Law of Attraction

How To Attract Money Now


“You are a money magnet.”

Yes, it is true you are a money magnet.

You can actually make money come and flow to you naturally!

It is a source of energy and you only need to tap into it in order to raise the receptors in your brain to allow the flow to easily come to you!

Don’t believe me, then let me make something very clear.

I am not selling you a product.

I am not selling you a service.

I am not trying to tell you to come to a course.

Let’s get that out of the way, because a whole lot of “gurus” will sell you down a false road, in the hopes that you will spend money to make money!

That is not my aim with this post, or the video above!

Instead my aim here is to show you how I did what I am preaching here.

I was a gambling addict, a loser, lost loads of money, and had no idea where any cash was going to come to me.


Then I started to change, and I applied some simple but powerful changes.

The first thing I did was I started acting like the person I wanted to be, a wealthy abundant person.

I stopped acting and focusing on what I lacked, and instead I focused on what I will do with the money I was going to receive.

I walked taller.

I was more confident.

I was no longer intimidated by money.

I was no longer afraid to spend money.

I managed money better.

And sure enough, in so many different and unexpected ways, money came into my life.

It is ridiculous, and I am so grateful.

By staying in character even to this day as a financially abundant person, I will attract more money into my life effortlessly.

Things just flow so much more naturally this way.

And for the record, I DON’T and NEVER will gamble again!

It is part of the reason I am wealthier too!

By acting rich in your mind, the universe will attract opportunities, ideas and people into your life in order to fulfil your goal.

Make sure you be specific, unlike me.

Ask and focus on an exact figure, say $10,000.

Do not question that you are a money magnet that is like shooting yourself in the foot.

People will ridicule and dislike you, because you will giving off such an abundant lifestyle moving forward.

Don’t listen to them.

Here are 3 techniques you can apply into your life so you can start becoming a money magnet.

Put This Statement In Your Purse or Wallet:

Write down the following on a small card;

“Thank you universe for now blessing me with unexpected immediate financial abundance.”

I learnt this statement from a guy who is a very successful salesman.

No idea where he learnt it from, but what he did was put it in his wallet several years ago, and ever since he has been nothing short of successful.

Money keeps coming in for him, especially for work or services he carried out months before!

I did the same, and sure enough it helped.

What it does is allows you to live in the end – you are thanking the universe/god for money coming to you in such high numbers.

Therefore, you can be grateful.

And the more grateful you are, even if you have hardly anything – the more comes to you.

Simple right?

Feel free to have several of these cards printed out by your bed side, in your car anywhere.

And remember whenever you feel like you are lacking, or don’t have money – take out the card and read it out loud and feel what it would be like having $10,000 for example in your bank account right now!

The next step is to write daily your money statement for 30 days straight ten times in a row.

So grab yourself a notepad, or a journal, have a statement in mind and get a pen and write out your desire like this;

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!


It is better to write this out do not type this.

This activity will rewire your brain to be grateful for the money coming in, raising your receptors and ultimately powering your money magnet to full capacity.

And by doing this, watch as the money starts to flow in!

I did this, and I just used to smile every time I would write it out!

Do not be lazy, it works.

Would you write a statement in total 300 times for $100,000?

Course you would!

My last tip for you is something that NOBODY else talks about, and I strongly recommend it for you to do.

Go window shopping!

So say you want a new car, or expensive watch.

I want you to go out and NOT buy anything.

Instead go out, and play the role of the millionaire.

When a millionaire goes shopping they don’t care what the price is, they buy it.

Act the same, imagine yourself in that Tesla, or wearing that Rolex.

The clerk in the store doesn’t know you may not be able to afford it (yet!) however they can certainly cater to your needs.

But here is the thing, do not start feeling upset that it is too costly, or you can’t afford it.

Act like you can, and do so.

For me I wanted a Swarovski watch.

There was no way I could afford one!

But I kept going to the shops, trying them on seeing how I felt.

Once I decided which one I liked the most, and along with the other techniques, I now own this beautiful watch.

I get emotional just writing this, because if you had known where I had come from to get to here, you would never believe it.

Think about what you can attract in your life!

Go for it, you are a money magnet!

Law of Attraction

3 Things You Agreed To Before You Were Born


“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

There are two things we fear when we are born into this world;

  • Loud noises
  • Fear of falling

That is it!

The rest is all we have developed ourselves, or been passed onto us through experience or other people.

Believe it or not, your life has already been mapped out for you, long before you were supposed to be here.

