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How to Manifest a Specific Person No Matter What!

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How to Manifest a Specific Person No Matter What

This post is about how to manifest a specific person no matter what using the power of your mind and the law of attraction.

The specific person in your life just needs that extra nudge from the universe to come along your way, and I will show you exactly how to do it!

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I am going to make a very bold statement, it is easier than ever to manifest something than ever before.

The problem is, there are too many people giving different theories and showing different methods that all end up contradicting each other.

Therefore I will show you a way that worked for me.

Not only does this work with people but it can happen with money too!

I was flat out broke, a gambling addict, didn’t see any money or anything coming my way.

However I walked around assuming that the universe was on my side, and despite my situation all WILL end well.

Sure enough, much to my amazement I could NOT believe how money from so many different places was coming to me just a few months later.

This stuff WORKS and the same happens for manifesting a specific person.

For the record, you need to be disciplined, focused and you must completely believe in the law of attraction.

Because any limiting beliefs, any doubts, any concerns will only work against you.

So you must be willing to trust, and by doing that you can accelerate your results.

For me, I have learnt to trust, love and let go.

I am perfectly ok as I am, regardless of who is or who isn’t in my life.

I have an abundant mind-set, I am grateful for what I have, and anything that comes my way is a bonus.

On top of that I keep myself busy, I focus on my goals, and never stop working.

When we normally think about a person, we do the opposite – we chase.

We send them flowers.

We send them texts.

We talk to their friends.

We constantly overthink about them.

What that ends up doing is actually working completely against us.

Ironically I used to do all that with a specific woman I wanted to attract into my life.

However it never happened, because ultimately I saw she was NOT the right match for me.

She smoked, she did drugs, and she was a bad egg.

So the law of attraction actually despite what you think you want, always knows best.

So they will BLOCK it from happening, in order to push somebody better your way.

And for goodness sake, be patient!

I know you want to be married with the white picket fence as of tomorrow, but these things take time.

Lack of patience, and anxiety ruins your manifestations always!

You want it so badly, and you can’t go on, and your overthinking ruins everything.

Instead what I did, was so simple and effective.

I manifested using my imagination for 30 days, and I let it go.

I was just imagining a specific scene with a specific person.

I would go to bed and go to sleep dreaming about said person, and most importantly living in the end.

By doing this, you are trusting the universe that your desire is “done,” and you just have to wait for it to happen.

That does not mean waiting by your bedside table for the phone to ring – that is WRONG.

Instead you need to go about your life, see friends, party, work, and train in the gym.

All of a sudden (I swear to you), when you LEAST expect it you will open your phone or walk down a street and see that specific person!

They will take you by surprise and don’t be alarmed to hear the following;

“Hey the funniest thing I just couldn’t get you out of my head, and wanted to see how you are.”

Do not doubt it that is a CLEAR sign the law of attraction is working primarily in your favour to get your desire to come true and attract that specific person!

Congratulations! – It works trust me!

Another thing to note here is you do NOT want to reveal to them or ANYBODY that you manifested them to come to you.

That is like slapping god or the universe in the face.

Your manifestations, and dreams are private between you and the universe.

That will NOT work in your favour, and make things turn sour immediately.

Keep it silent, keep it quiet, and do not mention it to nobody.

I know it will be hard because you are so excited and overwhelmed from bringing your desire to life, but please do not do this.

Those who follow the manifestation strictly will succeed.

So imagine you are already with this person either married or dating whatever your preference, for 30 days straight right before bed.

Close your eyes and properly imagine the scene and replay it over and over in your head as you doze off.

See it all so clearly as if you are actually living the scene in virtual reality.

It MUST be for 30 days!

And when you wake up, make sure you do not focus on your desire, just let it go and get on with your life.

If you keep focusing on the desire, and worrying about it or being impatient, I am sorry to admit it you will ruin the chances of it manifesting.

You must trust the universe, and yourself.

Think of a movie you already know the ending to, would you be anxious and concerned about how it ends?

No you’d be relaxed and just sit back enjoying to see how it pans out again.

That is the exact steps you MUST take in this specific manifestation, otherwise you will ruin it.

If you want to hear more details about this process I strongly recommend you watch the video above as I go into much more depth on the entire subject.

Understand the law of attraction is always working, whether you like it or not.

And once you accept that, and tap into it, you become a creator of your own life.

It is a very powerful realization all at your disposal.

Be warned though, the law of attraction only works for the good in people and life, so no funny business!

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