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The Most Effective Ways to Manifest a Relationship


The Most Effective Ways to Manifest a Relationship

This post is about the most effective ways to manifest a relationship.

There are 5 highly effective ways for you to manifest love and a relationship.

For those doubting if manifesting works, I am telling you that it is real, and if you tap into it effectively you will be amazed by the results!

Unfortunately, the law of attraction gets a lot of criticism, people often say:

  • It is a scam
  • It is fake
  • It is a lie
  • It does not work
  • It is just a money-making scheme

Sadly, like all industries you are always going to get people selling courses or their services.

I am not one of those people, I want to assure you the law of attraction is real, and manifesting does work!

In fact, manifesting can work for all aspects of your life:

  • Career
  • Money
  • Opportunities

You must realize who are the fake gurus and who are the genuine people.

Remember the fake gurus tease you with their tips and tell you if you want to learn more to buy their courses or coaching services.

The genuine people who want to help you provide as much value as possible without wanting anything in return especially your credit card details!

So, what I am getting at is please start thinking more open minded and trust the process.

Because you CAN manifest your dreams.

You CAN manifest love!

You CAN manifest a relationship!

You will be astounded by your abilities and what your imagination can truly create!

Our thoughts really DO become our reality!

We can either improve our lives by our thoughts and actions or god forbid sabotage them at the same time!

Note: this is not a fluff post about just thinking positive.

It is more than that, it is an adjustment on your thinking, your overall behaviour, your overall lifestyle.

We are eliminating the behaviours that are ruining your relationship chances and improving them by providing good and proper actions to take.

Here are the 5 most effective ways to manifest a relationship:

#1 – Love Yourself First

There is an old saying “you can never truly love somebody until you love yourself first.”

This is so damn true!

How can you love another person and have a good healthy and happy relationship when you may be riddled with insecurities etc.

You are almost destroying your chances from the very beginning.

Any potential partner will immediately pick up on this from you and start to either push away or worse break up with you for somebody else.

I had this problem growing up a lot.

I was always full of insecurities and anxiety, and I genuinely believed that when I started dating somebody or was in a relationship of any kind all of that would go away.

How wrong was I!

A relationship will not solve all your problems, the buck stops with you and you alone my friend!

You need to come to terms with who you truly are and look in the mirror and accept who you are.

Here are some fantastic affirmations to say to yourself every single day, to improve your self-love.

By doing this daily for at least 21 days straight will automatically rewire your brain to start thinking differently:


You need to start convincing yourself you are worthy of love, and you are truly a wonderful person who would be a catch for almost anybody.

On top of these daily affirmations start DOING things you love more.

If you LOVE to shop treat yourself to something you want or go somewhere you always wanted.

If you want to travel alone, now is the time!

Enjoy YOURSELF not what others want you to do.

So, repeat the affirmations daily, and start treating yourself to the point where you are fully in love with the person who looks back at you in the mirror.

#2 – Be Clear on What You Want

Most people in life are completely unsure about what they want, in fact they cannot even decide what to eat for dinner!

When it comes to relationships however, this severe lack of clarity and clear minded decision making can be detrimental to your manifestations.

Most people say the following:

“I want a boyfriend”

“I want a girlfriend”

“I want something casual”

“I want a wife”

“I want a husband”

“I want a living partner”

“I want someone to start a family with”

Whilst this is rather specific believe it or not it is still too vague.

For example, a close friend of mine is a beautiful woman who was desperate for a husband.

She would not stop going on about how she wanted a husband so badly.

Then she met a guy and immediately rushed into marriage with him only to find out 6 months later they are getting divorced because they were NOT a good match.

Of course, you can choose a specific person in your manifesting on what you want but it is better to be crystal clear on what you want, rather then just desperately wanting anyone.

Because the universe WILL answer your wish and send you anybody, but they will not be the right match.

You want to be extremely clear and specific about what you want in a relationship.

For Example:

“I want a Christian, loyal, local, tall athletic man to date.”

“I want a family orientated, feminine, petite woman to date.”

Be specific as much as possible!

Write a list of exactly what you look for in a partner and have that goal in mind.

Do NOT make it superficial, because dating an attractive partner will not make you happy.

They need to have the qualities you value for a relationship.

We are not manifesting a one-night stand here or a fling.

We are trying to manifest something pure, something that will benefit your life in the long run.

So, write down and be as clear and specific as possible of what you want from someone in a relationship and keep those thoughts on repeat in your mind.

