Why You Must Avoid Fake People


Why You Must Avoid Fake People

This post is about why you must avoid fake people.

There are 5 important and life changing reasons as to why you must avoid and walk away from the fake people that are in your life.

How can we define the characteristics of a “fake person?”

There are many definitions of fake people:

People who are very shallow

People who are very superficial

People who are self-obsessed

People who are narcissistic

People who are constantly lying

People who keep up appearances

People who love to show off

People who use and manipulate

People who are hypocritical

According to google the official definition of a fake person is as follows:

“A person who falsely claims to be, feel, or do something can be said to be fake. When your friend acts sweet but spreads rumours about you behind your back, you can call her a fake.”

There are many strands of fake people as I listed above but a fake person can be almost anybody in your life too:

It can be a close friend

It can be a family member

It can be a co-worker

It can be a romantic partner

So why avoid them?

Why walk away from them?

Why cut a fake person out of your life?

It is simple really, because I learnt this an awfully long time ago from one of my mentors, who warned me about the type of people to associate and the types to disassociate with.

He mentioned to me the following, “if you surround yourself with fake people, you will become fake too, and pretty soon you will be living a fake life.”

That statement had a profound effect on me, I did not want a fake life, I mean seriously who does want a fake anything?!

It is like the people who buy fake jewellery or fake handbags, they want to give off the impression they are wealthy, for the approval of people who are shallow and insecure.

If you want to live a hugely successful and happy life, you need to avoid fake people and here are five reasons why:

#1 – Fake People Enjoy You Suffering

Are you going through a difficult time?

Are you finding life incredibly challenging?

Are you stuck in a rut and see no light at the end of the tunnel?

I have got really bad news for you my friend, fake people will thoroughly enjoy that.

Yes, these sickos will take pleasure in your pain.

Are you familiar with the term schadenfreude?

Originally a German phrase, schadenfreude is the pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

A fake person will enjoy that you are suffering, depressed, grieving, losing, feeling unwell, and all other painful emotions.

But why?

Why would anybody take actual pleasure in somebody else’s misfortunes, especially if they are a friend or a family member?

Because it makes them feel better about themselves.

A fake person will constantly be at competition with everybody and anybody they surround themselves with.

They will in their minds regardless of who it is, be drawing comparisons, on every aspect of their lives.

From relationships, to wealth, to even health, the fake person will always be looking to see who is doing better than them.

And if anybody has any success it hurts them mentally, to the point where they may not even function, they are that green with envy.

But when somebody loses their job, gets sick, or gets dumped, the fake person is there smiling at their misfortune.

They rationalize it in their head, “I am so glad that they lost their job and are losing their money, because that is making me feel better about my situation.”

Sometimes a fake person may have more wealth, health, and relationships than somebody else, and yet they still take pleasure in other people’s pain and misfortune.

Because again in their mind they want everybody else to remain “below them.”

Why would you want to associate with somebody who wants to see you suffer?

Why would you want to reveal your suffering to somebody who wants to see you fail?

Why would you want to trust somebody who loves the fact you are hurting?

Why would you want to surround yourself with those who thrive that you are in pain?

#2 – They Will Use You

Fake people will most likely only associate with you or want to talk to you because in simple terms they are using you for their own benefit.

The biggest users are the biggest abusers.

They are abusive of your emotions.

They are abusive of your energy.

They are abusive of your time.

They are abusive of your family.

They are abusive of your wallet.

They are abusive of your lives.

A fake person will use you to get whatever it is they want out of you, and without realizing it because you are most likely a good empathetic person you allow it to happen.

Here are some examples of how they will take advantage of you aka use you:

They will shame you

They will manipulate you

They will play the victim

They will bully you

They will tease you

They will call you only when they need something

They will only see you when they have nothing else to do

They will leave you out of things often

They will lie to you all the time

They will speak poorly of you

They will disappear from you when you need them

I had a friend who did all these things, but why did I associate with him?

Why did I tolerate that much abuse and manipulation?

Because I simply had no healthy boundaries and lacked the confidence to stand up for myself and realize that I truly deserved better than I was getting.

I was also extremely naïve, not a good thing to be in this wicked world.

