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Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make


“Dating is about finding out who you are and who others are….”

Dating mistakes, or mistakes in general, who doesn’t make them am I right?

I was talking to a female friend who was really annoyed and distraught about being single.

She said the usual stuff “why can’t I find a good guy etc?”

It inspired me to do the video above, and also this blog post.

I sat down over a coffee one afternoon and researched and thought back throughout my life all of the times I had dates etc.

I fortunately for you the reader had plenty of dating experience.

So this post and the video really truly belongs to those women who are looking for something serious.

Aka the women who want to settle down, have a good prosperous and ultimately healthy relationship.

Be warned there are several things I’ve missed out on the list.

One is women who are extreme feminists and hate men – they will need luck to find any good guy to settle down with them.

Secondly, be wary of friends who are single and encouraging you to do so.

Just because they’d jump off a bridge you would too?

Sadly people are very envious and jealous these days, and it is their problem they cannot attract a guy.

It doesn’t mean you should buy into that negative way of thinking.

Anyway rant over, let us begin:


#1 – Thinking you will find love by doing nothing

Do not get me wrong I am a huge law of attraction fan.

But actions will always speak louder than any words.

This is a fact.

So if you are sitting on your ass on Instagram thinking some guy is just going to knock on your door and beg you to go out with him – you are kind of right.

But instead if you are networking, meeting new people and perhaps doing online dating, then that is significantly better.

Here is why.

If a guy randomly approaches you, it is because he finds you attractive.

But he doesn’t know you at all, and he has based it on looks alone.

You will attract narcissists and toxic men as a result of this.

It is better to get off your backside and put yourself in a vulnerable position, like a bar or singles night.

You never know who you might meet, but you won’t find it at home watching Netflix.

#2 – Too Possessive

Ladies, we men love the fact you care.

But being too over bearing and possessive is a big turn off for us.

Guys or at least good guys are really simple dudes.

We like to watch sports, see mates, chill, watch a video online, and play a video game.

Whilst we love being with you, our space is very important to us.

Robbing us of that, or being a bit too much can kill attraction, and more problems.

#3 – Too Impatient

Be wary of men who want to jump straight into a relationship after the first or second date, they are most likely narcissists.

However, if you are being too full on discussing marriage or kids and you haven’t even spent the night together you are going to scare a guy off.

I am not saying play it too cool, but don’t go all in and rush things so fast.

Love takes time, but if you are on the same page and enjoy each other’s company just enjoy the ride.

Life and the attraction between you will blossom more naturally that way.

#4 – Modern dating is to blame

Ladies, modern dating has been responsible for more relationships happening every single day.

What was once seen as taboo is now the norm.

So stop blaming it, times have changed.

People are finding the love of their lives on apps, and websites.

It is perfectly normal, there is no stigma.

And also if you don’t like them you can just un-match or block them!

It is easier than ever to meet people thanks to the internet, so stop being so stiff about it and get with the times!


#5 – Loving an ideal over a person

A huge mistake most people make is they love the ideal over the person.

Just because a man is good looking, got a good job, or looks great in a suit does not make him the right person for you.

Most women are focusing more on the fact that the idea of having a boyfriend is better than the person they are actually with.

My advice is to get to know the person first, they may look good on paper, but ultimately they may not be a good match for you.

#6 – Not being on the same page

You will NEVER be good enough for the wrong person.

So if from the early stages you are forcing or trying to convince somebody to date you or commit to you, unfortunately you are in for a rough road ahead.

Most people never change their minds, and a man can be very stubborn.

So if you force a guy to commit and then a year or two later are surprised you are still not married, what did you expect?

Highlight your intentions early on and lay them all on the table.

That way you can have less of an issue in the future, and more of an opportunity for a blossoming healthy relationship.

#7 – Playing games

Whoever told you that game playing is attractive to guys is wrong.

Whilst playing hard to get is nice for teenagers, for most adults and serious people who want to date, any signs of games will repel a good man.

So stay clear of ghosting, taking ages to reply, trying to make him jealous and so on.

Remember you want to attract a good man, not the wrong type of man.

Most men often tell their friends how they cannot stand a woman who plays any type of games.

Ignore the advice that encourages it, don’t play.

#8 – High maintenance

Nobody likes a spoilt princess or a drama queen.

