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Why You Must Quit Social Media

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Why You Must Quit Social Media

This post is about why you must quit social media.

There are 5 important and life changing reasons on why you should seriously consider quitting social media.

Full disclosure this does not apply to people who use social media for business reasons, this only really is meant for those who use it on a personal level.

When I gave up social media almost two years ago it was the happiest decision I had ever made in years.

I had found that previously I was constantly (like a disgusting habit) checking up on other people what they were up to, where they were going etc.

I felt like a stalker!

And yet, when I gave it up, I never felt the need to do anything similar to what I was doing before.

In fact, I grew as a person.

I felt more mature.

I felt more confident.

I felt like a better person.

There are 5 important elements as to why you should quit using it on a personal level, but I get these questions all the time.

“But how will I stay in touch with people?”

“What if I get forgotten?”

“What if people think I am weird?”

Newsflash = your true friends know how to contact you.

You will only be forgotten by the fake people who never valued you to begin with.

And if people find you strange who cares, you should not care what anybody thinks of you, especially over something so superficial.

Some of my closest friends have no social media profiles and have never even bothered to create one.

They are successful.

They are happy.

They are popular.

They live a good fulfilling life.

So why can’t you?

The answer is you can do this too, but perhaps you have lacked the motivation of the real reasoning to do so, don’t worry I got you covered my friend.

Here are 5 reasons why you must quit social media:

#1 – Fake Relationships

When I announced to some people, I used to talk to all the time on social media I was going to quit I was met with the following:

“Nooo, you are crazy! Please don’t go!”

And I insisted to them all to contact me on my cell phone or email worst case scenario.

How many of them did?


Fact is social media is not a true or real representation of a relationship or friendship at all.

In fact, it is completely superficial and fake.

The average person has logged into Instagram for example to either upload a picture or to look at their news feed.

And just because you happened to have messaged them there and then they will spare that moment to reply to you.

That person has not actually thought about you, cared about you, or is genuinely interested in you or what you have to say.

All you did is catch their attention for a split second.

This is the epitome of fake.

These people do not care about you, they care about likes, comments and followers.

If they cared, you would not be feeling like you do.

That is why it is paramount to drum it home into your head that social media “friends,” and followers are not your real friends.

They are collection of addicts all on a platform at the same time, wasting time together.

You are no different to them.

A real genuine friend however is somebody who is there for you and wants what is best for you too.

They call you or meet up regularly.

They support you and cheer you up when you are down.

They complement your life.

A true friend knows that whether you are on their social media or not that you will be there for them, and them for you.

That is friendship, that is real, not a digital fake friendship.

And you also do not need lots of people to be friends, so if you have thousands of followers, it means nothing because it is NOT real.

My father used to say you can count your best friends on one hand, and if you can do that, that is all you ever need.

#2 – You Will Become More Productive

I got into the habit on weekdays after work just crashing on the sofa and chilling out.

I used to be a real busy body, but as I got older, I really fell in love with my own company and doing my own thing.

But as I did so, I realized how much time I was spending on my smart phone.

And the answer was, way too much!

And in return I spent too much time on social media.

Without even realizing it I would crash from exhaustion after a hard day’s work and training and just whip my phone out and suddenly an hour has gone.

All I had done was mess around on social media.

And that is where the habit formed.

I’d lay down, social media.

I’d be travelling, social media.

I’d be sat waiting somewhere, social media.

And so on, and so on.

When I quit, I decided to replace the habit with something productive.

And for me that was reading.

I read at least 30 minutes every single day or a chapter of something to occupy my brain.

So instead of reaching for my phone I would instead reach for a book.

Or I would reach for a tablet and read on kindle.

This was so hard at first, because I was so used to talking to people or just scrolling on mind numbing jargon and garbage.

I was so used to it.

But instead after picking up a book I realised I could use the time I wasted on social media to be more productive.

Pretty soon I was playing my guitar.

Then I was drawing or painting.

Or learning a new language.

Or playing video games.

Or watching a documentary.

I improved my work.

My point was I had increased my productivity massively ever since I quit.

Just think about what you could accomplish instead of just staring blankly at your phone or computer on social media, and the answer is a hell of a lot!

#3 – It is a Waste of Time!

If you are not a brand or a business looking to find leads or customers let me ask you a question:

What is the point of social media?

Is it to make friends?

Feel more involved?

Feel popular?

Meet people?

I get it that it is an easier way to get in touch with people you met on vacation or from high school but what is genuinely the point on a personal level?

I got an answer for you:

There is no real point to social media!

Sadly, it is a massive waste of time, and energy.

You are better off doing almost anything that is not harmful to your health than wasting it scrolling on social media.

#4 – It Decreases Your Self-Esteem

Did you know that excessive use of social media can damage your confidence and increase your anxiety?

This is because most people are comparing themselves to other people.

In a recent study 90% of Instagram users are subconsciously comparing their lives to their friends and followers.

And here is the sick part, they are jealous of them too.

You may be the happiest and most successful person, but log onto social media and all you see are good looking, more successful, more popular, and happier people, this is not good for confidence at all.

And when things are down, or we feel depressed logging onto social media can only make us feel so much worse because of the fear of missing out.

So why would you want to waste your time on apps or websites that make you feel bad about yourself?

And social media is a breeding ground for narcissistic and self-absorbed people, who are some of the worst you can find.

Increase your self-esteem by doing things you love.

Increase your self-esteem by improving yourself.

Increase your self-esteem by practicing gratitude.

And always remember, nobody posts their failures on social media, and below the likes and pictures people are truly suffering.

#5 – It is Addictive which is Unhealthy

As a former gambling addict who is now totally clean to realize that social media is addictive was so upsetting and unhealthy.

To feel the need to have to sign in regularly and check it subconsciously is almost sickening.

Any form of addiction whether smoking, or gambling or even social media must be treated with seriousness.

Without realizing 90% of social media users are addicted.

They are addicted to the likes.

They are addicted to the followers.

They are addicted to the whole damn façade.

But why shouldn’t they!?

Social media gives us a false sense of belonging, and satisfaction.

The endorphins you get from love you can get from getting thousands of likes on a profile picture.

Or some people even become addicted to the number of followers they can get.

A pretty girl I know slipped into a depression because she went from 100 to 10,000 followers in over one week.

It was such a high for her, and she was thrilled to bits!

But despite hitting such a huge milestone so quickly (only because she looked good), she slipped into a depression afterwards thinking nothing will ever come close to that euphoria.

That is what social media is, just one big fat lie, which is there to make you think you need it more than you do.

As a former gambling addict, I see the similarity in relation to addiction:

You are convinced you need social media to be happy.

You are convinced you cannot survive without it.

You believe social media is essential to living.

You believe whenever you are sad or depressed you need to log onto social media.

You are better than social media.

You do not need anything digital or external to live a good prosperous life.

Take it as seriously as I took my addiction.

You can live an incredible life, without social media.

Log off today!

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