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What is The Five Hour Rule?

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What is The Five Hour Rule?

In this post I explain what exactly is the five hour rule.

I was new to this technique, and discovered some of my heroes including Warren Buffet use the five hour rule to improve their lives.

Are you applying the 5 hour rule to your week?

Discipline is especially important in this time pre, post or during a pandemic.

By discipline I am referring to expanding your knowledge and wisdom to become a better version of yourself.

As a former addict, I realized that the better version of myself.

The only way anybody can improve themselves properly is by learning.

By learning and adapting your brain and soul you can do extraordinary things.

Some of the greatest minds in the world such as a huge influence of mine Warren Buffet, is an enormous reader.

So what exactly is the 5 hour rule?

Let me explain.

From what I understand, the 5 hour rule is about allocating 5 hours a week Monday to Friday to learning.

The top CEO’s and entrepreneurs and experts in their fields NEVER stop expanding their knowledge.

Therefore, there is no real reason you shouldn’t be doing the same either.

So I know what you are thinking “but I don’t have the time I am extremely busy.”

Well look at former President of the United States Barack Obama.

Being a President is a pretty busy job right?

Well Obama STILL dedicated time to learning and expanding his knowledge, and even said “I would not have survived in the White House without reading certain books.”

The president dedicated time to read, so he can lead.

Think about what you can achieve!

Whether it is on your commute home or to the office, that period whether it be 15 mins or 60 mins can be dedicated to reading.

There is something special about reading, here is my take on it.

It relaxes me, it also expands a part of my brain technology, social media and even friends and family cannot.

It forces me when holding the book or kindle in my hand to actually expand my imagination.

It makes me actually picture what is being described to me in the book, whether it be fact or fiction.

And by the way guys, fiction is actually great for your brain.

Because it forces you to imagine places and creatures that are not real.

So don’t think you have got to read self-help books and history books at all.

No way!

Reading itself calms your mind, lowers your heart rate to a relaxed almost meditation like state, and triggers endorphins!

Also you are opening up receptors in your brain that nothing else in your body can!

Think about it, you do the 5 hour rule for an entire year aka 52 weeks that’s 260 hours dedicated to improving your thinking.

So firstly dedicate time every day to reading.

Even if you are not a reader, do not fret you have audiobooks!

Yes if you drive to work you can kill time listening to the audio version of that very book you were set out to read.

That way, you are killing two birds with one stone!

Reading and driving!

Learning while driving!

Discovering audiobooks truly changed my life.

So you have no excuse!

Remember this quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Let me now discuss how you need to be when it comes to reading.

So firstly lets begin with reading itself.

Do not read a book while driving or operating heavy machinery.


But even if its 20 mins, 10 mins, anything read!

Yes, get the book out and read.

Or do what I do, buy a tablet and read on kindle!

I find the kindle a life saver as I read a lot of books, and it is so light I can take it with me on a plane, train, bus wherever!

It is so much more effective and easier to use.

So firstly dedicate the time and try your hardest to find at least 5 hours a week.

By the way spread it out, if you can only do 20 minutes Monday, try for 40 minutes Tuesday!

But make sure come the end of that week you have hit that 5 hour target.

The next thing to do is reflect.

Think about what you have just read, or listened to.

And when I mean think I mean truly put the book down and try to emphasize with the character if a fiction story, or even the person sharing their experiences if the story will be true.

Try to put yourself into the shoes of the author or the person who has shared their story.

Realize that there is a reason why the book was written, to teach a lesson, share an experience, or better yet to entertain you.

Or even to motivate you through a difficult time or a problem you had no idea how to resolve.

Sometimes its easy to go onto YouTube or Google and search the answers.

But when we take the time to truly listen to each other, and reflect, that is where the magic happens.

Which leads me to the most powerful and important tip of all when it comes to the 5 hour rule.

And in fairness I stole this from Dr Jordan Peterson.

Well adapted lets say, and he says “to measure whether you truly listen to somebody is to explain back to that person in as much detail what they just said to you.”

Take this with the book you are reading.

So if you just reading a story about how to start a business and the chapter be about “raising money,” dictate to yourself or to a friend of family member as much as you can.

Go into as much detail as possible what you learnt, or if you want to start this yourself go ahead.

Sometimes we just read or listen, and nothing sinks in.

We want our receptors in our brain to be on, and therefore the way to truly ignite that is to explain after reflecting what you just read.

That way your brain has truly taken it in, and suddenly you’ll awaken things you never thought your mind can achieve.

Try it, and let me know how you get on!

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