Signs of a Female Narcissist | [How to Deal with a Female Narcissist]

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Signs of a Female Narcissist

“It’s all about me, me, and me.”

From 2010-2020 I have honestly lost count how many Female Narcissists I have had the real displeasure of coming across, or dating.

I have seen a meteoric rise in narcissism as a whole more so in the last 3-5 years.

And in the past I just used to label Female Narcissists without knowing too much about their actual conditions as just “crazy!”

But as I did my research more, and the more I learnt, I realized you could peg it all back to narcissism.

I will first give you several personal examples of Female Narcissists I have had the displeasure of meeting over the years and then list the signs to look out for if you suspect someone is one.

By the way, trust your gut you are most probably right in your accusation.

For the record I have had plenty of ex female narcissists, from short term dating to full blown relationships.

Moving forward I will be referring to them as “nexes” or “nex” aka “ex-narcissists”.

All of the stories below are true and are about different people from over the years too.

She Lies About Her Past

All my nexes lied about their past, every single one.

From where they worked or studied, to whom they dated.

The worst was one that denied she dated a mutual friend, despite me asking her many times but I was just way too embarrassed to question the guy.

Eventually 2-3 years later at a party the guy came to me and said “has your nex told you that we dated briefly once upon a time ago?”

I was fuming, why lie?

Because I was lied to, and I knew that if she had been lying about that, then who knows what else.

Everything she told me was a lie about her lie.

The Nex at the party:

This particular Nex was new, and we were dating for only a couple of weeks when my friend was having a party at his place inviting us over.

I brought her along and introduced this woman to all my mates for the first time, and I just got on with things and had fun.

I left my Nex inside the house whilst I was outside drinking beer with some guys, and all of a sudden I heard a commotion and some shouting.

I rushed in to suddenly see my Nex running out of the house to the front door!

Panicking I asked everybody inside “what happened?!!”

My friends had a solemn and confused look on their face, and replied “go ask your girl…”

I ran outside to catch her to which I saw she was smiling and crying like a lunatic.


She replied, “Oh that party was too boring, so I decided to create some drama saying you forced me to come, and that I secretly hated you! Let’s get out of here and go have sex!”

I told her to get into a cab, which she did, and I never spoke to her again.

The Nex and the Waitress:

It was my birthday, and me and an Nex were sat there having a pretty good time.

Then the waitress came over who was very polite and wished me a happy birthday.

I said “thanks,” and I simply asked her, “that’s an interesting accent where are you from?”

My nex screamed at the poor lady; “THIS DINNER IS FOR US NOT YOU, GO FETCH US OUR FOOD!”

The Nex and the Break In:

We once experienced a terrible break in on a very important religious night around 12am and so much was stolen from our family business.

The police were there, and we were devastated.

My nex happened to be with us, seeing people crying and in pain over what was lost and the trauma of the experience too.

After the police finished their investigation at 2am we left to go to bed shattered.

And then on our way home still shell shocked by it all, the nex starts having a moan; “all night you haven’t complimented my looks and my new dress, I look amazing and all you care about is your family!”

The Nex and the Selfie:

I had met a girl online through a dating app and she seemed sweet and kind – so I thought.

So I arranged to date her to which she agreed.

A few days leading up to our date she texted me a picture of herself out of the blue and said “wishing you a good morning.”

I replied simply with “good morning.”

She then lost her cool, and in all caps replied “HOW DARE YOU! WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME PRETTY!? AREN’T I BEAUTIFUL? AM I NOT THE BEST EVER?!”

She was NOT joking, and began crying.

Blocked and deleted this one even before we met.

The Nex and the Restaurant:

I went on a date with a charming and beautiful woman who really had an interesting personality.

Swept up by it all I asked her out to dinner a week or so after our first meeting to which she agreed.

I picked up this Nex and on our way to the restaurant we were having a very nice conversation.

All of a sudden she asked me where we were going along with what area is the restaurant too.

I told her it was in North West London, to which amazingly she started to scream:


Completely stunned and lost for words and driving down a country lane late at night I had no idea how to react!

I begged her to stop shouting to which she then grabbed the steering wheel, therefore almost making us result in a crash!

I pulled over and asked her to leave before I threatened to call the police.

For me I do not see the experiences as bad luck with the Nex’s but more so vital life lessons.

I have spent hours reading, and learning more about Narcissism and by doing so it has taught me to keep my guard up and introduce healthy boundaries.

Here are from my personal experiences signs you may be dating a female narcissist;

They always want to be the center of attention
They are pathological liars
They are utterly obsessed and addicted to their own social media
They have zero empathy for you about anything or anybody else
They suffer from extreme jealousy and are very insecure
They cannot take an ounce of healthy criticism from you or anyone
They take sick pleasure at your pain or discomfort
They stir and create chaos and drama everywhere they go for supply
They are obsessed with how they look more than how they act
They are only loyal to one person – themselves

Take it from me, you are better off far away from such toxic individuals.

There are heathier and better people out there better suited to you, trust me I am the living proof of that.

Stay safe, walk away, go no contact and stick to it.

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