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How Silence Can Be Powerful | [The Power of Silence Motivation]

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How Silence Can Be Powerful

This post is about how silence can be SO powerful!

There are 4 reasons that explain the true power of silence!

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

Have you ever stopped to consider just how loud and noisy our lives are?

It does not really matter where you live in the world, but in most cities for sure there are noises and sounds constantly going off in our ears:

From cars and traffic

People walking and talking

Mobile phones



Construction work

Seriously next time you are outside just take notice of all the sounds and noises you hear.

How good would it be for you to just hear nothing instead?

Maybe that is exactly what you need to do.

In fact, if your life is particularly stressful, I would strongly recommend you do so.

If life is stressful for you, chances are you are always hearing:


Lots of conversations




Loud music

Again, these are normal everyday things in our lives, but once you realize the benefits and the true power of silence, you may want to seek it more.

Why do you think people like to escape on vacation or move to remote places in the world?

To get away from it all, but also to have “peace and quiet.”

Silence truly is golden.

If you think about it, there were most likely only a handful of moments in your entire life when you experienced pure silence.

And you maybe never realized just how beautiful a thing that is.

Here are 4 reasons why silence is and can be so powerful for your life:

#1 – Silence Rests and Relaxes You

When I was experimenting with silence I realized in my home and in my bedroom just around midnight when everything is switched off, and not even a clock is ticking, no dog barking, no weather conditional sounds either, there is pure silence.

And when I was fully engrossed in the silence and even in the darkness with all my windows and curtains closed, I realized something:

I was resting and relaxing.

There were no distractions aka no phones.

There was no conversations or chit chats as I slept alone.

Nothing whatsoever but pure silence.

And with that I could feel my body resting.

Whilst meditation with music etc may relax us sure, I realized the silence was so peaceful that my ears were the first to relax.

Goodness knows how much of a battering our ear drums have taken all our lives.

Next, I could feel my head soften too.

It was so therapeutic, and I began to breathe, and I also completely unwound.

My mind was racing immediately with thoughts that were dwelling right in the back of my brain, yet slowly but surely it soon passed.

And eventually I drifted off into a peaceful, deep, and thoroughly relaxing sleep.

Silence will relax and allow your body to rest.

Silence is automatically lowering your stress by not adding to it.

Silence is more “relaxing” for your entire body and brain than for example listening to any type of music – as measured by a lowering of blood pressure and increased blood flow to the brain.

I could feel my body almost thanking me for switching off.

If you are usually an agitated person this is an absolute game changer for you!

When I was going through a difficult and stressful period, I never truly realized how beautiful silence could be.

My personal recommendation would be to obviously try this when going to bed.

Hopefully where you sleep is not noisy either.

And get into bed leave your cell phone on the side and just lay back and embrace the silence.

It may feel a little weird or indeed awkward at first.

But slowly but surely you WILL settle into it.

Become comfortable in the silence, and your body will reward you for relaxing and resting.

#2 – Silence Helps you Think Clearer

By suffocating yourself in constant noise, how can you think clearly at all?

Answer = you cannot!

Whereas if you instead take the time whilst embracing silence to answer questions in your head, or situations in your mind, you can change your life.

We are drowned in the noise of advice, and our friends and family when we are dealt with a difficult problem or scenario.

When the answer can be staring us right in the face.

I will give you two personal examples.

This one I have referenced before in other content I’ve created, but my father was a very smart and logical thinker.

But without silence he would never have been able to think.

When we were dealt with a business emergency unlike something we had ever seen before, my father despite feeling stressed, agitated and extremely worried insisted that I leave him alone to collect his thoughts.

He sat in his office, switched his phone off and just sat in silence.

He stared blankly ahead and insisted I do not bother him.

Over a few hours later he called me to speak with him.

And he presented an amazing plan which we put into good use to get ourselves out of an almighty massive mess.

He thanked me for giving him the space to do so.

