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How to Remove Blocks Law of Attraction

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How to Remove Blocks Law of Atrraction

“The word ‘impossible,’ actually contains the phrase ‘I’m possible.”

Believe it or not, there are things that we do subconsciously that do not work in our favour.

We live in a society particularly in the western world where it is mandatory almost to feel a little entitled.

But also in our society, it is very simple and easy to not feel good enough.

As a result, we find ourselves stalking people on social media, and putting on a brave face watching others succeed and live their dreams when in fact we don’t.

We strive and work hard to achieve goals and desires that would so desperately improve our lives such as start a thriving business that makes so much money.

Yet we often find ourselves underachieving or perhaps things not going to plan, and as a result we look across the way at our best friend or neighbour trying to do the same thing, and yet for them whatever they do just seems to happen with ease.

Are some people lucky?

Are some people just naturally more gifted?

Well yes and no.

Some people seem to have an energy and flow about them radiating abundance.

Whereas others seem to only attract not negativity but more disaster and drama into their lives.

Before I go into detail about the blockages working against you in relation to the law of attraction please remember this important point.

You are whoever you surround yourself with.

If your friends are drunks, you will end up becoming a drunk.

If your friends are losers, you will end up being a loser.

If you are dating a toxic individual, chances are your life will be toxic.

The most successful people throughout history are very much in the know about this simple and powerful trait.

For me, I dated a very toxic individual for years.

Therefore inevitably drama ensued, as did many disappointments, to the point where I almost couldn’t recognize who I was whenever I looked in the mirror.

On top of that, I also noticed that I had toxic friends as well.

So as a result, I was a gambler, a drinker and as I said you become whoever you surround yourself with.

As a man who deep down was a positive, ambitious and happy guy, I felt myself becoming a lot more negative when talking and socializing with the friends I had in my life.

So in order to fulfil my dreams and ultimately my destiny I decided to cut away from a lot of people.

Do not be surprised to see more fortune favour you if you do the same.

It is not about negative people it is about people disrupting your vibration, and ultimately making you feel awful.

How on earth can you manifest and fulfil your hearts desires when you are feeling crap?

Or tolerating abuse?

Or thinking badly?

The secret is the truly successful law of attraction experts do not allow such people in their lives.

They have high standards, and boundaries irrespective of their current position.

They are so confident in their abilities and their own self-worth that they know not to think or act in a certain way.

By doing so, and eliminating the “bad eggs,” around them their lives dramatically improves.

So take stock of who you surround yourself with, and understand and trust in the universe that they are there for a lesson.

And that better people, and opportunities do lurk just around the corner, all you need to do is take a leap of faith.

On top of walking away from certain people is of course the language that you use when talking.

And I am not talking about French or Italian, but more the dialogue used.

Remember you are a receptor, and depending on your desires a magnet.

If it is financial abundance that you seek, you are a money magnet.

If it is love and a relationship, you are a love magnet.

But if you talk in a certain manner that is counterproductive to your desires, chances are you are blocking the law of attraction from working in your favour.

Here are some words people use;

“I hope that I find someone to love.”

Again this is working against you because you are relying on hope rather than faith.

True law of attraction experts live their lives in the end, and know that they already have a loving partner to be with, even if in the present that is not the case.

By saying you hope, means you don’t believe it is going to happen.

So the law of attraction blocks your desire from manifesting.

If instead however you said “I know I can find someone to love,” it sends out a better message.

It is not arrogant to think that way, but actually more confident and abundant.

Two things the universe rewards very highly.

The next common phrase is “I need.”

By needing something it means you are begging, and operating from a place of lack.

A place I might add the universe doesn’t correlate with very well at all.

What you want to do again is live in the end.

Instead of “I need to be wealthy,” start saying “I am wealthy.”

You are living your life as an already rich and successful person.

And by being this way, the universe will reward you.

By acting needy, means you are insecure.

And by portraying an insecure image usually means that you are not grateful for your current situation, and do not deserve any more than you already have.

The final phrase you must eliminate from your vocabulary is an obvious one:

“I can’t.”

The word “can’t” is the white flag of defeat, the losers, the lazy and giver uppers.

Can’t didn’t hold back so many billionaires, athletes, heroes, and inspirational people throughout history.

Did Michael Jordan think he couldn’t when he became the greatest basketball player of all time?

How about Thomas Edison who failed 10,000 times with the lightbulb?

What about when people said Donald Trump “can’t be president?”

These people are finely in tune with the law of attraction, and it is why they manifest so much into their lives and more.

They radiate positivity, and are in the state of flow that only keeps producing more and more of the results that they want.

So make sure you make the necessary changes in your life today, to eliminate blockages that are not helping you in manifesting.

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