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Signs a Woman Has Lost Interest in You

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Signs a Woman Has Lost Interest in You

This post is about the 5 signs a woman has lost interest in you, and the best way to attract her back!

I have lost count when I was dating a lot how many times a woman would be all over me, and the flirting would be electric!

But suddenly through no real fault of my own, suddenly, she has gone cold.

Or worse she says she has no longer interest in me.

I remember I was going out to meet a friend one Friday night, 24 hours after one of the best dates I ever had with a girl I was seeing for 3 months.

And as I was walking out the door, I received the following text from that specific girl, “sorry we are not compatible, I don’t wish to see you anymore.”

This can be worse of course if it happens to you from a serious girlfriend, or a wife!

As men we can be a little bit delusional and confused with all the contradicting dating advice out on the web.

My first piece of advice to you before I reveal the 5 signs a woman has lost interest in you is do not listen any other advice.

What I am going to state to you is the cold hard truth.

These facts are important for you to recognize.

And once you do, you will not only look at the signs with a more level head, but also hopefully try your best to avoid these situations in your future relationships etc.

So do not listen to your friends, or your parents or anybody else.

Listen to this advice, remember it, write it down, read it often so you have it etched in your brain on what to look out for in the future.

#1 – She Has Cheated on You

I never understood why most men do not have boundaries when it comes to dating women.

Yes, she is beautiful and makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, but for goodness sake have some standards!

I swear you will be more attractive if you do!

And by standards and boundaries there needs to be certain rules in place for you to abide by.

That means if the woman you are dating crosses a line that is unacceptable you walk away and never look back.

Cheating is the most obvious sign a woman has lost interest in you.

Yet in todays culture, people forgive their partners and act like it nothing happened at all!

Let me give you some sage advice here my friend.

If she cheated on you once, she WILL cheat on you again.

I can go into 100 reasons WHY she cheated but that is a whole other article.

Instead recognize that the cheating has occurred and it is unfortunately the most obvious sign she does not want you anymore.

And do the right thing and get out of that relationship ASAP!

#2 – Communication is Down

Here is a less subtle way a woman has lost interest in you.

If you were talking all the time and she was responsive, and you were so happy to have a woman not playing games etc can sometimes be temporary.

Because if you are too accessible, you reply her straight away, you are always available to speak to her, it can be a massive turn off to a woman, especially right at the beginning.

So, let me use a few more examples of signs she has lost interest in terms of communication.

And full disclosure I like to give people the slight benefit of the doubt, sometimes people do get busy and things happen in their lives.

I will stretch this to 30 days, meaning if the communication has got worse over the course of a month then the signs are clear.

  1. She Texts you Less
  2. She Calls you Less
  3. She Takes Longer to Reply
  4. She Ghosts you Completely

Take the hint buddy, she has lost interest in you, and do NOT go overboard on the communication.

Do not bombard her with calls and texts please!

If you stick with me, I will give you the right approach to know for sure.

#3 – Hard to Meet Up with Her

If previously you were always going out with one another and meeting up, but suddenly meeting up is difficult, then that is a noticeably clear sign she has lost interest in you.

Again, people do have lives, and can be busy so I will give it a maximum of 30 days.

If you struggle to meet up once in 30 days and she has not been away for work or on vacation, then it is not a good sign.

Especially if you were meeting up regularly too before.

If you asked her for even just to go for a drive or grab a coffee, aka a short and sweet visit and still you have been greeted with rejection or a string of excuses, you have your answer.

Most people these days men and women do not like confrontation, so to avoid it they prefer to just string others along and hope by some miracle they will give up and stop contacting them.

#4 – She Has New Friends

Most women are very loyal to their friendship groups, they can sometimes even stretch all the way back to high school.

But if she has suddenly got herself a bunch of new friends and she is obsessing over them too; she is the worst type of person when it comes to dating.

She is a “tourist.”

These types of people vacation in people’s lives, take pictures for their social media and then move on.

All they are interested in is stories, not people.

They are the serial travellers, the people who are always exploring and never have their feet on the ground.

Always seeking new adventures, exciting new stories.

That is what this type of person loves, stories.

And with those stories they travel around and share them with new people all the time, until they get bored and eventually move on to a new group.

If she has new friends and is doing a lot with them it is because she has most likely got bored with you and is seeking something new and exciting.

I am not saying you are not exciting, but these people are incredibly selfish.

Count yourself lucky that this has happened, because you are one of many guys, she has done this to before!

#5 – Talking is Harder

If you do meet up or get them on the phone, but you discover that talking to them is uncomfortable or awkward, it is because they are lying to you.

The fact is they do not really want to talk about the obvious truth, and that truth being that they do not wish to be with you or date you anymore.

As I mentioned most people like millennials do not like to deal with their problems head on.

Instead they prefer to cross their fingers, hide behind a phone, and pray that it goes away.

So, if she seems bored often, and you wish to discuss things and she keeps changing the subject, it is a clear sign she has lost interest in you.

This can be difficult to discover, because men are always wanting to seek the truth, but dating does not work like that.

If you at all feel uncomfortable on your dates, or texts etc to what you normally did with her before, it is most likely because you are flogging a dead horse.

How to Fix This Problem

Ok, so what do you do when you have discovered she has lost interest in you?

Well firstly ask yourself an especially important question:

What did you want out from a woman to begin with?

Did you want to have fun, or did you want something serious?

The truth is not knowing what you want is going to really mess with your mind.

By understanding clearly what you want from this person will make things a lot easier in how to resolve it.

But let me assume you want something serious; you want to date her or are dating her already.

The best and easiest method to boost attraction is to do the following:

Sort Your Life Out

Yes, most likely your mind has gone slipping as you been chasing that woman who has gone cold.

You NEED to sort your life out, and I have placed them into several categories:

  1. Career
  2. Health
  3. Social Life
  4. Hobbies

Firstly, are you where you want to be career wise?

If not, you need to address that ASAP!

Then comes your health, are you in good shape?

Are you a smoker, do you take drugs?

Thirdly is your social life, are you hanging out with losers, or is your social life non-existent?

And finally, your hobbies, do you want to learn an instrument, or martial arts etc?

My point here is sorting your life out and focus on these core things, and suddenly you will stop being needy.

Most likely neediness made her lose attraction and interest in you.

But instead by focusing on your goals and trying to improve your life for the better will either attract her back to you, or somebody better.

NEVER make a woman your soul focus, you need her to be a part of your life.

NOT become your life.

And if she does not come back to you, who cares?

You are well on your way to a better life and you will 100% meet somebody who will appreciate and respect you for who you are, rather than play silly games and so on.

Good luck!

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