I get it, you can have standards but if you are a bit TOO over the top with your demands and requirements, then it can certainly have a detrimental effect on your relationship and dating.

Do not get me wrong, men love to spoil their partners, but in doses.

Constantly being demanding about expensive gifts etc, is a sure fire way to turn a man off.

It is also a form of narcissism, and trust me nobody wants to be around that.

#9 – Acting single when you are committed

So you finally get into a relationship or seriously dating one guy.

Yet you are still out partying to all hours, drinking excessively, or flirting openly with other men like you are single.

This is not only a huge red flag, but a massive turn off for most men.

When you are committed stop partying as much, stop acting like a singleton.

Hopefully you have found the one now, so stay committed.

#10 – Flakiness

If you asked most guys what is a huge turn off for them when it comes to dating, flakiness will be near enough the top of the list.

Ladies, if you can’t make a decision say so.

If you cannot commit say so.

Nothing will ruin your chances of a good relationship more than being unable to commit or being flaky.

It is a massive downside to a blossoming relationship or first interaction.

If you are flaky there is a chance you will be left aside for somebody else.

Dating Relationships

10 Signs Someone Really Loves You


“The course of true love never did run smooth. …”

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse from friends, family, I noticed that the word “love” is thrown about a bit too often nowadays.

For example, people “love” coffee, people “love,” movies, etc etc.

But how many people truly love one another?

In an age and society of entitlement being on the rise, how can we be so sure that the person we hold and love so dearly in our hearts feels the same?

As somebody who has removed toxic people from their life and allowed better and normal healthy ones into it instead, you can see a significant difference.

But rather than focusing on red flags, let us focus instead on what to look for.

I have collected ten signs that I believe to be great indications somebody does truly love you.

But be warned, narcissists and toxic people can put on one hell of an act, however if you are seeing roughly over 50% of the total ten signs I am going to list, I can safely say you are not in dangerous waters for sure.


#1 – They have fun with you regardless

It is easy to love each other if you are on a rollercoaster, or watching an epic movie, or eating an amazing meal in a fancy restaurant.

But if you are opposite each other doing laundry, filling up petrol, or just walking in the park, and the energy is good and you are having a blast – they are a keeper.

Be warned of those who seek constant thrills, and money spent to hang out.

Those who truly love you, will do anything with you and will make it fun because they have a good positive, happy energy in your presence.

#2 – They treat you like they love you

This may be tough to understand but I will explain it to you in very simple terms.

Imagine you love someone or something, how do you treat it?

With care, respect, admiration, and you want what is best for it or them.

The same is going back in your direction.

If that person listens, respects you, wants what is best for you and above all compromises, they truly love you.

If you find yourself butting heads on the most basic of issues, then I am sorry, you have problems ahead of you my friend.

Good partners put you first and love everything about you, and their actions match their words.

A narcissist doesn’t, and you find yourself confused because they say they love you, but treat you like crap.

#3 – They look at you a lot

If someone is buried in their phone, or always looking away, that person doesn’t love you, truly at all.

Or if that person is fixated on you, especially when you may not look or feel your best, that person loves you truly.

I remember driving with an ex-girlfriend and we were singing songs in my car, and I could just feel her staring at me the whole time.

She adored me, and I am not going to lie it is a great feeling to experience.

Be sure to look at that persons actions especially with their eye contact toward you.

Those who look elsewhere, have their mind and heart elsewhere too.

#4 – They want to be with you a lot

My uncle told me this when I was a kid, “if somebody sacrifices their Friday or Saturday night when they could be partying with friends for an evening with you, they really love you.”

He was 100% right!

When somebody wants to spend all their time with you, they truly adore you.

They want to do everything and anything with you.

Even just going for a drive to pick up dry cleaning, they will do that and happily too because they love spending every second with you.

This is hard to find these days, especially with all the distractions of the world.

But luckily there are some who still act and feel this way.

Look out for it, the more they want to spend time with you the more they are in love with you.


#5 – They show empathy towards you in the good and bad times

A crystal clear indication someone is a narcissist or doesn’t love you is lack of empathy.

I remember the amount of times I tried to explain how I felt and was barely understood by an ex narcissist.

It was incredibly frustrating, and of course very upsetting too.

So when somebody is able to be empathetic, and feel the feelings you are going through, then you will know that person truly loves you.

