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How Can I Sell ANYTHING To ANYONE! | [How Can You Sell Anything]

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In this post I explain how I can sell anything to anyone!

I also explain how can you sell anything too!

You need to learn the principles in this post and video to succeed!

Life is SALES!

Seriously, it is true life is sales.

You sell yourself to your friends so they can let you hang around with them.

You sell yourself to your boss so he can hire you.

You sell yourself to a prospective partner so they will date you.

And vice versa.

Life is truly sales, and maybe you have not realized this but in life you are constantly selling yourself.

And if you disagree, well hear me out.

But if you want to know “how can I sell anything to anyone?” let me clear up some much-needed misconceptions.

Let me just clear something up quickly.

Sadly the internet has become a place for a lot of “sales people,” to sell their courses to you on for example “how to become a millionaire.”

Now while that may not be the exact title of their course notice what they are selling to you.

They are trying to sell you a dream, and that dream for most people like myself is to be “financially independent.”

However, I don’t buy that mentality, and whilst I may or may not release my own course in the future, I am more focused on providing value.

Take SCG SHOW on YouTube, I have over 1,000 subscribers at the point of me writing this post, and I have not tried to sell you anything!

As Gary Vee tries to drum it home, value is the best thing to provide.

But going back to the main topic, which is essentially sales, you need to understand how sales work first before you learn some principles which will help you.

What you are doing whether it be asking a woman out or trying to sell a product most of the psychology remains the same.

And that is you are trying to convince that person to buy into you.

Whilst most products sell themselves, sometimes people like to buy or do something because of the actual person selling it to them.

Here is a personal example.

One of my favourite restaurants I love to go to has great food of course, however it is the owner who is charismatic, funny, and so hospitable who really seals the deal for me on being a regular customer.

However, there is another restaurant I like where the food is even better, but the service is awful.

Yes, restauranteurs you need both great service and a great product.

I would like to also talk about watches for a moment too.

As a man I am not really into jewellery, however late last year I stumbled onto watches and fell in love with the design and the hobby.

FYI this is not good for your wallet, be INCREDIBLY careful with watches they can be addictive.

But my point being is I built up a relationship with some authorized dealers on a very personal basis.

We even went out for drinks together because again they displayed the right sales principles and all in all they were great guys.

So, to part with several hundred pounds or thousands on a little clock to sit on my wrist from time to time (pardon the pun), again shows how good a salesperson they must be to successful in luxury retail.

So if you want to sell anything to anyone and how here are the principles you need to apply to do so:

#1 – People Want What Benefits Them

Let me use a personal example for some of these tips, say I am going to buy a new car which I did last year.

I had to get rid of a beautiful sports car because it was too costly to run and repair, it was gut wrenching.

However, I totalled up what I would need to do to get the right car for me.

So I went to a local dealer, and they offered me a similar top of the range model.

Yet, I did not know what I wanted to do, did I want the same headaches and potential problems, considering it was also way out of my price range too!

The salesman was telling me what he thought I wanted to hear, how it was the best model, fully loaded etc.

But I was hardly listening, to be honest for the next year or two, I just wanted a car that would take me from A to B.

I love sports cars but at this very moment I did not need or want one.

I politely declined, and just as I was walking out a young salesman shouted to his colleagues “where should I put the new run around car?”

I liked this guy, he was honest, sweet, and clearly new to the job.

I asked him more questions and he said, “it’s a great price, just came in, if you don’t do a lot of mileage its perfect.”

Without realizing it the young man knew what I wanted, and then he put his hand out introduced himself.

He told me how economical it was, how effective it would be for me who just needed something that would take me from A to B, and he even offered to lower the price!

Later that afternoon I drove off the forecourt with that very car he was selling me.

Now I am not trying to say I am cheap, but my economic situation had changed since I moved offices, and this was even before the pandemic where I started working from home too!

My point is, having a run around cheaper car benefited me better than a fast top of the range sports car.

And he just was relaxed and knew that the car would sell itself if need be.

Remember your consumer wants something that would benefit them, not what YOU think will benefit them.

That is why you need to get to know that person’s needs.

I know you might make more commission selling them something more valuable, but you are better off listening and hearing what they have to say and trying to help them rather than trying to make a larger sale.

#2 – Believe in What You Sell

I have a friend who was a world class salesman.

