How To Tell if a Girl Likes You But is Hiding it

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How To Tell if a Girl Likes You But is Hiding it

This post is about how to tell if a girl likes you but is hiding it.

There are four secret signs a girl likes you but does not want to make it appear too obvious.

How can a guy really know if a girl likes him?

There are the obvious signs to look out for:

She says yes to you asking her out

She touches you a lot

She flirts back

She smiles at you

However, women are different to men, especially when it comes to flirting, dating and when they start to like a guy.

It can statistically take a man only just ten seconds to fall in love with a woman.

However, for a woman to fall in love with a man it can take up to a month!

So naturally both genders are going to be having opposite thoughts, emotions, and approaches when it comes to dating.

Often us men can be a little slow and naïve when it comes to realizing if a girl likes us genuinely or not.

We often kid ourselves into thinking they do only to find out she was being super friendly and a bit of a tease.

And then there are times we are convinced it is “never going to happen,” and yet we let the opportunity fly by us only to regret not taking any action!

Before I reveal the secrets to if a girl likes you but is hiding it, I am asking you to please have an open mind about this.

There is a lot of conflicting advice on this very topic, however I have done extensive research on this topic to back it up.

Also, I want you to approach this in a very mature way.

Women are like cats; they only want to be petted when they want you to.

Have you ever tried to pick up a cat that did not want to be petted?

Just look at the claw marks across our arms etc.

Also do not take the following advice as gospel.

There is a good possibility there is a girl in your life that secretly likes you, and if you are sure of it just do the right thing:




#1 – She Stares at You

When a woman likes what she sees she stares a great deal.

Therefore, if you are often around her at work, school, at a party etc, and you have that feeling she is looking at you, and often you catch her staring guess what:


Women can talk an entire language with their eyes.

They can be half ways across the room, and you can feel her staring straight into your soul.

Now a lot of pick up artists and dating coaches may disagree with what I am saying but in amazingly simple terms let me highlight the following:

When a woman is staring at you, she is checking you out.

She is looking at your posture.

She is looking at how you are communicating with other people, and women.

She is looking at how you dress.

She is paying attention to ALL of you.

She is looking at your face, body, hair, everything.

She is looking at the way you walk.

She is looking at how you carry yourself overall.

She likes the way you are carrying yourself.

She admires how you pull yourself together too.

Basically, she is sussing you out completely.

The dating world is simple: men ask out women, the opposite rarely happens.

If, however the opposite does for you, then you are winning my friend!

However, the staring is one of the best indications out there that a girl likes you.

But what do you do next?

What do you do when you catch her staring and you lock eye contact?

What do you do if she looks and appears shy and she looks down?

What do you do if she is smiling at you?

You go over their dummy!

Yes, her staring at you is an indication for you to go OVER to her and introduce yourself.

Most guys get this completely wrong.

They make excuses like, “oh she’s looking but she is with friends, or looks busy.”

Go for it!

When a woman stares at you, she is inviting you over to talk to her.

#2 – She Opens Up to You

Another huge sign a woman likes you but is hiding it from you, is she is extremely open, honest and tells you a lot.

Please note, if you are in the friendzone, and she is doing this then this is not what I mean at all I am afraid.

But instead she does any of the following:

She repeatedly tells you how she is feeling

She calls you to open about her day

She tells you of her whereabouts constantly

She opens about her homelife

She reveals huge secrets to you

She tells you about personal struggles

She indicates that she feels comfortable talking to you

When a woman likes a man, she will ultimately feel like she trusts him, to the point that she can accommodate him as part of her life.

So she can tell him of her disappointments, her victories, her successes and her failures.

And she can reveal her inner demons, and skeletons in her closet.

I know what you may be thinking:

“But if she likes me why would she tell me stuff that may turn me off?”

I hate to break it to you my friend, but most relationships that are good and healthy have a lot of problems and people share personal information.

Therefore, when a woman is opening up to you, she is basically making herself vulnerable.

I am sure there is stuff she tells you that you do not want to know about.

We have all been there chum.

However, take it as a truly clear sign she likes you.

For example, let us say you really like listening to the Spice Girls.

Who would you tell about this other than your best friend or someone you trusted?

The same theory is applied to women.

They have sussed you out to the point that they like you that they are willing to be vulnerable around you and say what is on their minds, and in their hearts of hearts.

Use the opportunity to your advantage.

Tell her how you feel and ask her out on a date.

That way you can eliminate the unlikely scenario she wants you just as her friend too, which is a possibility too.

#3 – She Listens & Remembers

Another clear sign a girl likes you but is hiding it is the fact she listens to when you speak to her and remembers a lot of what you say to her too.

Sadly, so many people are wrapped up and too self-absorbed in their own bubbles that to notice or remember anything that anyone else says or does is exceedingly rare.

Therefore, if a woman is taking on board what you say when you speak to her, and remembering it, it is a clear sign that she is into you.

Here are some examples:

If she remembers your birthday.

Remembers where you live.

Where you work, or what you study.

What you like to eat.

What you like to drink.

What type of movies you are into?

What your hobbies and interests are.

What your family are like.

What religion or beliefs you have?

If she is remembering and listening to all you are telling her or like the above, it is a clear sign that she is into you.

She likes you!


Why is this the case?

Because it means she wants to get to know you more, and this part is so cute, she wants to show you that she cares.

When we are disinterested in somebody what usually happens?

We do not listen, or care about anything they say or do.

But what happens when we are attracted or really like or love somebody?

We want to know everything about them.

We want to also impress them with everything we can remember about them too!

That is what she does when she likes a guy.

A good way to notice this is the next time you are hanging out or talking to each other try to notice if she mentions anything related and personal about you.

For example, if your birthday is coming up in two weeks’ time and she asks you “hey your birthday is approaching fast, any plans yet?”

It is green to go, ask her out and go on a date!

#4 – Subtly Available

The clearest and most obvious sign a girl likes you but is hiding it is she is subtly available to hang out with you.

As guys sometimes we can be real Neanderthals when it comes to reading women and how they communicate with us.

What do I mean by subtly available?

Basically, a woman will never come out and ask a guy out, that is rare.

But she will instead indicate or give subtle hints that she wants to spend time with you.

Especially if she likes you.

Here are some examples to when you ask what she is up to on a weekend:

“No plans yet.”

“I’m bored nothing going on.”

“No idea nothing.”

“I want to go to this place but have nobody to go with.”

“Would love to go to the movies, but nobody wants to come.”

“I want to try this new restaurant.”

This is an enormous sign that she wants to spend it with you.

And when you ask her and she is readily available, she likes you a lot!

In summary:

#1 – She Stares at You

#2 – She Opens Up to You

#3 – She Listens & Remembers

#4 – Subtly Available