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5 Reasons Why Self-discipline is SO Important

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5 Reasons Why Self-discipline is SO Important

This post is about why self-discipline is so important.

There are 5 particularly important reasons why improving yourself and self-discipline overall can improve your life.

Let me give you a personal example:

When my friend Frank was younger all he ever wanted to do was become a Doctor.

It was his dream job, his parents really believed in him and he already had his life panned out for him from a young age.

He was going to finish school, then go to university and study until he became a fully qualified Doctor.

In fact, Frank later decided to become a surgeon, to quote him “I want to try and save people’s lives, that is my goal.”

However, Frank came from a poor background, meaning the student loans alone would crush him financially if he never became a surgeon.

Plus, Frank had a dyslexia and an array of learning disabilities, and for those who do not know, usually it can take up to 7 years of study to become a qualified Doctor.

It was an ambitious dream, and some called it unrealistic.

That did not stop Frank, and he worked harder than anybody else when it came to his studying.

In fact, whenever had an assignment to do, it would take him twice as long as the other students.

His lecturers constantly told him to give up, it was never going to happen.

But he chose not to quit, and through hard work and an amazing amount of Self-discipline, Frank has been a practicing surgeon and one of the leading Doctors in his field of work.

Motivation can only carry us so far, we can be so pumped up to do something one day, and utterly lazy and useless the next!

With Frank despite his shortfalls and many problems to overcome, he knew that it would be his grit and determination that was going to eventually carry him to his goal:

By getting up every day and studying, and by ignoring the naysayers and keep going.

By working part time in pubs and bars to pay for his extra tuition he so desperately needed.

When life was telling him no and it was a foolish dream, Frank said yes.

I can almost relate to Dr Frank as I used to get up every day and work on the SCG SHOW blog and YouTube channel when I had no visitors or subscribers at all in the beginning.

But it is about keeping going and thinking long term.

Most people are too short term and think about the today and are too lazy to grind.

However, if you are disciplined and willing to work hard, you can have an extraordinary life.

Here are the 5 reasons why self-discipline is so important:

#1 – Improves your Overall Wellbeing

Self-discipline can catapult you from being on the brink of death to a longer, healthier, and more prosperous life.

By disciplining yourself to a diet, a fitness program, or a simple 30-minute brisk walk daily, you are adding good solid years and benefits to your overall health.

Most people assume that because they pay for a gym membership every month that miraculously they will lose weight and become shredded!

Not in the slightest!

The gym is a tool, there is so much more in losing weight and all require a certain amount of self-discipline:

  • Dieting and Counting Calories
  • Regular Training
  • Cardio
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching
  • Rest and Recovery

Most people sign up to a new gym on January 1st every new year and give up by February.

By being disciplined you can say no to the foods that are killing you, no to the cigarettes that are destroying your lungs, and no to the poisonous alcohol that is destroying your liver.

I mentioned overall wellbeing because discipline applies to all aspects of our lives.

I was a former gambling addict and I had struggled to quit my entire adult life.

However, once I started learning the right way to approach an addiction, I had become clean and had no desire to ever gamble again.

My point being here is it was the discipline and will power as well that has kept me clean.

If you are suffering from an addiction it will take a huge amount of discipline to overcome that.

You will have to do the following:

  • Get Sober and Cut off Supply
  • Stop Associating with Toxic Influences
  • Get Regular Therapy
  • Completely Change your Lifestyle

All the above requires self-discipline!

Even leaving a toxic partner or relationship requires the discipline to stay away and never look back, and if you are with a narcissist or sociopath, breaking away can be one of the most challenging and difficult things you can do!

But with the right amount of discipline by remaining no contact, and moving on slowly and steadily, you are setting yourself up for a healthier and happier life overall.

So, in summary self-discipline can improve your overall wellbeing.

#2 – Career Success

Since I already touched on academic success with Dr Frank, I thought I would go into detail of how self-discipline can improve your career.

This can be applied to the people in business for themselves, or in a job.

I know a guy who wanted to work with cars in media (which was his passion).

He absolutely adores all cars and is a complete nerd about them, knowing a little too much if you ask me!

But he graduated in Film and realized that he had no real qualification to do with his passion.

He was offered jobs for some of the biggest movie studios in the world, yet his dream was to write about and talk about cars.