A good scene in a movie is the Elliott and ET scene where they experience the same feelings mutually.

It is no different with a loved one.

If they are able to offer you emotional support through good and bad times, irrespective of how you feel they are truly in love with you.

#6 – Love is not hard or painful

One of the worst lies an ex narcissist told me is “sometimes relationships are rough, and you should accept that as normal.”

Whilst struggle can be inevitable, ultimately you should be very weary when it happens all the time.

When you are constantly fighting, and there is drama or more bad days then good – RUN.

Love should not be hard or painful.

You should not have to tread on eggshells, or worry how to act or be.

It is cliché but being yourself and being accepted by the other person is wonderful.

That is true love, not whatever a person tells you it should be.

#7 – They remember the little things

There is nothing sweeter and no clearer sign of true love when someone remembers the little things that make you who you are.

And no I am not talking about your birthday.

It is the little quirks or things you like or dislike.

For example I don’t like cheddar cheese, and one of my ex made a special meal for me without cheddar.

I only mentioned it once, but because she loved me she remembered.

These people are going above and beyond to please you, and that is why they remember.

#8 – You feel comfortable and safe

This is some amazing advice, if you never feel the following you are with a perfect partner;

  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Disrespect
  • Abuse
  • Afraid
  • Annoyed
  • Uncomfortable

A good partner loves you for who you are, inside and out.

They don’t play games, or make you feel bad.

You are allowed to be whom you are, and as a result you are loved for it.

You can be and feel completely safe around this person – always.

#9 – They see you in their future

If a person loves you very deeply they are perfectly fine with who you are.

That means also, they see you in the future.

That may mean, moving in together, or getting engaged, marriage or kids.

If they often plan their future with you in it, there is a huge sign they love you very much.

It could even mean a week in advance, when they see you full enrolled in their lives and immediate future, rest assured you are loved very much.

However if somebody cannot even properly commit to you short term in any capacity, or show any sign that they are serious about you – do not consider them for a relationship.

#10 – They are genuinely afraid to lose you

A person who truly loves you, and isn’t a toxic person manipulating you with games, is and would be devastated to lose you.

They have grown accustomed to you in their personal lives, and the very thought of them losing you, crushes them.

Many people unfortunately can use this to their advantage, particularly toxic people.

But those who are genuine and love that person mutually won’t.

In fact the feeling is mutual.

When love is pure and you are both happy – why leave?

Why even think about leaving?

Cherish each other, because whilst it may be tricky to find, true love is wonderful to experience and behold.

Dating Relationships

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex | [ Breakup Advice ]


“Breakups are tough, but people are even tougher.”

I was listening to a Jocko podcast when I was going through a pretty rough breakup and he basically said how when it comes to splitting up;

“You were in love with the fantasy, the person you thought they once were, not what they actually are.”

I don’t think I have found a truer description on a breakup, and I suppose one has to go through the motions to really truly discover and understand what they go through.

Another piece of advice came from my uncle of all people;

“It doesn’t really matter how long you were together, but I can safely tell you it will take you at the very least about six months to get back on your feet.”

He could not have been more right.

I could tell you right now how breaking up with a narcissist is not especially straight forward, more so because there is absolutely no closure.

Closure is a wonderful beautiful thing to soften the blow of one chapter ending in your life, in a very mature manner.


But in my case in particularly dealing with such a toxic and narcissistic individual you realize that there is no closure, because there is no reasoning with them.

However I am not painting myself out to be a victim here either, all breakups are tough.

Every single one.

Whether you have been dumped, or caught them cheating, getting divorced or what have you.

Regardless when you let a person into your life, then into your emotional space, your home, your heart, your mind, your family.

And suddenly regardless of why or how, they are out of the picture.

They cease to exist in your eyes.

I know it is a generalization here but all breakups are the same.

They all hurt, they are all crap, and they are all transitional.

Here is another very wise statement;

You will only be over somebody when you start to make plans about your life, without them.

How true a statement.

How accurate a statement.

If you plan a vacation, a trip abroad, a career move, a location move, anything that will impact your life, without that other person’s feelings, or presence involved – you have moved on.

But hold on bucko – that is just one part of the situation here.

It does not mean you are emotionally over that person.

It does not mean you are ready to date.

It does not mean you are not also no longer upset.

What I learnt in those first six months was it is just a gruelling process of grief.

