What Narcissists Don’t Like


What Narcissists Don’t Like

This post is about what narcissists don’t like.

There are 5 things that MOST narcissists do not like at all!


I am emphasizing this because we often find ourselves when we are subject to narcissistic abuse of any kind trying to rationalize in our heads what we experienced.

When you encounter a narcissist, you are not dealing with a normal, healthy, understanding individual.

You are encountering a monster – and that is a very polite way of putting it trust me on that.

When you have an argument or disagreement with a friend or family member who isn’t a narcissist there is a logical or understanding behind what or why it has happened.

Perhaps you made a mistake, or they did and once you both calm down you discuss things like adults, and you kiss and make up and get your closure.

With a narcissist?

Closure with a narcissist is about as rare a UFO sighting.

With a narcissist when there is any type of disagreement you are often left feeling:








That is why this post is vitally important for your wellbeing, because if you know in advance what a narcissist dislikes you can try your best to avoid it, or better yet try to rationalize in your brain what is happening.

These manipulative monsters will do everything in their power to convince YOU that YOU are the issue, you are to blame and so on.

A narcissist I once dated through a tantrum over a selfie in a theme park and made out I was the issue when in fact it was her because she was a petulant child.

But also, before I go into the list, I would strongly recommend doing what you can to distance yourself from the narcissist in your life.

Go no contact.

Keep your distance, and if you can walk away.

Here are the 5 things most narcissists do not like at all:

#1 – Insults & Criticism

This is genuinely how the narcissist sees themselves when they look in the mirror:

“Oh, I am so sexy”

“I am amazing”

“I am the greatest”

“Everybody sucks, yet I am the best in the world”

Narcissists are the worst type of egomaniacs.

What is an egomaniac?

An egomaniac is a person who is obsessively egotistical or self-centred.

Because they see themselves in such a disgustingly selfish and self-centred manner, anything that counters that belief is like worse than any crime that could be committed.

They are genuinely shocked to believe otherwise.

A narcissist will convince themselves they look healthy even if they smoke a pack a day and are grossly overweight.

I am dead serious…

So, if you go to them “hey you need to watch what you eat, you are putting on a few pounds,” just watch the rage that will entail.

An insult or constructive criticism to a narcissist is like them hearing the worst news possible.

It does not match how they see themselves.

If you mentioned them to get a job and say they are lazy and hardly worked again, realistic, and constructive advice, however they feel they are perfect as they are, so why listen to you?

Again, remember what I said these are NOT normal people.

Insults and criticism destroy the fake and largely inflated façade they have built up into their heads over the years.

You could be trying to help, or trying to point out an obvious flaw, but they will dislike it.

You may be greeted with:

“How dare you say that about me?”

“There is nothing wrong with me, I am perfect.”

“You are the problem, I am amazing.”

You are more likely to give constructive criticism to a brick wall than a narcissist.

And if somebody “insults,” them in any shape or form it will make them spiral out of control.

They see themselves as the centre of the universe, so how dare that waiter not bring them their food faster.

In summary, narcissists hate anything that counters their ego.

#2 – Rejection

Narcissists thrive on control.

They believe they control everything in the world, I genuinely mean that.

They believe they can control their victim’s aka friends, family, spouse etc.

They believe they can control waiters, store clerks, cab drivers etc.

In fact, one narcissist I knew believed she could control the entire universe – what a psycho.

So, when they are so readily obsessed with their illusion of control of everybody in their sick little world, any form of rejection sends them into a tailspin.

Just like insults or criticism it does not fit their own narrative.

Remember the narcissist feels entitled to everything for nothing in return, and they genuinely believe they are special.

The narcissist looks at everybody in the world and I mean EVERYBODY as a pawn, and they are the king or queen on the chess board.

So when they are rejected, turned down, turned away, or lose it completely destroys their false narrative they tell themselves.

Think about it, if you foolishly thought you were indestructible, and you suddenly were defeated how would you feel?

This is what they are like, they believe nothing will happen to them and if it does, they did not deserve it.

I dated a narcissist who absolutely despised the feeling or rejection.

She hated it so much it was almost like she was being shot!

One time we were going out to a restaurant to eat, it was a spontaneous evening.

It was fully booked, and she kicked up a fuss:

“I am hungry, and I want to eat NOW!”

She shouted, screamed caused an almighty scene, it was humiliating.

However, the restaurant manager kept his cool and insisted:

“I am so sorry madame, but it is Saturday night you have not booked and we cannot accommodate you, but if you want to come another night I promise you a table.”

Sadly, it still wasn’t good enough for her:

“No, I wanted it now! NOW!”

We ended up getting a table and I was utterly humiliated.

