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Why You NEED to Start a YouTube Channel in 2020


Why You NEED to Start a YouTube Channel in 2020

In this post I explain why you NEED to start a YouTube channel in 2020.

Everybody wants to get started in YouTube, but before you do and if you want to take it seriously like I do, there are many different important factors you must take on board.

Want to start your own YouTube channel?

YouTube is the new television, seriously.

I find myself watching more what is on YouTube than on terrestrial TV.

There is nothing wrong with that if anything I prefer it!

I watch all sorts of content creators, videos etc, because I can tailor make it to exactly what I want.

There is a channel for almost anything these days.

From Pokémon cards to how to cook like a cowboy.

By the way I love BOTH those type of videos!

So in a crazy age of a virus pandemic, being ordered to stay home, a recession looming etc, it has never been a better time to start building a brand online.

It is important I say brand.

Take me for example, I created the “brand” SCG SHOW.

It is simple my initials with the name show behind it, that is it.

Nothing fancy, very simple short and sweet.

Ok WHAT does my brand mean = it is MY SHOW.

Get it?

Basically, I talk, blog, tweet about WHAT I want.

Full disclosure most YouTubers will NOT tell you this.

They will tell you to niche down, know your audience, only do this and that.

Yet some of the biggest YouTubers are now branching out doing movie reviews, vlogs, box openings etc.

I am not saying go jump on every single trend, however I am suggesting do not stick to just one topic.

But I will get onto that in a moment.

Ultimately starting a YouTube channel has never been easier.

I’ve seen people I know personally grow from 100 subs to over 100k in less than 12 months.

Think about what you can achieve!

But first of all, full disclosure and do not get offended by what I am saying.

Do not go into YouTube for the money.

Yes there are plenty of millionaires from YouTube, but you need to understand this is a steady slow gradual game.

I didn’t make a penny from my channel at the point of writing this post.

So treat it as a project, it will grow eventually, but you got to put the work in.

Secondly be patient.

This is vital, things take time, you will experience fast moments and very, terribly slow days.

You will get disheartened; you will lose motivation.

Sorry to say but it happens.

However, you need to remember that these things take time.

The YouTube algorithm can work instantly or over a year.

I saw a video take off several months after publishing!

Do not ask me how or why, it just did.

Welcome to the strange yet exciting world of YouTube.

Now let me begin with the essential tips to get started.

#1 – How to Decide What Your Channel Will be About

SCG Show is an exception.

I talk about everything and anything.

I interview people all over the globe on my podcast.

You can do the same if you want to be the main brand and you got a lot to say.

However, it is better if you focus initially on what topic you want to discuss.

Take the “Talking Sopranos” channel.

All they do is talk about an episode of the Sopranos every week.

Or take Leonhart.

Leonhart was a successful lawyer, who quit his job opening Pokémon cards.

He is now a full time YouTuber!

Focus, decide what is your YouTube channel going to be about.

Please nothing hateful, racist, violent, and stealing other people’s content.

Make it unique, and what you love or have an interest in.

Are you interested in Politics?

Publish your thoughts.

Do you love comic books?

Show off your collection.

Some of my closest buddies are YouTubers who I have watched over the years and seen them grow dramatically just showing their comic book collection!

Join the club, take part.

#2 – How to Find Ideas For Your Videos

It is important to plan out your content.

So, let me break it down for you.

Say I want to talk about Narcissism, which I do a lot on my channel.

Therefore, I have researched in detail over 100 subjects on Narcissism.

And as a result, I have listed them all in an Excel file.

So JUST on that subject alone, I have 100 video ideas.

Start writing down ideas, keep notes, do research.

Watch other YouTubers and do not copy their content but take influence from them.

See how they do things, what they talk about, and do the same for your channel.

You will never run out of ideas, the best YouTubers don’t.

So, you will not either.

#3 – How to Decide What to Name Your Channel

How many times have you suggested to a friend to watch something on YouTube?

And people ask “what is the name,” or “what channel is it on?”

And imagine them not being able to spell the name or remember it.

Some huge YouTubers with 100k plus subs have some strange and weird names.

Some have spelling errors.

Some are difficult to pronounce or remember.

Not to be arrogant, but my channel name is easy, simple and difficult to forget.


Two words, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, easy to share.

You got to think the same.

Sometimes if you are in a niche you can combine your name.

One of my influences is a guy called Tom who is a huge comicbook fan like me.

So he named his brand “ComicTom.”

Simple right?

Another friend of mine called Regie is a huge comic book collector.

Called his channel “Regie Collects.”

Annie Dube is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels around.

She named her channel “Annie Dube.”

Doctor Ramani is an expert in Narcissism.

She named her channel “Doctor Ramani.”

Your brand needs to know what you are about, who you are too.

Do NOT make it something difficult to spell, remember or say.

So, if your name is Jane and your channel is about Pokémon try “PokeJane,” or “JaneMon.”

Always research to see if there are OTHER channels with this name.

Try not to use infringed names, or anything copyrighted because your channel will receive a strike and get removed.

#4 – How to Make Your First Videos

Once you know what your channel is about, and the name etc, it is time to start creating content.

Structure your videos like so.

Create an intro graphic or head over to and get somebody to create one with your logo, or channel name.

Welcome people and tell them to subscribe.

Begin with the content.

I’ve appeared on camera only once in all my 200+ videos.

I prefer my voice, so I talk over stock free videos from a website called

My point is just start creating content.

You can use your phone, tablet, a webcam and just start talking.

Start editing, creating videos.

There are plenty of tutorials out there for video editing, but this is about creating a plan to begin your YouTube journey.

#5 – Start Planning

Do not be a millennial here, and what I mean by that is shouting off the rooftops or on social media, “I am going to be a YouTuber!”

It is time to start planning.

You need to start making notes, researching, finding keywords, creating thumbnails, buying a good microphone etc.

This is for the people who want to start but no idea where to begin.

Begin by planning.

Do not pay for anybody to give you advice, just listen to what I say.

Start planning what your channel will be about, enjoy it, create social media for it all, design your brand logo, etc.

Then when you officially go live, link your channel name in the description below.

Good luck!

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