It takes time to really move on.

It takes time to piece your life back together.

I do not agree with those who move on straight away, or date somebody else or appear not bothered.

Because they are in for a MASSIVE case of PTSD shortly down the line, where they will suddenly get flashes of what they had, and they will have a break down emotionally because they didn’t do the work or the healing.

All breakups need at least 6 months to heal from.

Every single one, irrespective of what happened or how it happened.

They all require the same amount of transition.

When you break up, you will be emotionally all over the place.

That is why it is important to be ruthless and cold, and put an abrupt end to all interactions with your ex.

So that means deleting photos, numbers, social media, everything and anything.

Understand and accept the next 6 months are going to not necessarily be rough, but not be a picnic either.

If there is one thing I would tell myself in the past is the same thing I am telling you now.


Every day improves.

Every moment gets better.

Do not rush the healing.

So the first step is moving on.

Book a vacation alone.

Go out to eat alone.

Do things you enjoyed in your relationship alone.

Spending time alone and realizing it isn’t as awful as others make it out to be, will show you that everything is ok.

In fact you will also know that there is a lot more to you than you realized too.

For me I had lost so much of my personality in my relationship – narcissists will do that to you.

And gradually over time, I started remembering what made me who I was, and what I enjoyed.

Your breakup is a good chance to realize what made you special, but also what you can do to improve about yourself.

Pre my relationship I chased casual romance, and nothing serious.

Now with a more mature outlook, I only pursue what is meaningful and have high standards.

Something that I had NEVER had before in my life.

You can do the same.

Also whilst it may be difficult to at first, channel your energy and time or resources into a passion project.

The very website you are reading this on now was that project – the SCG SHOW came out of a break up.

And it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life.

The distraction mentally or physically will help you realize that you can survive absolutely fine without that person in your life.

Also remember to have a list of all the negative aspects of your past relationship.

Even if they were “perfect” just list the fact they broke up with you.

You will NEVER be enough for the wrong person.

By doing this, you will remind yourself of WHY you will NOT go back or rekindle a relationship.

There is a high percentage of people who breakup when they get back together after a split.

Once you are done, you are done.

Don’t be wishy washy, stick to your guns.

For me I had made a list in an mp3 on my phone, so whenever I was feeling down, I’d just listen to all the awful things of my past relationship.

It would immediately reassure me I had done the right thing by moving on.

And also last but not least GO NO CONTACT AND REMAIN NO CONTACT.

In my case no contact with a narcissist is essential, as they are manipulative and extremely toxic people.

So the cycle of abuse and manipulation would be never ending.

It is stressful, time wasting and just awful.

So cutting off the supply to these narcissists is the only way to deal with them.

There is NO reason to have you exes number unless you are sharing custody of children.

So delete them, especially off social media.

You are not friends, you have nothing to discuss.

Remember you are trying to stop thinking about them, talking to them all the time will halt your development and also stop you from meeting someone new.

It is a waste of time.

I am proud to be 7 months no contact, and believe me I had plenty of contradictory emails begging for me to go back.

Even though when we split she told me “she hated me etc.” – Typical narcissist.

With that pride and self-respect I can carry myself a lot better into a new healthier relationship, and you can do the same.

Enjoy the transition, do exactly what I said, and all will be fine.

I guarantee it.

Dating Self Improvement

The Power of Walking Away


The greatest superpower you will ever possess is the ability to walk away.

Watch the video above now!

Dating Self Improvement

Why Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last


“Nice guys finish last.”

In the age of social media and widespread entitlement, does it pay to be a nice person?

Or how about paying to be a nice guy in general?

Absolutely not.

I knew a guy who was an over the top nice guy, in particular towards women.

We often compared him to Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men, the loser brother of Charlie Harper (played by Charlie Sheen).

The genius of the sitcom was the stark contrast in how the two lived their lives.

Alan Harper always tried to do the “right thing,” so to speak.

Whereas Charlie was selfish, egotistical, yet rich, successful and irresistible to women.

But to what type of women?

And is that not a form of narcissism?

Well the argument extends beyond Charlie into Alan.


Alan’s character comes off as rather nice, sweet, and a little bit pathetic.

Whereas the laid back and suave Charlie is the complete opposite.

But what people do not realize is Alan is a traditional “nice guy,” in today’s terms, however with alternative motives.