So, he offered his CV to some of the biggest car publications around, and sadly they all rejected him.

They thought his studies and CV looked too “artsy,” and they believed he was not a right fit for what they were looking for.

Therefore, frustrated by his constant rejection he went straight home and spent an entire year blogging about cars.

He set up a blog and got a job at a film studio to pay his bills.

It was long arduous and tiring hours, but it never stopped him.

His goal and dream were to work with cars.

If he came home at midnight, he would stay up until 2am blogging about the latest car releases or news.

Suddenly after a year of hard work and self-discipline he had an entire blog of posts that was getting traffic and shares too!

With that he monetized his site with ads and got himself a nice passive income on the side!

And luckily one day he opened his emails to find a HUGE car publication loved the work he had done on his blog and hired him to become one of the editors.

Now he spends his days driving some of the most beautiful cars in the world to review them!

In fact, they give them to him for the weekend and he can go and do whatever he likes!

He is being paid to drive Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s every week!


But if it were not for the discipline and determination to work early hours and on his time off to show how he was so good at writing about cars, it would never have happened.

So, he gets paid for his blog, AND his job, AND he gets to drive the best cars in the world.

Not bad for a film major eh?!

You can achieve these sorts of goals too!

In summary self-discipline can bring you amazing career and business success!

#3 – Self-Discipline Creates a Habit

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, and that is 100% accurate and the truth.

Habits are so important for your life for many reasons:

  • They can help fight addictions
  • They can help you become healthier
  • They can help you build a business
  • They can help your mental health
  • They can help you learn a skill

The habit of picking up a guitar and despite being utterly useless and practicing every single day was one of the most rewarding things I ever did.

Things are difficult in the beginning, and challenging, but if you stick with it, and keep going you will be amazed in the long run.

When I first uploaded a video to our YouTube, I had no idea how to do it, what to do, and it took hours.

But over 100 uploads later, and I can almost do it with my eyes closed.

So be disciplined to stick with things and naturally you will realize you are doing things and they have become a staple of your lifestyle.

If you go 21 days without smoking you can perhaps go 21 years without doing that too!

All it takes is the determination and discipline to stick with it, and you will eventually see some amazing results.

#4 – Self-Discipline Makes you Feel Good

The worst part of getting up early in the morning and going for a jog is not the actual jog itself, but the actual getting out of bed and not hitting the snooze!

Crazy right?!

Because once you start jogging or working out you start feeling good, and when you come home later to rest or begin your day you are so grateful for having done it!

That is the key here, being disciplined will make you feel good.

You will feel good about accomplishing something.

You will feel good about not engaging in toxic and damaging activities.

You will feel good about seeing results.

Just last week of me writing this I celebrated a year anniversary of walking away from a toxic narcissist partner.

The discipline I displayed by not contacting them, not seeing them, not going back to them especially with a narcissist was impressive.

Sorry to toot my own horn, but I am only emphasising how good it feels and how proud one can be by staying with something that is hard and challenging.

Remember this quote: “if you do what is easy your life will be hard, but instead if you do what is hard your life will be easier!”

#5 – Bargain with the Future

What if I told you that you can bargain with the future?

Yes, I am deadly serious, you can bargain with the future if you make the sacrifice today.

So, let us use a ten-year example.

Regardless of where or what your situation is now if you apply the discipline to your life for the following for ten years:

  • Save Money
  • Eat Healthier
  • Learn More
  • Take More Calculated Risks
  • Exercise More
  • Earn More Money
  • Curb Bad Habits
  • Improve your Social Circle

If you stick with all or most of this is where you will be in ten years’ time:

  • You Will Be Wealthier
  • You Will Feel Better
  • You Will Be Smarter
  • You Will Have More Wisdom
  • You Will Be Fitter
  • You Will Have More Income
  • You Will Be Mentally Stronger
  • You Will Be Happier

If you make the sacrifice now and be disciplined to stick with it, just think about how much better and more amazing your life will be.

It is extremely powerful to apply this to your life.

Your future self now is already thanking you and telling you how much better their lives are, and it is thanks to you!

Yes, you can improve your life from this very moment by bargaining with the future!

This is YOUR life; you can do anything you set your mind to!

In summary, bargain with the future aka do the work make the changes now for amazing life term benefits.

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