How to Make Him Concerned About Losing You

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How to Make Him Concerned About Losing You

This post is about how to make him concerned about losing you.

There are 4 logical and non-exploitive ways you can make your man genuinely concerned about losing you as his woman and improve your relationship.

In a recent study 75% of couples take their partner for granted.

That is men AND women.

Meaning that they just somehow believe that regardless how they treat each other or what liberties they take, they assume that they will still be together for the long haul.

I knew a guy who was exactly like this.

He married his high school sweetheart after being together for over ten years.

He was a nice guy, but just took her for granted:

He was out all the time with his friends

Never really tried around the house

Was very lazy

Never cleaned

Never cooked

Never kept his promises

He never cheated but was one of those guys who just assumed his wife and the love of his life will always be there for him no matter what.

And then one day she asked him about planning to have children, to which he lazily replied, “yes maybe one day.”

And with that she was fed up with how this man somehow felt just entitled to her, and she wanted to divorce.

Which she did, and she has now started dating other men.

How do you think this guy feels right now?

He feels depressed, mortified at the fact that he must start all over again with dating, and he cannot believe he took her for granted.

I am NOT suggesting you must divorce or breakup with your partner to make him concerned about you – not at all.

But it is sadly a common thing nowadays.

Most men when they get into a relationship get comfortable, but they also take their partners for granted way too much.

Good healthy relationships are a balance, you give and take, and you both equally put the work in to maintain it, HOWEVER If it is one-sided, or there is disrespect or abuse then there are some serious problems.

Here are 4 logical ways to make him concerned about losing you:

#1 – Get Busy

The busier you are the less time you will feel stressed, agitated, or concerned about anything, including your partner.

This is about approaching this entire concept in a good healthy way, not a manipulative or conniving one.

I want you to start getting busy irrespective of your situation.

There are so many things you can do to keep busy and no I am not saying you need to go to the bar with your friends every night and get drunk.

Although that would not hurt every now and again would it?

Here are some ways to keep busy:

Go to the gym

Meet friends for brunch

Learn how to bake

Work on a passion project

Self-care = massage, pedicure

Go shopping


Read a book

Write a book

Start a blog

Learn something new

There are plenty more ideas for you to keep busy, but you are most likely thinking, “how is this going to make him concerned about losing me?”

The point of this post is to make him remember how high quality a woman you are, and you have a lot to offer this world.

And by keeping busy you are coming across less needy.

But also, you are doing so in a classier way.

If you are someone who works from home for example, and he comes home to you painting a beautiful piece of art he will be stunned and impressed – maybe a little intimidated.

On the flip side if you start continually working out and getting into shape, he will notice it trust me on this.

We are not trying to get you to make him feel jealous or notice you.

We are trying to show that your life can be busy, and it certainly CAN be fulfilling with or without him.

You have a lot to offer this world, and show that by being creative, sociable, and productive.

#2 – Be Confident

In this post I am not insisting on any game playing or any type of manipulation at all to make your man concerned about losing you.

As a man myself I believe that will only hurt your relationship more rather than improve it.

So, when I am suggesting you to be confident, I mean really take some pride in who you are as a woman.

Regardless of how long you have been dating or in a relationship together, just remember that he deemed you attractive enough (inside and out), to want to pursue more with you.

That statement alone should be enough motivation to be prouder of who you are and how beautiful you are.

Here are some other ways to be more confident in your relationship:

Be less needy

Do not call or text as much

Trust him more

Keep busy

Get fitter

Improve your posture

Meditate to destress

Get your hair done

Use regular positive affirmations

Start a gratitude journal

Embrace your imperfections

Know you are good enough

The last statement is the most important, you are GOOD ENOUGH for him.

You are a catch.

You are attractive.

You are sexy.

You are abundant.

Give off these vibes effortless and naturally and watch as your man will be looking at you in a completely different way.

He will notice you will have a far more confident aura.

Whilst us men LOVE when our women chase after us, to be completely honest over time it can be very tiresome and annoying.

So, give off the vibes of being the amazing woman you truly are, embrace your confidence and watch how he will start treating you completely differently.

#3 – Space

If you are new to my content when it comes to dating and relationships, I have a mantra that I drum home to all my readers:

“Space is sexy.”

No matter how well you get along, no matter how much you love or need each other, I can assure you that space is sexy.

I never knew the concept of this until I got older.

Before I would always bombard a new woman I was seeing because I liked her so much and had so much fun with her that I never wanted to lose that feeling.

Would you say you have done the same?

I am not saying you are dull, but sometimes being together too much can really make your relationship go a bit sour.

People need a break from each other, even if it its just for 30 minutes.

When I was on vacation with one of my ex-girlfriends, I would insist on taking an hour away to go for a walk, grab a beer on the beach and unwind.

Usually I did this when she was getting ready for dinner that evening.

She didn’t like it at first as she was a bit scared of me being alone, but I insisted she did the same if she wanted to.

And every time I’d return, she would be there looking stunning with her dress on as we would go out in the evening for our dinner.

Just that little time away even though we are on vacation with each other brought us closer together!

You need to do the same, it will trigger a feeling of missing each other.

I am not saying go out to bar or nightclub every night and ghost his texts.

On the contrary just take a break from each other.

You do not need to do EVERYTHING together.

Go for a walk in the park.

Go for a jog.

Go to a coffee shop.

Go for a drive.

Go see a friend.

Go out to the shops.

I am telling you SPACE IS SEXY!

By breaking your interaction and being together you will think clearer and so will he.

I guarantee you he will miss you more and you him by doing this.

#4 – Be Happier

I know this may sound cliché but if you express happiness instead of neediness and worry you will make him more concerned about losing you.

Why is that?

Because everybody loves a happy person.

Everybody admires a happy person.

Everybody wants to stay with a happy person.

Nobody wants a drama queen, a toxic person, a narcissist god forbid.

Here are some excellent ways to be happier:

Be grateful you have a relationship at all

Put the focus on yourself

Laugh more

Smile more

Treat yourself more

Be more appreciative of the little things

Give to charity

Create healthy boundaries and stick to them

Improve yourself daily

Take calculated risks

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday and nobody else

Go with the flow

Happy couples stay together.

In summary I hope this post has helped because I am not suggesting for you to do anything that is manipulative aka game playing etc.

That is a quick fix but will involve long term problems.

Ultimately if your man does unfortunately lose you it is HIS loss, because if you are reading this right now it means you are trying to improve yourself and learn more about life.

So, pat yourself on the back, and regardless of your outcome, I hope you find happiness in your life.

Good luck!

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