The modern day nice guy goes above and beyond for the approval of a woman they find attractive.

They would do chores, lend them money, and be that shoulder to cry on for the inevitable down period of when she feels “upset.”

However, that is usually when the nice guy shows his true colours which he has masked for quite a considerable period and immediately swoops in to “make a move.”

This is counterintuitive because the woman in question is stunned, “what the hell are you doing?” is how they usually respond.

To which the nice guy in a motion similar to word vomit spits out some undesirable truths, “I have loved you the moment I saw you, that is why I did everything you ask, kiss me please!”

What follows usually?

  • Rejection.
  • Humiliation.

And suddenly Mr Nice guy goes back to his friends with tears in his eyes and tells them how she turned him down, and it didn’t work out.

But what was there to work out in the first place?

He had been devalued and been nothing short of a slave for this user and woman who was none the wiser to what was really going on.

When a woman relegates a man to the friend zone, there is no way out of it.

Most GOOD men do not waste their time with such a woman, and they go out into the world looking for a partner that values them in the same way.

The Nice guy who is a covert narcissist to some degree cannot handle the rejection, and his ego encourages to “convince her slowly but surely.”

Once upon a time I was in an Uber pool with a blind drunk woman who was trying to convince me to give me her number.

I was not interested and when I saw her hand I noticed her wearing a wedding ring.

“Are you married?!” I shouted.

“Engaged actually, to a REALLY NICE GUY….”

I couldn’t believe it, and I said to her “please for the love of god tell me you haven’t cheated….”

And in her drunk state she laughed and admitted to cheating on her fiancée regularly without him even knowing.

Disgusted by what I heard I asked her “so why are you with him, just break it off?”

No!” she replied “he is paying for the wedding, and we have a lot of mutual friends, so no I won’t.”


The nice guy allows bad behaviour, encourages abuse, and tolerates being walked all over.

There is nothing good about the nice guy.

Good and nice are very different things.

Those who are good people do the right things.

Those who are usually nice have hidden agendas.

The nice guy wants the woman to fall for him, he would even befriend a woman who has a boyfriend in the hope they break up.

The nice guy manipulates people to feel sorry for him, and play the victim, a classic narcissistic trait.

The slyness and meek persona is entirely false, he has the agenda to screw people over.

However, what holds the nice guy back is he is a coward.

He is walked over by his friends, his boss, his parents, and most likely the woman he is pursuing.

It never ends, because the nice guy essentially is allowing the woman in his life to hold all the power.

Much to the bemusement of modern day feminists, most healthy and normal women seek a man who a natural is born leader.

They want him to be vulnerable in his emotions, but ultimately be the decision maker.

I have yet to personally meet a woman who disagrees.

And if I ever did, it would be one who was in a seriously unhappy relationship.

And by giving the woman who is treating the nice guy like a pushover everything they want, it reaches a stage of trying to please the unpleasable.

If the nice guy was upfront with his intentions, and feelings rather than playing a very dirty and foolish game, perhaps his life would be far better than it actually is.

Believe it or not divorce looms more so for the nice guy, than perhaps a man who is abusive.

Not that I am condoning any violence or manipulation of any sort, but what usually happens is when respect is never there in a relationship or attraction, the romance dies.

It is usually why the nice guy plays his hand too early in the fear that the woman he is not pursuing but instead begging to be with may pack up and leave him for someone else.

It is why they then, propose, have kids, buy a house only for them to divorce within the first few years of marriage.

Even in his career the nice guy is regularly finding himself at loggerheads with his boss, because he is too damn agreeable.

By being this way, he finds himself in a nasty predicament where he is “damned if I do, damned if I don’t.”

He cannot stand up to his boss due to his fear of being fired, and yet he doesn’t like taking any abuse but still continues to do so.

The nice guy runs on a basis of fear due to lack of self-improvement, narcissism and lack of confidence.

He has convinced himself that he is of a certain ilk, and must stick to this image and attempt to stab a few people in the back to try get what he wants.

However when the nice guy does get what he wants, he usually messes it up.

So what is the solution?

Why do nice guys finish last?

Nice guys finish last because they do not tell the truth nor take responsibility.

Instead they waste their entire lives trying to convince and manipulate others and situations into their favour.

But at the same time without having any self-reflection, they are completely dumbfounded how they have ended up paying alimony or child support for the kids they no longer see.

