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What Are Signs From The Universe | [PAY ATTENTION TO THESE!]


What Are Signs From The Universe

This post is about what are signs from the universe you need to know!

Believe it or not the universe is always trying to warn you about things whether good or bad. Pay attention to these!

 “Warning signs are for the clever people not for the fools because fools live their lives through living the warned things!”

The more self-aware a person becomes and in tune with the universe, the more their manifestations and their desires come to fruition.

Sadly most people are too arrogant, or are blind to the truth.

The fact is the law of attraction is always working.

Impatience and non-believers will tell you that there is no such thing, but like attracts like, and things always manifest albeit not at the speed most people want.

They are often complaining about their finances for example, and not realizing that money can and will come for them if they were only to tap into an abundance mentality instead.

People also moan that they are single and never find love, but fast forward into the not so distant future and there they are married with children and moaning about something new by then.

Without being self-aware and noticing all around you, it makes it difficult for you to notice clear and obvious signs the universe sends us.

For me one of the most recent and dramatic signs was the way a narcissistic relationship ended in my life.

I was having one of many arguments with my narcissistic ex-partner but the strange thing was it was August aka summer time, and suddenly that evening the weather changed!

It began to start raining, it was cold and there was thunder storms!

And the wind almost blew me away as I walked out of the house in a huff, only to find myself locked outside!

And as I was locked out of my house, fortunately sat in my car with no shoes on waiting for a locksmith to come, I knew it was a sign.

The universe made the weather so dramatic in the summer to emphasize the point I had to leave such a toxic relationship.

I did some more research and weather amongst many other things are usually signs from the universe that something is on its way, or you need to change it.

It also can be applied to your religion, God or whatever faith you hold true to yourself.

But irrespective of what you believe in, the universe/god/law of attraction sends people warning signs that should probably not be ignored practically all the time.

Remember coincidences are not just random, there are meanings behind them all.

Here are 7 signs:

#1 – Random Meetings

Have you recently bumped into an old friend, or met somebody you haven’t seen or spoken to in years?

There is a meaning behind this, and that is you either need to repair something that is broken, or completely let it go.

By doing that so much can happen, by allowing better into your existence, OR by forgiving or healing you can allow this person BACK into your life on new better terms.

If you have met somebody completely new say at an event you didn’t want to go to, or on the train or something, that too is a sign but again it could mean so many different things.

Pay attention to it, and this does apply to social media and emails too.

It could be work related as well, and that client or deal you were working on resurfaces “out of the blue.”

The universe is always sending things and people our way, and do not question what or why these people are back in your life even for a split second.

Appreciate it as a major sign.

# 2 – Weird Dreams

Most people wake up after a night’s sleep and have a hazy memory of the dreams they just had.

But if you find yourself having any type of dreams or more than usual it is basically the universe taping into your brain receptors to send you messages of what may be just around the corner.

It could be a good dream, or nightmare, either way the universe in your most relaxed state is telling you something is going to happen.

Pay close attention to your dreams, keep a journal by your bed side and write down what you can remember.

It could mean you need to prepare yourself for god forbid an emergency, or make a drastic change in your life immediately.

Be prepared and do never weird dreams.

All dreams are signs!

# 3 – Small Accidents

Have you recently burnt your tongue?

Cut your finger?

Bruised yourself?


Feel sore?

Minor small injuries or accidents are in fact warning signs from the universe!

When I was in a toxic relationship I constantly cut myself, or bruised myself almost weekly.

And I am NOT clumsy!

These small accidents were signs to tell me you are hurting yourself now, and will do so more in the long run if you stay.

You could be the most careful person and if you cut your finger whilst cooking, or even burn yourself just a tiny bit, be wary, its warning you of something.

#4 – If You See a Flock of Birds

This may seem like a strange one but have you been noticing more birds everywhere you look?

Or perhaps you have been looking up at the sky and seen a flock of birds flying off into the horizon?

This is a really brilliant sign that it is time for you to travel.

You need to get away from where you are, and take flight.

It could be a vacation, a day trip, or even backpacking.

You must go or book to go as soon as you see these signs.

There may be a chance meeting on your trip, or your body might need it.

Or worse if you stay where you are something god forbid might happen to you.

Pay attention to the birds, and if you see them in the sky flying above you, it’s time for you to travel!

#5 – Unexpected Good or Bad News

There is no such thing as good or bad news, it is just news.

For example at your job if you find your deal has gone through, or that you have failed at something, the news is a sign.

But it is much broader than that!

Say you have worked on a deal in your job and it has gone badly.

That bad news means you need to work harder or try a new strategy, for something more fruitful.

Or let’s say you did really well and got a big deal over the line.

It could mean that you are too good at your job, and need a fresh challenge in your life.

Whatever news good or bad you receive is usually sudden and out of the blue.

Pay attention to it!

#6 – Finding or Losing Things

Let’s say you have recently got into the habit of losing your house keys, and it is happening a little too regularly but never did so before.

No you are not forgetful, it means it is possibly time to move to another home.

There could be many different reasons why, but ultimately it’s about letting go.

And that is the same for finding something sentimental, the universe is telling you to say goodbye to it and to please move on.

If you find yourself finding money on the floor or just randomly, expect even more coming your way, or potentially coming out of your account for a big unexpected bill!

#7 – Dramatic Weather Changes

Is it suddenly cold, wet and windy in the middle of summer on one day?

Or perhaps it’s scorching hot in December?

These dramatic changes in weather as I mentioned regarding my toxic relationship are huge signs that the universe is giving you a clear indication to do something or take action.

Trust your gut more so than ever, as it is the most literal sign the universe can send you amongst the 7 I have already listed!

Pay attention to them all!

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