That is right, irrespective of what you believe in your god, the universe, the divine has everything decided for you.

And your soul/spirit has agreed to it!

Yes, it did, I am not joking.


It is why things fail, it is why you get rejected, and it is why things go wrong.

But it is also why things go right, why you succeed, when thing flow in the right direction.

It is because you are on course with your path, your journey, your goal.

By doing this, you truly become invincible!

#1 Life Purpose

You agreed to a life purpose before you came here into this world.

Anybody who says that life is meaningless is completely wrong.

There is a purpose for you here, and for all of us.

For me I believe my purpose is to constantly prove people wrong and to inspire others.

I am the guy who people doubt, question and put down.

So I rise above it all, to prove the haters wrong, and achieve goals that NOBODY would have ever imagined.

It is why when I see an outrageous goal I go all in for it, because I know that I am doing it to inspire others to reach their full potential.

I 100% agreed to this before birth.

What did you agree to?

Make sure you figure that out, but I can tell you it is NOT to be sat in a cubicle punching numbers in all day every day for an ungrateful boss.

#2 Life Mission

As well as our life purpose, is our mission.

We come into this world to give, not just take.

We give our wisdom, our advice, our money, our love, our knowledge.

We give our worth to the world, and it is repaid to us tenfold especially if it is extremely valuable.

For me in line with my purpose to inspire others is my mission – aka SCG SHOW.


I started this blog to inspire others, to entertain, because that is how for the time being what I will do.

You cannot be a singer if you work in accounting.

You cannot be an artist if you work in admin.

You cannot give your gift to the world if you are not doing anything about it.

Your truly heart sings when you do what is in line with your purpose.

Make the time to do so, right now.

Do not waste another second.

#3 Sacred Ties

The very last thing you agreed to were the sacred agreements aka who your family, friends, spouses, bosses, neighbours will be.

Your soul mate for the record is not the person you get along with the most.

Your TRUE soul mate is the person who pushes your buttons, makes you feel uncomfortable, and therefore improve something in your psyche that needs work.

Regardless if your family or spouses are good or not, they are there for a reason.

You either appreciate them, or resent them.

And if you resent them, it is so you can learn to create boundaries for those who deserve your love and attention, and those who do not.

You agreed to this without realizing it, and make sure you take great pride in that.

Get in tune with the universe, your soul and the great divine.

Enjoy the journey.

Law of Attraction

How to Manifest a Specific Person


“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I am going to make a very bold statement, it is easier than ever to manifest something than ever before.

The problem is, there are too many people giving different theories and showing different methods that all end up contradicting each other.

Therefore I will show you a way that worked for me.

Not only does this work with people but it can happen with money too!

I was flat out broke, a gambling addict, didn’t see any money or anything coming my way.

However I walked around assuming that the universe was on my side, and despite my situation all WILL end well.

Sure enough, much to my amazement I could NOT believe how money from so many different places was coming to me just a few months later.

This stuff WORKS and the same happens for manifesting a specific person.


For the record, you need to be disciplined, focused and you must completely believe in the law of attraction.

Because any limiting beliefs, any doubts, any concerns will only work against you.

So you must be willing to trust, and by doing that you can accelerate your results.

For me, I have learnt to trust, love and let go.

I am perfectly ok as I am, regardless of who is or who isn’t in my life.

I have an abundant mind-set, I am grateful for what I have, and anything that comes my way is a bonus.

On top of that I keep myself busy, I focus on my goals, and never stop working.

When we normally think about a person, we do the opposite – we chase.

We send them flowers.

We send them texts.

We talk to their friends.

We constantly overthink about them.

What that ends up doing is actually working completely against us.

Ironically I used to do all that with a specific woman I wanted to attract into my life.

However it never happened, because ultimately I saw she was NOT the right match for me.

She smoked, she did drugs, and she was a bad egg.

So the law of attraction actually despite what you think you want, always knows best.

So they will BLOCK it from happening, in order to push somebody better your way.

And for goodness sake, be patient!

I know you want to be married with the white picket fence as of tomorrow, but these things take time.

Lack of patience, and anxiety ruins your manifestations always!

You want it so badly, and you can’t go on, and your overthinking ruins everything.

Instead what I did, was so simple and effective.

I manifested using my imagination for 30 days, and I let it go.

I was just imagining a specific scene with a specific person.

I would go to bed and go to sleep dreaming about said person, and most importantly living in the end.

By doing this, you are trusting the universe that your desire is “done,” and you just have to wait for it to happen.