The solution is simple;

A woman, boss, your goals, whatever external to you does NOT respect a nice man.

They respect a good man.

I am not encouraging men to be arseholes.

I am encouraging them to do the right thing.

Tell the truth.

Ask the girl out, if you get rejected move on.

Ask for a promotion, if you don’t get it move to a different job.

Take responsibility and do not be afraid to take that risk.

Get in the gym, invest in your wardrobe.

But do good things, donate to charity, help people that deserve help.

Identify red flags of narcissists, and do not allow or tolerate any bad behaviour in the help that you will develop standards.

And by raising your standards you raise the quality of your life.

Remember those who do what is easy like the nice guys end up having hard lives.

However those who do what is hard end up having easy lives.

Nice guys finish last and are their own worst enemies.

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How to Make Any Man Miss You


Has your man just dumped you without warning?

Watch the video above to find out the right way to make him miss you!

Dating Self Improvement

Stop Chasing People


“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.”

One of my favourite cartoons growing up was the Road Runner and Wile Coyote.

I just really wanted him to finally catch the Road Runner!

He would try everything, spend loads of money buying items that ultimately got him injured or hurt.

And whilst we would all laugh at his failures, we would feel attached to his pursuit!


Because people love a chase.

People love games.

People think chasing is sexy.

Not just in a romantic sense, but in almost everything!

The ones who are hard to get, they just seem so much more beautiful and attractive.

However, like the quote above you should not have to chase true friends or love.

When we have worth as human beings, in a social sense, only the people that want what is best for you will see that.

You will NEVER be enough for the wrong person.

You will NEVER make a miserable person happy.

You will NEVER have a healthy life with an unhealthy person.

And by unhealthy I mean mentally, aka toxic and narcissistic individuals.


How could you possibly have a good life when somebody like that has no empathy, no sympathy, and no understanding of the emotional support you really need?

For over two decades, I have chased everybody in my life.

All my friends, all my relationships, women, casual sex, you name it.

And to what avail?

To what purpose?

To get stabbed in the back, to be lied to, to be cheated on, to be abused and mistreated.

By those who were the closest to me, and those I loved and adored.

So when I walked away from my narcissistic relationship of several years in 2019, I made myself a solid promise that I would always stick to;

“I will NEVER chase anybody ever again.”

This statement sent a massive shockwave to the remaining narcissists and toxic people in my life.

They found it incredible I had the inner strength to walk away from a toxic relationship, and to remain no contact with my ex narcissist.

These silent enemies could not believe how tough I was, and how I was able to set healthy boundaries and stand up for myself.

That is where further abuse unfolded.

People ridiculed me.

People questioned me.

People tried to play games with me.

People tried to embarrass me.

And worst of all my former best friend took it too far.

He decided to act cold and distant, knowing that I had told him I wouldn’t be chasing.

He purposely ignored my calls, my texts to hang out, and speak.

He cancelled plans last minute.

But unlike my former self, I didn’t chase, I just moved on.

I was then greeted with narcissistic rage, and abuse by this former friend.

He insulted me, abused me, to which I walked away and have never spoken to him since, despite him begging me to forgive him, and him insisting I was just “oversensitive.”

Wrong – he is just another toxic person.

Having standards, having boundaries will make you a lone wolf.

You will become VERY aware of peoples toxic behaviour and their ability to manipulate and abuse almost everybody around them.


But not me – and not you.


Because I do not chase.

I might meet the most beautiful woman.

But if she acts entitled, rude or disrespectful.

I won’t chase.

I might meet a nice dude to grab a beer with.

But if he starts acting like a douche, is rude, the usual.

I won’t chase.

If people won’t invite me out, or make an effort with me because they don’t value me.

I won’t chase.

I will instead chase my goals.

I will instead chase my dreams.

I will instead chase the truth – and the truth sets me free.

In the western world, we live in the most narcissistic and toxic woke culture I have ever seen.

I don’t subscribe to it.

I am perfectly fine eating a steak alone on a Saturday night listening to Jazz at peace.

What’s the alternative?

  • A toxic narcissistic relationship?
  • Dishonest friends?
  • Jealous people?

Absolutely not!

However, as I improve my life, and my standards so do the people around me.

I have seen better quality people become attracted to me.

I have seen better results.

I think clearer, and more like a winner.

