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How to Get a Text from a Specific Person

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How to Get a Text from a Specific Person

This post is about how to get a text from a specific person.

I will give you 5 tips on how to get a text from a specific person, plus one POWERFUL bonus tip that is sure to work no matter what!

To get a text from your specific person is far easier than you may have assumed.

I remember being in this exact situation countless times in the past.

I had no idea what to do, how to get that specific girl I liked to text me first.

Instead like a fool I would listen to my friends or worse my family and go and stupidly go and mess everything up.

So, I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through.

You are most likely feeling:

  • Insecure
  • Worried
  • Jealous
  • Confused
  • Depressed
  • Alone
  • Angry
  • Doubtful

The reason behind this post is I want to eliminate all those feelings by promising you what I am going to teach you works 100%!

All I need from you is for you to be open-minded.

Once you start tapping into the power of the law of attraction you will be astounded.

You will start questioning why you did not start this sooner.

So please follow the instructions properly and accurately.

If you feel like you made a mistake you can always start again, do not stress.

And yes, there is a wrong way of doing this, and that is believing that this does not work and a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Since applying this to my life I have manifested so many texts, people, opportunities, and positive events into my experience.

You can do this too!

So please eliminate your doubt, do not worry, and trust the process.

Remember I want you to think very clearly of your specific person you want to get your text from.

Have a crystal-clear image of who you want this text to come from, be as detailed and specific as you can.

Here are the best ways to get a text from your specific person:

#1 – Do Not Force Anything

Whether you have been ghosted, ignored, blocked or whatever does not mean you can physically do anything to change that.

That is why you must NOT force anything or try to do anything different.

Instead I want you to do absolutely nothing at all but the rest of these instructions!

Here are some examples of what NOT to do:

  • Do not text your specific person
  • Do not call your specific person
  • Do not contact your specific person on social media
  • Do not like or comment on your specific person’s social media pages
  • Do not try to grab their attention on social media
  • Do not stalk or drive by or near your specific person

All the above is only going to damage and ruin your chances of getting a text from them.

Some will advise you to do some of the above, but if you want this to work please do not force anything whatsoever and just follow my advice.

#2 – Keep Busy

Most likely if you are lay down on your couch or bed pondering about your specific person NOT texting you, you are feeling hurt and a little bit depressed.

However, life is TOO short to wallow in your self-pity!

If you want to manifest that text from your specific person, you need to keep yourself busy!

That means you need to live your life as if you are not concerned about their text.

By keeping busy you are sending out an important and vital signal to the universe.

And that signal is = “I am happy regardless of what happens!

By showing the universe that you can perfectly live your life as normal AND abundantly without your specific person texting you, you will be greatly rewarded.

I remember not getting a text from a specific person in the past, and I felt insecure, upset, worried and depressed.

But then I decided to live my life:

  • I went hiking
  • I went shopping
  • I was working hard
  • I was seeing friends
  • I went out to eat
  • I went out for drinks
  • I was seeing other women!

And one fateful evening 2 weeks afterwards when I was out with a friend that specific person lo and behold texted me asking me to meet up!

#3 – Visualize your Specific Person Texting You

We are now going to start using the power of your imagination to make your manifestation come to life.

I want you to create a clear image of your specific person.

Visualize them as if they are standing right in front of you right now.

Every detail is important, from their dress sense, to their face, eyes, hair, everything.

The more detailed and clear the image is, the better!

Next, I want you to imagine them in a place, perhaps they are in their home, or out somewhere, again be specific.

And then I want you to see them reach for their phone, and start texting you.

Yes, they are smiling sat there with their thumbs twiddling away sending you and specifically you a text message.

Try paint this image as crystal clear as you can in your mind.

This is the first step in getting the universe to get your message from your specific person.

#4 – Visualize Yourself Receiving the Text from your Specific Person

Now it is your turn to imagine your phone vibrating or making the sound it normally makes and imagine you are receiving that very text from your specific person.

So, visualize picking up your phone and smile as you see a text from that specific person on the notifications on your phone.

You are happy in fact you are delighted!

I want you to fully embody the emotions that you will receive from getting that text!

Seriously start expressing that excitement you have!

Let the universe know how grateful and happy you are your specific person has texted you.

Read the text as clear as you can, it can be any message you want, remember this is YOUR personal manifestation.

Make it detailed or simply, “hey, how are you?”

It does not matter what the text says, what matters is expressing your gratitude and emotions for your specific person getting in touch with you.

If you have butterflies in your stomach, or a huge grin on your face then you are doing this correctly.

Here are a few sample texts I’ve manifested before you can use:

“Hey you ok?”

“Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while, how are you?


“Hey you!”

#5 – Send a Text to Yourself and Imagine it is from your Specific Person

To truly bring the imagination to life if you are really immersed in the visualization a great technique is to send a text message to yourself and imagine it is from the specific person!

So, write the text as clear as you can e.g. “hey you ok, I have missed you?” and send it to yourself.

And when it comes through read it as if it is from them.

What this will do once again is send the positive emotions out toward the universe showing how happy you are and grateful too!

Therefore, the universe will then do the rest and send the right signals and outcomes for your specific person to get in touch with you!

Really tap into your emotions, you may even want to cry with joy!

It does not matter!

Do and express yourself privately however you wish, and do not share or tell anybody including your specific person about this powerful visualisation!

Especially when you end up together!

** BONUS TIP ** – Live in the End!

The single most powerful technique to get a text from a specific person is to start living in the end.

And the end result is not that you received the text, but you are dating or with this person.

If you were in a relationship with a specific person would you be getting anxious or worried over a single text?

Of course, you would not!

Instead you would be out living your life and acting relaxed.

This works wonders, because by doing this instead of worrying, and stressing out the universe will reward you!

Do not ask me why this happens but it just does!

So, start acting and living in the end.

Imagine you are already together, and everything is great!

By acting this way, you are sending out a confident and positive vibe to the universe which will grant you exactly what you wish!

Remember to not share your manifestation with anybody else, as it will be a sure-fire way to mess it all up!

Just be calm, confident, trust the universe and enjoy manifesting!

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