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How to Make My Specific Person Miss Me


How to Make My Specific Person Miss Me

In this post I explain how to make any specific person miss you.

I applied these special techniques to make my specific person miss me, and it worked like a charm.

You should read on to learn what I did so you can apply it to your situation too!

Unfortunately, the law of attraction gets a lot of criticism and scepticism from the cynics of the world.

I am not a yogi, a spiritual healer, or anything but I do believe that you can manifest your own reality.

That means very simply you can literally create your own world and circumstances using just your own imagination.

I have an entire playlist of videos about the law of attraction with proof that it does work and is very real.

However, you also must understand and accept that the law of attraction works for your own benefit sometimes.

Sadly, my father died from the coronavirus, and I was trying hard to manifest a reality that he had fully recovered, alive and at home.

I tried everything.

However, unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be.

And that is something people have to accept, even if our grandest desires, our biggest wishes do not work out, there is always a reason.

And over time, life shows us why.

I do not know why my father never made it, but I trust the universe that it was for a reason, no matter how painful or difficult that is to understand.

Therefore it is important to really grasp this mindset in the subject of making a specific person miss you.

Full disclosure this person can be a friend, a spouse, a crush, a partner, anybody.

It doesn’t matter who because 99% of the time there is a way to make this happen.

I am going to show you exactly how, but first let us try understand why you want this to happen.

Chances are this specific person in your life is of real importance to you.

It is understandable if you love or really like this person.

But there is a possibility that for some reason or another, that person is acting cold, distant or ignoring you completely.

This is always an exceedingly difficult and painful realization, as there is a chance that you may have come across too strong, too keen or tried too hard to regain their attention.

If the universe genuinely wants you to be with this person as friends or lovers, the universe will work tirelessly to push you back together.

You may bump into each other on the street, or randomly at a party or who knows!

You MUST trust in yourself, and your belief in the universe, please otherwise this will not work.

Let me explain what is going on inside of you when you miss somebody.

Missing somebody is missing the endorphins the feelings, the excitement that person brings.

The smiles, the laughs, the experiences, that can all be taken away in an instant if that is cut off.

We are creatures of habits, and we can be bloody insecure ones too!

If we are used to receiving texts daily, or seeing somebody regularly to that suddenly being that just no longer being there, it can be a shock to our systems to see that stop, especially for no good reason.

By actively missing somebody, you are basically pushing them away.

What you think about expands, and creates your reality.

So if you are sitting there missing somebody all the time, then what the universe will do is push that person further and further away from you.

You are doing yourself a disservice, by missing that specific person.

Your feelings play such a huge role in this, so by missing somebody this is what the universe is hearing from you:

“That person is not here, and I am sad, I miss that person so badly.”

The universe works in such a mysterious and strange way.

So you need to fix this way of thinking, and manifesting asap!

Instead what you want to do is create a reality that everything is fine, and that person is in fact heavily involved in your life.

This is where you really start to see the magic happen.

I have lost count the amount of times just randomly people pop back into my life, they message or call me, or I see them.

I always get the same reply “I just had a feeling to get in touch with you again.”

That feeling = the universe working for you.

The universe will send that specific person signs they cannot ignore.

They will see your face or hear your voice everywhere, through songs, movies, memes, experiences, places.

You must create this reality, to the point that you even forget about them.

Seriously if you do this you will be amazed by the results.

Your specific person will naturally be missing you, and thinking “I don’t hear from them anymore, did I do something wrong?!”

YES this will happen.

Now let me be clear;

Focus on your inner reality, the world where you are in fact in control, and you are unfazed.

That means doing the inner work to manifest a life and reality where that specific person is part of your world, and that they are in awe of you.

Put it this way, if you know the ending of a movie you already watched you wouldn’t be tense and anxious to know how it ends would you?

Apply the exact same calm, natural confident energy to your specific person.

Say to yourself “they’ll be back.”

And then distract yourself with work, reading, hobbies, other people and enjoy your life to the very maximum.

Anything is possible, and you will be constantly surprised by what you can create just by your thoughts and imagination.

So, trust in the universe, god or whatever you choose to believe in.

And go about your life grateful for everything you have, the universe awards those who are calm and grateful for the little things.

Lastly here is another important virtue – patience.

This may happen overnight or over the course of a year.

You must learn to focus your energy on what is good for you and be willing to let that person go.

Yes, that means if they never come back or miss you, that you will be fine.

You will come across extremely attractive to that specific person too, and do not put your life on hold for anybody.

Life is precious and extremely short!

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