#3 – Be Patient and Believe

99% of people give up after the first hurdle when things get challenging in life.

This can be their hobbies, careers, making friends, and especially dating.

I know the feeling, dating sucks especially when you are not getting exactly what you are trying to manifest a good happy relationship.

You go on a string of bad dates and feel frustrated, annoyed and you just want to give up and remain single or only stick to casual fun for the rest of your life.

Listen each to their own, but if you genuinely want to manifest a relationship you need to start practising patience and believing that the law of attraction works.

Here are some great ways to become more patient while you are single.

Start acting more selfish

What if I told you that tomorrow you will be with your true love for the rest of your life?

Of course, you will be delighted but there are so many things a single person cannot do when in a relationship.

That is why you need to get into the mindset that your single days are coming to an end.

Therefore start acting more selfish!

Do what you want, go what you want, treat yourself to what you want!

This mindset will take you out of the focus of doom and gloom and into one of abundance.


Like the selfish mindset, hobbies can come to an abrupt halt when you are married with kids.

So, you need to throw yourself into things you always wanted to do right now!

When I was single, I learnt to play guitar, and funnily enough this only made me more attractive to all potential women I was dating.

Distract yourself with hobbies and self-interests so you can start enjoying life more than being depressed about not being in a relationship now.


There is never a better time to improve yourself when you are single.

Or better yet right after a breakup.

Now is the time to follow through on that workout plan.

Now is the time to make that career change.

Now is the time to go all in on that business idea.

When you are down, and miserable people will pick up on that negative vibe.

But if you are soaring high like a powerful falcon you are unstoppable AND more attractive.

For me I was once working out and in my fittest shape straight after a breakup and met a dated of women at my spin class!

#4 – Have Standards and Gratitude

There are a lot of narcissistic, sociopathic, toxic, and malevolent people out in the world.

And if you are not careful, you will attract them into your life!

That is why you must have standards.

By having realistic standards and not superficial standards you will encourage the RIGHT partner into your life instead of the wrong one.

If you are vague and say to yourself “I want just a boyfriend/girlfriend,” the universe will send you anybody who is available.

And if you are so desperate you will end up with this person and probably either be cheated on, breakup, or be downright miserable.

Because you just settled.

Now I am not saying go for the alpha male or the best-looking women only.

But have the standards for you.

If you despise smoking and drinking do not settle for the hot person who does.

If you have boundaries in place from the beginning, not only does it come across more attractive for you, but it will manifest the RIGHT person into your life.

Remember we are manifesting a relationship here, not a fling.

So, we want the best possible partner for US, not our parents, our friends, or our social media.

It does not matter how they look or what they do for work.

What matters is how they make us feel, and as my father used to say, “you will know straight away when you have met the one.”

And, on this subject you need to start being more grateful.

By being grateful for the following things you are giving off the right energy for the universe to manifest your ideal partner and relationship:

  • Be grateful you are not divorced
  • Be grateful you are not being abused
  • Be grateful you are not with a toxic person
  • Be grateful you are not a single parent
  • Be grateful you have not been scammed out of money
  • Be grateful you are not in an unhappy marriage
  • Be grateful you have your health
  • Be grateful you have no baggage
  • Be grateful you have time to meet the right person

Practicing gratitude is not only an amazing way to manifest love, but it is also a great way to live your life too.

So have boundaries and standards, raise them if need be, and be grateful that at any moment you will have met your ideal mate.

#5 – Live in the End

If you are new to my content you may not know that I always preach that the fastest, most powerful, and effective way to manifest a relationship is to live in the end.

What I mean by living in the end is you must start acting as if you already ARE in a relationship!

I know this sounds crazy, but it totally works!

If you are currently wallowing in self-pity, and so upset and depressed that you are single, you are only going to keep attracting that sort of negative energy and severe lack of opportunities into your life.

If instead however you start acting and feeling like you are in a loving relationship that is where miracles happen.

What you are doing is showing the universe that you trust in it, and you will be rewarded for it.

So, start acting right now regardless of your circumstance or situation you ARE in a loving, happy relationship.

How good does make you feel?

How happy are you because of it?

And go and live your life as if you are with a special somebody.

I swear to you by acting that you already are in a relationship you will manifest more dates, more opportunities, and more abundance into your life.

Do NOT be surprised if you start seeing somebody in the next 30 days as a result.

Live in the end, act as if love has already come your way, you are married, have kids whatever you want!

It is YOUR imagination, YOUR manifestation!

Live in the end, and watch it come to life like magic!

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