going to work.

I am giving you this information for FREE because if I were in your shoes right now, I wish I would have had somebody tell me this amazing stuff too.

Here are three ways to achieve your goals using the law of attraction:

#1 – Have a Specific Goal in Mind

“You may have effort, but if you have no goal, it will not take you to your destination.

Short-term sacrifices make for long-term gains.

Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat.

A man with no aim is a man without life.”

What is your goal?

Seriously be as specific as you can, because if you want this to work you need to get super clear on what it is you want.

It is like the story of Aladdin, the Genie tells him to be specific on what he wishes for, because otherwise there are a lot of grey areas to deal his wish.

For example, let us assume your goal is “I want to be rich.”

The universe and law of attraction will then give you money without realizing it, either a cheque you did not know was coming to you, random inheritance etc.

But because you were NOT specific on what you wanted the law of attraction just offered what it thought you wanted, and it could be just $5!

So instead you want to make your goals as super specific:

“I want to have $100,000 in my possession.”

This is far better because you have a specific goal in mind, and therefore in return the universe will reward you with that exact amount, either in stages or perhaps all in one go!

I made this mistake so many times by not being specific and just hoping for things.

For example, I wanted “a girlfriend,” and the universe sent me a narcissist!

If I were specific instead and said, “I want a good healthy and wholesome partner to marry one day,” then it would have been a vastly different outcome for me.

So, I suggest you get out a piece of paper and write down specifically what your goal is.

By being too wishy washy, you are not going to use the law of attraction for your success and make a real mess of it all!

I want you to achieve your goals and dreams – trust me!

Here are some examples for different but extremely specific goals:

I want my business to make six figures this year.

I want 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel in the next 12 months.

I want to lose 5kg in 6 months.

I want to move to Texas by the end of the year.

I want to learn how to speak Spanish in 12 months.

I want to be married in the next 2 years.

#2 – Feel the Good Feelings

I will give you a personal example of how I achieved one of my goals using the law of attraction recently.

When I first started the SCG SHOW YouTube Channel I in fact used the law of attraction to help me with my growth!

So, what I did was I really started taking it seriously early January 2020, and I worked my butt off on creating content.

I went all in on this project because I believed in it so much!

I wrote down a date in a diary 21st June 2020 that I would hit 1000 subscribers back in January 2020.

That is ONLY 6 months from starting from scratch, zero subscribers, zero videos too.

To my amazement I hit that amazing milestone just a few days afterward, but you could not ask to be any closer!

And I swear to you, it was all organic growth, all-natural no cheating!

Full disclosure six months from zero to 1000 subs for new channels is exceedingly rare to see, and do not get me wrong I worked hard on getting to that target.

However, when there were days when there was no growth, no views, no impressions, and I in fact sometimes LOST subscribers was where the law of attraction really worked its magic.

What I would do is close my eyes and imagine the good feelings I would by having 1000 subscribers.

I trained my mind despite me seeing little to no progress that I would feel as good and positive as I can.

I was acting as if my goal had already been achieved.

The law of attraction rewards those who are grateful and truly in touch with their positive emotions and feelings.


So even if I had zero growth happening or no progress at all, I would imagine how happy, excited, and proud I would be having hit my goal.

You need to do the same for your goals too:

Feel how sexier and happy you’d feel after losing weight.

Feel how much more relaxed you’d be becoming wealthier.

Feel how confident you’d be attracting your ideal relationship.

Feel how much happier you’d be living in your ideal location.

Whatever your goals are, you need to also write next to them the feelings attached to them.

But make sure they are positive emotions only, remember we are manifesting good vibes here, nothing negative!

Be specific about the positive emotion too as well as the goal!

#3 – Believe & Live in the End

By believing and living in the end aka living life as if you have already achieved your goals is the final powerful step in manifesting your dreams into reality.

I will continue with my example of how I manifested 1000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel.

When I first started and had 0 subscribers and almost no viewers at all, I was constantly told the following by negative people:

“YouTube is too competitive”

“Nobody will watch your videos”

“You should give up!”

Luckily, I am extraordinarily strong willed, and I believed.

By believing no matter what anybody says, and what circumstances occur to you too, you will see magic and miracles occur for you!

I swear!

And I lived in the end, aka lived my life like I already had 1000 subscribers!

When I had like around 15!

I walked tall, held my head up high, and was proud of my accomplishments.

Some of my videos had 2-3 views, and most of them were from me re-watching them!

But it never stopped me, I STILL created videos imagining I had an audience of 1000+ subscribers and more.

By believing and acting like your goal has already been achieved but not in an arrogance way but just eliminating the stress and anxiety of it NOT happening is one of the most powerful and effective secrets in using the law of attraction.

Live in the end and believe in yourself and the law of attraction that no matter what you have already achieved your goal!

Therefore, in summary when you have a goal in mind:

Choose an extremely specific goal

Feel the specific good feelings attached to the goal

Believe in yourself and live in the end that your goal has been achieved!

Law of Attraction Self Improvement

Tips on How to Think More Positive

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Tips on How to Think More Positive

This post is about the best tips on how to think more positive.

I will explain the 5 best tips on how to think positive and avoid negative thinking in your life.

Let me firstly give you some great reasons in case you did not know WHY thinking positive is so important for you:

You will be happier

You will learn more skills

You will feel better

You will accomplish more

Your health will improve

You will be more motivated

You will earn more money

You will gain more life experiences

You will meet better people

You will have better relationships

You will be more productive

You will have more self-pride

Your will have more self-confidence

You will have better coping skills

You attract more success into your life

You will have more energy

You will have a more active mind

You will have more courage

You will attract more opportunities

You will have an overall more fulfilling life

If that is not enough reasons for why you want to start thinking more positively in your life, then please do let me know more!

Thinking positive is not just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, but instead seeing the world differently.

It is a philosophy which will greatly benefit you and your overall life.

When I started thinking more positively, the shift was dramatic in my wellbeing.

You can start feeling like this today too!

Here are some 5 excellent tips on how to think more positive and change your life for the better.

#1 – Gratitude

One of the easiest and most effective ways to think more positively in your life is to start being more grateful regularly.

Here is a list of things most people should be grateful for:

Your sight.

Your hearing.

Being able to breathe.

Being able to talk.

Being able to walk.

Being healthy.

Having food to eat daily.

Money in the bank.

Your friends.

Your parents.

Your pets.

Freedom of religion.

Your courage.

Sunny days.

Good food.




Your heart.

Your partner.

Having a roof over your head.

Your bed.

Breathing fresh air.


Clean water.

Your cell phone.

These are only the tip of the iceberg, there is plenty more you can be grateful for, and if you think about every single day what you have over what you don’t have you will live a happier and far more fulfilling life too.

#2 – Lower your Stress

When you live a stressful life, and it is full of negative and toxic people and outcomes, thinking positive may seem like a difficult task for sure.

When I was with a toxic partner, my life was so miserable and negative, because these energy vampires will drain and suck the living daylights out of you, and full disclosure I am a positive person too!