She sat there still fuming and rudely talking to the staff.

She insisted to me, “I always get what I want, my parents, my friends, and you.”

In summary the narcissists cannot handle rejection due to their overwhelming sense of entitlement.

#3 – Exposure to Their Lies

Narcissists are unfortunately chronic liars, and they lie so much that they even end up believing their own lies.

One of my many ex narcissists that I dated was such an enormous and idiotic liar that when I called her out on it, she did not like it at all.

This specific ex-narcissist lied about the following:

Her job

Her ex boyfriends

Her past

Her family

Her financial situation

Her criminal history!

The worst part was there was a man I was about to do business with, we were talking about a deal and we kept it strictly professional aka he didn’t know much about my personal life nor me his at all.

Let us call him Frank for sake of argument (not his real name).

Then incredibly by pure luck my ex-narcissist informed me that she just “bumped into Frank,” walking down the high street who she happened to have known.

I pressed her how she knew him, and she said, “we were friends in college nothing more.”

I then asked Frank which I didn’t want to do, to which he admitted “yes we dated, it was a long time ago, I am married with children now, I swear nothing is going on.”

I pressed the narcissist more and more, but she kept denying it.

Until one day I exposed her for the lies, all of them.

How she said she was working when really, she worked part time.

How she lied about who she dated.

How she claimed she went to college but dropped out.

How her family were more toxic than she made out.

How she was actually in debt rather than as wealthy as she made out she was.

And so on and so forth.

Exposing a narcissist for their lies and deceit is unmasking them from the façade they want the world to see them as and showing what they truly are: Scumbags.

They are so foolish they genuinely believe that people will believe them because they will go to the end of the earths to cover up the dirt on themselves, but to the honest genuine people they can see through the lies.

In summary, when you expose them or call them on their lies, they absolutely crumble.

#4 – Lack of Attention

Narcissists thrive on any kind of attention, and if they are starved of any, they will do whatever they can to seek it more.

Social media is an enormous example of how these toxic people love to brag and gain attention.

Open your social media and I am sure you know the people who are showing off the most, posting constantly, and bragging about how amazing their lives are.

There is an INCREDIBLY good chance they are narcissists, but I’ll reserve judgement for now.

Attention of any kind, good or bad, is like a drug to a narcissist.

Whether it is likes on their social media, or a full-blown argument or episode of drama, it is STILL attention to them, and they are addicted to it.

But why is that?

Psychologists refer to this as “narcissistic supply.”

According to Wikipedia: “The attention they receive from the “supply source” is essential to the narcissist’s survival, without it they would die (physically or metaphorically) because it depends on their fragile ego to handle their unstable self-esteem.”

So why do no they not like not having attention?

For all narcissists, the attention of any people around them are their choice, it makes them feel alive, wanted and “loved.”

A narcissist thrives off compliments, sympathy, validation, reassurance, and even physical energy of any kind.

Remember they believe the entire universe revolves around them, they are the star of the show, they are the hero of the story aka life.

SO when that is removed for any reason or decreased they cannot handle it.

Unlike a normal human being they cannot deal with the lack of people looking, talking, or interacting with them.

They NEED it because that is the validation, they need to feel superior and admired by the world aka to feed their ego.

All of this comes down to that mainly, the feeding of their inflated ego.

It does not fit the narrative to be ignored or dismissed when in their mind they are the “king or queen of the entire universe.”

I knew one narcissist who had a death in her family, but because everybody was talking about the sad news, she could not handle it.

Therefore, she uploaded a risky picture of herself half naked saying “bored AF,” on her social media, because she could not handle nobody talking to her or about her.

In summary narcissists are all about them, regardless of any situation.

#5 – Your Success

Don’t you just hate envious people?

They are usually just so insecure that they cannot handle that you have any type of success big or small.

Why is that the case?

Because it makes them feel like they are failing in life, despite the fact they may even be doing better than you!

Narcissists are the worst when it comes to this too.

This all stems from their illusion of control of people, if they can control people and to use the analogy of chess again aka keep them as their pawns, they have nothing to worry about.

However, the more confident people get and achieve their goals, the more likely they will be smart enough and gain enough courage to walk away from the narcissist.

That is the real gist of it, they do not like any success at all that is big or small.

Because they see it as a threat.

You could have lost weight

Got a promotion

Overcome an obstacle

All that is doing is basically raising your self-esteem when the narcissist wants you to be miserable and feel like you cannot live without them.

I am here to tell you that you can, and you need to walk away from these parasites and go no contact as soon as humanely possible.

Do not waste your life around them or wanting to be near them.

Live your life and enjoy it narc free!

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