Do Narcissists Forget You

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Do Narcissists Forget You

Narcissistic relationships are extremely draining on our health mentally and physically, and it is important to realize the safest and best way to get out.

But once you ARE out do they actually forget about you?

“Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.”

No Narcissists don’t forget anyone, they just replace you with new supply aka somebody else because they are just bored of you.

There is a big difference between forgetting someone and not wanting someone back though.

For me and based on my experiences throughout my life Narcissists do not forget you.

However some show they have, and most show they haven’t.

I have said this plenty of times but Narcissists are no different to adult spoilt children.

They always want what they cannot have, and when they DO finally get what they want, they immediately discard it when they get bored.

Luckily for me I have both discarded and been discarded by plenty of Narcissists in my life from colleagues, to friends, and romantic partners.

I will first discuss what happens when YOU discard a Narcissist.

#1 – After You Discard the Narcissist

Discarding a Narcissist is a very difficult thing to do, because they have most likely had a very large impact on your life.

So to suddenly go no contact after seeing the mask slip or building up the courage to do so is no easy feat, but a vitally important step in your massive recovery.

When someone discards a Narcissist, it causes the mother of all Narcissistic injuries, aka rejection.

It’s what they fear more than anything, and if you have built up the strength to do so, they won’t like it one bit.

And what will happen in their mind is you will become an obsession to them, especially if you have blocked them, moved away, or completely cut them off.

You were their drug, their supply, and they fed off your being because Narcissists are energy vampires sucking the sheer life and soul out of your very being.

And for them to suddenly not have that, like the drug addict sends them into a spiral of madness.

Narcissists are usually control freaks, so you have taken away their power and all forms of control by walking away and never speaking to them or seeing them again.

They do not know how to handle it, and they will hoover and smear you just to grab your attention.

#2 – They Will Hoover and Smear You

But if you are strong and smart enough, you won’t lower yourself to this miserable tactic, and you are fully focused on your recovery.

So that’s the kicker, you are most likely self-reflecting and healing.

They however, are focused on revenge, and somehow getting you back, only to cause you more abuse in the long run.

#3 – Do Not Fall For Their Mind Games

A Narcissist will never forget the “one that got away,” aka the shiny toy they had but never appreciated.

It will also never cross their mind that they had anything to blame for in leading to their discard.

They will always blame you to their friends, family and themselves, and constantly paint themselves out to be the victims.

That’s why they won’t forget you, because ultimately you are the enemy, and it actually makes you extremely attractive to them.

Don’t see that as a positive, it’s just human nature for these individuals, they are toxic people who just want what they cannot have.

Therefore you will always be on their mind, it’s extremely hard for them to forget you.

And funnily enough they will actually in their own sick way respect you for standing up to them, and putting up boundaries.

Do not fall for it, please.

Whilst you are healing and reflecting, they are plotting.

Even if they are with somebody else too, it’s ultimately a tool to rub in your face that they are so happy without you and try to grab your attention.

It’s a game to them, do not play it, and never participate.

What usually happens on the flip side when a Narcissist discards you is the same thing.

#4 – When the Narcissist Discards You

They have made their mind up that they are simply bored with their toy (aka you), and want something new and shiny to play with.

So they move on pretty quickly or are not too far away from obtaining new supply either.

All of this is to show off, and rub it in your face inadvertedly that they are better without you.

For me, all my Narcissist ex-girlfriends hated their ex boyfriends.

They would describe them as “weak, pathetic,” and far worse names I would not like to share.

However, when I discarded them due to their Narcissistic personality traits or vice versa, I was given the same smear campaign, literally word for word.

Now this can hurt to hear or read, but ask yourself the following question;

“Why should you care?”

You are free of the evil clutches of a Narcissist that never loved you or gave you’re the emotional support that you were desperate for or deserved.

So why bother yourself with regards to their smear campaign?

You must take the higher ground and be the adult in all of this disgraceful behaviour.

It is all a tactic to get you to respond, to react, which is what they did to you constantly in the devaluation phase of your relationships.

Rise above it, focus on healing.

#5 – How to Heal From the Narcissist

Read books, watch videos, reach out to others and educate yourself on the subject of Narcissism.

By doing this you are going to be able to have enough experience and confidence to identify such toxic individuals straight away in the future, so you won’t make the same mistake again.

And as you are healing and reflecting, they are still plotting on how to get revenge on you.

#6 – The Narcissist Wants to Hurt You

They want you to feel bad, and they want to you to feel jealous.

Because they see the world through the eyes of an entitled spoilt child.

They will not forget the ones who caused them the biggest Narcissistic injury of all, the ones who moved on to a better happier and healthier life without them in it.

Even if they discarded you, if you do not chase them, go no contact, and ultimately heal and move on they will never get over you nor forget you.

There will be constant reminders of your relationship, friendship, and times together for them to.

Remember their new supply is a weapon to throw in your face, but hopefully you are not stalking their social media or whatever knowing what they are up to.

The Narcissist of your life should well and truly be in the past, and you need to forget about them.

Do not waste your time concerned whether they are thinking about you – they always will, now there is your answer – so now please try to move on with your life.

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