That does not mean waiting by your bedside table for the phone to ring – that is WRONG.


Instead you need to go about your life, see friends, party, work, and train in the gym.

All of a sudden (I swear to you), when you LEAST expect it you will open your phone or walk down a street and see that specific person!

They will take you by surprise and don’t be alarmed to hear the following;

“Hey the funniest thing I just couldn’t get you out of my head, and wanted to see how you are.”

Do not doubt it that is a CLEAR sign the law of attraction is working primarily in your favour to get your desire to come true and attract that specific person!

Congratulations! – It works trust me!

Another thing to note here is you do NOT want to reveal to them or ANYBODY that you manifested them to come to you.

That is like slapping god or the universe in the face.

Your manifestations, and dreams are private between you and the universe.

That will NOT work in your favour, and make things turn sour immediately.

Keep it silent, keep it quiet, and do not mention it to nobody.

I know it will be hard because you are so excited and overwhelmed from bringing your desire to life, but please do not do this.

Those who follow the manifestation strictly will succeed.

So imagine you are already with this person either married or dating whatever your preference, for 30 days straight right before bed.

Close your eyes and properly imagine the scene and replay it over and over in your head as you doze off.

See it all so clearly as if you are actually living the scene in virtual reality.

It MUST be for 30 days!

And when you wake up, make sure you do not focus on your desire, just let it go and get on with your life.

If you keep focusing on the desire, and worrying about it or being impatient, I am sorry to admit it you will ruin the chances of it manifesting.

You must trust the universe, and yourself.

Think of a movie you already know the ending to, would you be anxious and concerned about how it ends?

No you’d be relaxed and just sit back enjoying to see how it pans out again.

That is the exact steps you MUST take in this specific manifestation, otherwise you will ruin it.

If you want to hear more details about this process I strongly recommend you watch the video above as I go into much more depth on the entire subject.

Understand the law of attraction is always working, whether you like it or not.

And once you accept that, and tap into it, you become a creator of your own life.

It is a very powerful realization all at your disposal.

Be warned though, the law of attraction only works for the good in people and life, so no funny business!

Law of Attraction Self Improvement

How to Stop Obsessively Thinking of Someone


“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”

It is normal to think about something, were humans, we have brains it is perfectly understandable.

But Obsessively Thinking, well that is truly another story.

OCD aka Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is never a pretty sight regardless.

It is completely different to sparing a moment to think about a person who has not crossed your mind in a while.

But if you are sat thinking constantly about said person over and over again, you run the risk of causing yourself great harm.

When I used to Obsessively Think about somebody, I found myself unable to enjoy my life, very agitated, very stressed and miserable.

Why does this happen?

Why do we still Obsessively Think about our ex?

Or why do we Obsessively Think about somebody we find attractive?

What is actually going on here in our brains, and more importantly how can we put a stop to it?!

The deep route of your Obsessive Thinking is very simple and that is you have an unresolved goal attached to somebody else.

So let us dive into the example of a romantic partner, either new or old.

If you are thinking of somebody you find attractive or a crush, it is because you have the unresolved goal of wanting to have them in your life in an intimate setting.


If you are thinking about an ex, it is most likely the unresolved goal of not getting over them after your break up and therefore you wish to re-attract them back into your life as your partner.


At the end of the day, all we have is our thoughts, nothing more nothing less.

Whilst we CAN use that to our advantage there is literally no good in Obsessively Thinking over somebody.

I have noticed that it actually can mess your life up and cause you nothing but problems and more stress down the line.

It is better to use the precious time we have on this earth and in our lives to more effective means.

And as a result of doing this, we can actually use the power of the law of attraction to our advantage too.

We are very impatient as humans, we want it all and we want it now!

In the past I was just like this, I would meet a pretty girl and constantly think about her.

I would read into her every action, and whatever she said to me in way too much detail.

Without realizing it, doing that actually worked against me.

I would constantly text her, chase her, and push to see her.

Ultimately you can imagine how well that worked out over the years – it didn’t.

If I was patient, and realized that romance, love cannot be rushed, chased or forced, then maybe things would have worked out a little more in my favour.

When it comes to somebody we like there is a more powerful and effective approach to take.

What I learnt about Obsessively Thinking, was it was a habit.

I’ve had so many awful habits over the years, and they have led to such destructive addictions in my life – the worst being gambling.

Luckily like all habits and addictions – we are stronger and better than them all.

