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DO THIS BEFORE YOU SLEEP LAW of ATTRACTION | [ Manifest While Sleeping ]

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Manifest whatever you Want!

Manifest while you sleep!

What if I told you there is a legitimate way to actually achieve what your heart truly desires just before you go to bed?

That’s right, when your head touches the pillow, you can send out an amazing message to the universe which will attract whatever you want!

Yes, you can manifest your dreams as you dream!

The single most powerful and important attribute when it comes to the Law of Attraction is the ability to use your imagination and to live in the end.

All the most famous Law of Attraction teachers throughout history have all preached that what you think about is what you attract.

But modern day teachers have taken this to another level!

By acting and believing that what you truly want to desire has already been manifested, and by living your life in this manner is the single most powerful Law of Attraction technique you can ever learn.

Yes, by living in the end, and acting that it has already been done, will speed up the manifestation 10x!

Usually teachers are preaching the same old thing, “just think positive and keep believing!”

Now whilst this is true to an extent, living your life as if you have actually achieved what it is you want, will definitely speed up the process.

For me I used this sleep technique for the following things and they ALL worked:

  • Attract Love
  • Attract Money
  • Cure addiction
  • Attract Success

I was so specific about what I wanted, and used the sleep technique in order to properly manifest my dreams.

With my love manifestation, I imagined myself in Disneyland watching the fireworks with a girlfriend, something I had never had before at that time in my life.

Sure enough, I got to experience that only 6 months after applying the sleep technique!

I would then go to sleep imagining having unexpected immediate financial abundance.

Out of nowhere, I hit record sales in my business and on top of that I even managed to get completely out of the blue money come to me from so many random places!

Previously I was a severe gambling addict, and through the power of the Law of Attraction I managed to beat a 13 year crippling addiction!

I am pleased to say I am completely clean of my gambling for over a year and have absolutely NO desire to gamble ever again!

I even managed to attract success in my work – new clients, new opportunities, and so much more!

Even our YouTube channel grew by 45 subscribers in the first month!

It was all thanks to the Law of Attraction, you truly can manifest your dreams whilst your sleep.

So I am going to walk you through exactly what it is you need to do effectively.

Before I do, Neville Goddard speaks about how to live in the end here:

“Always go to the end.

Dwell in the end, and you will hurt no one.

But if you try to devise the means, you are, well, messing the whole thing up.

I have had people say to me, “You know, I want that man, and no other man.”

I said, “No, you don’t; you want to be happily married. You don’t want that man or no man.”

“Oh, yes, that man or no man.”

Then, of course, this always shocks them.

I say, “If he dropped dead right now, would you want to be married?”

“Well, he isn’t going to drop…”

“I didn’t ask you that. If he dropped dead right now, or if he is right this very moment accused of being the world’s greatest thief or murderer, do you still want him”

“Well, now, why ask those questions, Neville? I want that man.”

But, you see, it isn’t that man.

They want to be happily married.

I have gone to so many weddings where it was either that man or none, and it wasn’t “that man”!

And they are embarrassed when they see me standing in the aisle, because it had to be “that man or no man,” and here it isn’t that man at all.

And they walk down [the aisle] – they are happy with their new mate, but a little sheepish as they pass by because they know I know he was not the man.”

Neville Goddard is one of the best and most successful Law of Attraction teachers of all time, and he was the influence behind this sleep technique.

So what you want to do first is be very specific and clear on what it is you want to manifest into your life.

Do not just say “I want to be rich,” instead specifically say how much money you want to have.

For example “I want $10million.”

Ok, let’s go with this as an example for the technique, that you want $10million.

Next what you need to do is imagine what you would be doing had you already had $10million in your bank account.

Let’s say you are living in a huge mansion, and staring at a large beautiful fireplace with a glass of wine in your hand sitting on the couch.

Remember you want to imagine yourself through your own eyes sitting there in this beautiful house, having already achieved your goal.

Firstly make sure you write all the details and the scene you will be imagining that coincides with your main desire.

Pay attention to how you feel having already achieved your dream, and how happy and comfortable you feel.

Peace is so important in this process!

Next is to keep repeating the scene over and over until you have it on loop.

The scene can only just be a couple of seconds, you could be raising a toast to your new financial success, or kissing somebody, but be specific.

Once you know your dream and your scene off by heart, when you go to sleep make sure you eliminate all distractions.

So do not look at your phone, make sure there is silence, and ideally sleep in complete darkness.

And as your head hits the pillow, close your eyes and replay your scene over and over until you fall asleep.

Then imagine yourself with the love of your life, as a millionaire, whatever your scene and desire is.

Live in the end, enjoy the emotions, laugh to yourself, smile, maybe even cry from the sheer joy of getting exactly what you desire come to life!

And then gradually you will fall asleep to this scene and all those positive emotions.

By doing this, the universe will be notified of your desire, and will then start working almost instantly to make it happen for you.

But you have got to be patient, and it is important NOT to worry or stress that it is not working.

Try this for at least 30 days, every night go to bed with your scene and desire intact, and allow the law of attraction to actually bring it to life.

And when you awaken the next day, live your life NOT like its coming, but that it has already happened.

Think of this like a movie you already know the ending too.

You are relaxed and composed because you already know how the story will pan out.

The exact same must be applied to your desire.

So do not stress, do not worry, and do not doubt.

Fake it until you make it!

Know that you are already a millionaire, already married, already successful.

And watch in awe as life and the universe will constantly give you plenty of opportunities, and other amazing things that will push you closer to your desire.

You must have faith, and be disciplined that it will work.

Try this for at least 30 days, it is better than going to bed anxious, worried or binging Netflix until you doze off.

The truly successful people in life use this powerful Law of Attraction technique to constantly manifest better things all the time!

Start today, and be prepared to be shocked by the results!

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