How To Make A Girlfriend Laugh

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How To Make A Girlfriend Laugh

This post is about how to make a girlfriend laugh.

By the way, not AT you but WITH you!

This is so crucial, because you don’t want to be that funny friend, you want to be the attractive funny guy she wants to date.

Huge difference, and I will clear that all up for you!

“Laughter is the best medicine.”

It has occurred to me over the last few years that a lot guys believe most women they are interested in are all serious and dull.

Like they are these mature creatures who always take themselves too seriously.

And as a result, the guys decide to do the same and mirror this fake seriousness.

What this ends up doing is resulting in a desperate guy getting nervous, trying too hard and ultimately turning the woman off.

You DON’T want to be that guy.

And if you are that guy STOP IT!

Laughter can be a huge attraction boost to all types of men from all walks of life.

Luckily for me I was always into stand-up comedy from a young age, and have grown up into the type of guy who tries to see the humour in most things.

All my past girlfriends have always found me hilarious – sorry to toot my own horn.

However when I was a teenager I went a little too overboard on the comedy, and women used to see me as just the funny guy, until I fixed other aspects of my personality.

So it’s a balance I believe of confidence and humour.

Humour can come from exerting confidence, and vice versa.

Why this is attractive to a woman is it shows bravery and a unique important personality trait.

A woman is hardly ever attracted to the boring serious dude that offers nothing interesting or fun.

However in contrast she cannot stop thinking about the guy she laughed and smiled with and like a drug becomes almost infatuated with him too.

You want to focus on being that guy, and forget those telling you to be completely dark and serious all the time.

Adding in humour amongst the mix will make you a really attractive man for most women out there.

Also you don’t want to be JUST the funny guy aka the Joker or the Clown.

You want to be attractive, confident, forward but with a wicked sense of humour.

Let us discuss the tips you want to add to your dating arsenal in how to make a woman laugh:

#1 – Make Her Smile

Most guys go straight in with the jokes right off the bat, and whilst this is not a bad approach it is better to make a woman smile first.

I’ve always been a natural charmer, I learnt it from my father.

So if I was on a date I’d tell her “you look absolutely stunning tonight, thanks for making the effort for little old me,” and I’d laugh.

She will love a comment like that because you are appreciating her beauty but at the same time adding a tiny hint of humour behind it.

By loosening her up with a smile you are more likely to do so for her laughing too.

#2 – Relax and Laugh Yourself

Dude it’s a date, not a funeral!

You do NOT have to be so serious and on edge.

She will detect your nervousness, and you will reek of anxiety – not pretty.

Instead take it easy, relax and laugh at things yourself.

Don’t go full on Joker mode and giggle at everything nervously, laugh at the situation!

I’ve laughed at meeting a girl off Tinder countless times, because it’s mad if you think about it.

I’d say “this is crazy! Meeting a stranger online, what are we thinking?”

That worked every time for me!

In preparation for a date I would feel nervous about I’d go work out in the gym, or have a shot of vodka to ease the tension.

Remember the more you date, the more you become naturally relaxed!

#3 – Be Confident

I am sure you are sick to death of hearing this but being confident is the difference between the guy that gets the girl, and the one that doesn’t.

And by being relaxed and confident you can naturally be a lot funnier.

And by being naturally funnier she will more than likely laugh with you, NOT at you.

Be confident in your mind you can make her laugh, but don’t turn into a stand-up comedian with joke after joke.

Make sure the conversation flows just naturally.

This will boost your confidence early on in the date so you can carry yourself better too.

#4 – Use Observational Humour

One of the best comedians of all time is Jerry Seinfeld, and the reason why is he uses observational humour.

Use what you see around you.

Once upon a time I went out to a beautiful bar with a stunning girl, and we were eating dinner.

However there was an awful smell halfway through the meal, and it turned out that there was a burst sewer pipe!

So instead of feeling uncomfortable and awkward I just said to her, “no matter where I take you, it always becomes crap literally!”

She spat out her drink and we had tears down our faces, it was hilarious.

If you were with your friends and saw something stupid or funny you’d be taking the piss, do the same with a woman!

#5 – Do Self-Deprecating Humour

I’m not going to lie I am a master of taking the piss out of myself.

I would go on a date with a beautiful woman and we’d go to a nice place and she would often say “nice venue SCG!”

And I would usually reply “yes not bad for a hairy guy with a big nose eh?”

Being able to take the piss out of yourself shows you are human and comfortable in your own skin and will make her laugh.

But for God’s sake DON’T push it!

Don’t go for example “I am such a horrible piece of scum no woman will love me haha!”

That is creepy and weird dude, keep it light, and don’t fish for compliments either!

#6 – Use Gentle Teasing

The pickup artist community often refer to this as “negs” aka negative compliments.

They would say stuff like “nice dress, my grandmother wears the same one!”

It is almost backhanded but instead you want to be more on the spot and random.

Otherwise it would seem too rehearsed.

This has never failed me, and you should definitely try it.

One time a date of mine took a while in the bathroom, and as she returned about to apologize for the delay I said “what the hell happened in there? Did you have a nice poo?!”

She burst into laughter and stressed that the line for the ladies was a tad too long hence the wait.

Tease her, take the piss but do NOT go too personal or rude.

If you take it too far, she will get offended keep it gentle and light.

#7 – Ask Funny Questions

If you ever run out of things to ask and worry how to make a woman laugh, then have no fear my friend, here are some I usually use which always work;

1. Would You Rather Be Fluent In All Languages Or Be A Master Of Every Musical Instrument?

2. What Cartoon Do You Still Like To Watch?

3. What Was Your Favourite Fairy Tale Growing Up?

4. If You Could Have One Magical Power, What Would It Be?

5. What Do You Think You Were In A Past Life?

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