Here are some extra ways to lower your stress to start thinking more positively:

Walk away from negative people – if you are associating or dating a toxic negative person, you need to walk away. Make friends and associate with people who want the best for you only, otherwise you will just be banging your head against a brick wall.

Take a daily brisk walk – if you are suffering from stress, going for a good 30-45-minute brisk walk in the fresh air listening to a podcast or some relaxing music is the perfect detox. It allows you a break from technology and people, you are also gaining some much-needed fresh air, but also some time for reflection to think a lot clearer too.

Guided imagery – say for example your current life is incredibly stressful, and everything that can go wrong is going wrong. Perhaps on your walk or when you are alone you should take a moment to vacation in your mind. What I like to do when things are dark and gloomy is close my eyes and imagine myself on a beach in the Bahamas sipping a cocktail without a care in the world. Create a happy place and go to it whenever you like and feel the good energy you feel.

Read a book – when I purchased an iPad, I immediately downloaded the Kindle app and started reading regularly. Reading is one of the most relaxing and wonderful escapisms for so many reasons. It can be that one time of the day when you are quiet and just engrossed in a novel or book. You take the information in and your body completely relaxes as you do so. I would recommend trying to read at least 30 minutes or a chapter a day.

Sleep a bit more – when your body clock is used to getting up into the rat race and straight off to work it can be incredibly stressful on your days off. So, on your working week try and go to sleep a little earlier than usual, and on those weekends or days off just unwind in bed. Do not get up if you do not need to. Let your body rest and recover as it really needs it.

Reduce your caffeine – Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks. High doses can increase anxiety and of course stress. When I was previously really stressed and so highly strung, I used to cut caffeine out completely and found over the course of a week I felt 100x better than before.

Indulge in a relaxing hobby – I love to paint and draw, and when I do nothing in the world matters. Not only am I being creative which is a huge passion of mine, I am also channelling that energy into something beautiful. Whenever I draw for hours, I feel so accomplished and happy by spending the time doing something productive and relaxing.

Talk to somebody – whenever I was so stressed out or angry or feeling negative, I would call on my closest friends and vent. But usually by the end of the conversation I would either be laughing or crying with relief. Sometimes you need to get things off your chest and bottling it all up is NOT the right approach. So, get in touch with somebody you trust and let it all out!

Say this to yourself: “today I refuse to stress myself out about things i cannot control or change.”

#3 – Avoid Negative Things & People

Here is a quote that describes this perfectly:

“You become the people you surround yourself with.”

I will give you a personal example, when I used to gamble a lot, I used to obviously hang out with lots of people who loved gambling at the casino.

And one day when I was utterly miserable and fed up with my addiction I looked around and thought, “Jesus these people are a bunch of losers, so what does that make me?!”

A loser too.

Same goes if you are dating or married to a toxic person.

If you are usually not a drama queen or king and suddenly you notice all of a sudden you have more drama and negativity in your life on a regular basis, chances are it is the cause of the toxic person you are dating.

And therefore, you are allowing the negativity into your life.

Sorry to say this but some people just bring you down and are toxic.

And that goes for some habits and vices too.

If you smoke too much you will feel bad.

If you gamble too much the same.

And all the same for most vices.

Replace your toxic habits with something positive and what makes you feel good.

My point being if you genuinely want to start thinking a lot more positively then you need to avoid negative things that are bringing you down and avoid negative people too.

A negative person is somebody who is never satisfied, toxic, and destructive to your happiness and development.

And life is way too short to put up with these sorts of people.

Some people are beyond saving and as I have said time and time again:

Make friends with people who want the best for you.

Good and positive people discuss ideas.

Good and positive people bring you up when you are down.

Good and positive people do not dwell or create drama.

Good and positive people support you regardless.

Good and positive people make you feel better about yourself and situations.

Good and positive people inspire you.

Good and positive people make you happy and laugh more.

Good and positive people ultimately make your life more positive.

#4 – Use the Law of Attraction

By using the law of attraction, you can immediately start to think a lot more positively about your overall life.

For example, let me tell you about SCG Show.

When I first started the blog and the YouTube channel, all the negative people told me that nobody would read my posts or watch my videos.

However, after cutting the negative people OUT of my life I used the law of attraction and imagined the success I would have by having consistent traffic and more subscribers.

Bear in mind I started with 0 views and 0 subscribers at the beginning of 2020.

Now as of me writing this, I am getting more traffic and have over 1200 subs on the channel too!

My point being is I believed and imagined that I already hit my target and goal.

You can do the same to almost anything in your life.

Say you want to lose weight, well start imagining like you already are fitter and stronger from today.

Say you have no money and your business is not doing good, start imagining you are getting so many customers and making more money.

Say you are single and have no partner, well start imagining you are already married with kids and you are the happiest you have ever been.

The law of attraction rewards those who believe.

It also rewards those who are patient.

So be patient stick with it and watch the magic of manifestation come to life.

A guy I know was the most negative person ever, yet he wanted to get a job in construction as a site manager, he had the qualifications, but he was lazy for applying and unlucky.

I told him to just believe he already had the job and that he was making great money too.

He started imagining going to work every day and he was enjoying himself and was doing a terrific job on site too.

Suddenly out of nowhere he was invited out for drinks with some friends and at the bar this man was talking about how he was desperate for a site manager for a development he was working on.

This former negative guy approached and said, “I can help you if you like?”

Amazingly only a few months later he is working on site and doing exactly what he imagined.

He said to me “I never though this stuff was real, thought it was a bit of a joke, but it totally is and the law of attraction has totally changed my life and I think way more positively now too.”

If you see it in your minds eye, you can hold it in your hand, and the most positive and successful people in the world use the law of attraction all the time to make their dreams come true.

#5 – Enjoy your Life!

If you enjoy your life, you will immediately start thinking more positively.

Like zombie’s people get up go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch Netflix, and go to bed to do it all over again.

My point is enjoying your life.

If you hate your job – change it.

If you hate where you live – move.

If you hate who you are with – leave them.

If you don’t like your friends – find new ones.

If you don’t like your body – workout.

You are in complete control, and you need to stop letting other people dictate to you how to live your life, or how to even enjoy it.

Only you know how!

Here are a few more ways to enjoy your life:

Travel more

Make new friends

Try something different

Learn to cook.

Learn to play an instrument.

Write a novel.

Spend money on experiences over possessions.


Go rock climbing.

Invest in yourself.

Smile more.

Read more books.

Start more hobbies.

Get outdoors more.

Watch more funny movies.

Go to the theatre.

Keep learning.

Give to charity.

All these and more are wonderful ways for you to enjoy your life more!

Affirmations Law of Attraction

Affirmations for Self Love and Confidence

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Affirmations for Self Love and Confidence

This post is a list of some powerful affirmations for self-love and confidence.

The word affirmation generally refers to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment using key phrases as reinforcement.

