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Secrets Narcissists Keep From You and What They Don’t Want You To Know

It is time you expose the narcissist in your life for the liar they really are!

“And the truth shall set you free.”

I am sure in your interactions or relationships with any type of Narcissist you have often felt that feeling in the pit of your stomach the following:

“I don’t believe what I am hearing….”


“I can’t believe what I am seeing….”

That my friend is because the Narcissist has many secrets they DO NOT want you to know.

Yes unfortunately, as much as you do not want to read this but no matter how much you love them, respect them, or think you like them, deep down they DO NOT feel the same way.

And they are out to destroy you and everything around you.

I have always said they are just like spoiled kids.

But they are also a toxic hurricane waiting to cause destruction along the way to everything in their path.

Not pretty.

But luckily I have some of their secrets that they have kept from you, however I would not be surprised if you actually already knew them!

Narcissists are smart at manipulation, but they are failures at anything remotely true.

Time always reveals the truth eventually.

And justice and karma always comes back to bite the Narcissist in the backside, even though a lot of people may suggest otherwise.

Here are 6 Secrets Narcissist Keep and What They Don’t Want You To Know:

  • They Underappreciate Everything You Do For Them

You could win the Nobel Prize, or in Prince Harry’s case make them an ACTUAL princess.

But Meghan Markle and all the other Narcissists in the world will never appreciate what you or anyone does for them.

I went above and beyond in my relationships with ex Narcissists, and each one of them were never grateful.

Think of the spoiled kid that screams and cries because they don’t have a shiny new toy.

And after a while, they get bored and disregard the toy to get something new.

Entitled people are never happy or satisfied.

They will never admit that to you, because otherwise you would stop trying to make them “happy.

They love that you spend a lot of money, plan everything around them etc.

For some sick reason it makes them feel special.

So that’s why they keep it secret from you.

Hopefully I have just saved you a lot of time, energy and resources!

  • They Know You Are Too Good For Them

If the Narcissist was properly disciplined as a child, they would understand what good morals are.

Looking back, I remember all the Narcissists in my life telling me how they were so impressed by such normal tasks I would carry out – like just being polite, or donating to a charity.

They couldn’t believe that I could just carry myself well, and behave.

Because they are toxic, entitled, destructive spoiled brats.

They would cry and shout to get what they want.

They have no idea what it is like to be kind, caring or sympathetic to others.

It’s all about them, and they recognize in you almost straight away that you are a good person, and they truly hate themselves deep down.

So despite them love bombing you and praising you a little too much in the honeymoon phase at the beginning of your relationship, give it time and that will quickly disappear.

Because they knew deep down you are way too good for them, but never admit it.

Their ego will certainly not allow them to do so.

  • They Plan To Isolate You

Narcissists want to take you away from all those that love, care and want the best for you.

Because if someone else is praising you and respecting you, they can’t devalue or bring you down to their level.

Which is why they want to take you as far away from everyone as possible.

That way you have nowhere to run.

So they can abuse you, manipulate you, lie to you, and cheat on you.

Meanwhile all your friends and family are hundreds of miles away, unbeknown to your circumstances.

They want to control you like a puppet.

Don’t be their Pinocchio.

  • They Know Exactly How To Push Your Buttons

Make friends with people who want the best for you.

Date and marry these people.

On the contrary, toxic people and Narcissists want to devalue you, and throw everything back in your face.

Every secret you share, or problem you are going through, expect it to at some time be thrown right back in your face.

Narcissists know how to trigger you extremely early on, and will always do so.


Because it gives them the illusion of control.

They expect you to be like their weak parents when they were younger to bow down to their demands, and be the puppet masters.

Expect the most crazy, weirdest, and personal things to be thrown in your face.

Because when you are reactive, and triggered they have you exactly where they want you.

They are experts at this, and even if you think you can act like a Zen monk, you will be eventually triggered the more you interact with them or have to deal with them.

  • I’m A Lie, And My Life Is A Lie

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”

Much to my amazement from my personal experiences, Narcissists are the biggest liars you will ever meet.

They are fake, untrustworthy, and will stab you in the back.

Yes you, no matter how much they say they love you, they will.

Because everything is a lie, it’s a show, they are actors.

It’s a whole manipulation to ultimately get their way.

However fortunately time will reveal the truth to all liars.

I remember at the beginning stage of my relationship with an ex Narcissist, they denied they were dating a mutual friend in the past.

Then 2 years in the relationship they freely admitted that they slept with said mutual friend.

They lie about everything, but eventually the mask slips, and the truth comes out.

But be prepared for ultimately shocking revelations, and home truths!

  • I Am A Sheep In Public, But A Wolf In Private

Narcissistic men and women are experts at appearing like they are sweet and innocent, especially to everybody around you.

But get them behind closed doors, the mask slips and the true colours will always shine through.

However, these are dark, destructive poisonous colours.

I remember my family being shocked at what I would tell them my former Narcissistic friends would act and say towards me.

“They wouldn’t do that! I’ve met them, they are sweet and innocent!”

But overtime they heard more and more, and suddenly realize it was all an act.

They are fake, they are liars, and they are damn good actors.

If you have any secrets you would like to share which I may have left out please comment below!

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