He could sell ice to eskimos!

He sold cars, watches, holidays you name it!

However, he got on a plane to live abroad and started a business selling of all things candy after he broke up with his girlfriend.

And whilst his margins were surprisingly good, he never really believed in the product.

Sadly for him after the pandemic hit the country he lived in, the business went under.

And when we spoke he told me saying “I never really loved the products I was selling, I saw an opportunity, but again I never believed in what I sold!”

That line haunted me ever since he told me, and it is so true, you must believe in what you sell!

Look at SCG SHOW as an example, essentially, I am selling myself, and have never stopped writing, producing videos and putting myself out there.

Because I believe in my brand.

And you need to believe in what you sell, and especially if what you sell is yourself.

If you are going in for a job interview or asking a person out, believe in yourself.

Create a passion for life, and the products you are selling.

Consumers love people who are passionate about what they sell and believe in.

You are more likely to succeed by believing in your products and yourself, rather than working with something that does not make you excited or happy at all.

#3 – You Have to Sell Yourself Before You Can Sell Your Product

This kind of relates to the previous principle which is to believe in what you sell.

And, what I have already mentioned about life being sales.

Now by selling yourself I am NOT talking about selling out.

Nobody likes a person who is desperate, needy, or sleazy.

Hence the popular term sleazy salesperson.

I am saying sell yourself in the sense of sell how great a person you are.

Sell your personality, sell your charisma, sell your charm.

Whilst your appearance must look great, you don’t need to be the best-looking person.

But if you have a nice haircut, clean sharp clothing, you are well groomed and smell nice you are already halfway there!

And when it comes to your personality in terms of selling yourself, you need to act the part.

Talk to the consumer as a friend, not a customer.

Talk to the consumer so they are relaxed with you.

Do not put them under pressure at all, the best salespeople are the ones who treat their customers with respect, even if the customer is a jerk!

So that means having an underlying confidence not arrogance that, regardless of what happens it was a pleasure meeting them.

Having an abundance and relaxed mentality like that is not only key to improving your sales, but also the key to a terrific life!

#4 – Seek to be Trusted, Not Liked

I have lost count the amount of times I have returned to a company or restaurant because I trust them to know I will be treated well.

It is the same with sales.

Again, nobody likes or wants a sleazy salesperson!

They want to be trusted not liked, and that is also the same with respect.

The great salesperson wants to be respected and treat you with respect.

Here is an example.

I went on a cruise a few years ago, and we had a waiter who looked after us the entire time when we dined in the evening.

I have some profoundly serious allergies and this waiter looked after me so much so that I never had to worry about any cross contamination when it came to my food.

And one evening we decided to eat in a bar then the regular restaurant, and back in our room I received a call from the waiter.

He said “I am so sorry to disturb you sir, but I noticed you didn’t dine with us and was concerned you were afraid regarding your allergies, let me assure you sir I would never let anything happen to you!”

I thanked him and smiled, and at the end of the vacation we gave him a generous tip!

My point is sought to be trusted not liked.

If you are trusted guess what, people will not only like you they may even love you and are more likely to recommend you to many of their friends and relatives too!

#5 – People Buy Emotionally

Emotional triggers can get anybody to do anything and if you correctly tap into that you will become a master salesperson.

I love comic books and I collect them, and I saw a book that was way out of my price range at a convention.

However, the seller noticed I was looking at it and he said, “you like it eh?”

I was really surprised by this very book, and for the record it was an incredibly special book indeed.

I asked him “why are you selling it?”

And he said so beautifully to me, “I have had the pleasure of enjoying this great book for many years. I have so many amazing memories with it. Even in my darkest days I would just hold it in my hands, and it would make me smile. I cannot put into words how much it has made me happy. However, I need the money, and I now want to transfer that feeling to somebody new.”

I paid him the moment after he finished his sentence!

You want to understand especially for larger luxury salespeople buy emotionally.

Even when it comes to watches, you need to understand that men buy under the emotions it will make them feel special, and it triggers and excitement.

This is a sales power that has gone on for many centuries and is still going on to this day.

People want to buy because it makes them happy or makes them feel more confident.

Aka improves their lives!

Your job to improve your sales technique is to trigger that, show the client how they will be so much happier or how their life will get better if they buy this product.

Paint the clearest picture for them and home in on the emotions.

Good luck and happy selling!

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