For me when I beat gambling I learnt about how I initially became addicted, and educated myself in the effective measures to get out.

It isn’t about will power – it is about learning that you have been tricked to believe gambling gives you pleasure.

Obsessively Thinking is no different.

We view Obsessively Thinking as the only measure to deal with our unresolved goals and it in a strange and ironic way it ends up giving us peace of mind.

By thinking of this person, and worrying about them obsessively, it means that somehow someway it is actually helping us.

We believe if we end up getting rejected – it is ok because we replayed it over and over in our minds expecting it to happen.

On the contrary if we end up in a relationship with them or bringing back an ex – it is ok and we know what to expect as we have over and over replayed it in our minds.

It is like playing God, but in the meantime what if nothing happens with this person?

Then we simply are out there looking for the NEXT person to fill the void of loneliness or co-dependency.


If it works out then we then start Obsessively Thinking of how we don’t want to mess it up.

Ultimately working on your confidence and self-belief is key here.

Nobody is better than you, and vice versa.

But being insecure and worrying or Obsessively Thinking is doing no good to you.

It is better to use the law of attraction and imagine either of the following;

You ending up with this person happy.

You NOT ending up with this person.

You have no control over the situation, but either the positive or negative visualization has shown you what to expect.

And the moment you have done that it is TIME TO LET IT GO.

Once you do so, throw yourself head first into a passion project;

  • New business
  • Fitness programme
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Painting
  • Gaming
  • Socializing
  • Running
  • Pet Grooming

It really doesn’t matter what you do, but something magical will happen.

The more focused you are on something that makes your heart sing, or gives you joy and fulfilment, things fall into place in your life.

I went all in on SCG SHOW, and as a result a great thing happened for me.

A beautiful woman who I was once thinking about a great deal and had completely forgotten about reappeared into my life.

I wasn’t expecting it at all, but that is how the universe works.

When you work hard on improvement and being grateful for what you have and you channel that energy to something exciting and new – things for the better start happening to you.

And even if they don’t who cares, your life is already 10x better because you have a brand new project you are working on and no longer obsessing over somebody.

Good luck!

Law of Attraction

7 Warning signs from the Universe


 “Warning signs are for the clever people not for the fools because fools live their lives through living the warned things!”

The more self-aware a person becomes and in tune with the universe, the more their manifestations and their desires come to fruition.

Sadly most people are too arrogant, or are blind to the truth.

The fact is the law of attraction is always working.

Impatience and non-believers will tell you that there is no such thing, but like attracts like, and things always manifest albeit not at the speed most people want.

They are often complaining about their finances for example, and not realizing that money can and will come for them if they were only to tap into an abundance mentality instead.

People also moan that they are single and never find love, but fast forward into the not so distant future and there they are married with children and moaning about something new by then.

Without being self-aware and noticing all around you, it makes it difficult for you to notice clear and obvious signs the universe sends us.

For me one of the most recent and dramatic signs was the way a narcissistic relationship ended in my life.

I was having one of many arguments with my narcissistic ex-partner but the strange thing was it was August aka summer time, and suddenly that evening the weather changed!

It began to start raining, it was cold and there was thunder storms!


And the wind almost blew me away as I walked out of the house in a huff, only to find myself locked outside!

And as I was locked out of my house, fortunately sat in my car with no shoes on waiting for a locksmith to come, I knew it was a sign.

The universe made the weather so dramatic in the summer to emphasize the point I had to leave such a toxic relationship.

I did some more research and weather amongst many other things are usually signs from the universe that something is on its way, or you need to change it.

It also can be applied to your religion, God or whatever faith you hold true to yourself.

But irrespective of what you believe in, the universe/god/law of attraction sends people warning signs that should probably not be ignored practically all the time.

Remember coincidences are not just random, there are meanings behind them all.

Here are 7 signs:

  • Random Meetings

Have you recently bumped into an old friend, or met somebody you haven’t seen or spoken to in years?

There is a meaning behind this, and that is you either need to repair something that is broken, or completely let it go.

By doing that so much can happen, by allowing better into your existence, OR by forgiving or healing you can allow this person BACK into your life on new better terms.

If you have met somebody completely new say at an event you didn’t want to go to, or on the train or something, that too is a sign but again it could mean so many different things.

Pay attention to it, and this does apply to social media and emails too.

It could be work related as well, and that client or deal you were working on resurfaces “out of the blue.”

The universe is always sending things and people our way, and do not question what or why these people are back in your life even for a split second.

Appreciate it as a major sign.