Daily affirmations will evoke mental images which can inspire you.

Affirmations work best when repeated regularly and are in the present tense.

Affirmations are a powerful way of improving your life, through repetition and reprogramming your mind to believe in the positive self-talk you are giving yourself.

Here is the list:

  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am a good person.
  • Today, I choose me.
  • I love my body and all it does for me.
  • I am Enough.
  • I am aware of my gift to the world and share it freely.
  • I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself.
  • Mistakes are a steppingstone to success. They are the path I must tread to achieve my dreams.
  • I am stronger than my negative thoughts.
  • I have the power to do the most incredible things
  • I carry strength and resilience with me.
  • I am confident and strong.
  • I love my body and all it does for me.
  • My inner world creates my outer world.
  • I respect my own boundaries
  • I DO Matter.
  • I am compassionate with others and myself.
  • I have all that I need to make today a great day.
  • I will continue to learn and grow.
  • I deserve the compliments I am given.
  • I’m confident in myself and my abilities.
  • My every step is one of courage.
  • I am very secure with myself.
  • I alone am whole.
  • I truly love who I am.
  • Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect To Be Great.
  • Abundance and love flow from me.
  • I have very high self esteem.
  • I am deserving of love.
  • Positive thinking creates a positive life.
  • I am kind to myself.
  • There are no blocks I cannot overcome.
  • I acknowledge my own self-worth – my confidence is rising.
  • Mistakes are just an apprenticeship to achievement.
  • Today, I will be positive.
  • I always make the best decisions for myself.
  • I am a radiant and joyous person.
  • I value and honor my boundaries.
  • I have the power to change my world.
  • Love flows from within me.
  • My Imperfections Make Me Unique and Perfect.
  • I am my best source of motivation.
  • I let go of any negative feelings about myself or my life, and accept all that is good.
  • I deserve to be happy and successful.
  • In every struggle lies a learning experience.
  • I am in charge of my life.
  • I am loved beyond comprehension.
  • My self esteem is growing day by day.
  • I have much to celebrate about myself and my life.
  • I am beautiful, inside and out.
  • I Don’t Have To Be Anyone But Myself.
  • Challenges are opportunities to grow and improve.
  • I always attract only the best of circumstances and I have the best positive people in my life.
  • I deserve a good life. I deny any need for suffering and misery.
  • I embrace my individuality.
  • My confidence in myself grows more and more every day.
  • I am worthy of infinite and unending compassion.
  • I believe in my abilities.
  • I choose to stop apologizing for being me.
  • I am courageous. I am willing to act and face my fears.
  • I am competent, smart and able.
  • I believe in myself completely.
  • My confidence is constantly increasing.
  • Happiness flows freely from me.
  • I am in control of my life.
  • I let go of negative self-talk.
  • I embrace my unique individuality.
  • I am proud of who I am.
  • I am whole.
  • I am becoming a better version of myself one day at a time.
  • I have unlimited power.
  • I love the person I am becoming.
  • I respect myself.
  • I’m a magnet for success.
  • Compassion is infinite and fully surrounds me and my life.
  • I am creating a beautiful life.
  • My life is a place of happiness and love.
  • Everything I need is within me.
  • Challenges are opportunities to grow and improve.
  • I am a powerful creator. I create the life I want and enjoy it.
  • I believe in my skills and abilities.
  • My dreams are possible.
  • I respect my limitations and I am grateful for the capabilities I do have.
  • I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
  • I am centered, peaceful, and grounded.
  • Love rises from my heart in the face of difficulty.
  • I am worthy of having great relationships.
  • I love the person that I am.
  • I make a difference by showing up every day and doing my best.
  • I am becoming a better version of myself one day at a time.
  • Every day I discover interesting and exciting new paths to pursue.
  • I have great ideas. I make useful contributions.
  • I am not my mistakes.
  • I have the power to accomplish everything I need to do today.
  • The love within me flows through me in every situation.
  • Every day my self worth is growing.
  • I say no with ease.
  • I honor my own life path.
  • I am attracting good things in my life.
  • I am more than a body.
  • I am in control of my happiness.
  • I walk this world with grace.
  • People are attracted to being with me.
  • I am not my mistakes.
  • I can reach my goals.
  • I accept myself unconditionally.
  • I am grateful for my journey and its lessons.
Law of Attraction

The Most Effective Ways to Manifest a Relationship

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The Most Effective Ways to Manifest a Relationship

This post is about the most effective ways to manifest a relationship.

There are 5 highly effective ways for you to manifest love and a relationship.

For those doubting if manifesting works, I am telling you that it is real, and if you tap into it effectively you will be amazed by the results!

Unfortunately, the law of attraction gets a lot of criticism, people often say:

  • It is a scam
  • It is fake
  • It is a lie
  • It does not work
  • It is just a money-making scheme

Sadly, like all industries you are always going to get people selling courses or their services.

I am not one of those people, I want to assure you the law of attraction is real, and manifesting does work!

In fact, manifesting can work for all aspects of your life:

  • Career
  • Money
  • Opportunities

You must realize who are the fake gurus and who are the genuine people.

Remember the fake gurus tease you with their tips and tell you if you want to learn more to buy their courses or coaching services.

The genuine people who want to help you provide as much value as possible without wanting anything in return especially your credit card details!

So, what I am getting at is please start thinking more open minded and trust the process.

Because you CAN manifest your dreams.

You CAN manifest love!

You CAN manifest a relationship!

You will be astounded by your abilities and what your imagination can truly create!

Our thoughts really DO become our reality!

We can either improve our lives by our thoughts and actions or god forbid sabotage them at the same time!

Note: this is not a fluff post about just thinking positive.

It is more than that, it is an adjustment on your thinking, your overall behaviour, your overall lifestyle.

We are eliminating the behaviours that are ruining your relationship chances and improving them by providing good and proper actions to take.

Here are the 5 most effective ways to manifest a relationship:

#1 – Love Yourself First

There is an old saying “you can never truly love somebody until you love yourself first.”

This is so damn true!

How can you love another person and have a good healthy and happy relationship when you may be riddled with insecurities etc.

You are almost destroying your chances from the very beginning.

Any potential partner will immediately pick up on this from you and start to either push away or worse break up with you for somebody else.

I had this problem growing up a lot.

I was always full of insecurities and anxiety, and I genuinely believed that when I started dating somebody or was in a relationship of any kind all of that would go away.

How wrong was I!

A relationship will not solve all your problems, the buck stops with you and you alone my friend!

You need to come to terms with who you truly are and look in the mirror and accept who you are.

Here are some fantastic affirmations to say to yourself every single day, to improve your self-love.

By doing this daily for at least 21 days straight will automatically rewire your brain to start thinking differently:


You need to start convincing yourself you are worthy of love, and you are truly a wonderful person who would be a catch for almost anybody.

On top of these daily affirmations start DOING things you love more.

If you LOVE to shop treat yourself to something you want or go somewhere you always wanted.

