Signs an Introvert Likes You! | How to Tell If Someone Likes You BUT is Hiding It

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Signs an Introvert Likes You!

Introverts are often the sweetest and nicest people I have ever met to date.

But if you are an extrovert and not too sure how to deal with one, they can certainly be a little bit intimidating.

They are certainly difficult people to read, and whilst we all think of ourselves as world class psychologists, there is so much about Introverts we truly don’t know.

For me many years ago I had an introverted girl open up to me about her feelings and it came completely out of the blue!

I honestly did not expect it in the slightest, it completely took me by surprise and to be honest, I was rather blindsided!

To avoid the same mistake again in the future I took the opportunity to do a little research into how Introverts conduct themselves, especially when it comes to crushes and people they like.

There seems to be a common similarity with all Introverts and they seem to display the same type of behaviours when they really fancy somebody.

Perhaps you are pondering over an introverted person in your life right now.

It could be a co-worker, family member, fellow student.

It doesn’t really matter, but what does is whether they actually like you or not.

Here are 7 common signs that an introvert likes you:

#1 – They Open Up To You

Introverts are notorious for bottling up their emotions and having the sternest of poker faces – thus making them almost impossible to read.

However, if theIntrovert has decided to open up to you, it’s a big sign they like you.

And by “Opening up,” I mean they are sharing some incredibly private or detailed information about themselves or family JUST YOU.

The introverted girl that liked me on a lunch break all those years ago sat down and just let loose without me saying anything;

“I hate myself at times, it makes me feel insecure. But when I’m around you, I feel happier in my own skin.

It’s weird, but I just feel a bit more confident, when most of the time I’m not.”

It was strange hearing her saying this, mostly because I didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on, but also because she was always a very quiet and private person to everybody else!

So if they begin to share some private stuff particularly emotional information, it is a very clear sign that they like you.

#2 – They Know More About You Than You Think

An introvert that likes you remembers almost everything, seriously they do.

Whilst that may seem a little stalkerish or creepy, 9 times out of 10 it’s actually quite sweet.

They will remember your birthday, what you ate for dinner if you told them a week before, or a specific trait or thing you always liked or dislike.

This is a major sign they like because they are listening intently to when you speak face to face albeit not very much.

And they hold onto that information to show how much they care about you, because in all honesty they really do!

#3 – They Are First to Comment On Your Social Media

Social media to the introvert is a wonderful way for them to truly express themselves and how they feel.

But whilst they may not be doing plenty of selfies or posts themselves, they operate in a bit more of a subtle way.

Back when I was using social media more for my own personal page, I remember an introverted girl was always the first to like or comment on any post I made.

Sure enough over time I looked through the album of posts and there she was the first to like and comment on almost 90% of my posts.

This is the introvert’s way communicating to you that they most likely have notifications on when you post so they can catch your attention, and show how much they like you!

#4 – They Always Make Eye Contact

Creeps stare at you for way to long, but introverts catch you in the corner of their eye.

Eye contact to an introvert is like them speaking 1000 words to you, and whenever you look in their direction you will often find them catching your glance.

It means that they want you to see them, and they want to see you, no matter if they are sat near you or stood 100 yards away.

Introverts never underestimate the importance of body language!

#5 – They Laugh Nervously Around You

It’s that old movie cliché when the dorky guy or girl snorts or cackles near you because they secretly like you!

Well it is 100% true!

It is because the introvert is nervous around you, and seems to find you just a little bit TOO funny.

They also want to come across calm, but actually they are really nervous just being near you!

Listen out to how often and how they laugh near you next time!

#6 – They Give You a VERY Personalized Gift

What happened to giving your crush an old mixtape of famous love songs to show your affection eh?

Well guess what, it still happens!

 Introverts will give you a very personal or personalized gift normally out of the blue and when you least expect it.

My introvert that liked me baked me a special cake for no apparent reason, and bought me a jersey of my favourite sports team with my name on the back!

The more thoughtful or personal the gift or gesture they give you, the more they like you!

They are also often seen writing emails or letters full of nice things they like about you too, as that is an easier way for them to put across their emotions to you!

#7 – They Call You and Answer Your Calls

This is probably the biggest sign of all that they like you, and that is if they answer your call or call you!

Introverts like most bloody millennials DO NOT like phone calls.

So if they make the effort to face their fears and facetime call, or WhatsApp call or do it old school and dial your number and give you a buzz take that as a huge sign they like you!

And for god’s sake answer the call – it be rude not to!

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