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How to Really Believe in The Law of Attraction

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How to Really Believe in The Law of Attraction

This post is about how to really believe in the law of attraction.

There are 5 things you really MUST know for you to have complete faith and trust in the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is real, regardless of what you have been told, or what you have experienced in life up to this point.

Yes, it may seem hard to come to terms with, unfortunately you really need to.

Why you ask?

Because you can now properly start using it to your advantage.

Some of the most incredibly successful people in the world are using the law of attraction every single day to create an unbelievable life.

Why are you not doing the same?

Here are some things you need to eradicate from your thinking:

It doesn’t matter where you are from.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

It doesn’t matter how educated or uneducated you are.

It doesn’t matter how or what your faith is.

It doesn’t matter the colour of your skin.

It doesn’t matter what gender you are.

The law of attraction does NOT discriminate, therefore if you really wish to tap into its power again for your own benefit and success that is down to you my friend.

Many people go to their beds at night manifesting their dreams and then watching it unfold.

Many people are attracting success effortlessly.

Many people are making miracles occur!

Why can’t you?!

Why SHOULDN’T you?!

That is the point of this post, to eradicate all the doubt, the negativity, the bad press that the law of attraction gets.

To ultimately change your mindset.

I have lived long enough to see this and met so many people and of course applied this to my life too.

Put it this way if you are reading this right now then it is further proof that it works, and now it is time for you to jump on board and start believing too!

Here are 5 powerful ways for you to start believing in the law of attraction:

#1 – Replace Negative with Positive

When people think negatively, they ultimately attract negativity into their lives.

If for example you think your business will fail, it will.

If you believe you are going to be dumped by your partner, they will.

If you believe you are never going to be rich, you will remain poor.

If you believe you are never going to find somebody to love, you will remain single.

This may seem harsh, but I am sorry to say it truly is a matter of fact.

And the law of attraction is about attracting, not subtracting.

The belief is about attracting the things you want and desire into it.

If you are constantly stuck on a loop of what you don’t have, and you never believe that it is going to change, well you will attract the same of what you already have.

Remember that, if you believe in lack of, you will keep attracting lack.

That is why we must replace every single negative thought you have with a positive thought, so you can immediately start believing more in the law of attraction for your benefit.

Here are some ways to replace negative thinking with positive thinking:

Focus on progress over perfection

Try go one day without any negative self-talk and see how you feel

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worse

Read more positive material

Learn from your mistakes

Avoid watching the news

Avoid talking about negative subjects with friends or family

Stop living in the past

Channel your guilt into self-improvement

Channel your regret into living a more fulfilling life

Be grateful for everything you have big or small

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday not someone else today

Smile more


Avoid toxic habits that are damaging your health and esteem

Avoid negative people

Help somebody

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start seeing positive results.

#2 – You Deserve Success

I am here to tell you and insist to you that regardless of where you are from, where you have been, what you have done up until now that you deserve success my friend!

You deserve your dreams to come true.

You deserve all types of success.

You deserve to manifest whatever you want.

Chances are along the way you have lost faith; you tried your hardest and things did not work out for you.

I am sorry that happened, sadly life can be like that, and the universe has a strange way of getting us to our dreams and desires.

However, if you fall in love with the process rather than the end goal, I assure you that you will start to feel more gratitude towards your dreams coming true.

Here are some reasons why you deserve success:

You know your purpose

You know exactly what you want

You work awfully hard

You are deserved a much-needed break in life

You have faith

You believe in yourself

You ignore the naysayers

You are a risk taker

You are creative

You are smart

You are grateful

You are a good person

You want to change the world

You have struggled long enough

You are ready for a positive change

You are self-aware

You have learnt from your mistakes

You did what others could never do

You want to make a difference

The universe rewards those who know you don’t get something for nothing, and if you are any of the above, you deserve success and the world is your oyster!

#3 – Be Specific

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to manifest anything using the law of attraction is, they are never specific on what it is they want.

A good example I always use is the genie from Aladdin telling him the exact same thing.

In the story Aladdin wishes, “make me a prince,” and the genie in return just produces a prince out of thin air for him.