If you want to travel alone, now is the time!

Enjoy YOURSELF not what others want you to do.

So, repeat the affirmations daily, and start treating yourself to the point where you are fully in love with the person who looks back at you in the mirror.

#2 – Be Clear on What You Want

Most people in life are completely unsure about what they want, in fact they cannot even decide what to eat for dinner!

When it comes to relationships however, this severe lack of clarity and clear minded decision making can be detrimental to your manifestations.

Most people say the following:

“I want a boyfriend”

“I want a girlfriend”

“I want something casual”

“I want a wife”

“I want a husband”

“I want a living partner”

“I want someone to start a family with”

Whilst this is rather specific believe it or not it is still too vague.

For example, a close friend of mine is a beautiful woman who was desperate for a husband.

She would not stop going on about how she wanted a husband so badly.

Then she met a guy and immediately rushed into marriage with him only to find out 6 months later they are getting divorced because they were NOT a good match.

Of course, you can choose a specific person in your manifesting on what you want but it is better to be crystal clear on what you want, rather then just desperately wanting anyone.

Because the universe WILL answer your wish and send you anybody, but they will not be the right match.

You want to be extremely clear and specific about what you want in a relationship.

For Example:

“I want a Christian, loyal, local, tall athletic man to date.”

“I want a family orientated, feminine, petite woman to date.”

Be specific as much as possible!

Write a list of exactly what you look for in a partner and have that goal in mind.

Do NOT make it superficial, because dating an attractive partner will not make you happy.

They need to have the qualities you value for a relationship.

We are not manifesting a one-night stand here or a fling.

We are trying to manifest something pure, something that will benefit your life in the long run.

So, write down and be as clear and specific as possible of what you want from someone in a relationship and keep those thoughts on repeat in your mind.

#3 – Be Patient and Believe

99% of people give up after the first hurdle when things get challenging in life.

This can be their hobbies, careers, making friends, and especially dating.

I know the feeling, dating sucks especially when you are not getting exactly what you are trying to manifest a good happy relationship.

You go on a string of bad dates and feel frustrated, annoyed and you just want to give up and remain single or only stick to casual fun for the rest of your life.

Listen each to their own, but if you genuinely want to manifest a relationship you need to start practising patience and believing that the law of attraction works.

Here are some great ways to become more patient while you are single.

Start acting more selfish

What if I told you that tomorrow you will be with your true love for the rest of your life?

Of course, you will be delighted but there are so many things a single person cannot do when in a relationship.

That is why you need to get into the mindset that your single days are coming to an end.

Therefore start acting more selfish!

Do what you want, go what you want, treat yourself to what you want!

This mindset will take you out of the focus of doom and gloom and into one of abundance.


Like the selfish mindset, hobbies can come to an abrupt halt when you are married with kids.

So, you need to throw yourself into things you always wanted to do right now!

When I was single, I learnt to play guitar, and funnily enough this only made me more attractive to all potential women I was dating.

Distract yourself with hobbies and self-interests so you can start enjoying life more than being depressed about not being in a relationship now.


There is never a better time to improve yourself when you are single.

Or better yet right after a breakup.

Now is the time to follow through on that workout plan.

Now is the time to make that career change.

Now is the time to go all in on that business idea.

When you are down, and miserable people will pick up on that negative vibe.

But if you are soaring high like a powerful falcon you are unstoppable AND more attractive.

For me I was once working out and in my fittest shape straight after a breakup and met a dated of women at my spin class!

#4 – Have Standards and Gratitude

There are a lot of narcissistic, sociopathic, toxic, and malevolent people out in the world.

And if you are not careful, you will attract them into your life!

That is why you must have standards.

By having realistic standards and not superficial standards you will encourage the RIGHT partner into your life instead of the wrong one.

If you are vague and say to yourself “I want just a boyfriend/girlfriend,” the universe will send you anybody who is available.

And if you are so desperate you will end up with this person and probably either be cheated on, breakup, or be downright miserable.

Because you just settled.

Now I am not saying go for the alpha male or the best-looking women only.

But have the standards for you.

If you despise smoking and drinking do not settle for the hot person who does.

If you have boundaries in place from the beginning, not only does it come across more attractive for you, but it will manifest the RIGHT person into your life.

Remember we are manifesting a relationship here, not a fling.

So, we want the best possible partner for US, not our parents, our friends, or our social media.

It does not matter how they look or what they do for work.

What matters is how they make us feel, and as my father used to say, “you will know straight away when you have met the one.”

And, on this subject you need to start being more grateful.

By being grateful for the following things you are giving off the right energy for the universe to manifest your ideal partner and relationship:

  • Be grateful you are not divorced
  • Be grateful you are not being abused
  • Be grateful you are not with a toxic person
  • Be grateful you are not a single parent
  • Be grateful you have not been scammed out of money
  • Be grateful you are not in an unhappy marriage
  • Be grateful you have your health
  • Be grateful you have no baggage
  • Be grateful you have time to meet the right person

Practicing gratitude is not only an amazing way to manifest love, but it is also a great way to live your life too.

So have boundaries and standards, raise them if need be, and be grateful that at any moment you will have met your ideal mate.

#5 – Live in the End

If you are new to my content you may not know that I always preach that the fastest, most powerful, and effective way to manifest a relationship is to live in the end.

What I mean by living in the end is you must start acting as if you already ARE in a relationship!

I know this sounds crazy, but it totally works!

If you are currently wallowing in self-pity, and so upset and depressed that you are single, you are only going to keep attracting that sort of negative energy and severe lack of opportunities into your life.

If instead however you start acting and feeling like you are in a loving relationship that is where miracles happen.

What you are doing is showing the universe that you trust in it, and you will be rewarded for it.

So, start acting right now regardless of your circumstance or situation you ARE in a loving, happy relationship.

How good does make you feel?

How happy are you because of it?

And go and live your life as if you are with a special somebody.

I swear to you by acting that you already are in a relationship you will manifest more dates, more opportunities, and more abundance into your life.

Do NOT be surprised if you start seeing somebody in the next 30 days as a result.

Live in the end, act as if love has already come your way, you are married, have kids whatever you want!

It is YOUR imagination, YOUR manifestation!

Live in the end, and watch it come to life like magic!

Law of Attraction

How to Get a Text from a Specific Person

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How to Get a Text from a Specific Person

This post is about how to get a text from a specific person.

I will give you 5 tips on how to get a text from a specific person, plus one POWERFUL bonus tip that is sure to work no matter what!

To get a text from your specific person is far easier than you may have assumed.

I remember being in this exact situation countless times in the past.

I had no idea what to do, how to get that specific girl I liked to text me first.

Instead like a fool I would listen to my friends or worse my family and go and stupidly go and mess everything up.

So, I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through.

You are most likely feeling:

  • Insecure
  • Worried
  • Jealous
  • Confused
  • Depressed
  • Alone
  • Angry
  • Doubtful

The reason behind this post is I want to eliminate all those feelings by promising you what I am going to teach you works 100%!

