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How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube 2020 | [Grow on YouTube Fast in 2020]

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How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube 2020

In this post I explain how to get 1000 subcribers on YouTube!

YouTube is a minefield of misinformation these days.

One channel will tell you how to grow subscribers in 30 days.

Another will tell you how to do it in one year.

So on and so forth.

It is a little bit if I was to be brutally honest all over the place.

At the end of the day, you need to want to treat your YouTube channel seriously.

That is what I did, I took SCG SHOW as seriously as anybody could.

And by serious I set myself out the target by late 2019 to hit 1,000 subscribers by June 2020.

And lo and behold, I hit that target.

In fact, I had written in my personal notes that I would hit the 1k mark by exactly the 20th June 2020.

The official day I hit that landmark was by 24th June 2020, so in fairness I was just a little bit off.

How did I do it?

Well let me explain.

First, there is an element of luck with YouTube.

You can have a video blow up automatically and with hardly any subscribers.

I started growing from January 2020 so to hit my target roughly six months later is a wonderful achievement.

So wonderful that I was excited to see where the journey of YouTube will take me.

But I digress.

But around the same time I started so did other channels, with worse seo, worse thumbnails, and even worse audio!

Yet one channel who will remain nameless blew up from 36 subs to 3600 subs in one month!

Insane right?!



They were talking about a trending topic, the competition to rank was low, it was a highly searched term in the title, and there went the YouTube algorithm.

Straight to the top, thousands of impressions, and views, and boom they have thousands of subs.

But again, lets go back to my experience.

Firstly we want to be realistic.

Believe it or not, there is a study done on the average amount of videos most channels have with 1000 subscribers.

Do you know what that number is?

The average YouTube channel with 1,000 subs has 150 videos on their channel.

So if you only have a handful of videos on your channel, you need 150 on average to hit that target.

But again, there is so much more.

Here is what I did.

Up until March 2020 I was on average uploading videos every day.

My channel is all about subjects I enjoy talking about, and that includes YouTube growth.

I am a professional life coach, so I discuss health, business, finance, but also other stuff too.

The key here is SHOW aka I am SCG and it is my show.

And I want to talk about whatever I want.

If I want to review a movie, talk about saving money, host a podcast I can.

As long of course as it is nothing, hateful, or violent, or goes against YouTube’s policies.

If I knew how to stream on my Nintendo Switch, I would do that too.

So that is why my channel is a little bit different.

People insist “niche down, focus on only a handful of topics.”

But I want to break the mould!

I want to create so many videos because I like to educate people around the world on different subjects, but also it is about keeping people on YouTube.

YouTube wants people on YouTube for as long as possible.

If you have only a few 5-minute videos you will not retain interest on your channel.

Here is the key to what I did.

I wrote a list of all the subjects I wanted to create videos about.

I then had subheadings underneath them.

Take YouTube growth as an example.

There are so many subheadings on YouTube growth such as why to start a channel, how to vlog, how to do keyword research.

I have no doubt you have a lot to talk about, so why not make a list of things you like.

I know a guy who loves comics, movies, and gaming.

So all he does is talk about those three subjects and sometimes he vlogs, and also talks about mental health.

Because again its HIS show.

It is HIS YouTube channel.

So the key here is to just keep creating content.

I suggest doing daily videos.

Yes, do a video a day.

YouTube is seeing the highest amount of traffic ever due to the pandemic, and a lot more people working remotely or from home.

So it has never been a better chance to start taking YouTube seriously.

Think of YouTube as a brand.

There are so many types of casual YouTubers out there.

Ones who like to do it on the side, for fun, or just when they can be bothered.

If you are watching this video you are most likely just like me, you want to do this seriously.

Treat YouTube like a full-time job, even if you do not earn a penny from it for an awfully long time.

I have just been approved to be monetized by YouTube and you can too, but it will take time.

Do not believe these accounts who claim you will get 1000 subs in a month; I am telling you the cold hard truth.

I know you want a quick fix; I know you want it now, stop being a millennial and face the music.

It is a grind.

So firstly, make your plan, and list of content.

Choose several topics and keep writing and producing.

It does not need to be professional, but make sure it isn’t crappy too.

But one underlying issue people have is their thumbnails.

I get it, people love having their face in their thumbnails with massive text alongside them.

Good for them, but for me that is not how I roll.

Having a great looking thumbnail along with creating good regular content and applying solid seo and keywords is the formula.

Do not steal somebody else’s videos or music, do it all yourself.

Put your own twist on things.

You can draw interest from others, but apply your own knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

Lastly for god’s sake do NOT buy views, subs or likes from or any other website.

That is a sure-fire way to get your channel banned or removed.

It is NOT genuine; it is not real and it IS illegal.

And please be patient, yes I know you want it now, I get that.

But there is a real satisfying feeling to achieving your goals, trust me on that.

When I hit 1k and then I applied for monetization and got approved, I smiled.

Because I knew all the hours, blood, sweat and tears I put into SCG SHOW.

And honestly I love this channel, and I hope you do too.

See if you love what you do, then it really isn’t work.

But focus on those things I told you, yes other YouTube channels may say otherwise on how to grow, but as I say in every single video on my channel I am just trying to be real with you.

Good luck.

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