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Did you know you are blocking the universe from giving you money?

Yes, and by doing so you are damaging the way the law of attraction works.

I didn’t realize this but it the law of attraction goes beyond just thinking positive and happy thoughts.

Whilst that is definitely important, I have been in the most miserable and darkest of places only to see my manifestations come to life!

Yes it goes beyond just happy thoughts, it actually is much more than that.

What you must remember whenever you want to manifest anything is be ready to receive it.

You have to program your brain to do so.

Believe it or not your brain is a computer, and it sometimes can get a virus.

And this could be the news, negative friends, listening and participating in drama or toxic habits.

Your brain is constantly getting all of these messages and negative things and it stores it into your subconscious.

So that means when you walk down the street, you are giving off all you are taking in.

Say you just ate a spicy curry.

Your body over the 24 hours of digestion will let out the spices through your pores.

Your brain works exactly the same way.

It is digesting without you realizing constantly a load of crap, and then it is giving it out to the universe.

Then the universe is receiving what you are giving out, and giving it back to you tenfold.

The negative victim is constantly looking at the lack, and where things have gone wrong in their lives:

“I lack money”

“I lack success”

“I lack love”

“I lack contacts”

Thinking these thoughts sends out that very same message for the universe.

And the universe sees your lack, and then will emphasize it even more.

It has nothing to do with luck, it’s what you are focused on.

If you focus on your insecurities, and what you don’t have, you will never go to that next level or attract your desires.

However, instead if you act abundance, grateful and most importantly of all patiently, the universe will reward you.

Take my YouTube channel SCG SHOW for example.

I wanted to grow this channel, but the only way I could do so was by working hard and believing in it.

In the first month of creating content I managed to get over 100 subscribers completely organically and this is something I had NEVER managed to do before.

This blue my mind, but you have to go beyond just thinking and believing.

Nothing can ever substitute hard work and determination.

So how can you manifest $100,000 into your life?

Easy, reprogram your brain.

I recommend watching the video above for at least 30 days.

30 days is a good amount of time to allow the law of attraction to work properly and to filter out all the junk lurking in your subconscious mind.

Your brain is holding onto trauma and PTSD from months or even years in the past.

And by reaffirming correctly and intelligently, you can see some astounding results.

Money will come to you if you do this, I mean it.

And it will come to you in ways you least expect it.

For me, when I reprogrammed my brain to attract wealth I had:

  • New business opportunities
  • Tax refunds
  • People giving me money out of the blue!
  • Sales from things I created months before!

I am deadly serious this amongst other things works.

But let’s focus on attracting $100,000 into your life.

The first step is to watch the video on repeat for 30 days straight.

By doing this, your brain will naturally tap into the wealth receptors allowing you to attract money, and you will easily become a money magnet.

Next I have handpicked some powerful affirmations that I use on a daily basis as well as watching the video.

If you read these out loud for 30 days as well as watch the video, you will be able to naturally think and attract wealth.

And by doing that, the universe will naturally hear what your brain is thinking and give it what it seeks.

On top of that, your brain will send you into a sleep where your desires come true.

Do not be surprised in this process to be actually dreaming of the wealth you attract, and doing whatever it is you want to do with the money.

Here are some of the most powerful affirmations to read out loud every day.

And bonus tip, make sure you believe and feel every word you say in the sentences below for the next 30 days:

“Thank you for now blessing me with unexpected immediate financial abundance.”

“I am ready to receive $100,000.”

“I love actively and passively making money.”

“Money is constantly flowing to me from many different sources.”

“Manifesting more money is easy and comes natural to me.”

“I am the greatest money magnet.”

“I was born to be rich, and have waited long enough to receive it.”

“I am very grateful for all this money coming towards me.”

“Money comes towards me, and I am so happy.”

“The Universe is working to make me rich.”

“I move from poverty thinking, to abundance thinking.”

“I am worth of wealth.”

“I deserve financial abundance.”

“I am the master of my own money.”

“Being wealthy feels amazing.”

“I never run out of my money ever.”

“Everywhere I look I see money flowing to me.”

“I make money when I do what I truly love.”

“All the money in the universe is already mine, and thank you.”

“All my thoughts are becoming things, and I am ready to receive my desires.”

“Wealth is attracted to me, and will forever be.”

“Every penny I spend, comes back to me.”

“Every investment I make, just makes me more money.”

“My heart and soul is grateful for this financial abundance.”

“I’m proud of my efforts, and I am constantly getting rewarded for it.”

“I am totally 100% financially free.”

“I attract money in my sleep, and just naturally.”

“My income is always increasing no matter what I do.

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