All I need from you is for you to be open-minded.

Once you start tapping into the power of the law of attraction you will be astounded.

You will start questioning why you did not start this sooner.

So please follow the instructions properly and accurately.

If you feel like you made a mistake you can always start again, do not stress.

And yes, there is a wrong way of doing this, and that is believing that this does not work and a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Since applying this to my life I have manifested so many texts, people, opportunities, and positive events into my experience.

You can do this too!

So please eliminate your doubt, do not worry, and trust the process.

Remember I want you to think very clearly of your specific person you want to get your text from.

Have a crystal-clear image of who you want this text to come from, be as detailed and specific as you can.

Here are the best ways to get a text from your specific person:

#1 – Do Not Force Anything

Whether you have been ghosted, ignored, blocked or whatever does not mean you can physically do anything to change that.

That is why you must NOT force anything or try to do anything different.

Instead I want you to do absolutely nothing at all but the rest of these instructions!

Here are some examples of what NOT to do:

  • Do not text your specific person
  • Do not call your specific person
  • Do not contact your specific person on social media
  • Do not like or comment on your specific person’s social media pages
  • Do not try to grab their attention on social media
  • Do not stalk or drive by or near your specific person

All the above is only going to damage and ruin your chances of getting a text from them.

Some will advise you to do some of the above, but if you want this to work please do not force anything whatsoever and just follow my advice.

#2 – Keep Busy

Most likely if you are lay down on your couch or bed pondering about your specific person NOT texting you, you are feeling hurt and a little bit depressed.

However, life is TOO short to wallow in your self-pity!

If you want to manifest that text from your specific person, you need to keep yourself busy!

That means you need to live your life as if you are not concerned about their text.

By keeping busy you are sending out an important and vital signal to the universe.

And that signal is = “I am happy regardless of what happens!

By showing the universe that you can perfectly live your life as normal AND abundantly without your specific person texting you, you will be greatly rewarded.

I remember not getting a text from a specific person in the past, and I felt insecure, upset, worried and depressed.

But then I decided to live my life:

  • I went hiking
  • I went shopping
  • I was working hard
  • I was seeing friends
  • I went out to eat
  • I went out for drinks
  • I was seeing other women!

And one fateful evening 2 weeks afterwards when I was out with a friend that specific person lo and behold texted me asking me to meet up!

#3 – Visualize your Specific Person Texting You

We are now going to start using the power of your imagination to make your manifestation come to life.

I want you to create a clear image of your specific person.

Visualize them as if they are standing right in front of you right now.

Every detail is important, from their dress sense, to their face, eyes, hair, everything.

The more detailed and clear the image is, the better!

Next, I want you to imagine them in a place, perhaps they are in their home, or out somewhere, again be specific.

And then I want you to see them reach for their phone, and start texting you.

Yes, they are smiling sat there with their thumbs twiddling away sending you and specifically you a text message.

Try paint this image as crystal clear as you can in your mind.

This is the first step in getting the universe to get your message from your specific person.

#4 – Visualize Yourself Receiving the Text from your Specific Person

Now it is your turn to imagine your phone vibrating or making the sound it normally makes and imagine you are receiving that very text from your specific person.

So, visualize picking up your phone and smile as you see a text from that specific person on the notifications on your phone.

You are happy in fact you are delighted!

I want you to fully embody the emotions that you will receive from getting that text!

Seriously start expressing that excitement you have!

Let the universe know how grateful and happy you are your specific person has texted you.

Read the text as clear as you can, it can be any message you want, remember this is YOUR personal manifestation.

Make it detailed or simply, “hey, how are you?”

It does not matter what the text says, what matters is expressing your gratitude and emotions for your specific person getting in touch with you.

If you have butterflies in your stomach, or a huge grin on your face then you are doing this correctly.

Here are a few sample texts I’ve manifested before you can use:

“Hey you ok?”

“Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while, how are you?


“Hey you!”

#5 – Send a Text to Yourself and Imagine it is from your Specific Person

To truly bring the imagination to life if you are really immersed in the visualization a great technique is to send a text message to yourself and imagine it is from the specific person!

So, write the text as clear as you can e.g. “hey you ok, I have missed you?” and send it to yourself.

And when it comes through read it as if it is from them.

What this will do once again is send the positive emotions out toward the universe showing how happy you are and grateful too!

Therefore, the universe will then do the rest and send the right signals and outcomes for your specific person to get in touch with you!

Really tap into your emotions, you may even want to cry with joy!

It does not matter!

Do and express yourself privately however you wish, and do not share or tell anybody including your specific person about this powerful visualisation!

Especially when you end up together!

** BONUS TIP ** – Live in the End!

The single most powerful technique to get a text from a specific person is to start living in the end.

And the end result is not that you received the text, but you are dating or with this person.

If you were in a relationship with a specific person would you be getting anxious or worried over a single text?

Of course, you would not!

Instead you would be out living your life and acting relaxed.

This works wonders, because by doing this instead of worrying, and stressing out the universe will reward you!

Do not ask me why this happens but it just does!

So, start acting and living in the end.

Imagine you are already together, and everything is great!

By acting this way, you are sending out a confident and positive vibe to the universe which will grant you exactly what you wish!

Remember to not share your manifestation with anybody else, as it will be a sure-fire way to mess it all up!

Just be calm, confident, trust the universe and enjoy manifesting!

Dating Law of Attraction

How to Attract Any Person

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How to Attract Any Person

This post is about how to attract any person into your life.

I will show you 5 tips on how to attract any person into your life, and an incredibly special powerful bonus tip if you stay with me to the end of this post.

Based on personal experience life operates in different stages or as spiritual people refer to as “seasons.”

As you are aware, we traditionally have 4 seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn/fall, and winter.

And like the seasons of the year, we have seasons in our lives.

So, there are seasons of happiness, success, despair, love, and loneliness.

Unfortunately, most people seem to drag these seasons out for the rest of their lives due to lack of self-awareness or a complete loss of identity.

Always remember:

  • Good and bad times come and go.
  • Better days always come.

When you cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is usually because you are trapped in the current scenario.

It is important to grasp this when it comes to attracting somebody into your life.

How often do you hear or have said the following?

“I will never meet somebody!”

“All the good people are taken!”

“I tried everything!”

“I give up on dating!”

This is because you are dwelling in the season of loneliness or being single.

By focusing on the fact, you are down on your luck and you cannot find somebody only emphasizes that feeling of despair and frustration.

And if you did not know by now, you are what you think about all day long.

So, if you are sad and depressed because you have nobody in your life to love and have a relationship, you will constantly attract that into your life.

Yes, you are attracting what you put out.

People will pick up on your vibe, and 9 times out of 10 even if you meet the perfect person, you will end up messing it up because you are putting off the wrong type of signals.

That is where and why you are going wrong; it is all in your mind!

Never fear, because I have 6 tried and trusted ways for you to attract any person into your life.

