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Why You Want to QUIT Your Job!


Why You Want to QUIT Your Job!

This post is about why you want to quit your job.

If you work in a soul destroying job then you haven’t really truly lived have you?

However, I am not telling you to be lazy and sit on your backside all day!

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life!”

Most people live in quiet desperation without realizing it.

They get up, brush their teeth and wash their face starting the commute to the job that literally brings them no satisfaction at all.

Just the other week I was with my brother who tried to convince us all he was happy in his job.

He is a teacher working in a miserable school, with miserable people.

For the past few years he has managed to increase his salary, and tried to move as much as a teacher can, but it has been as plain as can be on his face he is utterly miserable.

We asked him how he felt about a family vacation in the near future to which he replied “it all depends on where I am with the school, I am thinking of quitting.”

I never was one to criticize anybody for their choice of career or job, but I cannot help myself when it is ruining your life.

Most people are unsatisfied with their jobs and it makes them upset and almost unbearable to deal with in the process.

They make out they are happy, insist they are doing well, that all is ok.

Then the next thing I see is them overeating, drinking a little TOO much on the weekends, and above all their actions do not meet their words.

Joe Rogan who is a successful podcaster said the following;

“For me, I hate the four day weekends that come around, I just want it to be Monday, because I love so much what I do!”

Do You Want to Survive or Thrive?

Why do you want to suffer in quiet desperation in a soul destroying, ominous awful job that offers you absolutely no satisfaction or fulfilment?

I know people who are in god awful jobs who just love going to the bathroom to check social media as that is their only escapism from their awful work routine.

Read the following from a candidate for the House of Representatives in the US;

“I’ve quit five jobs.

I’ve given a two weeks’ notice each time.

I was let go each time before the two weeks were up.

The moral of my story is we are all replaceable.

Does your employer really care about you?

Is the extra work worth it?

Is the mandated overtime worth it?

We are all disposable.

Go home and spend time with your family.

Use your vacation time.

Take a mental health day.

Hit the gym.

Make time for your hobbies, interests, passions and personal development.

Make time to live your life.

We can’t get our time back.”

Did any of the above really hit home with you?

Why not instead of drinking and partying or binging on Netflix spend your time on a passion project?

Isn’t a passion project a better escape and route towards your happiness than your crappy job?

Look at SCG SHOW.

I have had enormous setbacks, horrible deals fall through, personal issues and so on.

Yet it all has led to the creation of SCG SHOW, and I am devoting all my time to it because I believe in myself and my project.

There is nothing more fulfilling that creating something yourself, and selling it to the world.

Rather than sitting in a little cubicle like a square peg trying to be forced into a round hole.

Remember you are making money for your boss and the board of directors.

They are the ones profiting off of YOU.

No matter how hard you work, or what you contribute you are unfortunately replaceable.

You are just a number, another rat on the hamster wheel.

There is a reason why it is called a rat race.

I get it, you are probably trapped with debt, or student loans, kids, bills to pay.

But what about the time where you are normally destroying your body – aka time not spent on a passion project.

You Have a Gift to Offer This World, And You Don’t Realize It!

You are more than your jobs, your debt, and your commitments.

Set aside daily time to work on your projects, and trust me if you work hard enough you will reap the rewards.

I always intended to work for myself, and I am so blessed that I do.

I remember going to some very rich areas near where I grew up to be inspired by those around me.

And the millionaires I met and spoke to were nowhere near as smart as me.

But they had something that I had, and that was the belief and determination to succeed.

So I have taken risks and believed in myself to become my own boss.

But that doesn’t come without discipline, hard work, dedication to a cause.

If you work hard at your job today you will hopefully pick up a salary by the end of the year assuming nothing goes wrong.

If you work hard at your passion project your life will change for the better in the near future.

Would you rather invest in yourself or in a company who can let you go at any given second?

Remember the older you get the less you do.

So the more responsibilities you take on i.e. mortgages, kids, more debts the less time and energy you have to dedicate to something worthwhile.

Rather it is beneficial while you are young to go ALL in on your work.

But be warned, do not listen to fake gurus online who tell you how to quit your job in exchange for a course worth $5,000.

I know you may be willing to quit your crappy job, but these scumbags are just trying to profit off your desperation for change.

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard.

If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.

But before you decide to quit, plan what you are going to do, get a calendar set realistic targets and just bloody go for it.

It is much worse to quit your crap job and then find yourself in an even worse one without a clear plan or goal to stick to.

Lastly no matter how old you are, or what your background is it is not over to change your life my friend.

You are just stuck, that is all.

Time to get unstuck, and thrive!

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