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Life Hacks to Get Motivated for Anything

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Life Hacks to Get Motivated for Anything

This post is about the 7 powerful life hacks to get motivated for anything in your life.

Do you struggle to stay motivated?

Usually when we become motivated for something, we go all in on it.

  • It could be a brand-new job.
  • It could be a special assignment or project.
  • It could be a new workout plan to finally get fit and lose weight.

Whatever you are motivated for, sadly but surely over the course of a few days, weeks, months, or years suddenly you have no desire to really do what you think you need to!

Motivation is a powerful thing, and if you tap into it correctly, it can have extraordinary results on your life and even your personal development.

But if you struggle to stay motivated, or you lose motivation easily I will teach you 7 enormously powerful life hacks that can be applied to anything in your life:

  • Your homework.
  • Your relationships.
  • Your degree.
  • Your favourite hobby.
  • Your Job
  • Your Business

Yes anything!

I will teach you these life hacks and once you do you will never struggle with lack of motivation in your life ever again.

Sound good?

Here are the 7 life hacks to get motivated for anything:

#1 – Believe You Can Accomplish Your Goals

If you do not believe in yourself will never accomplish anything special in life!

That is why you must believe you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

You WILL finish that project!

You WILL finish that task!

You WILL finish that workout!

By not believing in yourself, you set up doubt, which is an eradicator of motivation.

You do not want to be entertaining such thoughts EVER!

Instead you want to look at the goals you have and feel like no matter how daunting, or difficult or impossible it seems, that you WILL achieve them!


#2 – Keep Showing Up No Matter What

When I first started SCG Show on YouTube I had 0 views and 0 subscribers.

But what did I do?

  • I kept showing up.
  • I kept writing blog posts.
  • I kept recording and publishing videos.
  • I kept creating content.

My point is you must keep showing up to whatever your project or goal is no matter what.

On my YouTube Channel there were days, weeks, months where there was no activity, no views, no subs nothing!

But that did not stop me, I still grinded and worked hard no matter what!

My channel at the point of writing this has over 1,107 subscribers, and over 70,000 total channel views in the first 7 months of working on it!

Those are insane numbers especially compared to what I had started with!

If you want to keep motivated, keep showing up and doing the work, ESPECIALLY when things are difficult, and you feel like giving up.

#3 – Be Realistic

Whenever I see people on social media, they are always talking about how they want to be rich overnight and own a yacht etc.

Yet they either work a dead-end job, or worse they are not working at all and are heavily in debt.

How realistic is it that you will be super rich overnight especially if you hardly do any work at all?

Not likely in the slightest I am afraid.

And the same thing goes for other goals, especially health and fitness.

Let me use a personal example here.

If I wanted to be as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo, it will take years of discipline and hard work and an extremely strict diet.

Yet if I wanted to become fitter then I am now, I can work out slowly and gradually get fitter over time.

Make smaller realistic and achievable goals rather than huge goals.

“I want to be a millionaire,” most lazy people say.

Ok HOW, being a millionaire is hard, so why not try to target making $100 a day first?

Then slowly grow from there.

Keep goals realistic to begin with, that way you will not set yourself up for disappointment and ultimately risk giving up completely.

#4 – List Reasons Why

What is motivation without reason?

For example, a single guy wants to get into shape and be healthy so he can date the perfect woman and appear extremely attractive to her.

A woman may want to do the same for an extremely attractive guy.

The same goes for your career.

I hated my job working as an office administrator, and I set out a plan to work for myself, and I never looked back since!

Whatever your motivation is behind a goal, get a pen and paper and list exactly what they are.

By writing down your reasoning behind whatever your goals are, it will give you more clarity especially in the times of doubt or if you wish to give up.

For me I hated my job, and I believed that I was smart enough and willing to do whatever it took to work for myself.

I believed working for somebody else was the modern form of slavery, so therefore I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure I would never be in that situation.

What are the reasons behind your goals?

Write them down and read them every day and especially when you are lacking motivation.

#5 – Be Patient and Think Long Term

Rome was not built in a day, and neither are your goals!

Everybody is different, and everybody grows at different times.

I think of myself like the tortoise in the famous story the tortoise and the hare.

I may not be the quickest, but I will keep going and work every day and eventually I will cross that finish line as the winner!

People just want results right now and have no desire to grind and think they should get everything handed on a plate immediately.

Yes, some people get lucky breaks and get results faster, good for them, but please do not compare yourself to anybody else, and instead focus on yourself only and your goals.

You will get there, think 5-10 years down the line because most people do not do this.

I plan to grow my YouTube Channel over the course of 5 to 10 years, so I am not constantly looking at my numbers now.

Therefore, I choose NOT to view my subscriber count, my views nothing because I am the tortoise constantly creating content for you and others all around the world.

You will get there if you keep working constantly and realize that good things take time, and great things come to those who wait.

You need to do the same to stay motivated, be very patient, and think long term always.

#6 – Be Proud of Your Work

When I hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel, I literally treated myself to a gift because I know that was not an extremely easy thing to achieve.

Now I know that is not a huge number to some, but still I was proud of what I achieved.

And that is what you need to do as well, you need to be proud of your work.

It might not be the best, it might be riddled with mistakes but who cares, take pride in it!

Only you and you alone will know if you have put the right amount of blood, sweat and tears into your goals.

If you know that you could have done more, then there is even MORE motivation for you to improve yourself.

When I first started working out, I was so weak, I could not lift a dumbbell nothing, was humiliating!

Now I can bench more than I ever thought I could, but at those beginning stages I was proud of all the steps I was taking.

Please take pride in your work and every little step you are taking towards your goals.

#6 – Live in the End!

I talk about this all the time on my blog and YouTube channel, but if you act as if you have already achieved your goal you will only be even more motivated!

I was acting as if I already had 1000 subscribers on YouTube when I only had 33!

And slowly but surely several months later I hit that target, but I had always acted like I had achieved that wonderful goal.

Do the same, if you act like you are already in shape even though you got a long way to go, you are well on your way to weight loss!

If you act like you are already running a successful business but you are not trading anything right now, rest assured you are well on your way to financial success!

Act and believe that your goal has already been achieved and the universe will work in your favour to send you more opportunities, people, and outcomes you would never even of dreamt of!

This is so powerful, and if you apply this way of thinking to your overall life as well as to your goals, you will become unstoppable!

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