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How to Stop Feeling Tired and Lazy All The Time | [Wake Up Fresh Every Day]

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How to Stop Feeling Tired and Lazy

In this post I explain life changing techniques on how to stop feeling tired and lazy all the time, and to wake up fresh every day!

I have tried all these tips and highly recommend them all!

Waking up is one of the hardest things to do!

No, I am being serious here!

Yes, I had a friend who suffered from chronic fatigue, and he could not ever get up!

Or take my other friend, who suffered clinical depression, he could not get up at all!

Now I know those are extreme examples, but it is important to note that it really is a bit of an achievement waking up and getting out of bed.

Count your blessings there!

Ok motivational talk over here, let us face the facts.

Ever get up feeling so sluggish?


Like you are almost hungover?

It sucks do not get me wrong, but I started applying these tips to my life and it has profoundly changed to stop feeling tired in the morning upon awakening.

And I hope you can apply a few of these to your lives too, and if I have left anything out at all please by all means let me know I would love to hear your tips!

And, FYI most of these tips are natural and I have tried them all, I would never endorse anything that is incorrect or dodgy.

Just covering myself there, ok let me share these tips:

#1 – Avoid These Before Bedtime

These three things despite how delicious they all taste (obviously not together at once but hey whatever floats your boat), can wreak havoc on your digestive system when you are in bed.

Sleep is obviously all about relaxing, switching off, your mind, body and indeed your soul.

So that cup of coffee is going to keep you wired despite being exhausted and even though you are asleep or trying to your stomach will not know the difference.

Coffee, wine, and chocolate are examples of stuff that can disturb your digestive system, so refrain from these items for as long as possible prior to sleep.

Try getting them in by the latest midday, if you have to.

I know I have always felt far worse when consuming wine the next day, there is the obvious dehydration aspect too of course.

#2 – Do Not Hit The Snooze Button

Do not get me wrong, I adore the snooze button, but let me offer you a fresh perspective on this.

You see if you hit the snooze button after waking up, that is the very first action you have taken of the day!

And your first action is basically “I am too tired; I want to sleep.”

Spending an extra 10 or 15 minutes thanks to the beloved snooze button will cause what scientists to have described as “fragmented sleep,” which has major consequences for your ability to function throughout the day.

9 out of 10 people who regularly hit the snooze have reported to be far more tired throughout the day.

Also, it will have a huge impact on your productivity, as I stress again, it is the very first action you are taking of the day!

#3 – Focus On Something Positive

During the coronavirus lockdown I was exhausted constantly, sadly I had a lot of family issues and stress during that awful period.

So, I was so tired, I went to bed late, woke up late, and had so much on my mind.

It was traumatic, and I feel sorry for all those who suffered in that time too.

Naturally, I was also hitting the snooze regularly, but as well as that I was feeling just so negative.

I was feeding the stress and anxiety of my life by watching the news, but then I instead started working back on SCG SHOW my channel and blog, I realized I hit 1k subs!

Then, I started focused on trying to get monetized, and I sent off the channel to YouTube to get reviewed!

Then lo and behold, I got an email at 7am saying I was approved!

I jumped right out of bed and started working on monetizing my videos at once!

I was happy, but more so I was focused on the positive!

By focusing on the negative, you are wreaking havoc with your energy levels!

You will be in bed, stressed, down and miserable, sluggish because there is no reason to get out of bed.

Wrong, there is, and if there is not a reason in your life, then make one!

Whatever you choose to focus on, starting the day with a real sense of enthusiasm and excitement will set the precedent for the rest of your experiences.

#4 – Splash Your Face With Water

I was watching Snow White a few months ago, and the Seven Dwarves have a song about washing up before dinner.

And they sing about splashing their face with water and giving it a good scrub!

How simple, yet so effective.

And whilst cold showers are great, sadly they are not really for me.

By splashing water in your face, it signals a temperature change in your body almost instantly.

And by the way it also works perfectly with warm water.

But if you are finding it even more difficult getting to the bathroom, you can keep a spray bottle by your bedside and truly let yourself have it in the morning!

#5 – Drink a Full Glass of Water

My father was an expert at waking up and not feeling tired.

And this was a hard-working guy who would do a 12-hour shift almost daily!

One tip he did was pour himself a huge glass of water.

He would stand up and drink the entire thing!

We’re talking 500 ml!

Fatigue and dehydration go hand in hand, and even a mild case of dehydration can lead to you feeling awful in the morning.

So by drinking that glass or bottle of water in the morning will in fact really freshen up your entire body before you get moving.

And guys please do drink more water throughout the day!

Avoid the caffeine and red bull etc, and stick to simply good old-fashioned water.

Chances are whenever you feel tired throughout the day, it is most likely you are just dehydrated!

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