  • Dreams

Most people wake up after a night’s sleep and have a hazy memory of the dreams they just had.

But if you find yourself having any type of dreams or more than usual it is basically the universe taping into your brain receptors to send you messages of what may be just around the corner.

It could be a good dream, or nightmare, either way the universe in your most relaxed state is telling you something is going to happen.

Pay close attention to your dreams, keep a journal by your bed side and write down what you can remember.

It could mean you need to prepare yourself for god forbid an emergency, or make a drastic change in your life immediately.

Be prepared and do never weird dreams.

All dreams are signs!

  • Small Accidents

Have you recently burnt your tongue?

Cut your finger?

Bruised yourself?


Feel sore?

Minor small injuries or accidents are in fact warning signs from the universe!

When I was in a toxic relationship I constantly cut myself, or bruised myself almost weekly.

And I am NOT clumsy!

These small accidents were signs to tell me you are hurting yourself now, and will do so more in the long run if you stay.

You could be the most careful person and if you cut your finger whilst cooking, or even burn yourself just a tiny bit, be wary, its warning you of something.

  • Flocks of Birds

This may seem like a strange one but have you been noticing more birds everywhere you look?

Or perhaps you have been looking up at the sky and seen a flock of birds flying off into the horizon?

This is a really brilliant sign that it is time for you to travel.

You need to get away from where you are, and take flight.

It could be a vacation, a day trip, or even backpacking.

You must go or book to go as soon as you see these signs.

There may be a chance meeting on your trip, or your body might need it.

Or worse if you stay where you are something god forbid might happen to you.

Pay attention to the birds, and if you see them in the sky flying above you, it’s time for you to travel!

  • Unexpected Good or Bad News

There is no such thing as good or bad news, it is just news.

For example at your job if you find your deal has gone through, or that you have failed at something, the news is a sign.

But it is much broader than that!

Say you have worked on a deal in your job and it has gone badly.

That bad news means you need to work harder or try a new strategy, for something more fruitful.

Or let’s say you did really well and got a big deal over the line.

It could mean that you are too good at your job, and need a fresh challenge in your life.

Whatever news good or bad you receive is usually sudden and out of the blue.

Pay attention to it!

  • Finding or Losing Things

Let’s say you have recently got into the habit of losing your house keys, and it is happening a little too regularly but never did so before.

No you are not forgetful, it means it is possibly time to move to another home.

There could be many different reasons why, but ultimately it’s about letting go.

And that is the same for finding something sentimental, the universe is telling you to say goodbye to it and to please move on.

If you find yourself finding money on the floor or just randomly, expect even more coming your way, or potentially coming out of your account for a big unexpected bill!

  • Dramatic Weather

Is it suddenly cold, wet and windy in the middle of summer on one day?

Or perhaps it’s scorching hot in December?

These dramatic changes in weather as I mentioned regarding my toxic relationship are huge signs that the universe is giving you a clear indication to do something or take action.

Trust your gut more so than ever, as it is the most literal sign the universe can send you amongst the 7 I have already listed!

Pay attention to them all!

Law of Attraction

Attract $100,000



“In the vibration of appreciation all things come to you. … From what you are living, amplify the things you appreciate so that it sit he dominate vibration you are offering and then only those things that are a vibrational match to that can come to you.”

Did you know you are blocking the universe from giving you money?

Yes, and by doing so you are damaging the way the law of attraction works.

I didn’t realize this but it the law of attraction goes beyond just thinking positive and happy thoughts.

Whilst that is definitely important, I have been in the most miserable and darkest of places only to see my manifestations come to life!

Yes it goes beyond just happy thoughts, it actually is much more than that.

What you must remember whenever you want to manifest anything is be ready to receive it.

You have to program your brain to do so.

Believe it or not your brain is a computer, and it sometimes can get a virus.

And this could be the news, negative friends, listening and participating in drama or toxic habits.

Your brain is constantly getting all of these messages and negative things and it stores it into your subconscious.

So that means when you walk down the street, you are giving off all you are taking in.

Say you just ate a spicy curry.

Your body over the 24 hours of digestion will let out the spices through your pores.


Your brain works exactly the same way.

It is digesting without you realizing constantly a load of crap, and then it is giving it out to the universe.

Then the universe is receiving what you are giving out, and giving it back to you tenfold.

The negative victim is constantly looking at the lack, and where things have gone wrong in their lives:

“I lack money”

“I lack success”

“I lack love”

“I lack contacts”

Thinking these thoughts sends out that very same message for the universe.

