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How To Become Rich in Real Life FAST! | [ Difference Between Rich and Poor Mentality ]


How To Become Rich in Real Life FAST

In this post I explain how to become rich in real life FAST! No seriously!

There is a big difference between having a rich mentality and having a poor mentality.

By simply thinking rich, and acting like you are rich, you will see enormous changes to your wealth and abundance!

“You are a money magnet.”

Yes, it is true you are a money magnet.

You can actually make money come and flow to you naturally!

It is a source of energy and you only need to tap into it in order to raise the receptors in your brain to allow the flow to easily come to you!

Don’t believe me, then let me make something very clear.

I am not selling you a product.

I am not selling you a service.

I am not trying to tell you to come to a course.

Let’s get that out of the way, because a whole lot of “gurus” will sell you down a false road, in the hopes that you will spend money to make money!

That is not my aim with this post, or the video above!

Instead my aim here is to show you how I did what I am preaching here.

I was a gambling addict, a loser, lost loads of money, and had no idea where any cash was going to come to me.

Then I started to change, and I applied some simple but powerful changes.

The first thing I did was I started acting like the person I wanted to be, a wealthy abundant person.

I stopped acting and focusing on what I lacked, and instead I focused on what I will do with the money I was going to receive.

I walked taller.

I was more confident.

I was no longer intimidated by money.

I was no longer afraid to spend money.

I managed money better.

And sure enough, in so many different and unexpected ways, money came into my life.

It is ridiculous, and I am so grateful.

By staying in character even to this day as a financially abundant person, I will attract more money into my life effortlessly.

Things just flow so much more naturally this way.

And for the record, I DON’T and NEVER will gamble again!

It is part of the reason I am wealthier too!

By acting rich in your mind, the universe will attract opportunities, ideas and people into your life in order to fulfil your goal.

Make sure you be specific, unlike me.

Ask and focus on an exact figure, say $10,000.

Do not question that you are a money magnet that is like shooting yourself in the foot.

People will ridicule and dislike you, because you will giving off such an abundant lifestyle moving forward.

Don’t listen to them.

Here are 3 techniques you can apply into your life so you can start becoming a money magnet.

Put This Statement In Your Purse or Wallet:

Write down the following on a small card;

“Thank you universe for now blessing me with unexpected immediate financial abundance.”

I learnt this statement from a guy who is a very successful salesman.

No idea where he learnt it from, but what he did was put it in his wallet several years ago, and ever since he has been nothing short of successful.

Money keeps coming in for him, especially for work or services he carried out months before!

I did the same, and sure enough it helped.

What it does is allows you to live in the end – you are thanking the universe/god for money coming to you in such high numbers.

Therefore, you can be grateful.

And the more grateful you are, even if you have hardly anything – the more comes to you.

Simple right?

Feel free to have several of these cards printed out by your bed side, in your car anywhere.

And remember whenever you feel like you are lacking, or don’t have money – take out the card and read it out loud and feel what it would be like having $10,000 for example in your bank account right now!

The next step is to write daily your money statement for 30 days straight ten times in a row.

So grab yourself a notepad, or a journal, have a statement in mind and get a pen and write out your desire like this;

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

Thank you universe for $100,000!

It is better to write this out do not type this.

This activity will rewire your brain to be grateful for the money coming in, raising your receptors and ultimately powering your money magnet to full capacity.

And by doing this, watch as the money starts to flow in!

I did this, and I just used to smile every time I would write it out!

Do not be lazy, it works.

Would you write a statement in total 300 times for $100,000?

Course you would!

My last tip for you is something that NOBODY else talks about, and I strongly recommend it for you to do.

Go window shopping!

So say you want a new car, or expensive watch.

I want you to go out and NOT buy anything.

Instead go out, and play the role of the millionaire.

When a millionaire goes shopping they don’t care what the price is, they buy it.

Act the same, imagine yourself in that Tesla, or wearing that Rolex.

The clerk in the store doesn’t know you may not be able to afford it (yet!) however they can certainly cater to your needs.

But here is the thing, do not start feeling upset that it is too costly, or you can’t afford it.

Act like you can, and do so.

For me I wanted a Swarovski watch.

There was no way I could afford one!

But I kept going to the shops, trying them on seeing how I felt.

Once I decided which one I liked the most, and along with the other techniques, I now own this beautiful watch.

I get emotional just writing this, because if you had known where I had come from to get to here, you would never believe it.

Think about what you can attract in your life!

Go for it, you are a money magnet!

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