Fake People will use other people like a toy.

They will play with you until they are bored with you and chuck you aside like you are yesterday’s newspaper.

I am sorry to say fake people will treat you like trash.

You are better than that, regardless of what anybody says about you.

#3 – They Will Control Your Life

Have you ever got the feeling that you are having your life almost dictated to you by somebody else?

Or the feeling like you want to do something, but you cannot?

Or perhaps you are treading on eggshells and not truly expressing how you feel about a situation or a person?

It is most likely because you are dealing with a fake person or fake people.

Fake people will not only take pleasure in your suffering, and use you, but they will attempt to control your life.

Without realizing it, you are suddenly at their burden.

If they call you go running.

If they need you, you are there.

If they want you to do something, you do it.

Suddenly your entire life revolves around them, yes you believe that your life is genuinely better with them in it, or worse you feel you cannot live without them.

What suffers as a result at being controlled by a fake person?

Your development

Your work

Your social life

Your health

Your core beliefs

Your life overall

Because you are too busy seeking the validation and admiration of a selfish fake person or a fake group, you find yourself in a dangerous trap.

And that trap is the never-ending loop of trying to please the unpleasable.

Nothing you say, nothing you do no matter how grand or generous a gesture is good enough for them.

And that is no fault of your own, it is because fake people are largely very spoilt and extremely entitled people.

Therefore, you have allowed them to control the one thing you have that they don’t, your life.

You believe and have been brainwashed to believe that as well being in their presence is good enough, and that excites you.

Eliminate their control, nobody ESPECIALLY a fake person has any right to control your life or have your life dictated to.

You are the master of your fate, the captain of your destiny.

#4 – They Are Hypocrites

Nobody is more of a hypocrite than a fake person.

What is a hypocrite?

A hypocrite is a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc.

In quite simple and logical terms, if a person is fake, then their lives are fake.

Think of the person who must buy a fake piece of jewellery because they want to give off the impression, they are wealthy.

They are “cheating” to show and brag to gain the attention of other superficial and shallow people that they are successful.

They hate the fact that a shallow person has spent thousands on a Rolex, yet they too have bought a fake Rolex just to fit in with them.

That is hypocritical.

Here are examples of how fake people are hypocrites:

They say one thing and do the opposite

They never follow their own advice but give it out to everybody else

Live one way publicly, but the opposite in private

They insist looks do not matter but are utterly obsessed with their self-image

They are blasting people on social media yet are annoyed they are not getting enough attention themselves

Pretend to be wealthy but have mountains of debt

Give out criticism yet cannot take their own

They will alter their opinion to be liked by other people

They constantly lie and lie

Hypocrites are an enormous waste of time, energy, and money in some cases.

So why would you want to open yourself up to such people?

Why would you trust them?

Why would you believe them?

Because they are extremely convincing, yes fake people will manipulate you so much to believe they are telling the truth.

They will convince you that they are genuine.

They will make you believe that you are the issue and there is nothing wrong.

Wake up!

Remember these traits and look out for them when you next come across a fake person.

#5 – They Are Jealous of You

The final reason to avoid fake people like the plague is that they are extremely jealous of you.

This may be hard to believe if you are currently saying to yourself:

But they are better looking?

More popular than me?

Have more money?

Have more success?

It does not matter, because a fake person regardless of their situation and current lifestyle will ALWAYS somehow and someway find a way to be unhappy.

Yes, fake people are NEVER satisfied.

They always want more, even though they have so much.

They are like spoilt brats.

So, whether you are pursuing a goal, losing weight, driving a better car, or just being happy it will drive these fake people insane.

Because it will be something they do not have.

It will be something they are too insecure to pursue.

Why are you wasting your time with such people?

People who will hate on even your tiny victories or successes?

People who will hate you for who you are in your heart of hearts?

My advice, get away from them, block them, walk away and never return.

Find yourself good light-hearted genuine people who want the best for you.

Remember that “people who want the best for you.”

You do not need a million friends or the admiration of a fake person to live a good and fulfilling life.

You only need to find those who want the best for you, like you do them.

Believe and trust me that they are out there, you just have not met them yet.

Good luck!

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