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This Is The Story of YOUR Life

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This Is The Story of YOUR Life

In this post I will tell you the story of your life.

Without realizing it our life is dictated to us. This is what you need to hear.

Social media has corrupted our minds to believe everybody is happy and successful 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

In fact, social media has created a fake persona of people which subconsciously we believe to be true.

So, when we go onto these sites or apps, we see these people for around 10-15 seconds doing something fun or exciting.

And we are either sat on the toilet or laying on our bed feeling depressed because we have the feeling we are missing out.

I remember when I was a bit younger and watching pretty girls taking photos and selfies with their boyfriends on vacation or in bars etc.

I thought “they are so happy; I really wish I had that.”

And then years later when I was dating and had a few pretty narcissist ex-girlfriends and that very moment happened when I was being in those photos blasted all over the internet, I thought to myself “this really isn’t all it is cracked up to be.”

FOMO aka the fear of missing out is making and breaking people from all over the world.

If you feel for whatever reason life has dealt you a bad hand or you are not getting what you think you deserve you are most probably correct.

There are certain types of FOMO that cannot be ignored, such as fear of missing out on a job opportunity that comes once in a lifetime.

And the FOMO of not going out with your friends to a party on the weekend.

And so on.

FOMO has had a detrimental effect on our mental health.

I remember when we used to go out and all we had was memories.

Now we can document the entire night out on our phones for the world to see.

Aka we are showing off.

I speak about narcissism a lot on my channel as I believe it is having a dangerous effect on us all.

The entitlement of most people you meet young or old is probably the reason why life can appear tougher then it actually is.

You can work hard on improving yourself or achieving a goal and then suddenly you find out it still isn’t good enough set by the unrealistic standards of somebody else.

So without realizing it most peoples lives are dictated by other people’s opinions and standards.

When I was going through a very superficial phase in my life, I was making out I was super successful, rich and a bit of a snob.

I attracted people in my life I never thought I would ever socialize with, but again did it make me happy.

In fact, it made me more miserable.

It was like behaving like a person you are not, to get the approval of people that you dislike.

It is like fantasizing over the cheerleader or the jock in your high school, you so desperately wish that they would go out with you.

And when that day finally comes, you realize it was supremely overrated.

And that is my point, it is overrated.

You hear people talk about dating for example and say, “I get excited by the chase.”

And then when they finally find that dream partner, the romance sours because essentially the chase was more exciting.

Gary Vee talks about the pursuit of his goal being the exciting part, not the fact he wants to become successful.

Everybody and anybody are different, but we all share one similarity which is incredibly glaring.

And that is the story of our life is dictated by other people.

Your life is initially dictated by your family telling you what and what not to do.

Then by your teachers.

Then by your boss.

Then by your friends or spouse.

Then by your children.

Slowly but surely your entire life goes by and you realize that almost every decision you ever made was to please somebody else or get their approval.

And when you are lay on your death bed you think back with regret with all the stupid mistakes you made.

But again, mistakes made that are most likely influenced by other people.

Now I am not saying other people are overly bad, but if you are living to have the approval and acceptance of others what sort of life is that?

It is almost like smacking your soul across the face just so you can be accepted to go into the VIP lounge or have a seat at the cool table.

Let me ask you something after the initial excitement fades of being accepted by the cool kids, was it worth it?

Was it worth the struggle, the pain, the agony, the intense distress and anxiety of wanting to be popular?

Say you are at a high school and nobody likes you.

You are too weird, too quirky and everybody is too obsessed with Tik Tok or whatever.

Aka superficial garbage.

Yet say you were at completely other school or another country where people appreciated you or valued you for who you were.

For what you were interested in, for your personality for your hobbies.

For what made you who you were.

You would not be striving to make friends with people who never liked or respected you to begin with.

You would actually be thriving.

It is like trying to make a toxic relationship work with a toxic person.

They are not right for you, and making your life hell, but you want it to work so you can show off on social media how you are not single or a loser.

The same goes for your career, I get it you want to work to pay for your bills and put food on the table, but as the pandemic has shown, at any given time god forbid you can be fired.

You work yourself to the bone to show you are successful, again to other people.

You buy a house you can’t afford to again show how successful you are, but not because it is a place you genuinely want to live.

You buy yourself or lease a car you cannot afford because you want to show everybody how successful you are.

And as years go by and debt mounts or you pay it all off, you realize the people who you tried to get the approval of are either dead or moved to another area.

Or they want nothing to do with you.

The story of your life appears to be that you are constantly chasing validation.

You are always talking about what you need and want to do mainly to show off rather than to enjoy it.

And if you ask any person who is significantly older, they will all tell you it is not worth it, and how they live a life full of regrets.

Just recently I wanted to treat myself to a brand-new luxury watch because of hitting a milestone in my work, and suddenly all my friends were offering their opinions.

But when I told them what I wanted to buy, I was greeted with the following “that isn’t a good model, it won’t go up in value etc.”

What did I do?

I bought the one I wanted anyway.

And as I am wearing it on my wrist I still smile because it is what I wanted, it is what I could afford, and I am incredibly happy.

The story of your life is the fact that it is YOUR LIFE.

Yes, you have the power to control your outcome.

You can balloon to 300lbs or go to the gym and become incredibly lean.

You are in control of how you feel, not others.

You are in control of what you want to do and achieve.

And if you fail, at least you tried.

You dust yourself off and you go again.

The person who never gives up is the most successful of them all.

So what that somebody got to a similar goal quicker.

Who cares that others do not respect your values or how you look?

The story of your life is your own journey.

You may not have decided how it started, or what has happened so far.

However, you can decide from this very moment how you want it to end.

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