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Get Her Back After Breakup

Ok, so she left you, and I get it, you are in a lot of pain.

Your world has come crashing down.

Perhaps you had got yourself into a nice little relationship, marriage or maybe you were just at the beginning stage of dating.

Everything was going so well!

She wass amazing, you were so happy, you had butterflies in your stomach, and you were giddy and couldn’t believe your luck!

Then you get the dreaded text “look….we need to talk…”

Then boom, she’s out of your life.

There is seriously nothing worse than that feeling, but strangely you knew it was coming?

I remember coming home after a date, smiling and we even kissed!

Then I looked down at my phone “sorry SCG I don’t want to see you again….”

I felt like collapsing on the floor when I got that text, literally it was like being shot.

How the hell did this happen? You were so good together right?

You loved the same movies, the same foods, the same sports teams!

The sex was amazing, the chemistry was off the charts!?

Look guys, nobody wants to be rejected, and nobody wants to not feel good enough for somebody else either.

As kids were told were the best, we can do anything, were told we are loved.

Then BAM! Out in the real world, like a sucker punch were told we suck!

Or were too short.

Too fat.

Too lame.

Too ugly.

Too this or that.

It happens, and I’ve gone over how to handle rejection before funnily enough.

But regardless you are at the stage where the girl in your life has left you.

This can be a woman you have been out with only once, or a fling, a girlfriend, a fiancé or even your wife.

This applies to all women!

And don’t worry I am not going to talk like some sleazy pickup artist, or try to encourage any form of manipulation.

That is wrong, and stupid.

I am basing this off my experiences, research and scientific knowledge of attraction.

Well, let’s take a look at what may have happened to make the woman in your life leave.

Firstly I do not want this applied to the following people;

If you have cheated – you deserve to be dumped, I despise cheaters with a passion, and most women do too. If you didn’t have the decency to keep it in your pants bucko, then you get what you deserve and karma is a bitch!

If you are abusive – you deserve to be dumped. Aggressive, violent and narcissistic partners are awful human beings who use dirty tricks to keep you trapped in relationships. Luckily if this was you, your girl was too smart and valued herself better than your disgraceful treatment. You need help, and you should get it ASAP!

If you are an addict of any kind – you deserve to be dumped, and fix yourself. Everybody likes a drink, but nobody likes a drunk. If your drug, alcohol, sex or gambling addiction has ruined your relationship then see it as the perfect motivation to get onto doing something about it. Remember, you can beat ANY addiction, I swear it, I am living proof you can. Please heal yourself for your own sake, not for your ex!

If you lack ambition and are lazy – you deserve to be dumped, and sort your life out. A man who lacks drive and goals, is a worthless man. Men are BORN LEADERS. But the man who sits on his arse playing playstation, getting fat or high is NOT attractive. He is a loser. If she has left you for this reason, its for your own good. Pick yourself up dude, dust yourself down and get to work on your life. See your split as the best way to recharge your life!

Now I may seem harsh above, but this is for people who may have no idea where they have gone wrong in the attraction process.

Your life should be more than dating, and relationships.

Successful married men aren’t just married.

They have careers, goals, hobbies, and exciting things happening! You got to remember that!

With that all out of the way, now I will discuss how you are going to get your girl back!

Remember, being a bit too keen can be a major killer of attraction.

Guys that focus on relationships too much, tell a woman they love them too soon, you are asking for trouble dudes.

Keenness is unattractive to anything, even friends!

That friend who always likes you no matter what you say or do to them, do you respect them? Like them? What to be around them?

No, you are indifferent.

Remember, women can be like cats. If you pick up a cat that doesn’t want to be picked up, it will scratch you!

Now I am not saying women will scratch you, but they will reject you for sure.

If they don’t want to be around you, they won’t. There is nothing you can say or do to convince them, so just accept that, and you have learnt an extremely valuable lesson.

Chasing someone that doesn’t want to be chased, only pushes them away further.

You want to be cool, and be willing to let a woman walk away from you.

9 times out of 10, she will come back if you are strong enough to do so.

If a woman leaves you, the key to getting her back is simple:


Attack your goals.

Become stronger in the gym.

Create a new social life.

Meet new friends.

Learn a new skill.

Learn an instrument.

Play a sport.

Write a blog.

Start a YouTube.


Do these things, to improve your life.


Sometimes women need time to heal and to become more aware of their emotions.

This also is a really important reason to allow space.

Space is sexy remember that!

What’s more you will retain your pride and dignity if you do so.

I go over this in more detail in the video above!

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