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It is one of the oldest cliché sayings ever, “life is too short.”

While that is true, sadly in an age where the coronavirus pandemic has killed as of me writing this almost 500,000 people globally life has got incredibly shorter!

And here is the kicker, it was already too damn short!

Besides that, lets look at the grander scheme.

This is how your life normally pans out:

You become born, and you lay there in your crib, dribbling, smiling, sleeping, eating most of the day.

And whilst your brain is slowly developing you think to yourself you cannot wait to start walking.

Your parents, everybody around you seem to able walk, but you can’t, and you know your life will truly begin when you start walking.

Few months later you have mastered walking, and you are now thinking there must be something missing from your life, and that is communication.

So, once you start talking hell that is when you really are going to be living a good life.

Now you muster up sentences, are walking around, you are truly living the best life, until you hear about preschool.

Because other kids and learning is the way forward, up to now you have not truly lived until you go to preschool.

So now you are at preschool and you are surrounded by other kids, and you get to play, learn, have a busy day.

But it is not enough because you want to go to the bigger school, where all the older kids are, that is when your life will truly begin.

So not only do you do that, but you insist that your parents do not walk or drive you, and that you go alone, because once you do that that is when your life truly begins!

But even though you are walking to school alone, and you are learning more, you look at that high school you pass every day or know a few people who attend it.

And you think “I am not truly living my life until I go to high school, that is when my life will really truly begin for me!”

So finally, you are at high school, with the older kids, you have got exams, you have got more friends, more responsibility, you are a teenager!

Is not it awesome!

But…. driving.

Adults should drive, how can I be really living my life if I do not learn to drive and have a car?

I tell you; life will only begin when I start driving to school or to see my buddies etc.

I am not living until that happens = you tell yourself.

So as your best school years end, you cannot help but think about college.

The dorm rooms, the parties, the piece of paper to make my parents proud, I have not truly lived until I check in on campus.

My life WILL start at college, absolutely!

So you go to college and it whizzes by in a flash, but all that time you’ve been thinking “when I finish college, I got to move out, I can’t live at home anymore!”

Your parents receive the news and you tell them “I am not truly living until I have my own place.”

Therefore, you get the moving van, all your boxes and off you go!

Casa del you!

You can do whatever you like, walk around naked, fart, have parties!

No more rules!

Life has begun!

But you are a bit bored.

You don’t want a roommate, instead you want an actual mate.

You want to date somebody, and hopefully it goes somewhere!

That is when life begins when you start dating somebody on a serious basis, no fooling around.

So, you kiss a couple of frogs until finally you met the one, and now life has begun for you!

But wait, I cannot be serious until we make it official.

You now have a partner on board who agrees “life will be better and begin for us both once we are married.”

Assuming you have a healthy relationship, you throw a huge expensive and extravagant wedding to express your love for each other.

But sooner or later it’s not enough.

Nope, not being married, the wedding, having your soul mate something is missing.

Starting a family, children that is the key.

You’ve wasted your life up until now!

Life will be better when a child or children come into your life.

So, after starting the breeding process and 9 months later you hold your bundle of joy in your arms.

“Finally I am living,” you mutter under your breath.

But, kids are expensive, I can’t afford to support them on my salary.

You hate your job, you know you need a new career.

That is the moment when your life begins, when you start that new job or career you always wanted.

But despite a better salary, and long arduous hours, you realize you have outgrown your home.

That very home you begged for when you first wanted to move out.

I tell you what, life will truly be amazing when you have your own big house, with a hefty mortgage.

That is what I need – you tell yourself.

But years pass by, and suddenly you are thinking “boy when I retire, wow that is when my life will begin!”

And suddenly, you are retired, and you sit in your armchair and think “where did the years go?”

And you reminisce.

You think back on all those moments and wonder where the hell did they go!?

Why was I looking ahead and not enjoying what I had?

Why was I not grateful?

Why did I keep thinking my life will improve only if I follow the familiar patterns most people do?

Only to then be old and full of regrets such as:

I should have travelled more

I should have written that book

I should have married that person instead

I should have started my own business

I should have sorted out my addiction

Life is short and you will look back on it full of regrets if you are constantly looking at what you need rather than what you have.

The key is balance, I am not saying improve but for god’s sake smell the roses.

You can do everything right, and all of a sudden, a pandemic happens god forbid and rocks your world.

Do the right thing, do the business, write the book, travel, take the leap of faith.

Otherwise you will constantly be saying to yourself “what if?”

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