The doubts, the negativity, the insecurity.

These are being caused by the awful people you have chased and forced yourself to be surrounded by.

At 21 I would feel insecure by not being allowed or invited to the hottest parties in town!

Or that my friends would get girls and I would fail.

Now with my experience, my gratitude I radiate abundance.

I know exactly what I enjoy, and exactly what I don’t.

I will no longer force myself into situations or with people who I just do not have a connection with.

I am the prize, I am the wise, and I am the winner.

Winners win – losers lose.

Winners don’t chase anybody, they pursue their purpose in life.

And with that, they attract people and situations that will compliment them along their journey.

I believe I will find the right partner who will improve my life.

I believe better friends will come my way, and so on.

Time makes all toxic and narcissistic friends lose in the end.

I am patient, I am knowing how life pans out.

I don’t give up, I still work hard, and I train and do not cry in my basement.

I still pursue women, I ask them out and if I get rejected I know it’s all a journey.

And if I see red flags, I block and delete.

I do not chase the wrong people.

I do not chase the wrong things.

I do not chase toxicity.

If you want to truly change your life, especially if you are suffering from the anxiety of being ghosted, feeling left out, being disrespected.

Stop chasing people, it is NOT worth it.

What is more, do not be surprised for these people to come BACK into your life chasing you.

Do not accept their requests.

Those who know your worth, don’t play games.

That is why I am ruthless with dating.

Because I know what it is like dating the wrong type of person – not pretty?

Chase a better life – not a person.

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Amazing Psychological Facts About Love


Would it surprise you that being in love has the same biological effects as being addicted to cocaine?!

Watch the video above to find out more amazing facts about love!


What To Do When A Girl Looks At You


“And what about the lovers who spend hours staring into each other’s eyes?”

When you catch a pretty girl looking at you, do you do any of the following?

  • Do you act awkward?
  • Do you act uncomfortable?
  • Do you not know where to look?
  • Do you act aloof and stop caring?
  • Do you expect women to come and chat you up?
  • Do you ask the bartender to send her a drink from you?

Don’t worry you are not alone, I was like you and the above mentioned was everything I would do in that situation.

I guess I was never really properly educated into how to act in situations like that, so I just did what I felt was right.

Unfortunately whatever I felt was “right” was oh so wrong.

Here is the truth, if you see a cute girl looking over at you, chances are she is into you.

Yes you read that correctly, she finds you attractive and she wants to get to know you.


9 times out of 10, if she is glancing at you, playing with her hair, or smirking a little at you, it is because she wants you to notice her.

Yes there are times where girls may be playing with you, but most of the time she likes what she sees.

And that’s YOU buddy!

So the first thing you need to do is bloody look back!

Do NOT hesitate, or overcomplicate it at all, LOOK BACK.

By doing this, it shows you are confident, and you are willing to let her know the following with your eyes;

“Yes I see you looking at me….and you caught my attention…now here I am…”

Do not underestimate the importance of body language – EVER!

And as well as looking back, you of course need to smile too.

But do not smirk, frown, give a creepy smile back at all.

Be relaxed, be chill and just let her know you are welcoming, safe and cool.

By going over the top with your smiling can actually ruin the attraction, so just keep it chilled.

Then as you are looking at each other make sure you maintain eye contact for as long as possible.

So if you are with your friends at a bar, make sure you still talk to them and then occasionally glance over to see if the girl is looking at you still.

Do NOT just outright stare at her!

This is creepy territory, and we don’t need to go there ok?

So for a couple of minutes (don’t time it), smile back in her direction from time to time and then next do probably most important step where most guys don’t;



Women will always fall head over heels for a dude that goes after what he wants.

Forget those who tell you otherwise – they know nothing.

A woman loves an ambitious and fearless man.

And walking up to her after eye contact makes you stand out above the rest of the chasing pack.

Men who make moves, men who go for it, men who do not fear rejection are more attractive – always.

And as you approach her with confidence you reach your hand out and shake hers;

“Hey, I’m SCG by the way….”

It is the easiest opener, because she knows who you are already by looking at you.

She just didn’t know your name, and it from then onwards it is down to you to close.

Do not listen to any other advice on this, I’ve tried them all and none of it worked.

Try it next time you see a pretty girl looking at you.