And the universe sees your lack, and then will emphasize it even more.

It has nothing to do with luck, it’s what you are focused on.

If you focus on your insecurities, and what you don’t have, you will never go to that next level or attract your desires.

However, instead if you act abundance, grateful and most importantly of all patiently, the universe will reward you.

Take my YouTube channel SCG SHOW for example.

I wanted to grow this channel, but the only way I could do so was by working hard and believing in it.

In the first month of creating content I managed to get over 100 subscribers completely organically and this is something I had NEVER managed to do before.

This blue my mind, but you have to go beyond just thinking and believing.

Nothing can ever substitute hard work and determination.

So how can you manifest $100,000 into your life?

Easy, reprogram your brain.

I recommend watching the video above for at least 30 days.

30 days is a good amount of time to allow the law of attraction to work properly and to filter out all the junk lurking in your subconscious mind.

Your brain is holding onto trauma and PTSD from months or even years in the past.

And by reaffirming correctly and intelligently, you can see some astounding results.

Money will come to you if you do this, I mean it.

And it will come to you in ways you least expect it.


For me, when I reprogrammed my brain to attract wealth I had:

  • New business opportunities
  • Tax refunds
  • People giving me money out of the blue!
  • Sales from things I created months before!

I am deadly serious this amongst other things works.

But let’s focus on attracting $100,000 into your life.

The first step is to watch the video on repeat for 30 days straight.

By doing this, your brain will naturally tap into the wealth receptors allowing you to attract money, and you will easily become a money magnet.

Next I have handpicked some powerful affirmations that I use on a daily basis as well as watching the video.

If you read these out loud for 30 days as well as watch the video, you will be able to naturally think and attract wealth.

And by doing that, the universe will naturally hear what your brain is thinking and give it what it seeks.

On top of that, your brain will send you into a sleep where your desires come true.

Do not be surprised in this process to be actually dreaming of the wealth you attract, and doing whatever it is you want to do with the money.

Here are some of the most powerful affirmations to read out loud every day.

And bonus tip, make sure you believe and feel every word you say in the sentences below for the next 30 days:

“Thank you for now blessing me with unexpected immediate financial abundance.”

“I am ready to receive $100,000.”

“I love actively and passively making money.”

“Money is constantly flowing to me from many different sources.”

“Manifesting more money is easy and comes natural to me.”

“I am the greatest money magnet.”

“I was born to be rich, and have waited long enough to receive it.”

“I am very grateful for all this money coming towards me.”

“Money comes towards me, and I am so happy.”

“The Universe is working to make me rich.”

“I move from poverty thinking, to abundance thinking.”

“I am worth of wealth.”

“I deserve financial abundance.”

“I am the master of my own money.”

“Being wealthy feels amazing.”

“I never run out of my money ever.”

“Everywhere I look I see money flowing to me.”

“I make money when I do what I truly love.”

“All the money in the universe is already mine, and thank you.”

“All my thoughts are becoming things, and I am ready to receive my desires.”

“Wealth is attracted to me, and will forever be.”

“Every penny I spend, comes back to me.”

“Every investment I make, just makes me more money.”

“My heart and soul is grateful for this financial abundance.”

“I’m proud of my efforts, and I am constantly getting rewarded for it.”

“I am totally 100% financially free.”

“I attract money in my sleep, and just naturally.”

“My income is always increasing no matter what I do.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Sleep Technique


What if I told you there is a legitimate way to actually achieve what your heart truly desires just before you go to bed?

That’s right, when your head touches the pillow, you can send out an amazing message to the universe which will attract whatever you want!

Yes, you can manifest your dreams as you dream!

The single most powerful and important attribute when it comes to the Law of Attraction is the ability to use your imagination and to live in the end.

All the most famous Law of Attraction teachers throughout history have all preached that what you think about is what you attract.

But modern day teachers have taken this to another level!

By acting and believing that what you truly want to desire has already been manifested, and by living your life in this manner is the single most powerful Law of Attraction technique you can ever learn.

Yes, by living in the end, and acting that it has already been done, will speed up the manifestation 10x!

Usually teachers are preaching the same old thing, “just think positive and keep believing!”

Now whilst this is true to an extent, living your life as if you have actually achieved what it is you want, will definitely speed up the process.

For me I used this sleep technique for the following things and they ALL worked:

  • Attract Love
  • Attract Money
  • Cure addiction
  • Attract Success

I was so specific about what I wanted, and used the sleep technique in order to properly manifest my dreams.

