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How To Be Smarter Than Everyone Else

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How To Be Smarter Than Everyone Else

This post is about how to be smarter than everyone else.

I will give you 7 powerful techniques to improve your IQ and become smarter than everyone else.

Let us first discuss the definition of what it means to be smart aka intelligent.

The official definition of intelligence is = “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”

Most people believe an intelligent person or most smart people are those who are geniuses like Einstein or great inventors.

However, look at that definition again, “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”

For example, if you walked down a path which had a hole in it, and every single day you fell down that hole, then you have not applied or learnt from that error or mistake.

Instead you keep making that same mistake repeatedly, because you refuse to acquire or apply the knowledge and skills to go down a different path.

How true is this to all our other aspects of our lives?

We stay in jobs we hate because we have not improved our knowledge or skills.

We do the same silly rituals that cause us more harm because again we have either ignored the facts or decided to be lazy and not improve ourselves.

By first understanding that irrespective of your background, age or gender, anybody can improve themselves!

And anybody can become smarter!

AND anybody can be smarter than everyone else they know if they truly work hard to so.

The problem with things nowadays is things are too easy.

People blow up overnight on social media because they are attractive.

Or people inherit fortunes from their rich parents and make out they did it all on their own.

The problem with that to become more intelligent does not work that way.

Intelligence is applying yourself and working hard to acquire the knowledge and skills to improve your life.

In a millennial culture where everything is demanded for quick and now, sadly improving your IQ is going to take a bit of time.

So, if you want to become smarter but are willing to be patient and apply the powerful techniques that I am going to share with you in this post, stick around.

Here are 7 simple, yet effective techniques that you can apply to your life to become smarter than everyone else.

#1 – Visit New Places

You never truly grow if you are stuck in the same place doing the exact same thing.

I am a creature of habit myself, so I totally understand if you are like that too.

However, by visiting new places you really do broaden your mind.

It can open yourself up to new cultures, rituals, methods in dealing with things in life.

But do not travel just so you can show off on your social media!

Instead, travel so you can learn.

And visit new places in your hometown or city too!

Even trying a new cuisine, or museum, or gallery you have never been to before is totally beneficial.

By experimenting with new places, you open your brain to adapting to new environments.

And your brain is like a sponge, it can soak up all types of information.

But if you make sure it is soaking up mainly NEW information by visiting NEW places it will certainly improve your intelligence and make you smarter.

#2 – Exercise Regularly

Not all smart people are overweight geeks!

No, they take their health seriously as well as their intelligence.

Exercise is vital to add to your life.

By exercising regularly, you are regularly allowing the blood to flow to your brain.

You know the saying healthy body, healthy mind.

By going for even just a daily brisk walk for 30-60 minutes every single day, you are doing wonders for your intelligence!

And in that time why not learn too?

Yes, you do not just need to run or walk.

What I personally like to do is listen to audiobooks or lectures on subjects I want to know more about whilst I am exercising.

You are basically killing two birds with one stone.

You are improving your overall health AND you are becoming smarter at the same time!

Try podcasts, YouTube, or audiobooks about a given subject you want to expand your knowledge on and simply pop in your headphones and learn as you exercise!

Some of the world’s most successful and smartest people do this every single day!

#3 – Read Books and Read A lot

In a previous post, I discuss the 5-hour rule which is implemented by the smartest people in the world such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

The five-hour rule is basically a rule designed to dedicate 5 hours a week to just reading.

These incredibly successful and powerful people including Barack Obama have even applied this rule to improve their own lives, and of course their intelligence.

Reading requires patience, and determination.

It also requires contemplation.

One effective thing to do is read a chapter in a book and then afterwards try to yourself or somebody else describe everything you have read.

And if you cannot remember a thing read that chapter again!

This will also improve your ability to listen too!

And by the way I encourage you to read fiction books as they expand your imagination!

In one respect novels go beyond stimulating reality, to give readers and experience unlike anything they know.

So pick up the game of thrones or lord of the rings book ASAP and improve your intelligence today!

#4 – Manage Your Time Wisely

One of the smartest people in history was Albert Einstein.

And Einstein was so smart that he managed his time so efficiently that some of the leading minds today continue his time management methods.

One of MANY interesting things Einstein did was to keep his thinking ability to the absolute maximum.

What I mean by this was, in the morning Einstein wore the same clothes every single day.

Why you ask?

Because he did not want to waste even a single moment of his time on such a trivial matter, and instead to save his brain for the more important theories and work, he was doing.

We are wasting time like never before in this day and age, so being organised, and not entertaining in gossip, low end and unstimulating activities such as scrolling through social media is something you must do to become smarter.

This also applies to people too, have a planner or a diary and organize and manage your time wisely.

#5 – Continue Your Education

I know a lady who had a PHD in Mathematics and went on to become a multi-millionaire in business consultancy.

She was a professional, she was tough and of course incredibly smart.

Yet despite earning so much money and thriving in her career, at 55 she decided to quit her job to go BACK to University.

This blew me away, I thought to myself why would she do this?

She has achieved unbelievable things, and rightly so, why go backwards like that?

And when I spoke to her, she told me the following:

“No matter when your school or college days end and for whatever reason does not mean your education should. Education is always there, and it can come in whatever form you want it to as well. Always continue to learn, and educate yourself, because you don’t want to be an old fool like me who still doesn’t know half of the things I should do.”

That is the mentality of a smart person, keep educating yourself, keep learning, keep expanding your knowledge!

#6 – Hang Out with Smart People

Yes, don’t hang out with the jocks, the cheerleaders, and the popular kids unless they are smart.

Associate yourself with SMART people and you will become smart.

It is like associating yourself with rich people and you are poor.

It will inspire you to work hard, start a business or find a good job to become richer and live a more lavish lifestyle.

It is the same with smart people.

By associating yourself with smarter people you are automatically increasing your intelligence by having more intelligent and thought-provoking conversations.

However, if you are constantly gossiping and discussing parties and getting drunk, then how exactly do you expect to become smarter?

Find and associate yourself with smart people, and even if you feel insecure for not being as smart as them, don’t be.

It will take you a bit of time, but gradually you will catch up to their level.

Remember this quote, you are the people you surround yourself with.

If you surround yourself with idiots, you will be an idiot.

If you surround yourself with successful people, you will become a successful person.

#7 – Relax and Play Video Games

Now hear me out I am not saying JUST play video games.

I am saying that the smartest people are often the biggest gamers.

They like playing games because it challenges your brain in a different way.

It makes you solve puzzles, and fully engrosses you in a completely new reality.

Buy yourself a games console or download some games on your smart phone or tablet.

Video games are challenging you in a way real life isn’t.

For example if you are playing an RPG game and you need to solve a puzzle, then that is doing so much for your intelligence.

One you are fully engrossed in that reality and expanding your imagination.

And two you are also trying to ignite the logical side of your brain to solve a puzzle.

Some of the smartest people I have ever met are the biggest gamers too.

Do NOT just play games, do the other techniques I suggested as well as this, and that is the best way for you to become smarter than everyone else.

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