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Things to Give Up To Live a Successful Life


Things to Give Up To Live a Successful Life

This post is about the things you need to give up to live a successful life.

There are seven particularly important things you need to remove and address in order to start living more successfully.

What is a successful life?

Being successful means accomplishing your desired goals, and dreams.

Success can also be obtaining a social status aka becoming famous.

The dictionary definition of success is: “attaining wealth, prosperity and/or fame.”

So in order to live a more successful life, there are certain sacrifices you need to make.

You need to some of the following:

Work hard

Take risks

Educate yourself

However, you also need to remove certain things that are holding you back.

A top-class athlete cannot be in their best shape possible if they drink and smoke every day.

A person who wants to save to fund a new start-up cannot do so if they are a gambling addict.

You get the picture.

However you define success whether it be fame, fortune, enough to retire, a business, a career change, a healthier body, a happy relationship, you too can do with giving up the things that are making your desires and goals a challenge.

I am fortunate enough to have learnt young what were things to avoid becoming successful, and I will use personal examples along the way of this post which had helped me.

I always defined success to me as the following:



Happy relationship

However, I was associating with things that were damaging my goals for success.

Regarding my health I was a gambling addict, which took a tremendous toll on me mentally and physically.

With my wealth and financial aspirations, wellbeing a gambling addict and dreadful at managing my money hurt me badly.

I have dated a few narcissists in my life, and believe you me, you will never be happy dating such a toxic individual.

With that being said, I addressed all these areas, and my life has dramatically improved.

Here are 7 things you need to give up to start living a more successful life:

#1 – The Illusion of Control

The ancient philosophy of Stoicism states that you are only in true control of what is going on inside of you rather than what is going on outside.

Aka the things stoics control is:

How you react to situations good or bad


Your personality

Your character

Your emotions

How somebody acts, what happens in the world natural and unnaturally are completely out of our control.

All we can do is show up and do our very best.

A tennis player may want to win a tournament, but the stoics believe that regardless of winning the trophy or not, if they try their very best, they are truly successful.

Learning this for me eliminated a lot of stress, anxiety and improved my perspective.

Giving up the illusion of control, especially when it comes to other people you can truly grab life by the horns for the better!

For example:

You get dumped – dust yourself off and know it is a part of life.

Your business fails – start from the bottom and go again.

You get rejected – keep trying, never give up.

None of this is in your control, but what is in your control however is how you respond to what life deals you.

#2 – Wasting Time

Procrastination is the killer of success and achievement.

Especially if you work for yourself.

Luckily, I have always been a self-motivated and very disciplined person as I work for myself.

If I do not do the work it doesn’t get done, it is that simple.

Here is a list of activities that are wasting your time, and ultimately costing you success:

Browsing social media



Doing other people’s work instead of yours!

Being indecisive

Saying yes to too many things

Going out to eat lunch all the time

Personal phone calls

Video games

Watching TV

Reading emails

Reading the news


Seeking arguments

Successful people do not waste their time on trivial activities that do not suit their needs, or the pursuit of their goals.

Their boundaries are so strong that they are not afraid to say no to things that are not going to help them achieve their goals.

Stop wasting your time today!

#3 – Not Taking Calculated Risks

There is a big difference between a risk and a calculated risk.

A risk can be anything, and I can use gambling as an example.

At the roulette table say you put all your money on black, statistically speaking you have a 50% chance of doubling your money.

This is extremely risky, and I do not condone gambling it is just an example.

But say instead you took your money and you invested 10% of your overall savings into an index fund, or a business, or real estate.

Over time, that business, real estate, or stock you invested in goes up and up.

What is more you will see a ROI eventually, especially if you are extremely patient.

My point being is if you never take a well thought out and smart calculated risk, you will be exactly where you are currently in 30 years’ time or more.

You will still earn the same amount of money, or worse less.

You won’t go for a promotion.

You won’t start a business.

You will be stale and a life without growth is a life not worth living.

Remember if you never take a risk do what is easy your life will be hard, but if you take the risk and do what is hard your life will be easy.

#4 – Thinking Short Term

One thing that really upsets me about most people is how short term their thinking is.

We live in a very “live for today,” culture.

The live for today culture has caused more debt, depression, and homelessness than ever before.

People do not think about tomorrow.

People do not save their money.

People only want to keep up appearances even if they cannot afford it.

People are also dreadfully impatient too.

For example, they will often work on something for a few days or at most a couple of months and eventually give up because success has not already fallen onto their laps.

This type of thinking will damage your bank balance, hurt your development, and leave you depressed and broke in the future.

Start thinking long term, plan, save, invest, grow, take calculated risks.

I am not saying live frugally and never spend money!

But if you do the work now, and save, and expand your portfolio you are almost bargaining with your future self which will thank and reward you for doing so.

#5 – Excuses

Excuses are for the weak minded, and you will never live a successful life if you keep making them.

Here are some typical excuses you need to remove from your life ASAP:

“I’m too old”

“I do not have the time”

“I’ll finish it tomorrow”

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m too young”

“I was born in the wrong area”

“I don’t have enough money”

“I can’t afford it”

“I am not smart enough”

“I don’t have the support”

“I’ll never make it”

“I don’t have the contacts”

Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity however will not.

#6 – Negative People

Nobody ever built a statue of a negative person.

Let that sink in, they are never remembered.

In fact, the sooner they are forgotten the better!

Negative and toxic people will hold you back, bring you down and sabotage your success.

I am dead serious if you surround yourself with negativity you will become a negative person.

Life is not worth being around such energy draining vampires.

You will never have a successful relationship working, living, or dating a negative person.

I can’t even socialize with such people, because I am a go getter, I am somebody who has huge goals and wants to achieve them.

Why would I waste my time, my life, my energy with somebody who thinks the complete opposite?

Stay away, remove, break up with, and walk away from negative people today!

I owe all my success to not just my own hard work but also having the strength to remove the bad and toxic people from my life when I needed to.

#7 – Toxic Habits

Unfortunately, there are certain toxic habits you may be participating in regularly that are causing enormous damage to your wellbeing and ultimately your success.

Remember the better you feel, the better you are in working hard to pursue your goals.

Toxic habits you need to give up to live a successful life include:

Excessive eating

Excessive smoking






Comparing yourself to others

Dwelling in past failures

Criticizing yourself

Never exercising


If you give up all I have suggested, I can guarantee you a far more successful life!

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