The Best Dating Advice Ever | [ Realistic Dating Advice ]


“Dating is about finding out who you are and who others are.”

In the simplest of terms, dating has become a real nightmare for most people.

They cannot stand doing the dates, the apps, the drinks, the awkward dinners, and so on.

Yet people keep on doing it, and hooking up with strangers all because they cannot handle for example the embarrassment of turning up to their siblings wedding with no date in their arms.

The truth of the matter is dating should not be too complicated, but there are so many factors that have made it so – toxic friends, TV and overall bad advice.

Remember this, and share it with somebody who really needs to read this;


There I said it, happy now?

If your partner is toxic, narcissistic, a sociopath or sees themselves as better than you, there is nothing you can do to change that.

If they do not see the value that you truly provide, how attractive you are, agree with your morals, or even what movie to go watch.

They are NOT right for you.

When people do not see your value understand this one fundamental truth:



Yes, let’s get spiritual here, and look at the bigger picture.

A good healthy relationship blossoms, and grows and expands for a lifetime of happiness.

A toxic one feels forced, difficult, hard, destructive and painful.

Yet people pursue them because they don’t want to be alone?

The loneliest I have ever felt my entire life was being in a relationship with somebody that was not right for me.

You also must understand that this wrong person we date or are in a relationship with has no right to step up to our own standards either.

We cannot expect a toxic individual or a bad match to love us the way we want and need them too.

That is like asking a horse to be a racing car.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots, and you are chasing and pursuing something that is wrong.

I was like you, I absolutely loathed dating and being single.

I hated the apps, the hook-up culture, the drinks, the meals, the freaks and weirdos.

I hated not having anybody to love and cuddle me, no intimate relationships and so on.

Yes it sucked for me, and I am pretty sure you feel the same way.

But like I did, you have the power and ability to change your dating life right now.

The thing is from our parents to our ancestors we truly haven’t learnt the right way to approach love and relationships.

Let us be honest here, were winging it.

We don’t really have a clue what we are doing, and we watch movies and television fantasizing when we have no idea what the right step to take is!

Just because you are a good person doesn’t mean you deserve a good relationship to fall into your lap and just magically happen, you have to instead adjust your approach.

There is a more effective and simple way to look at dating, compared to what the masses are doing and whoever is advising you.

Please stop listening to them and follow exactly what I say:

Stop wasting your time.

Yes, you heard me.

Stop going out with the wrong type of people, chasing the wrong people, attracting the wrong people.

Stop doing what others think is cool, or works for them.

Chase what is meaningful to have a meaningful life.


Just because your friend is a player, or she wraps men around her finger and strings them along doesn’t mean you need to do that too.

How many times have you met somebody and even though that you liked them, but in the real depths of your stomach or your soul you knew “this person isn’t right for me.”

And what do we do, we still persist.

We don’t want to be alone, or single or without “love.”

And down the line it only gets worse because you have been flogging that dead horse that was never supposed to go beyond a handful of dates if that.

You find yourself married or living with somebody that doesn’t truly make you happy, or make your life better.

They don’t connect with you, on any level and you are mentally, spiritually and emotionally starved.

But it was better than being alone right?


You end up fat, old, miserable and in divorce court most likely.

It all comes from wasting your time, this is the root cause of all of these problems.

Stop wasting your time.

Yes while there are lessons to learn in relationships and failures are the greatest teachers.

But if the answer is staring at you in the face and you take no action what the hell is wrong with you?

It is like getting punched in the face – yes it hurts, yes it is awful, yes it is unacceptable.

But you stay, and day after day this bad relationship keeps punching you in the face.

And there you are just taking it, and taking it, and then you moan that you are unhappy?

Well you wasted your time chasing something not right for you or that was wrong.

Because you didn’t want to sit alone at a wedding?

Or perhaps your confidence was so in the floor you thought you couldn’t do better?

Or perhaps your family or friends pressured you and you didn’t know what else to do?

Take responsibility and stop wasting your damn time on people and things that will only lead to toxic, negative results.

There is no good pursuing something that is not worthwhile, and the universe will send you an even bigger punch in the face if you are not careful and going along the path you were meant to be on.

Yes there are nights alone, yes it can hurt post break up.

But being in a relationship where you are alone, unfulfilled is worse.

And the time you invest in that you will never recover, and above all else in life all we truly ever have is time.

How are you going to use yours?