With my love manifestation, I imagined myself in Disneyland watching the fireworks with a girlfriend, something I had never had before at that time in my life.

Sure enough, I got to experience that only 6 months after applying the sleep technique!

I would then go to sleep imagining having unexpected immediate financial abundance.

Out of nowhere, I hit record sales in my business and on top of that I even managed to get completely out of the blue money come to me from so many random places!

Previously I was a severe gambling addict, and through the power of the Law of Attraction I managed to beat a 13 year crippling addiction!

I am pleased to say I am completely clean of my gambling for over a year and have absolutely NO desire to gamble ever again!

I even managed to attract success in my work – new clients, new opportunities, and so much more!

Even our YouTube channel grew by 45 subscribers in the first month!

It was all thanks to the Law of Attraction, you truly can manifest your dreams whilst your sleep.

So I am going to walk you through exactly what it is you need to do effectively.

Before I do, Neville Goddard speaks about how to live in the end here:

“Always go to the end.

Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one.

But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up.

I have had people say to me, “You know, I want that man, and no other man.”

I said, “No, you don’t; you want to be happily married. You don’t want that man or no man.”

“Oh, yes, that man or no man.”

Then, of course, this always shocks them.

I say, “If he dropped dead right now, would you want to be married?”

“Well, he isn’t going to drop…”

“I didn’t ask you that. If he dropped dead right now, or if he is right this very moment accused of being the world’s greatest thief or murderer, do you still want him”

“Well, now, why ask those questions, Neville? I want that man.”

But, you see, it isn’t that man.

They want to be happily married.

I have gone to so many weddings where it was either that man or none, and it wasn’t “that man”!

And they are embarrassed when they see me standing in the aisle, because it had to be “that man or no man,” and here it isn’t that man at all.

And they walk down [the aisle] – they are happy with their new mate, but a little sheepish as they pass by because they know I know he was not the man.”

Neville Goddard is one of the best and most successful Law of Attraction teachers of all time, and he was the influence behind this sleep technique.

So what you want to do first is be very specific and clear on what it is you want to manifest into your life.

Do not just say “I want to be rich,” instead specifically say how much money you want to have.


For example “I want $10million.”

Ok, let’s go with this as an example for the technique, that you want $10million.

Next what you need to do is imagine what you would be doing had you already had $10million in your bank account.

Let’s say you are living in a huge mansion, and staring at a large beautiful fireplace with a glass of wine in your hand sitting on the couch.

Remember you want to imagine yourself through your own eyes sitting there in this beautiful house, having already achieved your goal.

Firstly make sure you write all the details and the scene you will be imagining that coincides with your main desire.

Pay attention to how you feel having already achieved your dream, and how happy and comfortable you feel.

Peace is so important in this process!

Next is to keep repeating the scene over and over until you have it on loop.

The scene can only just be a couple of seconds, you could be raising a toast to your new financial success, or kissing somebody, but be specific.

Once you know your dream and your scene off by heart, when you go to sleep make sure you eliminate all distractions.

So do not look at your phone, make sure there is silence, and ideally sleep in complete darkness.

And as your head hits the pillow, close your eyes and replay your scene over and over until you fall asleep.

Then imagine yourself with the love of your life, as a millionaire, whatever your scene and desire is.

Live in the end, enjoy the emotions, laugh to yourself, smile, maybe even cry from the sheer joy of getting exactly what you desire come to life!

And then gradually you will fall asleep to this scene and all those positive emotions.

By doing this, the universe will be notified of your desire, and will then start working almost instantly to make it happen for you.

But you have got to be patient, and it is important NOT to worry or stress that it is not working.

Try this for at least 30 days, every night go to bed with your scene and desire intact, and allow the law of attraction to actually bring it to life.

And when you awaken the next day, live your life NOT like its coming, but that it has already happened.

Think of this like a movie you already know the ending too.

You are relaxed and composed because you already know how the story will pan out.

The exact same must be applied to your desire.

So do not stress, do not worry, and do not doubt.

Fake it until you make it!

Know that you are already a millionaire, already married, already successful.

And watch in awe as life and the universe will constantly give you plenty of opportunities, and other amazing things that will push you closer to your desire.

You must have faith, and be disciplined that it will work.

Try this for at least 30 days, it is better than going to bed anxious, worried or binging Netflix until you doze off.

The truly successful people in life use this powerful Law of Attraction technique to constantly manifest better things all the time!