He said, “I would never have come up with this had I not had the silence to sit there and actually think clearly about what to do.”

I did the same a few months later when I was dating a narcissist girlfriend in the past.

My life was a complete mess when I was dating her, I was stressed, I was surrounded by drama, everything that could go wrong did go wrong, was a disaster.

But believe it or not after yet another drama filled evening, I was stuck inside somewhere without a mobile phone or anything as I waited to be let back into my building.

It was a quiet and peaceful evening and I was totally alone.

And with that I was alone with silence and my thoughts.

And almost like a sign from the universe, a voice spoke to me saying:

“This is not right SCG, you deserve better. You are extremely unhappy. Yes, this is a toxic relationship. You know you are wasting your time and hers by staying in this relationship. It is time to do the difficult but correct thing and walk away.”

And literally a day later I walked away from her, and my life changed for the absolute better.

Silence will help you think clearly, and it may even save your life.

#3 – Silence Improves Focus & Creativity

I am writing this very post in silence.

In fact, all my posts and the work I create for SCG Show is in complete silence.

I do not listen to music, I work entirely alone in my own office, and I have become more focused, more creative, and not to brag made my best work to date.

What is the alternative?

Loud music which will only distract you.

Noisy and annoying co-workers.

Naysayers who will feel envious of you doing something they won’t.

And so on.

When you are in a silent setting your focus improves dramatically.

There is nothing to do but the task at hand.

So, when I sit with a cup of coffee next to me, I immediately start researching and writing a blog post and then create a video for my YouTube channel.

There are no distractions and the only noise made is either my voice being recorded into the microphone for the video, or the sound of my fingers tapping away into my keyboard.

Of course, working for yourself requires an enormous amount of self-discipline which is a subject I have covered previously too.

And when I am in between creating content suddenly I will have a burst of inspiration.

And then I will plan to do that the next day.

Or I will go back and improve on previous content.

Or I will in fact be inspired to make a new version of a popular post or video.

The silence in my work setting is therapeutic but makes me a more productive and creative person overall.

I am not saying never listen to music or work in a remote cabin in the woods.

But sometimes you should entertain the idea of working alone in silence.

Some people I know from working alone have been able to achieve the following:

More financial freedom

The motivation to change careers

More promotions in their line of work

Just think about what you can accomplish even with your own hobbies or side hustles by doing so in silence.

Find a good workspace or station, make sure its quiet, and witness the magic unfolding before your very eyes.

I assure you; you will be amazed by what you will accomplish!

#4 – Silence Gets Attention

Perhaps you are talking to somebody yet the conversation feels flat?

Perhaps people don’t really engage with you much in your group?

Maybe you talk too much, and people hardly listen?

Let me give you a powerful secret:

Silence gets attention.

In fact, space away from people is sexy too.

It creates mystery, and people will immediately find you more curious and want to know where you are, what you are doing etc.

When it comes to dating, silence is a powerful tool.

Especially when things are going sour.

A guy I was coaching was talking to a girl and she was acting aloof, cold and disinterested for no apparent reason.

He had no idea what to do, he showered her with gifts, attention yet she only got worse and pulled away more.

So, I insisted her message her the following:

“Speak to me when you’re better have a good day.”

And with that the guy went about his life and went completely silent with her.

No more calls, no more texts, no social media messages nothing = just silence.

What do you expect happened?

A few days later she messaged him the following:

“Hey, you ok?? Haven’t heard from you last few days?? I’m free tonight shall we go grab that drink we were planning to have?”

Silence GETS attention, regardless of your background, situation, gender and so on.

People cannot resist a person who has the confidence and the ability to just go silent.

This can often be referred to in the dating world as the no contact rule.

And I assure you it works on anybody:


Work colleagues

Your Boss

Your Friends

So, the next time you are not getting anywhere with something or somebody despite trying your best, give them the silent treatment, and be patient and watch them come back to you!

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