It can be an ex, your soul mate literally anybody!

What I will teach you is amazingly simple, but extremely powerful.

However lastly before I reveal these tips it is important for you to have an open mind and fresh perspective.

Chances are you are reading this post and you have tried almost everything.

Well let me move you out of the season of loneliness and desperation and move INTO a season of happiness, love, and relationships.

Sound good to you?

Here are the 5 ways to attract any person into your life with an extra bonus tip at the end of this post!

#1 – Develop Your Confidence

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

I see it all the time with my friends, clients, or people on my social media.

People are faking being confident and acting arrogance, in the hope of coming off more attractive.

When single people do this, it is truly a nightmare.

Because they are acting in a rude and obnoxious way and are putting OFF any GOOD potential suitors by being this way.

If you act rude, you will attract rude people.

Instead focus on becoming more confident instead of arrogant.

By being confident you are believing in yourself, that you deserve a good quality partner in your life and will not settle for any less.

But again, be incredibly careful here, do not think you deserve a multibillionaire or a supermodel only!

Be realistic, and understand you are worthy of love and happiness, as are all people.

So, believe in yourself, and believe that you are enough and there is somebody out there who will appreciate you for who you are.

I strongly recommend that you work tirelessly on building your confidence, and one brilliant way to do that is to become the best version of yourself.

#2 – Become a Better Version of Yourself

Comparing yourself to who you were yesterday is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and ultimately improve yourself.

So, for example if yesterday you were smoking a lot, drinking, and gambling, try not do any of those vices today.

Or if you were doing something that was wrong, had a negative impact on your mind, body and soul yesterday try make it right today.

My point being is improve yourself daily.

If you hate your career or your job, find something you feel passionate about and go and pursue it!

If you hate your body, get yourself a personal trainer or a workout plan and rebuild your health!

If you dislike your personality, read books, and find mentors to improve your negative traits and become better.

If you work everyday to be slightly better than you were yesterday (take baby steps), then you will without realizing it bargain with the future.

Yes, your future self will benefit from that jog you went on, or that cigarette you did not smoke etc.

And you will look in the mirror one day and not only be shocked by who you see in the mirror but be proud of who you see too.

You will attract a perfect mate because you have worked so hard on being the best version of yourself.

#3 – Create Clear Goals on Love

Modern relationships are usually a mess because people have no idea what they genuinely want.

They get themselves into situationships which are the worst kind of relationships.

A situationship is basically a relationship purely out of convenience.

Both partners have either been together too long that they are totally dependent on one another, or they are just with each other for completely superficial reasons.

You need to sit down and have a serious mature think about what it is you genuinely want out of a romantic partner.

If you want to just have fun and fool around, love is not for you.

However, if you want to have a relationship and get married be clear on that.

Perhaps you only want to live with somebody and not get married.

Maybe you do not want kids.

Whatever your goals are on love, make them crystal clear.

That way you will know EXACTLY what to look out for and what to avoid.

Do not go in BLIND to dating, instead go out there knowing what you do want, and what you DO NOT want!

#4 – Focus on the Positives

When I left my ex narcissistic partner, it was one of the most miserable and difficult days of my dating life.

However, looking back a year later I cannot believe how lucky I was to get out!

That is the thing, and nobody will ever tell you this, but you need to hear this.

If for example you wish you were with anybody in a relationship for the sake of if:

You WILL be happier alone than in an unhappy relationship.

My point is focus on the positives!

I live my life with minimal regrets!

I do not regret any woman that rejected or dumped me, or any relationship that did not work out.

Instead I focus on the positives.

You need to do this too.

Think of the following:

  • You have your health.
  • Regardless of your age, you will always be young enough for love. (Love has no age limit!)
  • You have experience behind you.
  • You have learnt from your lessons.

Technology and social media allow people to meet and connect easier than ever before.

You are lucky to be alive, and there are always so many people out there looking for love in the exact same position as you.

You just have not met them yet, so please be patient and realize that at any moment, cupid will send that special person your way, and especially if you are a positive person.

So be excited by that and get ready to meet the person you have always dreamed of meeting.

#5 – Cut Out the Bad Vibes

Believe it or not there are negative and bad vibes that are often sabotaging your ability to attract a person into your life.

This can for example be your best friend, family, or other social circles.

Jealousy and envy run through so many people these days, and you may have met somebody, but they will ridicule them or worse bring you down to make you feel self-conscious about it.

My advice is to cut out ALL bad vibes and toxic people.

If you know that somebody or a group of people are making dating harder for you, cut all contact.

Walking away from toxic people is a must, especially if you are looking to better yourself and attract a person into your life.

A personal example of cutting out bad vibes was my gambling.

I was a former gambling addict, and I used to lose romantic partners because they hated the fact, I would lose money and be addicted to going to the casino.

By cutting that out of my life, I have become a better and more attractive version of myself.

Perhaps even smoking may be putting off your potential partner too?

Whatever is negative or bad in your life, make sure you cut it out ASAP!

*BONUS TIP* Live in the End!

The most powerful and simplest way to attract any person into your life is to live in the end.

I have spoken many times about this subject and simply put this is something you can apply to all other aspects of your life too!

By living in the end, you set yourself a natural and attractive vibe to attract more abundance and success.

Therefore, by living in the end I mean acting even though you are single, that you are in a loving and happy relationship.

By doing this you are sending out a signal to the world that you are happy in your own skin, and you are ALREADY receiving love and you have a person in your life to have a relationship with.

Simply adopting this powerful mentality will make you a love magnet.

Every person will want to know you better and find you EXTREMELY attractive.

By living in the end, you are eliminating the following negative traits:

  • Insecurity
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Desperation
  • Anger
  • Frustration

And you are replacing them with feelings of:

  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Relaxation
  • Abundance
  • Happiness

This is the real serious key to attracting any person = to act like they already in your life.

You will stop worrying, and stressing out over being single, and live an abundant life.

And you are 99% more likely to attract your soul mate this way too.

Best of luck!

Law of Attraction

How to Make My Specific Person Miss Me

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How to Make My Specific Person Miss Me

In this post I explain how to make any specific person miss you.

I applied these special techniques to make my specific person miss me, and it worked like a charm.

You should read on to learn what I did so you can apply it to your situation too!

Unfortunately, the law of attraction gets a lot of criticism and scepticism from the cynics of the world.

I am not a yogi, a spiritual healer, or anything but I do believe that you can manifest your own reality.

That means very simply you can literally create your own world and circumstances using just your own imagination.

I have an entire playlist of videos about the law of attraction with proof that it does work and is very real.

However, you also must understand and accept that the law of attraction works for your own benefit sometimes.

Sadly, my father died from the coronavirus, and I was trying hard to manifest a reality that he had fully recovered, alive and at home.

I tried everything.

However, unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be.

And that is something people have to accept, even if our grandest desires, our biggest wishes do not work out, there is always a reason.

And over time, life shows us why.

