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The Power of Walking Away | [Walking Away Gives You Power!]

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The Power of Walking Away

This post is about the power of walking away.

Yes, walking away gives you power!

Having the strength to get up and walk away from negative and toxic individuals is a hugely underated super power.

I have walked away from situations, friends and even family, and it was not easy, but the right thing to do. If I can do it, you can too!

The greatest superpower you will ever possess is the power to walk away.

By tolerating abuse, negligence, toxicity, and people’s drama all the time will only have one effect on your life.

And that effect is, it will make your life WORSE.

I remember countless times in the past where I have had to deal with narcissists on a personal level or even in a romantic relationship.

I’d run to the internet to see where I was potentially going wrong.

I would google all these techniques and tips and tricks how to deal with “negative and toxic people,” and I assumed it was the right way in handling such individuals.

However, I then realized that over time something quite dreadful was happening.

I was becoming the opposite of who I truly was.

Have you ever heard of the term “treading on eggshells?”

Aka when you are with or around an overly sensitive or irrational individual that you must tread carefully unless they will do something to harm or insult you.

Or worse abuse you violently.

There is nothing worse than that feeling.

You become almost like a stranger to yourself.

You are no longer who you truly are, or what you honestly believe in.

Almost like a supressed version of yourself.

All because you have convinced yourself that you need or worse want this person in your life.

I remember when I worked at the worst dead-end office job many years ago.

It was awful, it had zero prospects and my boss were a narcissist who was racist and abusive.

He was a bully.

And I put up with that abuse because I felt I needed that job and I needed him.

Walking away from that job to pursue my own goals and passions instead was the greatest thing I had ever done in my life.

It is the same with relationships or friendships.

Why are you sitting there and taking these people’s crap?

Did you know that there are healthy and better individuals who can actually improve the quality of your life rather than make it worse?

Yes, there are people who are NOT narcissists and sociopaths.

There are people out there who improve your life NOT devalue it.

There are people who calm you down NOT stress you out.

There are people who live their life with little to no drama, NOT obsessing and creating drama all the time.

So instead of googling the best comeback lines or finding ways to tolerate these people you have a power available to you right now.

Yes, you have the power to solve this problem.

Whether it is a job, a family member, a spouse, a friend, and uncomfortable situation you can regain some form of control.

Do you want to know what that power is?

I am sure you already know the answer, but the power is = walking away.

There is plenty of advice on the internet on how to be tougher with people.

Telling them where to go, shouting at them, standing up to them in that sense will give you a rush of adrenaline for a short period of time.

However, getting up and walking away is more powerful.

By lowering yourself to a toxic person’s level is detrimental to your status as a person.

It is also adding fuel to the fire of a toxic person.

By seeing you react, get upset, cry, shout or scream aka lose your cool, you are giving these toxic people exactly what they are craving = supply.

Ammunition too, to fire back at you to make you look like the bad guy, not the other way around.

So, by instead walking away you are doing the best thing for your wellbeing.

Firstly, walking away MEANS walking away.

If it is a romantic relationship it means packing your bags and NEVER going back.

If it is a job, it is walking away to pursue better goals and dreams.

If it is a friend, it is walking away to find like minded and better people who suit your needs and share the same values and respect for you.

That is the power, by walking away you are immediately commanding respect.

You are cutting off the abuse, the bullying, the bullshit, to make show you are a good person, who deserves better.

The first 30 days are indeed the hardest.

There will be loneliness.

There will be tears.

There will be grief of losing that person from your life.

But by doing it yourself and walking away with your head held high is the most powerful and effective way to improve your life.

Do not do this to inspire that person to change, they may never change.

But the purpose of walking away is to improve your life.

To find a romantic partner who will respect you and love you for who you are, and not try to mould you into something they want.

To find friends who don’t ridicule or embarrass you and actually value for your personality and your interests.

To find a job or career that brings the best out of you, not one that sucks the life out of you.

Walking away gives you the power to reboot and restart your life.

Yes, you have a fresh start you can do whatever you want!

You can go wherever you want!

You no longer have someone to dictate and answer to.

To the empathetic person you may find this daunting, but your confidence will skyrocket.

Once you have walked away you can learn where you went wrong even if you did not see it at first.

You can learn about the traits of toxic people who have caused such damage and mayhem to your life.

You can avoid these people like the coronavirus, and immediately improve your life.

Don’t seek to be liked, seek to be respected.

If it doesn’t suit you, or you’ve tried your best with someone, and they are on a dangerous path or you don’t like how you are being treated;


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