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10 Signs of Depression and Anxiety

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10 Signs of Depression and Anxiety



If this is a clinical emergency please contact emergency services.

I think its personally brilliant that Mental Health Awareness is on the rise in the UK and worldwide.

More and more people are suffering in silence on a daily basis, and hopefully the drive to increase awareness will also have a huge impact on helping more people who desperately need it.

From my personal experience I have had a few bouts of depression and let me tell you it was not pretty.

The very worse I had felt was when I was previously addicted to gambling.

I had told myself I wouldn’t gamble again, and then all of a sudden I broke my promise and got sucked in to lose all my money in the space of several hours.

Following that event I cancelled all the fun plans I had that weekend and spent the entire week in bed sobbing and feeling worthless and miserable.

I didn’t speak to anybody and refused to see anyone at all.

Luckily I knew my life would be much better if I was to beat my addiction.

I can safely say I am completely clean of my gambling addiction and I have no desire to ever do it again.

It is coming up to a years anniversary of beating my addiction and I have never been happier as a result.

There are of course different forms of depression and sadly many signs are often ignored.

These are the signs of depression that should never be ignored.

It’s vital to remember that depression is a horrible illness that can be fatal if it’s not treated in the right way!

Every year, depression affects more than 16 million Americans alone.

According to statistics, only 35.3% of Americans who are suffering from depression seek the vital help and guidance they need.

This is a major worry because it is extremely difficult to deal with depression on your own, trust me I know this better than anybody!

So here are 10 signs that should NOT be ignored under any stretch of the imagination;

#1 – Always Wanting To Be Alone

There is a difference between enjoying being alone at times and always wanting to be alone. Becoming a recluse particularly if this person is usually a social butterfly is a dangerous sign of depression that should not be ignored.

#2 – Issues With Sleeping

Lack of sleep due to overwhelming negative thoughts and replaying horrible or traumatic events are not a good thing for your health and well being in the slightest. A good nights sleep is important for your mind, body and your soul. Lack of sleep due to such a thing on a continual basis is a tell tale sign of depression.

#3 – Lack of Energy

Similar to issues with sleeping, having a severe lack of energy is detrimental to your work, your social life and your all round sense of being. Another important sign in particular is if you or the individual has lost interest for something they usually loved or had a lot of passion for.

#4 – Acting Restless

Anxious and restless behavior is normally connected to depression and it comes due to the severe lack of rest or recharging. Also heavy caffeine consumption due to the lack of energy can cause this which can have really fatal effects on your body particularly in the long run.

#5 – Frequent Silence

If yourself or someone you know is normally a chatterbox, the life of the party or can never shut up suddenly becomes quiet for days or weeks, its a huge red flag they are suffering with depression. I knew somebody who was just like this and the poor guy was so depressed he stopped talking to anybody or anything in over a week. Luckily we got him the help he needed to recover, but had you known him previously you would never suspected he was like that at all.

#6 – Bad Habits e.g. Smoking or Drinking Excessively

If someone has only recently started drinking, smoking, gambling or taken on any other really bad habits as of late, then chances are they are suffering with depression. I had a buddy drink almost two bottles of wine to himself on a daily basis. When I discovered this it broke my heart, and I luckily pushed him into the help he needed and he now lives a clean and healthier life thank god.

#7 – Feeling Guilty

If for whatever reason you feel inadequate or extremely guilty like you can never do anything right, it is most likely you are suffering from depression. It is normal to feel like you are going through a slump from time to time, but to feel that way about all aspects from your life is NOT healthy.

#8 – Lack of Focus

If you are suddenly feeling that you are more forgetful, or are missing deadlines, and your overall life is just a big disorganized mess it could be due to the fact your depression has disorientated you to feel tired and lose control of your overall focus too. It is worrying to see this in people who are usually incredibly organized and usually successful in their planning or how their lives are structured.

#9 – Rapid Weight Changes

If a person is suddenly incredibly skinny or overeating they are normally either starving themselves or overeating to deal with the depression they are suffering. This is one of the most physical and obvious signs that the said person is truly going through a very difficult time.

#10 – Persistent Suicidal Thoughts

If you experience thoughts of self-harm or suicide, don’t wait to tell someone.

Contact your counselor right away or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or the Emergency Services.

A licensed mental health professional will listen and guide you in taking steps to stay safe.

Ask a friend or a family member to stay with you until you can get the help you need.

Likewise, if someone you know is contemplating suicide, don’t stay quiet because you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing.

It’s okay to ask them in a calm, non-judgmental way, “Do you ever feel so bad that you think about suicide?”

This won’t put the idea in their head, but it can prompt them to seek help.

If you learn they are actively planning suicide:

Stay with them or keep them on the phone
Use another line to call Emergency Services
And/or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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