I do not know why my father never made it, but I trust the universe that it was for a reason, no matter how painful or difficult that is to understand.

Therefore it is important to really grasp this mindset in the subject of making a specific person miss you.

Full disclosure this person can be a friend, a spouse, a crush, a partner, anybody.

It doesn’t matter who because 99% of the time there is a way to make this happen.

I am going to show you exactly how, but first let us try understand why you want this to happen.

Chances are this specific person in your life is of real importance to you.

It is understandable if you love or really like this person.

But there is a possibility that for some reason or another, that person is acting cold, distant or ignoring you completely.

This is always an exceedingly difficult and painful realization, as there is a chance that you may have come across too strong, too keen or tried too hard to regain their attention.

If the universe genuinely wants you to be with this person as friends or lovers, the universe will work tirelessly to push you back together.

You may bump into each other on the street, or randomly at a party or who knows!

You MUST trust in yourself, and your belief in the universe, please otherwise this will not work.

Let me explain what is going on inside of you when you miss somebody.

Missing somebody is missing the endorphins the feelings, the excitement that person brings.

The smiles, the laughs, the experiences, that can all be taken away in an instant if that is cut off.

We are creatures of habits, and we can be bloody insecure ones too!

If we are used to receiving texts daily, or seeing somebody regularly to that suddenly being that just no longer being there, it can be a shock to our systems to see that stop, especially for no good reason.

By actively missing somebody, you are basically pushing them away.

What you think about expands, and creates your reality.

So if you are sitting there missing somebody all the time, then what the universe will do is push that person further and further away from you.

You are doing yourself a disservice, by missing that specific person.

Your feelings play such a huge role in this, so by missing somebody this is what the universe is hearing from you:

“That person is not here, and I am sad, I miss that person so badly.”

The universe works in such a mysterious and strange way.

So you need to fix this way of thinking, and manifesting asap!

Instead what you want to do is create a reality that everything is fine, and that person is in fact heavily involved in your life.

This is where you really start to see the magic happen.

I have lost count the amount of times just randomly people pop back into my life, they message or call me, or I see them.

I always get the same reply “I just had a feeling to get in touch with you again.”

That feeling = the universe working for you.

The universe will send that specific person signs they cannot ignore.

They will see your face or hear your voice everywhere, through songs, movies, memes, experiences, places.

You must create this reality, to the point that you even forget about them.

Seriously if you do this you will be amazed by the results.

Your specific person will naturally be missing you, and thinking “I don’t hear from them anymore, did I do something wrong?!”

YES this will happen.

Now let me be clear;

Focus on your inner reality, the world where you are in fact in control, and you are unfazed.

That means doing the inner work to manifest a life and reality where that specific person is part of your world, and that they are in awe of you.

Put it this way, if you know the ending of a movie you already watched you wouldn’t be tense and anxious to know how it ends would you?

Apply the exact same calm, natural confident energy to your specific person.

Say to yourself “they’ll be back.”

And then distract yourself with work, reading, hobbies, other people and enjoy your life to the very maximum.

Anything is possible, and you will be constantly surprised by what you can create just by your thoughts and imagination.

So, trust in the universe, god or whatever you choose to believe in.

And go about your life grateful for everything you have, the universe awards those who are calm and grateful for the little things.

Lastly here is another important virtue – patience.

This may happen overnight or over the course of a year.

You must learn to focus your energy on what is good for you and be willing to let that person go.

Yes, that means if they never come back or miss you, that you will be fine.

You will come across extremely attractive to that specific person too, and do not put your life on hold for anybody.

Life is precious and extremely short!

Law of Attraction

Signs You Are a Spiritual Person | [Signs of a Spiritually Gifted Person]

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Signs You Are A Spiritual Person

This post is about the signs you are a spiritual person.

Yes there are clear signs you are a spiritually gifted person!

Everybody and their dog believes they are special, however there are some very clear signs you are a very spiritual person.

Watch my video too to find out if you are one too!

“The next message you need is always right where you are.”

I’ve heard the phrase being thrown about by so many people, aka “I’m spiritually gifted.”

Or even “I am in touch with my spiritual side.”

Or the most popular phrase “I am a very spiritual person.”

Whilst these phrases are, indeed, very common are they true?

Well it depends.

In theory, these spiritual people have strong intuition and can feel something that others can’t.

They are said to possess spiritual “gifts” that make them different from others.

Spiritual people, they are a funny bunch in general.

In all honesty I would say I am a spiritual person for sure.

I am a religious one too, and a big fan of the law of attraction.

However, with great power – albeit spiritually intuition, comes great responsibility.

Therefore, these types of people are affected by strange things.

I will go into detail on each of the seven things.

Bear in mind, these are my own findings and research, I could be completely wrong.

However, if you agree with any of the below, please leave a comment.

#1 – Spiritual People Are Affected by Too Much Empathy

Spiritual People feel a need to change the world.

And normally, they feel a need to do so for the better, not in a toxic or narcissistic manner.

They believe that they are sent to this earth and to live this life – for a reason.

Again, not for selfish needs, but more so to help others and inspire people.

I believe my personal journey is to inspire the world – aka SCG SHOW.

This blog and my YouTube are platforms to share my views and insight to ideally make your day and life just a little bit better.

But the downside is, they want to help too many people, it can become overwhelming.

They also can be susceptible to narcissists or toxic individuals too.

Because they fall for the façade, and don’t realize that unfortunately there are just some malicious people in the world.

They are usually described as “empaths,” for their constant need to please others.

#2 – They Can Sense Negativity Anywhere

Spiritual People have a sixth sense when they do not like a person, place or an event.

It is amazing, as their body goes into fight or flight mode.

They can tell almost instantly that something bad is happening, or somebody toxic is present.

I would often go to a house and immediately be put off by the energy.

That is because you are in the presence of true negative energy.

Toxic people, especially narcissists carry this aura around them.

That is why they can sometimes be referred to as energy vampires.

And as a result, Spiritual People become uncomfortable in these environments.

The only solution for them is to cut contact or walk away from the negative influences in their lives.

#3 – Attract Weird or Odd People

How many times have you been out with friends or what have you, and you keep getting the weirdos coming up to you?

Or perhaps someone who is a bit wacky or kooky.

Sorry to say this, but these people are attracted to Spiritual People for one reason alone.

That they believe they are almost like guardian angels or saviours.

But be careful, do not let your empathetic side get the worst of you.

There are a lot of crazy and dangerous people out there, it is not YOUR job to fix their lives out.

You have enough on your plate as it is.

The correct process is be polite, smile, and just laugh about the interaction.

They were naturally drawn to you because they can sense even just by your presence that you are in touch with your spiritual side.

#4 – In Tune with the Weather

When I broke up with my narcissistic ex-girlfriend of 4 years, in the height of summer, I knew that something was going to happen before it did.

And I was right, there was a huge thunderstorm, rain, wind, it was dreadful.

This all happened in August!

It was a scorcher that day too!