Start today, and be prepared to be shocked by the results!

Law of Attraction

Proof The Law Of Attraction Works!


The law of attraction changed my life, – no seriously it did!” – SCG SHOW

Ever since the release of the hit movie “The Secret,” the law of attraction has grown in such popularity worldwide.

Almost everybody has jumped on the bandwagon and shown off their special “skills,” in order to teach normal people how to make their dreams come true.

Unfortunately, a lot of these people may not be able to be trusted, because they hardly show proof of their desires coming true.

Thinking positively and just happy thoughts while essential to a better life for sure, are not the key elements to exactly how the law of attraction really works.

For me, I was always a person who questioned everything.

When somebody told me “you can never do that,” or “it’s impossible,” it would always light a huge fire in my belly to prove these people wrong.

So that is why I would always be the one with the last laugh in the long run.

Having said all that, a lot of law of attraction coaches never really go into detail or share proof of what they managed to manifest.

All they ever do is say “I am living my best life!” pr something similar along those lines.


Now don’t get me wrong I am not HATING on these people, but the coaches who stress financial abundance are usually pushing a coaching product or service which kind of goes against the whole point they are trying to make?

If what you lack is money, why are you going to pay thousands for a course that is only going to get you further into debt?

Luckily for me, I was properly introduced to the law of attraction in 2016, and I spent around a year properly reading and researching the essential details of it all.

Without a doubt, the law of attraction DOES exist and I have proof in my life that it does, and what I was able to achieve too.

However, for the record us humans, were bloody impatient.

We want everything handed on a plate to us NOW, NOW, NOW.

I know somebody who is an incredibly lazy guy.

He works part time in a grocery store, and has zero drive or ambition in life to achieve anything noteworthy.

This particular guy loves the idea of the law of attraction and has been manifesting everything he ever wanted, especially a brand new sports car.

But when I saw him recently he cursed his luck and told me how he had been doing the meditations daily for a week and nothing happened!

Based on personal experience let me clear two things up.

Firstly, the law of attraction only works when you put things into practice.

The universe is not going to feed, bathe or wash you, there are things you have to do yourself.

You need to take responsibility, so sitting on your ass waiting for a Maserati to be outside your house ready for you is not the right approach.

Secondly, there is no specific timeframe on the law of attraction and manifesting.

Yes we all would love to be rich in the next 5 minutes, but being patient and acting or feeling like what it is you desire has already happened is the secret to this actually working.

The lazy impatient person will manifest SOME fortune into their life, but they are only working at 10% of their capacity.

The successful law of attraction user is the person that has inspiration from the universe or opportunity presented to them by taking action to reach their goals and desires.

When I started an old business of mine, and this was before I knew how the law of attraction actually worked, I always imagined going into the Bank and seeing on the ATM Six figures in my account.

I was making if lucky 200-300 a month, there was no room for growth, no contacts NOTHING.

Fast forward two years later, and through hard work, determination and belief I was then looking at a statement with exactly six figures in the account.

Here is another story.

I never had a serious girlfriend for most of my mid-twenties, I just wanted to have fun and nothing serious.

Then I said to myself “I would love to have a serious girlfriend and go away to Disneyland and watch the fireworks there at night!”

It was a specific and random dream, and yet a year later I did all that, and experienced that very moment in real life.

I tested the law of attraction just last year, on somebody to see if it was real.


I was single at the time, and I had met somebody and we started talking, she was a beautiful girl I had met at a friend’s party.

So I imagined what it be like if we were dating, and I had a dream that we were on a Celebrity Cruise ship and she had said to me the phrase “happy wife, happy life.”

I have NO IDEA where this had come from, but it was a sign from the universe.

Sure enough, a week later she added me on Facebook, and I had a snoop around her profile.

Then on her photos were of a vacation she had last year on yes A Celebrity Cruise!

She had not mentioned it to me!

But what was even weirder was in one of her photos she stood outside a store on that trip.

And above her was a sign saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Sometimes the law of attraction works to show us to have faith it in.

In other words that it ACTUALLY works, and sometimes in ways we would never believe in our wildest dreams.

When you learn to trust and have faith that what you think about expands, and the universe knows what’s best for you, your life truly changes.

You begin to not worry as much, and have this quiet confidence that you can create your own reality.

I managed to manifest love, money, and success into my life!

Just recently our YouTube grew by 47+ subscribers in 2 weeks from 32.

As of you reading it who knows where we will be at, but it will only be further proof that the law of attraction actually works!