The genie emphasizes “there is a lot of grey area there, you need to be specific and very clear on what it is you want.”

Look at the law of attraction as your genie.

The genie is there waiting for you to hear your wish, but again you MUST be specific and truly clear on your desires.

Here are some examples of non-specific goals:

“I want to be rich”

“I want to be famous”

“I want a mansion”

“I want a girlfriend/boyfriend”

“I want a nice car”

“I want to lose weight”

All these are usual desires and dreams people normally use when they apply the law of attraction, but instead you want to be way more specific.

Here is a better way to be specific:

“I want to be worth $10million in the next 10 years.”

“I want to be a famous RnB singer touring all over the world.

“I want a 5-bedroom luxury home in the heart of Los Angeles.”

“I want to be in a healthy and happy relationship with a likeminded kind person.”

“I want a Lamborghini Gallardo in black.”

“I want to lose 10 kg over the next few months.”

There is an enormous difference between a truly clear and specific desire and a very lazily thought out one.

If you really want the law of attraction to work for you be as clear as you possibly can.

I would recommend sitting down and taking some serious thought about this.

What is it you genuinely want?

What is it that you don’t have now that you feel you need?

What is the motivation behind these desires too?

#4 – My Success Story

Nothing seals the deal without some good old testimonials when it comes to trying or believing in something.

Here is a law of attraction success story for you:

I will give you a personal example of how I achieved one of my goals using the law of attraction recently.

When I first started the SCG SHOW YouTube Channel I in fact used the law of attraction to help me with my growth!

So, what I did was I really started taking it seriously early January 2020, and I worked my butt off on creating content.

I went all in on this project because I believed in it so much!

I wrote down a date in a diary 21st June 2020 that I would hit 1000 subscribers back in January 2020.

That is ONLY 6 months from starting from scratch, zero subscribers, zero videos too.

To my amazement I hit that amazing milestone just a few days afterward, but you could not ask to be any closer!

And I swear to you, it was all organic growth, all-natural no cheating!

Full disclosure six months from zero to 1000 subs for new channels is exceedingly rare to see, and do not get me wrong I worked hard on getting to that target.

However, when there were days when there was no growth, no views, no impressions, and I in fact sometimes LOST subscribers was where the law of attraction really worked its magic.

What I would do is close my eyes and imagine the good feelings I would by having 1000 subscribers.

I trained my mind despite me seeing little to no progress that I would feel as good and positive as I can.

I was acting as if my goal had already been achieved.

The law of attraction rewards those who are grateful and truly in touch with their positive emotions and feelings.


So even if I had zero growth happening or no progress at all, I would imagine how happy, excited, and proud I would be having hit my goal.

Just look around you at the successful people you know in your life:

Have they been very lucky?

Have they manifested success?

Were they hopeless but now living a better life?

They too perhaps without even knowing it have used the law of attraction to attract a dream life as well.

#5 – Live in the End

One of the most powerful and useful ways anybody can use to really believe in the law of attraction is by just simply living in the end.

What do I mean by living in the end?

By living out your life like how you are now but acting and genuinely believing that you have manifested your desire.

I know this may sound strange, but I assure you it is incredibly powerful.

Let me use a personal example:

Years ago, I remember when I was utterly broke without a cent to my name.

However, whenever I would go to the bank to see that awful balance, I would imagine I would have over six figures in there.

I would go about my day with my head held high and regardless of my situation I would go to that bank and see six figures in my account.

Gradually over time I started working on my business and it started doing well.

But even so I kept living like I had six figures in my bank balance.

And slowly but surely over time without even realizing it I went there and saw on the ATM just over six figures.

I started out with nothing.

That is the point of living in the end regardless of your circumstance.

If you are overweight live in the end like you are already fit and healthy.

If you are broke live in the end like you are wealthy.

If you are single live in the end like you are in a loving relationship.

That means live your life with the good feelings and the gratitude and confidence for your dream coming true.

And I swear to you that is when the magic really does unfold for you.

I hope now after all these tips you truly will believe in the law of attraction.

Remember whatever you believe, you will receive.

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