Spiritual People can not effectively predict the weather, but they are more in tune with it.

These people can be sat with you on a warm hot day and look up to the sky with not a cloud knowing that it is going to rain later.

And they are usually right.

Don’t ask me how or why that is the case, it just is.

Mother nature and these people have a connection like no other.

Spiritual People can feel everything in nature, especially trees, and are truly at one with what they feel as they are empathetic.

#5 – Bonding with Animals

There are more pet lovers than ever before in the history of mankind.

But you will especially have a greater bond with an animal if you are a Spiritual People.

This can be a problem, as your empathetic nature can get you out of hand, and your apartment could end up becoming a local zoo.

Spiritual People are often drawn more so to stray and wounded animals, over just popping to the pet stores.

You will find plenty of Spiritual People frequenting rescue centres to save poor animals who have not had the easiest of lives at all.

Spiritual People are not knight’s in shining armours, but believe that they are here to help, and are convinced animals are no different to people at all, and rightly so.

Animals also allow Spiritual People to go back to the core of life, and existence.

They feel animals can get them back in touch with nature too, ultimately where we all came from and belong.

#6 – Deja Vu

Have you ever thought you’ve been somewhere previously, but it was all in your head?

Welcome to Deja Vu, and that is just the beginning.

Spiritual People are in fact time travelling in their minds and imagination – to the future!

It sounds bonkers but it is true.


Nobody knows!

These people are in tune with spirits and the great beyond so much so, they can see ahead and live it in advance.

It can be a burden to them too, because everything will always seem so familiar when in fact it isn’t at all!

#7 – Waking Up Between 3am and 4am

Do you wake up between 3am and 4am frequently but not pee related or for any other reason?

Turns out something is on your mind and needs healing.

And for you to truly be a at peace, it needs work for you to fix.

This insomnia routes to your very soul and being, that it is in discomfort.

It could be something simple as patching things up with a friend.

Or perhaps truly letting go of a painful memory.

Either way you must take responsibility for it and do something about it, especially if you value your sleep!

Law of Attraction

Pay Attention to the Signs of the Universe

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Pay Attention to the Signs of the Universe

In this post I explain how to pay attention to the signs of the universe.

Believe it or not, there are subtle signs the universe is sending you for good or for worse.

“Any form of over-indulgence creates within the body warning signs of destruction.”

When we are not on the right path or more importantly not focused on our goals or visions, there is a common problem that occurs.

And that is putting it lightly.

For when I say the word problem, more so over you are dealt with problems!

That being said, you are now fighting off a flu, more unexpected work, or your spouse asks for a break up.

It happens all of a sudden, and can be overwhelming to us all.

Therefore, you must ask yourself an even bigger and deeper question when things occur.

And I know it can be difficult to do so, considering the impact it can have on our lives.

That question is “is this a sign from the universe?”

It is actually a question that has been thrown about far too often, and too literally these days, especially in movies, and in television shows.

Something happens “oh it’s a sign.”

Or even something doesn’t happen, “it’s a sign!”

I’ve always believed that the law of attraction, the universe, the divine, God is always working.

What that means is even when you least expect it, or cannot make sense of anything, the law of attraction is working.

Perhaps you have just gone bankrupt.

Well the lesson there is to be appreciative of money.

As a young man making pretty decent money, I took it for granted for sure, but going bankrupt and losing my first business made me that much more appreciative.

Perhaps you have just been fired from your job that you gave your all in for the last decade or so.

It just doesn’t sit well with you, because you gave everything only to be tossed aside like you didn’t even matter.

You may have a mortgage, a family, a flurry of bills to pay and boom you’ve just been sacked.

Well perhaps this is because you have now got to go on a NEW path and better path.

Believe it or not, a better job and career could be just around the corner.

Or how about you have just broken up with your sweetheart, or caught them cheating.

Either way for every single person on the planet, break ups are tough.

All kinds, there are no exceptions.

Yet, did you ever consider that the true love or soul mate of your life is now on their way thanks to the fact you are single?

I remember breaking up with an ex narcissist girlfriend.

And despite being summer the very night we split, a storm hit our city, there were winds, rain, and it was freezing.

I was locked out of my home in the cold as the door slammed in my face in the heat of an argument.

Looking back on it, it appeared just like the universe was literally closing the door on that chapter in my life, only to open the door to a new one.

I’ve noticed that whilst of course like we all do there are many regrets in my life, in the grand scheme of things, everything has happened for the better.

A good philosophy to have is that it always works out for the best.

So if you are currently wallowing in self-pity at a break up, as somebody who has had plenty of romantic disappointments in my life, I can tell you in the long run, that person was not right for you.

And you will also never be good enough for the wrong person, so why waste your time wallowing over them?

The bankruptcy of my business was another shock to me, especially as a former gambling addict.

I had to lose my business, and officially quit gambling before truly seeing how unappreciative I was about money.

And the type of work I did was just not fulfilling for me, however the SCG Show is easily one of the best projects I have ever worked on, and my most proud.

So these signs are in fact clues.

And these clues are trying to encourage us to make necessary changes.

Or move in different directions.

And I have noticed that the more you fight it, and ignore the signs, the worse things get.

You can try convince yourself better, but the universe always wants what is best for you.

So therefore why fight against it?

Statistically speaking, staying with a narcissistic person in a romantic setting would have lead me down a further path of spiritual and mental destruction.

So do not question it, or fight against it.

Instead trust, and the more life experiences you have, the more you will just begin to go with the flow.

Here are some signs you may want to look out for.

Perhaps you have recently got into a brand new relationship?

Or you have a terrific new job?

Or you have had some positive life changing news?

A high amount of joy, is a massive sign from the universe, and it usually means you are on the right path.

Take me as an example, if you are an in a relationship and you are stressed and have a constant feeling of anxiety it’s not a good sign.

But if the joy is almost overwhelming it’s the universe telling you to stay on course, and keep doing whatever it is you are doing, because it is indeed working.

Have you experienced physical pain recently?

For example with me with my narcissistic ex, I started experiencing unusual pain in my head.

I put it down to stress, and then it transferred to my neck.

Get it? – Pain in the neck?

That is what my ex was, a pain in the neck.

The physical pain actually resembled what was in store for me in the foreseeable future.

On top of that, I ignored it – and things only just got worse and worse.

Never ignore physical pain you experience, especially if it just happens randomly or all of a sudden.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head recently?

Or perhaps a particular phrase?

I was having the lyric from a musical “there’s got to be something better,” when I was working in an awful job.

Sure enough, I was right, and when I quit and started working alone for myself my life changed for the better.

Lastly always be prepared to ask for guidance, but from the universe or god or whatever you believe in.

For example I always asked “is this the right thing to do?”

Sure enough with a little bit of patience and belief, it was.

Much to a lot of cynics’ beliefs, the universe always wants what is best for you.

And it will show you in ways you would never possibly imagine so, that it truly does.

Have faith, and just go with the flow.

You got this!